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    Hello everyone, just another quick update for some various fixes! There were issues with the Golden Partyhat update that caused some stuff in the game to become temporarily corrupted due to test code left in by Matt (It's okay, we still love you!), however since I have to update the server again for the emergency fixes below, I figured I might as well bring you guys a few other various fixes as well to make it worth your time. What was the update last night about? Fixed an issue with certain areas like the blast furnace and mithril bar smelting due to an error made by test code that wasn't removed Weapons that are charged with Revenant Ether will now become uncharged and the ether will go to your killer upon death. Changed the value of PvP armor to 150k GP when doing calculations for items lost on death. This change will make other items worth more than 150k be protected over PvP armor. This can change based on further feedback. Changed the value of the Salve Amulet I to it's original value when doing calculations for items lost on death. It was previously valued at 220k GP which could have cost players to lose otherwise more valuable items. What's today's update about? Fixed another issue with certain doors that was also caused by left-in test code You can no longer cast heal-other outside of Olm's Chamber on a player that is inside of the Chamber. Increased the maximum amount of charges on enhanced crystal armour (Helm, chest, and legs) from 2000 to 4000. This should make your armour last twice as long before needing to be recharged. Any current enhanced crystal armour that is not completely full may change to 50% due to this change. You should not lose any charges from the change. Fixed Vanguard's combat stats to be inline with OSRS (raised hp to 180, and lowered defense. also adjusted stats of melee Vanguard which were incorrect) Removed every 50m XP milestone broadcasts for Combat skills for 50x players. You will still get broadcasts for all other skills including Prayer as well as reaching 99. There will be discussions about what other changes can be made to make broadcasts better for everyone. Fixed a typo with the 200m XP broadcast You will now receive a global broadcast if you receive a pet and it is sent to your bank due to lack of space and inventory. The killcount for Glough's Experiments (KC for Demonic + Tortured gorillas combined) will now show correctly in the collection log.
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    The Zenyte Events Team and Staff Team would like to re-introduce the 25 DAYS of GIVEAWAY for the month of December leading up to Christmas Day! The rules are simple you should respond to this forum post with anything that reminds you of the Holiday season this can include but not limited to a song, a story or a picture! However keep in mind you may only have 1 entry per day, per person this means replying on multiple accounts may result in a disqualification! The thread will unlock on December 1st at 00:00 to start processing your entries! We are looking forward to your stories, and Christmas shares! Note: You will need to have at least 10 hours online in total in a 7 day period in order to be eligible We will be picking 1 winner per day to win the following item(s): 1st of December: (Tri Jester Scarf & Hat) Winner: @Missymikel 2nd of December: (Jester Scarf & Hat) Winner: @Fuzedem0n 3rd of December: (Bobble Scarf & Hat) Winner: 4th of December: (Woolly Scarf & Hat) Winner: 5th of December: (Candy Cane) Winner: 6th of December: (Christmas Cracker) Winner: 7th of December: (Purple Party Hat) Winner: 8th of December: (Yellow Party Hat) Winner: 9th of December: (White Party Hat) Winner: 10th of December: (Green Party Hat) Winner: 11th of December: (Red Party Hat) Winner: 12th of December: (Blue Party Hat) Winner: 13th of December: (Party hat of your choice out of the above) Winner: 14th of December: ($10 Bond) Winner: 15th of December: ($10 Bond) Winner: 16th of December: ($50 Bond) Winner: 17th of December: ($50 Bond) Winner: 18th of December: ($100 Bond) Winner: 19th of December: ($100 Bond) Winner: 20th of December: (Santa Hat) Winner: 21st of December: (Inverted Santa Hat) Winner: 22nd of December: (Black Santa Hat) Winner: 23rd of December: (Golden Party Hat) Winner: (Golden Santa Hat) Winner: 25th of December: (Server Special - All Players) I am excited for the Christmas season and we will be planning a small in-game event near Christmas time and we also plan to re-launch the 2019 Christmas event that was created by prior developers for our new players to experience! We will be hosting a lot of in-game events when we are nearing the Christmas break time so keep that in mind! We will also have some great donator specials and store uniques!
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    The gear is too overpowered for the content we have. It’s that simple.
