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  1. Welcome, you'll really love this server! Let me know if you need any help in game.
  2. I love the holiday season mostly because of the beautiful Christmas lights in my city, setting up the tree in the living room and decorating the rest of the house, and going out with friends to drink minty or chocolatey beverages. There is just so much beauty in the holiday season, even with a pandemic raging and people losing their minds in quarantine. I'm very grateful for this community as well as my real life family and friends. Happy Holidays Zenyte.
  3. This game is much more ironman-esque than regular OSRS. You'll have to get a lot of items on your own, but if you really need something you can always put an offer in the grand exchange and let it sit there.
  4. Yeah I haven't seen it officially suggested on here so I thought I'd at least make a thread on it. Maybe it has been before idk. I am doubtful this would be added but I think it would be great content to see. Maybe at least the rewards from leagues could be added to the vote shop / master clue rewards / loyalty shop / etc.
  5. So I'm going to preface this by saying that this suggestion would take a lot of effort to implement, but I'm going to suggest it nonetheless. This content would be a huge boost for the server, as Zenyte would be the only OSRS private server to have it as re-playable content. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Old_School_RuneScape_Leagues In addition to our current selection of modes (regular, ironman, HC iron, etc), I suggest that Zenyte offer Twisted and Trailblazer modes. These modes would be linked to your main account, so the rewards would be redeemable on your main. At the start of the league, you would type in the name of your main account so all of your point rewards will register with that account only. Only one league account can be linked to each main account to prevent players accruing easy points with alts. Each league would only last for 2 months and would repeat in cycles. At the end of the league's 2 month duration, all the points earned from that league will transfer to your main account, and you can purchase rewards from a league-specific NPC at home. League accounts will be deleted after the league period ends, but your previous progress will be tracked on your main account's Game Noticeboard. The leagues would include all the content available in leagues, including all of their respective limitations and buffs. There would also be a league hiscores for points earned as well as for levels. The top 10 players in each league would receive Zenyte store credit / OSRS gp / other prizes. Twisted League Rewards: Twisted League Trophies Cosmetic Outfits Twisted Banner Twisted Teleport Scroll Twisted Blueprints (redeemable when construction releases) Twisted Horns Trailblazer League Rewards: Trailblazer League Trophies Trailblazer Graceful Set Ornament Kit Trailblazer Relic Hunter Outfit Trailblazer Rug (available with construction) Trailblazer Dragon Skilling Tools Ornament Kit Trailblazer Player Owned House Globe Statue (available with construction) Trailblazer Themed Banner Trailblazer Home Teleport Animation Player Owned House League Room (available with construction)
  6. Glad to see the server is still doing well after all this time, even with a bit of staff drama. This is still one of the best OSRS servers out there. Wishing the server a bright future.
  7. Been waiting for this day for quite some time, but it's finally here. Thank you to the dev team for putting every little detail from OSRS into this server the way it should be. We are all so very grateful. Best OSRS server out there! Construction is next?
  8. Is anything happening with this?
  9. I'll be the devil's advocate and say that there isn't much of a point of a 10hp pure account on this server.
  10. Welcome! There's something for everyone here, with special modes fitted to everyone's play style. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Maybe put the Last Man Standing rewards (halos, deadman's outfit, guthixian icon, victor's capes) in the store. Would love to see it. I disagree about graceful recolors being in there because I feel like those should come from either hard+ clues, the kourend favor system, or the vote shop. Maybe bonus xp books (50% boost for 1 hour) would be a nice reward.
  12. Absolutely, I would love to play on x1.
  13. Moonclan Hat, Armor, Skirt, Boots, & Gloves Falador Shield 4 Bryophyta's Staff Desert Amulet 4 Ardougne Max Cape
  14. Good luck to everyone participating!
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