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  1. I'm in the avionics field. Electronics tech on aircraft.
  2. Great work lads, all the effort put into this update was insane. Keep up the good work.
  3. I appreciate the opportunity, and have nothing but the best of wishes for this team. Unfortunately my education and career are taking up my time, best of luck to you all! Look forward to seeing you all in game when I get the time!
  4. In my mind, if you want a challenge, play a lower experience mode. This is why we offer them in the first place. Kris also stated this wouldn't happen anytime soon.
  5. Sad to see some of them go, big congratulations to those promoted!
  6. Welcome mate! Enjoy your stay.
  7. Welcome to Zenyte homie, enjoy your time!
  8. I think this content would be beneficial, Support from me.
  9. Another awesome update, keep up the good work!
  10. Very solid intro, welcome to Zenyte!
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