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    November 2021 - Wilderness Changes Wilderness Resource AreaThe Wilderness Resource Area has been re-worked and you will now be required to have at least the medium wilderness diary completed in order to gain entry. However you will note that all of the resources that you gather inside of this area such as ores, logs and dark crabs will be mined/chopped or fished in their noted form. Rogue's Chest The Rogue's Chest has been reworked in level 54 wilderness and you will notice that the items obtained will have a much stronger balance between the amount of risk and reward. This will be ideal for ironman and other players when obtaining resources however as a Hardcore Ironman are you willing to risk it all? Wilderness Merchant A Wilderness Merchant has been stranded on his way to the Grand Exchange from deep in the wilderness. He is not willing to sell you items however he would like to buy some of your useless junk. Perhaps you have some items laying around in your bank that may interest the Wayward Merchant Molanisk Slayer A new shipment of Slayer Bells have arrived in the Slayer Master shops and they can be used to lure a Molanisk off the wall. If you would like to take on this challenge please visit them by going to the fairy ring "AJQ" but remember that you will need a light source! Changelog: - You will now be able to obtain a Holy Grail from killing the "Rabbit" boss - Twisted Ancestral Recolor Kit has had a price adjustment and can now be arched for a considerable amount. - Jewelry enchantment has been corrected - A bug has been fixed in terms of imbuing and (I) items - Adjusted the range strength bonus to Odium ward to the correct bonus - Added broadcasts for every 50M XP Milestones (So 50m, 100m, 150m, and 200m) - Added Haystack and Hay bale functions - Added Mistag and Kazgar into their respected cave area to allow faster travel through the Dorgeshuun Mines. - Changed the drop rate of dragon pickaxe back to the original rate for all NPCs - Adjusted the cannon function near Revenants and Demonic/Tortured gorillas (will not be possible) - Changed the Revenant spawns around and added a few more. - Golden party hat has been added - Golden santa hat has been added - Completed the Phase I of Vezik (Theatre of Blood)
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    Infernal Capes and Services Hello Community Members, There has been a recent discussion and debate around Infernal Capes and Infernal Cape Services and I would like to put forth an official announcement in regards to this. Infernal Cape Services are not allowed and this has been the case since the release of the Inferno. However in life when we are met with rules there will always be individuals who wish to challenge them. It is our job as members of the Staff Team to take every report serious and rest assured we are but sometimes we are met with challenges such as limitations. It is no secret if you ever browse the internet there are services online that offer completion of infernal capes in means that are difficult to detect. We have been working over the last 24 hours to combat this by placing certain emphasis on our logging for inferno attempts etc. However it should be noted that despite all the measures that are put into place by both Zenyte and Jagex alike there will be those situations that bypass our integrity checks and to those people the only thing I want to say is we are a pretty tightknit community and if you are player who can barley complete a GWD boss room, a run in the Chambers of Xeric or be effective in any type of PVM scenario and you spark up a Infernal Cape the only thing you did was lose your integrity and trustworthiness status because sometimes circumstantial evidence is enough to display the truth to those who matter even if it's not something we can act upon. Your Infernal Cape is not as impressive if no one believes you earned it - I know this personally so take my advice. Sincerely, Matt
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    Batch 1: Slayer Skip Scrolls (3) has been reduced to 50% off and will be priced at 10 credits. Slayer Skip Scrolls (8) has been reduced to 50% off and will be priced at 25 credits. Crystal Keys (Pack of 30) has been reduced to 30% off and will be priced at 500 credits. Twisted Graceful Dye (Pack of 6) has been reduced by 40% off and will be priced at 150 credits. Blue Graceful Dye (Pack of 6) has been reduced by 40% off and will be priced at 150 credits. Black Graceful Dye (Pack of 6) has been reduced by 40% off and will be priced at 200 credits. Black Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 600 credits. Blue Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Red Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Yellow Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Purple Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Green Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. White Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Pet Penace Queen has been reduced by 50% off and will be priced at 600 from 1200. Imbued Zamarok Cape has been reduced by 50% from 300 to 150. Imbued Guthix Cape has been reduced by 50% from 300 to 150. Imbued Saradomin Cape has been reduced by 50% from 300 to 150. Snow Imp has been reduced by 50% from 1000 to 500. Wooly Scarf has been reduced by 60% from 750 to 300. Tri-Jester Scarf has been reduced by 60% from 750 to 300. Jester Scarf has been reduced by 60% from 750 to 300. Sherlock Note large pack (100) has been reduced by 30% from 300 to 210. Pet Mystery Boxes has been reduced by 30% from 125 to 85. Beginner Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 5 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Easy Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 10 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Medium Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 20 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Hard Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 20 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Elite Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 30 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Master Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 30 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) The following item will also be available for 5000 credits: (There will only be 3 available so you will need to contact a Manager) Druidical Set The 3rd Age druidic set has been sold out.
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    Hi everyone, My name is Lucifer2207, I'm 30 years old and I'm from Australia. I originally started playing Zenyte back in early 2020, but had to stop playing due to personal reasons. I started back up again just over a week ago and am absolutely loving being back! The community is still just as helpful as ever, the staff are awesome and the events are so good! I hope I can be a valuable member of the community, if anyone ever needs anything, please let me know! I'm always happy to help out my fellow players. Cheers, Luci
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    What I love most is being able to be home with family because I was homeless for a year and 6 months due to my drug addiction. Now I'll be celebrating the 1st of December 10 months sober and home with family.
