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  1. Huge update with many needed fixes. If this update is a sign of things to come then I'm excited.
  2. I see no problem with the loot and the rarity of keys. Doing Konar tasks you get about 1 key per task and it gives about 200k worth of loot on average. That is fine in my opinion.
  3. Support on all of these. Encountered every single one doing solo raids and team raids. Also there is a layout where you cannot pick from the gourd tree in the farming room before olm. I'm sure devs know about that one though.
  4. Might need that inferno coaching once I buy a tbow
  5. In-game username: Liquicity Medal(s): That Which Has No Life Proof for your Medal(s):
  6. Currently going for 200m mining and at all times the Amethyst mine is packed. You can only get 1/2 veins to yourself. I see why keeping the mine limited was a good idea when amethyst was so good money but now it forms as nothing other than a mining/crafting xp method. I suggest expanding the mine further into the cave in the blank area or maybe a ladder going down to a second mine.
  7. Not a fan of this idea myself comes across quite private server esque (ironic but not this servers feel at all) or RS3-like. If the majority want it sure but I agree with the points @Ironytebring up and also the fact that you should not be able to change spellbook via this interface or have it implement the mage capes 5 times a day feature for spellbook changing.
  8. 1. How many hours a day do you play? 4-6 hours a day 2. Are you in any other CLANS? "yes" but not active in any other than irons cc 3. Do you have Discord?(no mic needed) Yes 4. Are you experienced in pvming? Yes. Experienced in all zenyte has to offer. 5. What is you favorite boss? Raids are my favourite PvM content but favourite boss would be Vorkath for the gps 6. How did you hear about us? Forum post
  9. Need your Kebos Elite diary done? Have it done in 1-2hrs with my service. I can either go on your account and solo one raid or you can join in on a raid with me. It is easier to solo than duo and prices reflect this. PM me in-game. Same account as forums. Get an item? It's yours to keep - I won't ask for a split of anything. Requirements: Minimum Gear: Prices: Solo raid on your account - 3m Duo raid (you leech) - 5m
  10. Zenyte In-game name: Liquicity Discord user name: Timezone (UTC): +0 Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): The team you would like to join: Skilling Reason for applying: Want a high level clan Gear setup if you apply for PVM Team (Provide screenshot): Brief over view of experience: Lot of skilling experience, maxed main with near maxed alt. Main has 2b+ exp. Do you accept the rules: Yes Proof:
  11. 5% is alright tbh, shouldn't apply to wildy xp course though because that will probs push it to better than ardy course which shouldn't be the case. 50% chance for double resource is great.
  12. Agree with everything except point #1. Having increased xp rates in the wild completely devalues the rest of the game. A 5% maximum I could get behind.
  13. Welcome to Zenyte Silk! Hope you enjoy your time here
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