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    Message from Matt (November 2021) Hello Community, I wanted to take a few minutes to provide some transparency on somethings that have been of concerned or that I wanted to provide information on as we head toward 2022. Server Status (Player Count) There has been some recent statements made about the player count decreasing overall and after doing some research throughout the better part of the night I have came to a conclusion that in specific times we have seen a decrease in the amount of players online at once but in an overall aspect we have seen a slightly higher margin of accounts logged in a week period then we have in the last 3 months. In order to combat lower player counts in some of these smaller regions I have decided to purchase specific advertisements that will focus on drawing us players in from areas that may have been malnourished when we conducted our big advertising campaign about 6 months ago. We will also be working internally on other methods to advertise and truly display our colors as we focus on being one of the realistic 1 on 1 OSRS RSPS. We are also extremely eager for the release of the Theatre of Blood and the content surrounding that should also have some visible impact. Server Events We will be addressing the overall aspect of our server events this week however a sneak peak of a initial plan will be to have a static schedule (that may be subject due to Holidays) of weekend bonuses that will be provided throughout each weekend. An example for December may be: Weekend 1 - BXP Weekend 2 - Double Slayer Drops Weekend 3 - Double Raid Drops Weekend 4 - Double Drop Rolls We could change this up as we go and implement things for skilling such as but not limited to 1/3 chance to obtain double ores/logs etc. I would also like for us to overhaul the entire events ticket/token system as I believe there is a much more efficient way for us to handle this then having a forum thread. I have mentioned this to Grant over the last few weeks and once we both have some availability we will address this more in detail. Polls and Surveys I have been extremely excited to see the use of our polling system and this will be something that we will be utilizing frequently from here on out. As a member of the community it is important to note that your voice and opinions are as vital as anyone elses and we urge you to take a few minutes to vote on any poll or fill out any survey that is offered to you! This is the game that you play daily and you have the ability to shape it as you see fit. Game Resources The Development Team including myself and the community have been working diligently coming up with unique ways to implement some resources into the game and as you will see during the next update we have came up with some solutions both in the wilderness that will fit the high risk - high reward aspect and some outside of the wilderness which should be enjoyable for all players. Development Plan I would like to first off say that I am extremely pleased and honored to have @Grantas a member of the Development Team. We sometimes do not see eye to eye on situations but that is the most important aspect of development is being able to collaborate with each other and come up with reasonable solutions. He has put in over 60-70 hours of coding this week alone working on the Theatre of Blood. The Development Plan for the next foreseen future will be for Grant to focus and complete the Theatre of Blood he will then work on Construction and after Construction the plan will be to release some of the content that is available in this revision that has not been added. Once all of that is completed we will then all be full-force into the revision update. We do plan still to release content in between major updates but our abilities (Death and I) are limited so it will be a learning curve. The good news is I have enrolled in a java course that will hopefully point me in the right direction and be able to be a better assistant to the team. I would like to point out that despite the timeline I provided there may be the opportunity that content such as but not limited to Castle Wars, Herbiboar or Aerial Fishing may be added in the middle of the transition from big content to big content. This was a discussion we had at one point but nothing was set in stone. I do not want to leave anyone with false hope or broke dreams so again this is all subject to change but as of now this will be the plan moving forward into 2022. OPEN BETA (Theatre of Blood) There will be more information on this as we move toward release however we still plan to have an open beta for the Theatre of Blood that will allow anyone to join the beta server without a invite. We will be re-working some of the mechanics of the beta-server prior to this launch. Double Donations We have had a lot of people request double donations over the last week due to a lack of circulating bonds in-game. We understand your frustration but we do not fill that this will be a fix-all solution. I would like to remind donators however that based upon the guidelines of donating found in these topics Donation (Paypal) and Donation (OSGP) if you reach out to a Administrator prior to donating over a certain amount you may be provided a deal. Voting Grant and Carl have been in discussions about buffing the reward for voting. This was extremely exciting to hear and I would also like to give back to our top-voters so moving forward @Itzcnote100can you please draw 2 individuals from our top 10 voters and provide them both with a $100 bond. Discord (Voice Channels/Streams) Recently I have noticed a lot more players using our voice channels this has been extremely heartwarming because it allows us to interact with each other more on a personal level. I have been excited to join these channels and meet with our players. Grant has also been actively streaming some Theatre of Blood content so if you would like to join us at anytime feel free to stop in and say hello! Sincerely, Gepan
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    November 2021 - Slayer Pet Expansion and Pet Storage Slayer Pet Expansion We have released over 20 pets with the slayer pet expansion! You will now have the ability to obtain a slayer pet from almost all of the slayer unique monsters. All of the pets will have the ability to be stored in the new Pet Storage. Here's a list of all available slayer pets: Pet Storage Pets will now be able to be stored inside of the Magic Storage Unit at Edgeville. There will be two options available for storage regular pets and monster related pets! Who will be the first person to fill up this storage? Changelog: Slayer pets have been added The Zenyte Donator pet has been replaced with a Lava Dragon pet. When you're enchanting you will now use the correct amount of cosmic runes. Pet Storage and Monster Pet Storages have been added.
