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  1. Happiest of birthdays lad! Enjoy yourself!

  2. Welcome back Lucifer, good to see you!
  3. *Removed all -1 emotes on posts relating to Location 1-4* I'll leave Cresinkel to reply to each guess from now on as we're just looking for final location! GL
  4. *Taking over emotes for Cresinkel as he has ran out of emotes!* Good luck continuing the hunt! All -1 reactions will be removed after end of event to ensure no one receives negative reputation for participating in event.
  5. Great to see some huge progress! You're exceeding expectations with this one Grant.
  6. Vote percentage is a huge variable depending on the amount of votes that a suggestion/poll receives therefore 75% would be not a great idea for suggestions that have minimal votes, somewhere between 60-70% depending on amount of votes sounds like a good threshold to me.
  7. Really like the wide variety of ideas/suggestions posted here! I believe skilling tokens shouldn't be able to create outfits as it's part of the grind to achieve the outfits. As for voting rewards, I like the idea of cosmetics and perks especially - maybe weekly/monthly variation to what cosmetics/perks available? So that you can save up vote points for particular perks or items.
  8. I like these edits to current drops very much! Great suggestions
  9. Welcome back! Look forward to seeing some more updates, best of luck. Did you manage to sort out the slayer task issue?
  10. In-game username: 200m1atatime Medal(s): Staff, Donator, Man's Best Friend, Game Junkie & Zenytian. Proof for your Medal(s):
  11. I like where the ideas are going, this would definitely bring a new buzz to the wilderness and the skulled ideas are great touch to OSRS and the revenant update they did! Look forward to reading pt.2 & 3.
  12. Would it be possible to show Ancestral pieces individually as the hat significantly lower than rest of set? (Possibly display it similar to Infinity set layout) Otherwise very in-depth!
  13. Hello all! So as most of you probably know by now, I have created a new account to challenge my patience and possible insanity. So here's the journey/story so far including plans, how I've done skills to hopefully help and inspire other players new and old! The Beginning: So to begin with, the most obvious skill to begin with was Thieving! There's not much really to explain here but I started with men/women at home next to the range, this was my only option as a Level 1 but it also gave me a chance to collect the Rogue Outfit pieces. So that's exactly what I did! By the time I reach Level 55 thieving I had received all pieces of the outfit! Now what? Well the next step was to get to "end game" content to get myself to the big goal of 200m Experience. So I thieved the stalls in Ardougne, specifically the food stall. I collected the food thinking I would need every healing food under the sun to get to 200m. Oh how I was wrong! So I grinded the stalls until I reached 85 thieving, now it was time to take on the Elves of Lletya. Well I wish I could say nothing interesting happened on the way to 99 and beyond but in honesty I got very lucky, I received the beloved Rocky at Level 95 (9,327,562 XP). So after discussing the food situation, I very quickly discovered I didn't need all that food from the stalls earlier in the grind. In fact, Elves provide their fine wines in a jug for my enjoyment. So here's a typical inventory setup I would run whilst mindlessly dELVING into their pockets! (get it?) I would collect all the runes (Death and Natures), Crystal Shards (because why not?) and ofcourse the stash of riches, turns out Arvel is loaded with gp! With the rest of the inventory I would stash 8 wines as quick and easily replenished healing and the rest would be diamonds which would be sold to the General Store just steps away! So with all that in mind, here came the big goal, the first huge step of them all, I present to you my first 200m on the account! Thieving is complete! A huge thank you to everyone that came and say their "gz", I honestly didn't expect a turn out to happen in short notice! Here's the prestigious 200m cape in all it's glory! So what's next?! Well after the rush of achieving my first 200m was over, I needed another skill to focus on! After all that's the point in this account right? Well my next choice was Mining, any reason? Not at all I just wanted something a little more AFK than thieving was, so here goes nothing! So I started as most do, with copper and tin mining, only an inventory because anymore would be XP waste (and nobody likes XP waste). After this, I went to Iron and went to town until I got to Motherlode Mine at Level 30, banking all ores along the way. So.. Motherlode Mine you hear me say.. well yes, I wanted a nice range of ores for smithing later down the line but also the Prospector Outfit for extra gains and fashion-scape! One small issue I came across was the Struts that need repair that grants smithing XP (that's a no-no in my books). Fortunately a few players were around when I was online to fix these pesky struts meaning I didn't have to struggle whatsoever (very lucky!). Speaking of very lucky.. again I'm sorry for my RNG so far, but yes I got another pet far too early into the grind at just Level 75 (1,244,718 XP). This was then followed by the normal 99 achievement! Onto mining Amethyst for the rest of my grind! aaaaand then I got a second pet drop at 75,952,864 XP... continuing forward, I got my 3rd pet at 185,284,102 XP. (Last one I promise) Now after all the pet rolls of incredible luck, one thing that wasn't RNG based, 200m Mining experience! Again, a HUGE thank you for all those that paid me a visit to GZ me and those on CC and Yell too! Definitely makes the grind that much better! Chop chop! Onto the next of many! Woodcutting to 200m experience! It started real simple, infact, the entire skill is very simple. Just hack away at trees until you reach Redwoods, sooo that's exactly what I did, I collected all the birds nests along the way for some helpful Herblore XP later down the line! Nothing really interesting to see here, just 99 woodcutting achieved with most of the lumberjack outfit pieces collected, if I recall correctly, I had the full outfit at roughly 30m XP. Now ofcourse in true 200m1atatime fashion, I recieved the pet, but it took slightly longer into the grind to achieve it, exactly 151,022,172 XP. and then I maxed the skill to 200m, nothing else to say really.. other than shoutout to @Im Kevin 5xfor staying up way past 6am to see me max! Absolute legend. again a huge thank you to all that attended and said their GZ's and thanks to the 2 PK'ers across the ditch providing some entertainment! (whaled the AGS spec though). An unexpected turn... So I changed my decision to go and do Smithing next to something I really, really dislike, and I don't say that lightly as most would agree, I turned to Agility last second, and my reasoning, absolutely no clue other than I think I'm due to see a health professional soon. Also achieved Graceful set at roughly 2.7m XP, (roughly because I had spare marks of grace when I handed them into Grace). Speaking of insane, I decided to get 99 agility in one waking day. One session, Lots of clicking, Running in circles, for the "fun" of it. Continuing on since the last update, a lot has changed in my personal life, my Zenyte time has dropped significantly due to my condition making it very difficult to game for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time. I won't go into major details here but if anyone is concerned I can explain everything properly over Discord PM's. IRL aside, I have an update, although it's not a 200m update, it's a pet update! 39,180,712 XP and the Giant Squirrel is mine! With thanks to the newly introduced Broadcast messages for 50m, 100m and 150m XP intervals, I can now show new milestones of the account, which ties in nicely to the first new broadcast for this account, 50m agility XP! I guess another update to my story so far is that I have recently been appointed as a Forum Moderator 200m1atatime
  14. Best of luck with the grinds! Cant wait to see some broadcast messages in game and on Discord?
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