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  1. I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday brother, hope you enjoyed your day 😄 

    1. Mma c0n

      Mma c0n

      Thanks brother! It was a good day even though I got stung by a scorpion. Have a great day sir!

    2. Fe Felix
  2. Hey guys, I really enjoyed meeting you guys. I had a lot of fun. I am glad I was able to help some of you out, with information, items, or bonds. Unfortunately I am quitting. I have put so much money in this server I donated over $500 for myself, and I gave $100s of dollars worth of bonds to the community to try and get everyone to interact and have fun. I busted my ass on this server but was miss treated, what reason was I miss treated and not given the respect that I should have received? Well my sister was playing this server with me and she lives in the same household as me. i was accused of pretending to be another account, and it was just drama i offered multiple times that i could video call with whoever and prove it lol, but yeah after that i was miss treated. For some reason noone wanted to notices how much i was busting my ass to help the server and community and how many people i actually helped, but yeah this is my goodbye goodluck everyone. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW OR SEE MORE I GOT SCREEN SHOTS OF EVERYTHIING
  3. THE WINNING COLOR WAS PURPLE! you guys will move on to next stage of the give away!
  4. I will be on in the morning to do it! Just so all you know, the staff team is telling me to stop doing these give aways , and pretty much saying they don’t respect them or appreciate them. They are getting annoyed by me wanting to do these give aways, and to help interact with the community and do things that you guys as the people enjoy, Probley just because they don’t do them. Honestly it’s dumb.. I can show you screen shots if you would like.
  5. Respect brother. That's why I do, that's why I just gave out over 15m to new players yesterday, I just love when everyone has a good time
  6. Hello, you guys want a chance to win some $$BONDS$$ for FREE!?! Okay well super simple to try, i will list the steps. One thing I would like to say beforehand is i would like staff members to partake as well.. My goal is to get the entire community to interact and have a good time together. Step 1 Like this post Step 2 Comment 1 out of the 9 flowers that can come. Step 3 comment a time on the 1st of august that i should plant the seed, so we can get majority of people online to see if they won. Step 4 All of the people who guessed the correct flower color will move on to the next stage of this $$BOND$$ give away! Okay Incase people do not know the colors or the % each color can get drawn from mithril seeds here RED FLOWERS: 14% BLUE FLOWERS: 15% YELLOW FLOWWERS: 14% PURPLE FLOWERS: 14% ORANGE FLOWERS: 15% MIXED FLOWERS: 14% ASSORTED FLOWERS: 10% BLACK FLOWERS: 0.2% WHITE FLOWERS: 0.1% I will allow up to 3 winners! the $$BOND$$ amount will be a surprise, GOODLUCK! WILL ALSO OFFER THE STREET PRIZE OF ZENYTE GP INSTEAD OF $$BOND$$ IF WANTED. ONCE AGAIN IT IS A SUPRIZE WHAT BONDS THE 1ST 2ND AND 3RD PLACE WINNERS WILL GET, LAST GIVE AWAY I DID OVER $100 IRL WORTH OF BONDS.
  7. Thank you, there has just been confusion in game I was just trying to help the confusion a bit.
  8. Hey guys, just a slight suggestion, if not I can just make a guide for this instead. There is a chef hat in store in Varrock (Example below) but it has 0 in stock, cannot buy from there. Only place known in game is from goblins. (Example below) I think maybe we should make the chef hat buyable in that store, or just take it out completely to fix any future confusion
  9. Who would and how would the wonder be decided?
  10. I strongly agree! #VIKINGANDGEPAN&DALOZ4MOD
  11. Thanks for the feedback buddy! I kinda want to do new ideas, a lot of people do the hide n seek, and also the vote event. I am liking the idea pvp event. Thanks Fawk as always for youre amazing feed back, please share this topic for more great ideas! Will def be added to the poll! Thank you sir!
  12. Hello everyone, i am in need of some ideas for the next $$Bond giveaway i will be hosting on the 1st of august lets get ahead of it now and get some great ideas from all you smart people after we get a decent amount of ideas we will decide on how much next months give away should be worth $! We will take the top ideas and make a poll, good luck everyone in youre future try's in my give aways,
  13. I see where you are coming from, and I can understand you’re perspective. Thank you.
  14. This was absolutely a amazing response, this is how a staff member is supposed to act and respond, thank you so much for this. You did not argue anything, you did not make excuses, and you did not speak for anybody else but you’re self. I look forward to seeing you in game:)
  15. We were talking about something completely different.. I was telling him make sure he supports me with my events I hold for the community but, if I felt there was something to hide I wouldn’t of provided it? Taking the screen shot was not about me it was showering there is a gap of hours where no one is getting their answers answered by a staff member Hello conhamer, thank you For taking you’re time to reply. Again I did not to this to hurt anyone’s feelings, but these are things I noticed and I provided what I could. There is some people that’s agree with me and some people that don’t, that’s how everything works in the world. And you are correct, but hold on right there now I am confused? You are stating everyone makes mistakes, and it’s no problem it will be corrected, now how come I have a comment from 2m stating that I still give out wrong information which is referring to when I said gold instead of credits? At the end of the day, I am not the first complaint about 2m and won’t be the last, but sooner or later the higher ups will realize hmm, 2m keeps getting complains about him, maybe it’s him and not the community. Best regards
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