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    Magic storage unit A magic storage unit has been placed in the achievement hall in Edgeville. All players may use this feature after they have unlocked the lid, costing them either 1,000,000 coins if they're an ultimate ironman, or 2,500,000 coins if not as a one time fee. Upon unlocking the storage unit, players get access to all of the contents of the storage unit, and may deposit and withdraw items from it at any time. Players may deposit items in the chest by using the item on the chest itself. If the player is attempting to place a full set in the chest but does not have all the necessary pieces of the set, they will be informed about the pieces they are missing. In the case of obscure items such as platelegs or plateskirt, the player only needs to have one or the other for it to count towards the completed set. If the player wishes, they may add both the plateskirt as well as the platelegs together in the chest, if they have both in inventory at the time of depositing it. If not, only the piece they are carrying will be deposited. Once Construction releases in the future, players will no longer be able to deposit items in the magic storage unit. You will still be able to withdraw whatever you placed in the storage unit beforehand, for free. Once the last item has been reclaimed from the storage unit, you will be returned the initial fee you paid to unlock the unit(if you were an UIM but no longer are, you will still only receive 1,000,000 coins back as a refund), and the storage unit will vanish for you. Below in the spoilers are lists of all the items and item sets you can add in each of the storage unit categories. Structure of the spoilers Name of the entry on the interface: Each individual piece that makes up the entry (Note: If there are multiple pieces on a line, it means just one of any of the items is needed to fulfill the requirement - multiple will be used if applicable) Armour case Cape rack Toy box Treasure chest Magic wardrobe Fancy dress box Presets Presets are a way to quickly load the equipment and inventory layout you need for your activities. In order to get started with presets, visit any bank across Zenyte - you'll notice a small button at the top left corner of your bank. This will open up the preset manager window for you. Alternatively, you can quickly access presets by right-clicking the bankers at home. The right-click preset option on bankers is limited to Edgeville only though. Preset features and information: Each player has by default two preset slots unlocked. Non-members may purchase up to three more preset slots. Members will be able to purchase a total of 8 + rank id(sapphire is 1, zenyte is 7, interpolate). So for non-members, the maximum unlockable presets amount is 5, whereas for members, it ranges from 11 to 17. If you downgrade your member rank and have more presets than what your new rank total would allow, the overflown presets will be blacked out. You can't load these presets or move them on the preset list - the only real options are to delete it, or regain the rank to use it again. Each preset unlock for members and non-members alike costs 5 vote points. Ruby members and above are able to link any spellbook to their preset; the spellbook then gets loaded when the user loads the preset. You do not have to select a spellbook though - you can deselect it simply by clicking on the selected spellbook. In addition to the equipment and inventory being saved in presets, your rune pouches contents are too. This is an exception we have made as lots of people tend to bring rune pouches with them to save space. You can view the contents of the rune pouch in your preset by examining it within the preset inventory. Players are able to mark a default preset for themselves. This is marked by the icon next to the name. Whenever you open the preset manager, the default preset will immediately be loaded up, allowing quicker gear load times. You may toggle the set-placeholders setting directly on your interface - this lets you keep the placeholders in your bank when the preset loads your items on you. This setting directly links to the one in your bank - so changing it here also changes it in your bank, and vice versa. Players can rearrange the contents of the inventory of the preset as they would in their normal inventory - this is immediately saved as you drag an item over to another slot, allowing you to skip the hassle of making another preset due to the situation with the inventory. Preset names can be up to 42 characters long, and each word in the preset can be up to 14 characters long. These are rough limitations to ensure the name of the preset doesn't look too awkward on the preset list. Your preset name can contain most symbols, all numbers and all normal letters. We have filtered out certain special character symbols for obvious reasons. Preset position in the list can be altered by using the arrow buttons near the category name. Clicking the up or down arrow will move the currently selected preset in the respective direction on the list. You will find filterable chat messages upon loading a preset, indicating the status of the preset load in either