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  1. i would loveeeee GIM. i really don't know how hard it would be to implement, although i think its something that would be amazing for zenyte!
  2. Name: iron phillip Current Position: Game Moderator New Position: Global Moderator
  3. Name: Jagermassa Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Game Moderator
  4. PROMOTION Name: Archaiic Current Position: Global Moderator New Position: Game Administrator
  5. Awesome to have you on the team! Good to meet you!
  6. awesome man! nice to meet you and we are happy to have you on the team!
  7. Hello, good to meet you! and we look forward to having you on the server! you know if you need any help then just message any staff member!
  8. could we throw seeds in as well? maybe 20-50? but as well i agree with phillip some of the caps are too high imo.
  9. Question: what is the best way to protect your account? Answer: 2fa Question: what shield has a 70% chance of reducing the damage a player can receive by 25%? Answer elysian ( ely) Question: who is the fairy slayer master? Answer: Chaeldar Question: What is the key ingredient to divine potions/ Answer: Crystal dust Question: Who do you talk to in game for great starter tips? Answer: Zenyte guide Question: Ice barrage is unlocked at what level? Answer: 94
  10. Question: Where can you get a ale of the gods? Answer: Clue scroll caskets Question: Where is the white knight castle located? Answer: Falador Question: What is the best Alter for prayer xp? Answer: Chaos alter Question: What spellbook is needed for salve graveyard teleport? Answer: Arceuus Question: Who repairs barrows items? Answer: Bobs brilliant axes (bob) Question: who sells newspapers in varrock? Answer: Benny Gutenburg (benny) Question: whats the missing item to make a spirit shield? sigil, blessed spirit shield and a ????? Answer: Holy Elixer Question: Who is the king in lumbridge castle Answer: roald iii ( roald) Question: What stat does the Dwh decrease when hit with the spec? Answer: defense Question: what staff is needed for Fairy ring? Answer: Dramen Question: fill in the blank, ( Grant is the _____) Answer: best
  11. thank you, sorry in class so not 100% thinking
  12. question: What is armadyl the god of? Answer: Justice Question: what was the ranged ancient warrior's name? Answer: morrigan Question: what was the mage ancient warriors name? Answer: Zuriel Question: What weapon can deal 25% extra damage while draining 50% of the special energy bar? Answer: Armadyl godsword Question: In osrs what quest unlocks the dragon scimitar? Answer: Monkey madness 1 (mm1) Question: the quest regicide unlocks what location? Answer: Tirannwn Question: how many quest points do you need to start Recipe for disaster quest in osrs? Answer: 175 Question: who is the god of war? Answer: Bandos Question: what is one of the names of the melee ancient warriors? Answer: Vesta or statius ( not sure if you can do this one or not)
  13. Question: in OSRS what was the first holiday event item ever? Answer: Pumpkin
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