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  1. Yep Shilo is where I make my molten glass.
  2. In my experience, players tend to gravitate more toward weekend gameplay when xp weekends are guaranteed. This leaves the player-count lower throughout the rest of the week. I believe we should keep the base consistent all week long.
  3. Monkfish are very good xp / hr and give you decent food supply. Over 2k monks for 99 fish, and good food to train cooking.
  4. Great fixes. Loving this server and its staff!
  5. This is the best server I've played in a long time. Donations keep the game growing and alive whether you like it or not. Sorry you had a bad experience, but that doesn't make the server bad by default.
  6. Even mix of PvM and skilling. I like to push through all the skills and then really dig into bossing afterwards.
  7. NPC from RS2 / RS3 that I like the look of
  8. Nice guide! I can't wait to start!
  9. I'm going for 200m thieving. It's my favorite skill.
  10. Welcome! See you around!
  11. Great guide! I'll totally use this first thing tomorrow.
  12. I like the idea since it looks really well thought out and fun to train. However, if this server is striving to be an emulation of osrs, I don't see new skills being added anytime soon.
  13. Welcome to the server! See you around in game!
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