green, yellow or red colours. Green indicates the preset was loaded successfully with no problems, yellow indicates you may not have had enough of an item in your bank to fully load the preset, or that an alternative item was loaded in place of something. Red indicates you are missing a certain item, or you didn't have enough space in your bank to deposit it before it loaded the preset on you. Items with attributes or charges will be loaded in a special manner. If you saved a preset with say Dharok's helm(fully charged, undamaged), but you no longer have a pristine Dharok's helm in your bank and instead have say Dharok's helm (25) & Dharok's helm (50), it will choose the best possible match, closest to your original preset configuration. In the given example, it would use the Dharok's helm (50) in place of it, as it is closer to the pristine helmet than the 25 version is. Yanille dungeon The balancing ledge can now be crossed at level 40 Agility. The dungeon pipe can now be entered at level 49 Agility. The monkey bars may now be crossed at level 57 Agility. The rubble and dungeons to access Salarin the Twisted can now be climbed at level 67 Agility. The door from Yanille's side of the dungeon can now only be accessed with level 82 Thieving, with a lockpick. Note: The chance of failing the lockpick is extremely high even at level 99 Thieving) The sinister chest can now be opened to receive 3x Grimy ranarr weed, 2x Grimy harralander, 1x Grimy irit leaf, 1x Grimy avantoe, 1x Grimy kwuarm and 1x Grimy torstol, assuming the player has a sinister key with them. Note: Make sure to bring some poison protection, as the chest will poison you upon opening if you do not have any. Salarin the Twisted may now be slain with wind, water, earth or fire strike. Any other spell or weapon will not deal damage. The strike spells aforementioned will deal base maximum damage of the spell with every successful hit. Salarin will frequently drop the sinister key, used to access the sinister chest on the other side of the dungeon. Tears of Guthix Tears of Guthix is a short minigame located in the Chasm of Tears, guarded by the serpent Juna, playable once a week. It grants a reward of experience points in the player's lowest skill each time it is played. Players must collect as many blue tears flowing from the walls as they can within the time limit, while avoiding the green tears, as they decrease the number of blue tears the player has collected. The time limit a player has depends on their total level which is a base time limit of 50 game ticks plus an extra tick for every 10 total levels a player has. This means a player with a total level of 200 would have 70 game ticks, an equivalent of 42 seconds, to collect the tears. Each tier of membership give an extra 5 seconds of time inside the cave. Players can speak to Juna to toggle whether or not to receive a daily chatbox message telling them they are eligible as soon as they become eligible. To teleport directly to Tears of Guthix, players may use a games necklace. Bugfixes & Miscellaneous Changes Xeric's talismans uncharge option now works properly. Depositing noted items into looting bag will no longer deposit unnoted items as well and vice versa. Essence implings can now be caught in Puro-Puro. Toggling the "check combat level when obtaining a slayer assignment" option at slayer masters now works outside of Turael too. Previously, despite the masters offering this option, it would only really work if done at Turael. Ring of wealth currency collection option has been slightly updated. There was an inconsistency between what the dialogue told you - it would flip the conditions between when you toggle it from inventory and when you do so from the equipment interface. North-western Port Phasmatys allotment patch as well as Entrana hops patch can now be protected by paying the gardener. Jellies, fossil island wyverns and mutated zygomites are now tracked by the slayer collection log. They would previously appear on the log but you would not see an increase in the killcount upon killing them. As such, everyone will have 0 as the killcount for these after the update, as it was never truly tracked.
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    **Please bear with us while we build the thread up, such as areas like meet the team. WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL THREAD FOR XP HUB! <Awaiting graphics to be made> What is EXP HUB? We're a dedicated group of skilling based players, focusing on the unique side of accounts. We're made up of level 3 skillers and unique accounts, such as 10hp hardcore irons. We offer a highly competitive yet helpful community. Although we like to encourage unique accounts, anyone is welcome! There are currently not requirements. What Is our CC name and do we have a Discord? Meet the team Ranking System General Clan Rules Group Ironman + Rules Team One - Group Ironman Media Team Two - Group Ironman Media General Clan Media
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    Hey everyone, just dropping by with a quick update. Posted some media on the progress that has been made on Xarpus Some more progress has also been made on Sotetseg so will be updating that soon.
