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  1. With the Holidays right around the corner, and many graphically inclined members on Zenyte, we've decided to host a Holiday Logo Competition! What is a "Holiday Logo Competition"? The way this competition will work is rather simple; all participants will be provided with a generic Zenyte logo, and edit it to the best of their ability with the theme in mind. Prizes: Winner will receive $50 via PayPal or $75 in Donation Credits! GFX Forum Award Credit given for logo usage on site footer Guidelines: All submissions MUST be submitted via this thread by December 20th 11:00PM GMT (Server Time) Logo submission MUST follow the Holiday Theme All submissions MUST be created by the submitter, no leeching designs Persuading others to vote for your submission is strictly prohibited and will disqualify you from receiving rewards - lets keep this fair! Submission Format: Generic Logos (Pick One) Merry Christmas! @[email protected]@[email protected] the Zenyte Staff Team!
  2. Big support. We were wanting to rework the daily challenges and this would be a great. Even better seeing as we need to add the other skilling outfits to begin with. Aside from the lectern, as we already have a lectern at home for anyone to use upstairs in the achievement hall.
  3. Hey, I spoke with you earlier on my Ironman Solo Des. As soon as a developer is available, I will get this sorted. We are more than willing to refund deaths caused solely by a bug in game mechanics, and as far as I can see, that is the case here. Will let you know once I have more information.
  4. The top voters of every month are rewarded! This month we are awarding credits to the top voter, as well as 3 random voters from the Top 9! @JoseTop Voter @Skills#2 @Joshybby#3 @Tunah#6 Congratulations to everyone that won, and best of luck to you all next month! (Prizes were added to the winners credit balances)
  5. Staff Meeting It's that time again! As always, these meetings are not mandatory, but we love having as many attend as possible. We will go over suggestions, upcoming content, event ideas, etc. This is also a good time to get anything off your chest you may be wanting to speak up about, or just a good time to get caught up with anything staff/Zenyte related. Time: 5PM CDT 6PM EST 11PM GMT Timezone converter Date: December 3rd (Tuesday) Itinerary: Any final rule additions (should be able to make live) Event ideas Exp mode benefits Go over suggestions Speak about staff feedback possibility (staff or player and staff driven) tbd
  6. Congratulations to @SOTW UnixXz/ @UnixXz on 1st Place with 200,000,000 EXP! Congratulations to @SOTW Bwent/ @Loot Bagon 2nd Place with 111,147,000 EXP! Congratulations to @SOTW Mining/ @Deuce on 3rd Place with 76,869,843 EXP! Will be contacting the winners to see which account they would like the credits rewarded to. Best of luck to everyone on the next rewarded event! Big things coming with events very soon.
  7. The items in which you purchased are more than likely not able to be purchased on an Ironman. There are not too many items that can be bought, mainly just untradables and book pages/void. We do not provide support for donation transfers beyond the bond system we implemented. Sorry!
  8. Month of September Winners have been posted. So sorry for the delay! $50 winner has been paid, will contact the 3 $10 winners. Month of October will be done in a timely fashion this month!
  9. Rules: 1. Name must use the following prefix "cic" 2. Account must not be created more then 1 hour prior to competition start 3. No donations are allowed
  10. Scamming Rule Change - 10/18/2019 5. Scamming Changing items/amounts of GP in trades or changing duel arena rules is NOT punishable, there are second trade/duel interfaces to avoid scams like this from taking place. Scamming item loans, trust trades, gambles, or any other scam that can be proven WILL be punished. Video evidence MUST be provided, screenshots will not suffice. Please keep in mind dice bags are untradable, so you will be jeopardizing your account along with your ability to host if you scam while gambling. We do not offer refunds for items/gp that was lost due to a scam 1st Offense: Perm. Ban | 2nd Offense: IP Ban
  11. The amount of work that was put into this by the development team, QA testers, and staff alike was phenomenal. I want to give a big shout out to anyone and everyone involved in our continued success, it is only up from here.
  12. @Lifehas created this wonderful Chambers of Xeric trailer for everyone. With over $350 in prizes and tons of updates along side it, this is by far our biggest update yet!
  13. With the most recent PvM Poll coming to an end shortly, we've decided to see what YOU guys as a community want to see developed next! We feel it is very important to bring the community and players the content they desire. All content will be implemented in due time, this is simply to decide on what piece of skilling content we will be implementing next. This poll is set to end 10/10/2019. This will take place after a revision upgrade is performed. There is no due date set for the content that is selected.
  14. With the new addition of Discord announcements, it was rather easy to distinguish the pet winners. Congratulations @[email protected] and @agnias! Please post below or PM me to claim your $10 bonds!
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