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  1. Thanks for the amazing guide! Good job.
  2. Hello @Dipsyit seems that this is your #2 request (you have did one in the past) and because of that, you need do one of these things: 1) Donate 30m OSGP 2) Donate 20$ You can find more information about this Here
  3. Request has been handled //Closed
  4. Request has been handled! //Closed
  5. Rewards have been paid to the winners! Congrats to all the winners.
  6. I like your suggestion, i don't see anything wrong with it
  7. Thanks for making this thread mate
  8. RESIGNATION Name: Schmeardaful Current Position: Moderator New Position: Regular Player
  9. PROMOTION Name: Jaden410 Current Position: Regular Player New Position: Junior Moderator
  10. Fawk

    Bank video

    Amazing bank, I love it Keep it up.
  11. Welcome back mate, nice to meet you! Feel free to message me if you need any help.
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