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    Well, i wish I didnt have this story to tell. This song i first heard while i was battling a very bad episode of depression. It made me feel better that i would be missed if i actually went through with it. However two months ago i snapped and quit my job and drove 1300 miles from illinois to ariziona to see my brother i haven't seen in 8 years. We talked so deeply about my depression and what i needed to do to keep pushing and to keep raising my daughter. I went back to illinois to try to work on things with my wife and family. A week ago my brother took his life and now this song is helping me express how i feel. I love this artist I love this message and i miss my brother very dearly.
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    reminds me of the old runescape pking days, very nostalgic to me.
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    explanation as to why you have chosen your selected song: Cus we fucking love cocaine!
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    First spoiler = Images Second spoiler = Old versions
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    Reason: i lost my best friend in a car accident This song means alot to me
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    A fine piece of art from ya boys in New Zealand. A classic in the making.
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    No explanation needed for this one, issa vibe
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    I have intentionally not followed OSRS in the regards of deaths. OSRS is legitimately zero risk in anything you do, which is harmful for the economy as well as the items you get from these activities. The risk factor makes it all the more fun too. I do not have any intentions of changing the death mechanics drastically as it stands, and I'm not sure if I'll even change it upon revision upgrade - if we do, we'll likely keep some risk factor around. I'm positive OSRS would've had some risk factor as well to this day if they hadn't been forced to change the timers to an hour long back in 2015, when the servers were under constant attacks. That has obviously been resolved to some extent but once you provide people with something, it's rather difficult to take it away from them. OSRS is simply cornered to keeping deaths relatively safe.
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    Hey everyone, Myself and @200M Dancinghad a discussion last night following myself hosting a drop party in which we got complaints of me spamming yell to get the boys excited for the drop party. I wanted to propose a new Yell cooldown timer which can help reduce the toxicity in yell and also bring MORE incentive to increasing your donor rank. Currently, people can donate a $10 and be able to yell every 2 minutes. This has recent become a method of flaming for users to avoid mutes etc. Although yell is quite useful, I feel that it is often flooded by people multi-logging on sapphire accounts to diss someone on 2 minute timers. I propose the following change: Sapphire: 10 minutes Emerald: 8 minutes Ruby: 6 minutes Diamond: 4 minutes Dragonstone: 2 minutes Onyx: 1 minute Zenyte: 30 seconds Alternatively, this could be changed to the same cooldown timers as the restore box which I think is actually quite fair. Feel free to drop your opinions below. GC
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    This song inspires me to wake up every morning and grind.
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    Some really good songs, and even better stories on this thread. Looking forward to seeing tons more
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    Reason: this song has always been one of my favourites plus Eminem being one of my favourite artist. Pure gold, awesome song used as a motivator, never give up on what you're gonna do with your life and such. Almost 20 years rolling and still not failing to give me goosebumps.
