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    September 2022 - Brimhaven Agility Arena, Celestial Signet & QOL + Bug Fixes Brimhaven Agility Arena The Brimhaven Agility Arena is here! Mostly 1:1 besides the following changes relative to osrs: You don't have to wait for the 1 minute cycles like in osrs, you instead get a personal 1 minute timer to get to the targeted dispenser. If you manage to get a streak of 10 dispensers within the timers in a row you will get an agility xp bonus. Instead of being able to buy agility xp with the tickets you can buy antique lamps, to level any skill you'd like. There are more items to be bought with this minigame! Check the shop out by talking to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard. Celestial Signet The Celestial ring, Elven signet and the Celestial signet have all been added with the exact same effects like in osrs. Besides the Celestial kinds, they work on every type of ore, not just addy and lower. Get the celestial ring from the Stardust shop in Falador. Get the Elven ring from Crystal Implings around the game. Use them on eachother in the inventory to get the celestial signet. Other Changes: Cactus patches now work the same as bush patches, you will likely get more than 6 cacti or cacti spines now Added impling jars to Aleck's Hunter Emporium, the hunter shop in yanille Fixed the crystal tree issue where you would get stuck sometimes The 6 crashed stars have switched locations Imcando Hammer has been implemented to work like a wield-able hammer, it can be bought from the Stardust shop in Falador Gnomish Firelighter is now tradeable Standing animations for certain weapons and staves have been adjusted Skeletons in the basement of the Wizard's Guild now have drops Reldak is now in the swamp caves under lumbridge to sell pures frog-leather armor Grotesque Guardians's lightning attack now registers on the proper tick (1 tick later) allowing you to be able to react to them Added a failed task message for the A Not So Special Lizard ca task Fixed the GWD instance stamina tasks Ring of endurance is now a saradomin item for gwd Can no longer kill the Alchemical Hydra off-task Fixed the last inferno bug, should work like usual again Fixed the radas blessing fishing bonus Fixed the radas blessing dense essence bonus Fixed the HA value of the recolor crystals Fixed a typo in runecrafting messages Added a message for when your slayer cape perk gives you your same task again Can now get sand sent to your bank if the bank is full but you have sand buckets already Fixed the inferno teleport scroll once more Fixed two trivia questions Fixed the KQ's protecting, so you can hit it with melee even if its praying melee Fixed the stamina tasks so they dont take 1 too many Fixed some placeholder redirections Fixed up the inquisitors set effect and mace combat for when we release it in the future Added the healing effect to Sanguinesti staff combat and added the holy version Fixed the expert mining gloves (and the other versions) to not stop mining when it procs "No time for a drink" has been altered to make it more doable, it now reqs you to not gain any prayer points in the fight caves but you can use the prayer points that you came into the cave with Removed the "Jad? What Are You Doing Here?" grandmaster ca as it was too hard for zenyte's playerbase
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    UPDATE IS NOT LIVE Update will be ASAP, sorry for the wait I have been ridiculously busy IRL and did therefor not have time to code for Zenyte.
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