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    Imagine playing with a PC cheat-client and paying for a cape I got on my tiny ass phone though
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    For harmony, we will wait for Grant to do an update: https://discord.com/channels/755780505164709998/755780505563168796/915913834005430312
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    Driving around so the kids can see what Christmas lights people have on their houses.
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    What I love the most, is when people start decorating their houses !! Driving by them during the nighttime while all their lights are lit up and flashing is a nice warm feeling it gives me, It reminds me when I was younger
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    Beyond ridicules, perhaps then, you should poll whether or not the Tbow should be nerfed or be degradable, b/c it is OP compared to everything else ingame (if pvp items are changed) [If it wasn't apparent I don't actually want the Tbow nerfed I just want the community to have a say whether or not PvP items are nerfed or not b/c both choices we have are nerfs. This notion that PvP items needs be nerfed is something Ive only heard from a handful of community members so It is disheartening to see that the rest of the community basically doesn't have a choice in this matter.]
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    Yes it does count as it's Fossil island wyvern pet and during the event, congratulations!
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    News Blog: December Hello Community, I will make this News Blog brief as we will be focusing on only a few things for December of 2021. We plan to set the foundation for a smooth transition into January of 2022 and hopefully all of our milestones are met. You will also be receiving a couple of additional announcements from me during the month of December so I will be leaving some of highlights out like for example Christmas! Theatre of Blood: Grant announced earlier in the week that we are in full force on the second phase of the final boss. He has been diligently working on this update along the side of our community in his development streams. You can follow some of the progress by keeping an eye out for his streams on discord. We will be making plenty of announcements as we close the gap on a official release date! In the meantime make sure you have plenty of supplies to no-life this content upon release!! Name Changes: Grant and other members of the Staff Team have been working toward a realistic method to conduct name-changes. We have conducted 4 test name-changes and are analyzing the performance and outcomes of this. If we are successful there will be additional information released at that time. Herbiboar and other updates: The Development Team has reviewed the community polls in collaboration with the server-suggestions and we have started to dabble into other smaller updates which will require less attention from our major development project. (For example during work or points of the day in which a developer can not put his full-focus on the development and may need to multi-task) this is very hard when working on updates such as Theatre of Blood. Winter Sale, Double Donations and Donation Raffle: The Winter Sale and Donation Raffle are live as we continue the Thanksgiving 2021 sale that was not possible on Cyber Monday due to real life obligations. Please also take time to put all of your suggestions forward on discord or on the forums! We are actively checking these platforms as we move forward with developement! Sincerely, Matt
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    Hi, I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty! While you're here, you might as well go vote in the poll!
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    Not sure if this one counts but here it goes
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    I fixed that It's only the wilderness diaries
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    You've been awarded with most! I left out the following; 1, Harmony - tbh I'm not too sure which emotes are available. 2, Great thinker - unfortunately not enough proof provided 3, Emote Guru - like the Harmony medal, I'll have to verify what's actually available in-game.
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    I love christmass because my mom makes the best hallacas!! (typical food of Venezuela)
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    I love xmas because it reminds me that Missy likes me
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    My favorite par of the christmas days is that i get to do smt new for my customers every year and every day till christmas
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    My favorite part is going to ride ATVs in the mountains and seeing snow, but not too much to where the roads are icy/slippery too, resulting in me slipping and riding straight off the cliff.
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    2 years ago, I won an ugly Christmas sweater costume party at my old job. Came in with a onesie chicken costume, and a bunch of festive decor including coming in barefoot except for stockings lol. I won $60 worth of food that day
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    So my grandmom makes this insanely tasty wild rabbit stew at christmas. Always the same but always mega delicious. Craving it already . have a nice day if youre reading this.
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    I enjoy seeing my nieces and nephews reaction to Christmas. So full of Joy and wonderment. I have one niece in specific that is just the most adorable person ever. Can't wait to see her open her presents.
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    Welcome back to Zenyte
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    Welcome back Lucifer, good to see you!
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    I remember you from back in the days, welcome back dude!
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    Welcome back dude, good to see another aussie around!
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    Any excuse to consume copious amounts of booze!
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    Best thing about christmas is obviously the boatload of food that your family makes/you make for your family and you get to enjoy it with them
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    Is there a way to prevent a possible issue if this happened to a UIM? Perhaps have to pet sent to the pet lady in Ardougne instead? I forget what donator rank is needed for it to be free after 2 pets but if that would happen paying the insure price to retrieve said pet would be more than acceptable. Maybe it would be better if bankers somehow checked if the player is a UIM and hold the pets until they are talked to? It's an unlikely scenario that would only affect a minority of the playerbase, it's clearly not high priority! Glad to see bugfixes Crystal Armour charges being increased is also nice but is the recharge cost also doubled?