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    Zenyte community, On behalf of the Official Events Team I would like to take this moment to present to you, the community, our new Forums Radio Event! More details can be found down below. The concept of this event is very simple & easy to follow. To enter the giveaway, you are required to link (on this exact topic) a song of your preference and a brief description or explanation as to why you have chosen your selected song. There will be no right or wrong explanation. The origin or the reasoning for the song you have selected can be for any reason, such as; Nostalgic purposes, personal reasons or beliefs, important time in your life, or what may ever may have you. It's at your discretion; so choose wisely! At the end of the provided time-frame (refer to the rules section on this topic) our judges will nominate 3 songs from this topic. From there, the users who are responsible for submitting the elected songs will then be placed in a random online generator. Which ever player is selected from the generator, will be eligible for the $100 Zenyte bond reward. Hxrdcore 200M Dancing Gepan - This event will start on Saturday, September 19th, 16:30 (Server time) - This event will finish on Saturday, September 26th, 16:30 (Server time) - Winner will be announced via this topic on Sunday, September 27th, 20:00 (Server time) - Any submissions that have failed to provide a description or explanation will NOT count. - 1 song nomination per person. Any more will lead to disqualification from the event. - No duplications of the same song. First to submit, first to keep. - Any external links or clips outside of the platform "YouTube" will not count. YouTube links only. Song #1: (Player is yet to be announced) Song #2: (Player is yet to be announced) Song #3: (Player is yet to be announced) Winner of Zenytes Radio event: (Player is yet to be announced) Provided song from the winner of Zenytes Radio event: (Song is yet to be announced) Best of luck to all participants, Zenyte Events Team
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    Very nice selection here, it reminds me of a Sunday afternoon, walking into the kitchen and seeing my momma dancing away while cooking up a Sunday dinner
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    Explanation: A couple of years ago, I was sitting in the library, looking for some inspiration for one of my projects for my anthropology class. I was out of idea, ready to give up, and then, I found it; the inspiration. Have you ever heard psychologists talking about how memory works? That every single one of your memories is recorded somewhere? They are never lost unless you experience some sort of physical/neurological trauma. Anyhow, memory (souvenir) is actually like a maze, with lots and lots of filing cabinets, and each of them has a different key. Those keys are (but not limited to) stimuli (interaction between the individual and his/her environment). Music is usually how I record my memories; meaning that every single class has a different type of song/style. Bottom line, the song gave me so much boost, just like a hyperactive kid who drinks his first energy drink, that I have written like 1200 words in a matter of hours. It was amazing. Even today, I have not been able to experience another day like this one, even with preworkout mixed with a monster.
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    I pick dancing queen because whenever I or anyone around me is feeling down, I'll throw this on and it guarantees a smile I know it is also a song that if you don't know you should give a listen. You're welcome
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    used to listen to this song everytime we (my dad & i) went fishing. he passed away when i was 13. never remember the song's name untill i saw a youtuber playing Fallout 4 and using this song as hes intro. This song just has a great value to me
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    reason: Me and my friend binched this song when studying for my first ever university exam, i remember how damn nervous i was that very first time but i absolutely nailed that exam, and listening to this song now reminds that i'm capable of doing whatever needs to be done, it really helps with the nervosity i have sometimes working as a nurse.
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    There some really good song choices in here, having read all of the posts so far, I've really enjoyed people's stories and reasons for their choices. For me, my choice is Coldplay - Paradise. This seems to be the opposite of most of these songs so far, but I'll explain! From my early teenage years, I have suffered from rather severe anxiety and depression. I used to isolate myself and I completely lost sight of who I was and where my life was headed, losing confidence in real life along the way meaning it was harder and harder to leave the house. Although I spent many years developing some amazing friendships with some incredible people online since I would spend more time playing Runescape, I could always relate to this song and it's meaning. The song is mainly about a girl who is lost in the world and facing a lot of rejection. She dreams of paradise and leaving her old life behind. This is what I wanted to do, for so long, but couldn't ever find the courage to. The video is what gets me the most every time, genuinely I cry when I see it - It starts with an elephant (A man in a costume, but let's use our imaginations here.. Haha) who is trapped in a zoo. He finally breaks out of the zoo and sets out on an adventure to find his own kind and most importantly, his paradise. The adorable moment when he finds other elephants is such a lifting feeling and I find myself crying at this part, mostly of joy I think. I used to feel like the elephant. I felt alone and sad, looking back, I can't believe that it was so relatable. If anyone is wondering, I did find my own paradise in the end. I changed my life completely and built an incredible life - Do reach out if you feel down, I got you. In the meantime, enjoy Paradise by the amazing Cold Play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G4isv_Fylg Much love as always - Bear.
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    Reason: When listening to this song and watching the clip (Make sure to watch the clip as well!), it really got to me. I myself have, and still am struggling with some kind of form of depression. Everyone goes through tough times and this song certainly helps me get through. Chris is a great musician with possibly the best voice I've ever heard. Great country singer, while I'm not even american or very familiar with country. Also while I am writing this, I would like to thank the community of Zenyte for being so friendly and nice to me over the span of last few months that I have been playing. Kind regards, Miraclesttv
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    After speaking with the Development Team they didn't want to add a 200m Skillcape per skill however there was an interest in a 200m max skillcape. Would this be something of interest?
