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  1. Alrighty.. How do I "apply" for donor which I should have also the logged in for 12+hrs one
  2. Can I see my missing metals please?
  3. I've already joined the discord thank you! I'll be sure to keep you all updated the animations in zulrah and vorkath seem sped up or a bit altered.
  4. Thank you thank you. Best of luck on yours.
  5. Yes, thank you so much. I enjoy the helpfulness and friendly members just wanting to help others and better enjoy that game!
  6. Hey Zenyte! I just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone and introduce myself. Originally I am cleaned but maxed (2277) on osrs. I started in 08 and have played on and off since. I was looking for a kitted rsps to hop into raids. I couldn't connect to my first option. Funny enough call it fate but my friend joined Zenyte and tried it so as did i. I instantly fell in love. The whole feel it gives off it's like the whole server is one big friendly helpful cc. Since I've been so burnt out on rs I only enjoyed chamber of xerics with friends. (2k kc on osrs) I am happy to help or teach feel free to pm here or in-game. Anyway, I am 23 I live in Central America. I am on my fourth day here with 1800 total already. I look forward to maxing and grinding chambers. I do overnight security so I am active at all hours. Finally, thank you everyone has been so friendly and helpful. I hope to continue this trend and give back!
  7. Living life one xp drop at a time. Happy to help message in-game or on here anytime.

  8. Oopsie I thought this was a new post
  9. Only let's try 55 then! -Cicada
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