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  1. Interesting guide! Pretty good for new players.
  2. In-game username: Ancient Mage Medal(s): Maxed, Donator Proof for your Medal(s):
  3. I would like to see more community PvM and perhaps some clan tournaments.
  4. Nice rules. I might take advantage of services in the future if I need to.
  5. 1. Tell us about yourself - IRL Justin, working towards a degree to become an RDMS with OB, AB, PED, and RVT certs. I'll be done with the program in about one more year. I have lots of ambition for helping others, and I'd like to work in a children's hospital one day. I've been playing RuneScape my entire life. I love to PvM and do group bossing. 2. What is your Zenyte in game name? - Ancient Mage 3. What are your favorite activities to do in-game? - I enjoy a bit of everything. I'm almost maxed in all skills on x50/x25. I would mostly like to do group PvM.
  6. Those dfs are sick! Wish I had one.
  7. It has my support as it would drive some item prices down a bit, making it easier to jump from mid-tier gear to late game gear.
  8. There aren't any other servers that even compare to this one. It's got the engaged playerbase, in-depth content, and fun competitions. It's difficult playing other servers because of the fear of them shutting down, but I know Zenyte isn't disappearing anytime soon.
  9. I believe you could add the Tzrek-jad pet to your list. You can trade in a fire cape for the chance to get the pet. As far as I know, it's still one of the rarest pets in game.
  10. Someone died to bats... also 94 deaths!? What.
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