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    This update is truly amazing thank you. as one request I would make. You should factor out what a vote points goes for currently on ge and add a token thats buyable from vote shop to unlock a slot. I have a lot of alts and swapping around on the forums to vote on different accounts is quite the pain. It would also add another vote incentive for people to sell.
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    Nice work @[email protected] Big shoutout to @Ghostand @Passionfor putting in so much effort on the QA side. Sorry I couldn't be around to help out more.
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    I used to religiously watch the Kids Ranqe pk videos everyday after school back in the day while fishing lobbies in Karamja just so one day I could be rich enough to buy a whip and be the next Kids Ranqe... Never happened but it also inspired me to make my first of many pure pking accounts ^.^ huge nostalgia here and one of the driving influencers to my entire runeacape career.
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    Hey @Roux, I've had come across other players raising similar concerns in the past. We are aware of this and have it in our To-do list system. Therefore, expect your suggestion to be implemented in the near future
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    Ingame name: Most Dreaded Time Zone: EST Team you apply for: PVM Team Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: Past experience pvm/skilling: I was in a PVM clan on osrs a few years ago. I have nearly a 2k total account on osrs and have done every boss in the game. I'm also very much experienced in skilling as well as all aspects of the game. Do you Accept the rules?: Yes, of course.
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    Congrats bro, i feel happy for you Well done
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    Hi Sturm! I'm in the same boat as you - feel free to add me ingame! I will say that I am definitely loving the server so far.
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    It's been one hell of a journey, a huge congratulations on the achievement of maxing on 5x!
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    Damn I guess that gonna take a while, but I wish you good luck on your next goal!
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    Gives me chills everytime I listen to this one. Its calming and makes me feel like there's no worry in the world.
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    Congratulations I was excited to see the maxing broadcast in-game!
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    This is one of my favorite songs and I don't listen to it too often anymore, but that makes it even better whenever I hear it. One of my best friends that I met on RS2 back in the day sent me this song and it I must have listened to it like 20 times a day every day (along with some other songs) back when I was in middle school playing RS2 for at least 8 hours a day lol. So yeah, every time I hear it I get instant nostalgia from the prime days of RS2 and all the wonderful times I had playing it. I sunk 6500 hours into RS2 so it means a lot to me. Which is why I'm here, still playing RS lol. This song just always makes me feel good.
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    i have this song on replay since it has come out in loving memory of mac miller you will never be forgotten
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    Reminds me of my mother every time I listen to it such a beautiful song brings back memories. Rest in love mama.
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    Rise Against - Swing Life Away Back when this song first came out a friend on RS shared it to me and the lyrics have always hit me pretty hard. "I've got some friends, some that I hardly know But we've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world We chase these days down with talks of the places that we will go" These 3 lines especially really resonate with me on all the friends I've made along the way playing Runescape2, Runescape3, OSRS, and private servers through the years. I hardly know a lot of these guys, but damn if we don't have the best times playing these games together.
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    Zenyte Community, We would like to update you on the staff change(s) including but not limited to promotions and demotions since our last Staff Update on 8/29/20. The Zenyte Staff and Development Team are working diligently both in-game and behind the scenes if you would like to take a look at our recent update Update log 31/08/2020 - Donator Benefits, Creature Creation & Sandstorm! We would also like to remind the community that our applications for Server Support are available here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the position of Server Support or requirements in general please do not hesitate to ask! Staff updates for 09-13-20 are as followed: Promotions @Passionhas been promoted to Moderator Resignations @Echohas resigned from Administrator @loltavenhas resigned from Server Support Congratulations on our newly promoted Staff, and farewell to those we lost.
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    Heres my reasoning: its a meme that somehow sonically works and is fun af.
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    I have already replied to @Yamato69 on Discord in the bug report section, but no, it isn't a bug. The fishing guild entrance door has indeed an animation. I'll link you a video from OSRS. Herbiboars are eventually planned. It'll come with ''Phase II'' of ''Hunter Rework''. See topic 5741 for more information.
