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  1. lost my screenshots files but i got this from my adventurers log: https://imgur.com/Qpc756u
  2. Thanks! is there a way to get the "Veteran" badge? been here for a while now
  3. In-game username: Leclerc Medal(s): Donator, Maxed, All the work, Man's best friend Proof for your Medal(s):
  4. Application format: Ingame name: Leclerc Time Zone: UCT -3 Team you apply for: Pvm Team. Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: https://imgur.com/xdpt382 Past experience pvm/skilling: Basic knowledge of most bosses including raids, currently learning solos and looking forward to learn ToB. Do you Accept the rules?: Of course.
  5. Wow nice dedication, sad u didn't capture my 200m woodcutting x10
  6. Very nice to keep up with events guys! Looking forward for the instances update so you can add more bosses to the list!
  7. 1. How many hours a day do you play? 1+ depends on motivation 2. Are you in any other CLANS? not atm, i chill on the "irons cc" 3. Do you have Discord?(no mic needed) yes ofc 4. Are you experienced in pvming? not at all experienced, im still learning everyday 5. What is you favorite boss? zulrah and hydra are pretty fun 6. How did you hear about us? advertisement ig, someone yelled
  8. Well i dont mind doing it alone, i suppose if u want to do it as afk as possible maybe that train is a must. I just suggested it because the only 2 methods are abyss and the one for bloods, just for diversity would be nice to have diff methods of training a boring skill like rc. I appreciate your comment tho. peace, sorry for bad english
  9. I'm really surprised nobody suggested this, I loved doing zmi back in the 2008 and I'm sure most will agree with me. One of the best methods for starters to level up rc as the Abyss can be repetitive and annoying. Maybe the rates are kinda difficult to calc but I'm sure out great dev team will solve this out. Peace
  10. Very detailed, much better suggestion to the one I did a few weeks ago. Pretty sure staff is going to close this topic as soon as they read it, since is the 4th time someone posted something like this. Maybe now is the time to shine baby, gl. You got my up vote
  11. So today i wanted to learn some bandos with some clanmates, waited for 20 mins for some guys to finish, only to get crashed 1 kill into our trip. Is it okay that only one guy/team can kill a boss? How im supposed to learn or do something different if everything is full, is not like we have 400 worlds to hop and check for an empty one. i know that this server is staying as true and loyal to real osrs, but i think this will be the best in terms of quality of life. I know that gwd and thermonuclear for example dont have this feature, if u know anyother leave it down below and i wil edit this post. ps: sorry for my bad english, feel free to leave ur opinions, id like to do a list of pros and cons aswell. peace, Leclerc EDIT: didnt know there were more than 1 post like this, i apologise to the staff
  12. 1. Tell us about yourself - Hi, my name is lucho and im from Argentina, im an active player with more than 10 days playtime. im working towards being at least top 3 on 10x hiscores. I love watching Formula 1 and Football (soccer for most) 2. What is your Zenyte in game name? - "Leclerc" is my main account, i have a hcim but i barely play named "le clerc" 3. What are your favorite activities to do in-game? - I love doing slayer and some skilling every now and then since im working on that max and top3 stop in the hiscores. Im starting to do some bosses as I want to learn how to raids properly
  13. Hello guys! I should've started this way back when I started this account. I really like the idea of going for those top spots in the hiscores being atm no11 on this list. I'll try to post pictures both of my bank and stats every day or two. It's all up to you, if u want to see more vids/pics just let me know! looking forward to this https://gyazo.com/5f961b54d7faa1fed4b68526c7bf832e https://gyazo.com/0ea269fec3e82319f80472d7416f6173 btw all my cash is in the G.E.
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