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    Hey guys! about 5 months ago I set a goal to get all the clue items on my alt account Tauriiel, and today im happy to show that the grind is over! Thanks a lot to everyone who donated/sold me items! Now the question is: should I keep them on my alt, or bank them all in the magic storage box (on my main account)?
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    Very nice dude, keep'em banked on the alt. Looks clean af.
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    I also cant connect on the client, I deleted cashe, nothing, reinstalled, nothing. Deleted everything and went to redownload, nothing. Also I've been kicked from the zenyte discord or something, I only use discord for Zenyte and Can't access it anymore for some reason. Nevermind, I'm a total idiot and had the discord client over too far...
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    Looks damn good dude. Now 3rd age collection!
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    Someone lmk when it's back up smh
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