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    Always appreciate seeing an unknown method, I'm a level 3 skiller but would certainly a good idea to grab some herbs from here on an alt for some extra exp! Thanks for the tip brother!
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    I bet there are many jealous iron's right now! Amazing loot tab so far buddy, best of luck going forward - hopefully the luck doesn't run out!
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    Bingo Event for September 2020 Event Schedule - Commencement date/time: Monday, September 14th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME)- Concluded date/time: Wednesday, September 30th 00:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) Event Rules Teams will be made up of 4 players (This may be altered depending on circumstances). A winning team will be required to obtain 4 lines on their bingo card. The first three teams to get 4 lines will receive a prize of OSRS GP. After you receive 4 lines you will be eligible for 250 store credits for lines 5, and lines 6 each. The team who completes or has obtained the most boxes will receive 1500 store credits. The team who has obtained or completed the most PVM drop boxes will receive 500 store credits. You will only be able to submit proof of a drop on the account in which you registered on. (An example is if Iron Gepan got a Elysian drop it wouldn't count toward my bingo as I am playing on Gepan) Mystery Box rewards are not considered a "drop" and will not be accepted during this event. Events Team Discord: The Events Team Discord is used for majority of our "big" events that are held monthly. This will also be the discord hosting the Bingo Event so if you wish to participate please join and follow the instructions below. https://discord.gg/3xfDCJw Signing Up: If you wish to sign up for the September 2020 Bingo Event and require instructions on signing up please follow this video after you have joined the Events Team Discord listed above! The Bingo Card **Notes: The Mystery Box is a random set of items that were generated to hold value for the middle tile of the Bingo Board. You can complete this tile by obtaining one of the following items: - Tanzanite Mutagen - Magma Mutagen - Skeletal visage - Wyvern visage - Eternal gem - Dragon full helm - Craw's Bow - Thammaron's sceptre - Viggora's Chainmace - Imbued Heart Bingo Card FAQs: You may only obtain 1 drop per tile so an item you choose for the mystery box may not be utilized for another tile! If you get a skill pet you must decide which tile it goes on and this may not be changed in the future. The Zulrah unique doesn't include the onyx Cerberus uniques must be three different ones, however the pet and smouldering stone does count. Godsword shards do not need to come from the same boss or minions as the hilt. The Phoenix pet does not count as a skilling pet, but instead a bossing one! Credits also toward Mew2, Danny, Woo, Splasher and the other members of Irons CC, Convulsion for giving us previous cards to glance over! Rewards OSRS GP Rewards The first team to get four lines in a row will receive the following reward: 40M OSRS GP (Per Player) The second team to get four lines in a row will receive the following reward: 25M OSRS GP (Per Player) The third team to get four lines in a row will receive the following reward: 15M OSRS GP (Per Player) Store Credit Rewards The team that completes the most boxes will receive 1500 store credits (This will be divided by all team members) The team that completes the most PVM boxes will receive 500 store credits (This will be divided by all team members) The team that completes the most skilling boxes will receive 500 store credits (This will be divided by all team members) If a teach gets 4 lines they will receive an additional 250 credits on top of any other reward for lines 5, and lines 6. Winners The following players were have won the 40M OSRS GP by being the first team to get four lines in a row: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 25M OSRS GP by being the second team to get four lines in a row: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 15M OSRS GP by being the third team to get four lines in a row: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 1500 store credits by achieving the most boxes during this Bingo Event: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 500 store credits by achieving the most PVM boxes during this Bingo Event: Name Name Name Name The following players were have won the 500 store credits by achieving the most skilling boxes during this Bingo Event: Name Name Name Name
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    Developer Kris Corey Christopher Jay Gatsby Manager Life Administrator Hide Hxrdcore Forum Administrator Senior Moderator Moderator 200M Dancing Information Gepan Passion Forum Moderator Gepan Server Support Hexae V Iking Jay D Leaned MrClawz Yamato69
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