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  1. I would like the take you up on this offer for both. Discord: Doon
  2. Happy Holidays everyone! Thankyou to the Zenyte team for the giveaways!
  3. O Zenyte Team , O Zenyte Team Do you have a Bond for meeee?
  4. In-game username: Subrosa Medal(s): Game Junkie Proof for your Medal(s): See Attached.
  5. On the Tenth day of Christmas my lovely Zenyte Team game to meeee... the illustrious White Party Hat Happy Holidays Everyone, as we all know It's been a hectic year thus far. Take some time to let your loved ones know what they mean to you, they may just need to hear it. Also Let's not forgot about the Egg Nog…
  6. #9 My favorite part of the holidays are the evocative scents wherever you go. It' gives you calming and warming feeling that reminds you to slow down and become a little more selfless.
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