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8th October 2023

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Server Update - Quality of Life Patch - 8th October 2023


Hello Zenyte Community,

As we start the month off with a great round of updates, we're excited to bring you yet another batch of updates and bug fixes! We realized there were some bugs that were missed during the most recent update and with that in mind we've quickly worked to stomp out those issues and implement some more things in the process!

We've also gained another new member to our Development Team!@Dreadwill be joining us as a  Developer and will be working with us to help make sure the revision upgrade goes smoothly when the time comes. With an even more complete team at our disposal we're ready to take on more and push out more content for everyone as time goes on!

We thank you for taking time out of your lives to read this and stay in tune and up-to-date with everything we have going on! Please stay tuned in to our Discord for further details.

The Zenyte Team



  • You can now trade in an empty tome of fire for 250 burnt pages at Ignisia
  • Grand Exchange offers now stay visible for 14 days instead of 7
  • Void Knight's Outpost is a safe-area for HCIM deaths
  • God Wars Dungeon reclaim fee has been lowered from 1500k to 250k
  • The agility shortcut in Brimhaven Dungeon that links to the Moss Giant island has been implemented
  • Runes will now be automatically added into the Rune Pouch while Runecrafting
  • You can now hunt rabbits
  • You can now create the Strung Rabbit Foot and use it to increase your chances of obtaining nests containing bird egg's and rings
  • You can now exchange your Marks of Grace for Agility experience from Grace
  • Booster commands are now only Global Mod+


  • You can now empty the open gem bag into your bank
  • You can no longer bank bloated toads
  • "of the eye" outfits are now safe in level 20 and below Wilderness
  • The Colossal Pouch is now safe in all levels of the Wilderness same as the other pouches
  • The opened variants of the bags will now empty their contents on the ground when you die same as their closed versions
  • You can no longer use a grimy herb on another grimy herb to make it go into your herb sack
  • Items received from harvesting with booster perk enabled are now received instead of lost
  • Gems obtained through gem mining that can go into the gem bag are now mined properly even when one isn't present
  • Items that degrade to dust and had an incorrect number of charges have been fixed
  • The east-west Wilderness ditch now works properly
  • Any helmet without an equipment bonus can be taken into Entrana
  • The ::guides command has been redirected to Golden Guides
  • You can now enter Mor-Ul-Rek from all hot vents
  • Bonecrusher Necklace Charge/Uncharge options have been fixed
  • You can add multiple teleport cards to the Chronicle at once
  • Items now stack properly in the looting bag
  • Wines will now provide experience if they ferment during the Freaky Forester event
  • Infinite run energy bug has been fixed


Here are some surprise revision upgrade previews:







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Thanks for the QOL updates.
Appreciate it all.

  • Zenyte 1




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good updates again.

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this is sick, thank you!

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the resonation of the hd client hyped!

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This is awesome!

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