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    Christmas truce. Lest we forget 1914
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    Also, for option 3, we will make it so that ironmen have to show the shop owner a gree-gree first before being able to purchase them freely from the shop.
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    The other solution to crystal armor degradation would just to simply make them degrade slower.
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    EVENT IS OVER, THANKS FOR PLAYING Clue Hunt Marathon Welcome to the clue hunt marathon event, this event will test your knowledge of osrs to the fullest. enter immersion I, once the greatest of beings, need your help! Please come find me to rescue me from this godawful place. I gave you some clues on how to track me down, to do so find each of the 4 locations and combine them to uncover my location. exit immersion The prize pool is 200$ worth of bonds (thanks to management for 150$). If you find one of the 4 primary locations, and you are first to find said location, you will be rewarded with 20$ in bonds. If you find the final location/npc/asset you will be rewarded with 120$. To post an answer just screenshot yourself at the place you think is the location and post it under this thread along with the location number or "final location". I will be reacting to the messages with the "-1" emote if said location is wrong. A "+1" emote indicates you were right and the first one to submit. Prizes will be given out as soon as I am able to get online. "Locations" can range from npc's to skilling spots to monsters to ground items to assets. New clues release after 30 mins until they are found. With further questions please send them in via discord dm's, I will be able to answer quicker. Clues: Location 1: Rat and Bat bar in Slepe Location 2: Robert Boss Location 3: Squire's shop Location 4: Anchovy fishing spot in bandit camp Final Location: Stone dragon on the side of the dark wizard tower west of falador Clue 1) Using a map may guide you to me faster! Map found at Map link will work just fine! Remember i need rescuing from where i reside. Clue 2) I once lived, but am no longer alive. I might have looked in medusa's eyes... Find me on the side of a building, there to please peoples eyes... Clue 3) Open the map in for example 'paint' to draw the cross mentioned in clue 2. May the best adventurer win, your fellow zenytian Cresinkel
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    Auto loss on death, turns to dust and killer gets cash.
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    lets compare some stats the torture has +5 slash, stab, and crush and +2 melee str over the fury (the next best option for melee). The vesta platebody has +5 stab, +7 crush and slash, and +2 melee strength over the bandos chestplate (the next best option for melee) . To me the upgrades between the two sets of items seem comparable, it just seems like a normal upgrade to me, it is in line with normal jump with other gear upgrades in osrs.
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    What Iron Philip said is the gist of what my rebuttal was going to be. They are some of the most expensive gear available other than a few select items (all of which are better like the Tbow and ancestral) and in OSRS wouldn't even be BIS, they should remain ingame unchanged. This problem will even sort itself out as zenyte gets more bosses from OSRS (ToB gives us the rapier, sang, justicar and scythe, nightmare gives inquis and the lampost) but even in the current state I disagree that pvp items are op. Plus it gives people the carrot at the end of the wilderness stick.
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    They are already the most expensive pieces of gear in the game, why tax or nerf them. Outside of Morrigans Vanilla OSRS has an upgrade to every piece of PVP Gear. Morrigan's Vs Armadyl Loses the Prayer bonus otherwise an upgrade Ancestral Robes Vs Zurial's %Magic dmg on Robes makes it hands down better Vesta Beats Bandos but loses the prayer bonus but is beat by inquisitors. Statius is Beat by justiciar for tank gear due to its passive. But in OSRS upgrades aren't a bad thing. Twisted Bow is BiS and rare. Should we make that degradable or nerf it because its the best thing for all content? No. Its rare and expensive. The option should be pulled IMO if not to influence the decision but rather to see where the player base actually is. If 95% of players pick no change push on with what ever vision you want but at least acknowledge its against what players want.
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    even if it is shouldn't we have the community vote on if it should be changed in the first place? to me this seems to be the kind of thing that will ruffle a lot of people's feathers.
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    agreed, I would choose no changes as well.
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    #1 ---- i dont really think the list needs changed tbf, allowing the crystal set to degrade slower (#19) and introducing shard increase item (#2) will help this be less of an issue anyways. #5 (item broadcasts) - i think most are fine as is, i would say however take out the 50m, 100m, and 150m xp broadcasts for 50/25x accounts but leave them in for 10x / 5x accounts. - also certain things should be added as needed of course. #8- not even sure what the limit is but it will help to ensure players care enough to at least log in once in a while....... #12- this is already in osrs, dont see why this is being polled even tbh #14- not sure if you're talking about skilling sets that exist in osrs but not here, those should be added, but custom skilling sets, we dont need those lol #20-- dont overdue this tax too much lel.. can see this being crystal armor sets v2........................ (edit : also potentially make no changes, not like bandos armor was ever degradable when it was BIS...)
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    Well put. Imagine being thirsty for a pixel flex in game and having to bypass actual gameplay that you know deep inside you can't complete. Whoever Matt's talking about: sit, loser.
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