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    Hello Community Members, "Thank you" Drop Party The Staff Team and Management Team are extremely excited to make this announcement because we are so thankful for our players in this community. The polls show that our community is one of the strongest in the category of RSPS. It is not uncommon to know each other on a first name basis or have a basic understanding of each other's home lives because we have become accustom to receiving friendship, trustworthiness, care and compassion We will be giving a huge thank you all the support you give us by having a drop party valued at 6,000,000,000 at the Falador Party Room on Saturday November 27th at 7PM EST. (We may host a 2nd drop-party depending on the timezone differences) Holiday Server Events In collaboration with our "Thanksgiving" drop party we will be offering bonus XP, double slayer drops, double raids drops starting on Wednesday November 24th and concluding on Sunday November 28th. We will also have a very quick but funny event in-game that you may participate in at some point this weekend. You can also find some other event already scheduled here. Holiday ("Black Friday") Sale We will be having a Holiday Sale on some of our donation items and adding a few unique items that will only be obtainable purchase wise during this Black Friday feast. I have been working in collaboration with Carl to obtain some unique items without adding any major P2W aspects into the game. There will be more information on this in the near future.
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    Not sure if everyone will agree and I'm sure I will be called a dickhead for this but someone has to do it and I don't mind being the dickhead. Why don't we fix zenyte and make it great again? Why focus on weird polls & custom pet updates & holiday events that will either make people quit because no real content being added or then it's dead content after a day or two. Just do what is needed to keep your players & get new ones? Not in any specific order/priority: - Theatre of blood - Construction - Group iron man - Wilderness updates (revs single +, demonic gorillas deep wild 25-33% easier drop rate, buff larrans keys+chest & much more - Revision upgrade - Nightmare boss - Fix accuracy for ags/claws/dbow/gmaul/bolt spec (dmg for bolt spec as well) & dding under other players - $10k donator rank, more vote rewards, more stuff to donator store, more stuff to bh shop, more stuff to slayer shop & more donator perks. The previous management didn't do updates or then they did updates that weren't important enough to keep players interested, don't do the same mistakes. BE SMARTER THAN THEM! To defend you: So far you have but lately it isn't looking good with TOB delay/weird poll/custom pets & holiday events that will be dead content in 48h. Waste of dev time Don't take this as hate but instead take it as feedback to sit down and have some serious thinking about this because I'm afraid Zenyte is about to take the wrong turn and it can still be stopped. Have problems with votes? not enough items coming into eco? need more donor perks? whatever it is let me know and I will find you a good solution for your problem as long as you're willing to pay attention & listen. Thanks
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    Sorry for the delay everyone! Been working on trying to bring you guys updates besides ToB in the background and there have been some mechanical hurdles to get over while working on Verzik. It should be more smooth-sailing from here on out! Development Update November 13, 2021 Whats been done: - Added animations and attacks for P1 Verzik - Added dawnbringer functionality (regular and spec attack) What am I working on right now? - Pairing pillar objects with their NPC counterparts - Making Verzik target the correct Entity based on whether they are in a safespot or not - Pillar collapsing What's next? - Verzik P2 Media:
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    Hello everyone, just another quick update for some various fixes! There were issues with the Golden Partyhat update that caused some stuff in the game to become temporarily corrupted due to test code left in by Matt (It's okay, we still love you!), however since I have to update the server again for the emergency fixes below, I figured I might as well bring you guys a few other various fixes as well to make it worth your time. What was the update last night about? Fixed an issue with certain areas like the blast furnace and mithril bar smelting due to an error made by test code that wasn't removed Weapons that are charged with Revenant Ether will now become uncharged and the ether will go to your killer upon death. Changed the value of PvP armor to 150k GP when doing calculations for items lost on death. This change will make other items worth more than 150k be protected over PvP armor. This can change based on further feedback. Changed the value of the Salve Amulet I to it's original value when doing calculations for items lost on death. It was previously valued at 220k GP which could have cost players to lose otherwise more valuable items. What's today's update about? Fixed another issue with certain doors that was also caused by left-in test code You can no longer cast heal-other outside of Olm's Chamber on a player that is inside of the Chamber. Increased the maximum amount of charges on enhanced crystal armour (Helm, chest, and legs) from 2000 to 4000. This should make your armour last twice as long before needing to be recharged. Any current enhanced crystal armour that is not completely full may change to 50% due to this change. You should not lose any charges from the change. Fixed Vanguard's combat stats to be inline with OSRS (raised hp to 180, and lowered defense. also adjusted stats of melee Vanguard which were incorrect) Removed every 50m XP milestone broadcasts for Combat skills for 50x players. You will still get broadcasts for all other skills including Prayer as well as reaching 99. There will be discussions about what other changes can be made to make broadcasts better for everyone. Fixed a typo with the 200m XP broadcast You will now receive a global broadcast if you receive a pet and it is sent to your bank due to lack of space and inventory. The killcount for Glough's Experiments (KC for Demonic + Tortured gorillas combined) will now show correctly in the collection log.
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    Okay so just to make it clear I don't mind if Zenyte isn't 100% 1:1 with OSRS but I personally want it to be 80-90% to OSRS and the rest 10-20% that is different/custom still needs to make sense & be balanced. 90% of these suggestions goes against every reason I play Zenyte, I can tell you right now if there's some sort of double drops or x2 easier drops I will 100% quit this game the second that update goes live. I'm not sure what exactly is supposed to be achieved with these ideas and I'm trying to be as friendly and respectful as I can in the moment of anger & disappointment. You should be keeping your focus on TOB/Construction/Revision upgrade/Group iron man/Wilderness updates/fixing wilderness combat system/fixing dding & many other things instead of this. Sure we can have some skilling events, why not. The voting shop is good but surely some changes can be made. If you're looking to have more items added into the economy you need to make updates so we get people excited to grind & new players to come instead of having some weird x2 drops/rolls or whatever. Another option is to solve two things at once which I've already suggested many times: Put for example demonic gorillas into deep wildy with 25-33% boosted zenyte shard drop rate. Makes wildy more interesting for people & brings more zenyte shards into the economy. Same thing can be done with basilisks and maybe few other monsters.
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    I always love your suggestions guys. But this time, it's very very veryy Un-Zenyte... Skilling tokens.... Upgradable weapons..... an custom infernal tool basically?... PLEASE do not think this is some sort of a hate message. I'm just very uncomfortable with these customs... The reason why I play this game for one, is for the polite ass community that we have. two, because we're close to 1:1 with OSRS with the exeption of a few customs that flows with the game... Sorry I voted no on the vast majority of these.... EDIT: Kris fixed the Infernal tools before he and the others left... Before they fixed it it was already creating bars whenever you mined an ore.. It's like if we'd take an QOL fix and we'd take half step back..
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    #12 and #13 - Why? Just... why? This game is about grinding, working towards goals and unlocking things you never have. A ring that double rolls on a rdt? Fine, it's a custom but it's minor, it doesn't add much and probably wouldn't even be used. A ring that has a chance to double your reward? No matter how rare it would be, that is super unbalanced. I play this game because it has no stalls at home, no donator zone, no bosses spawned at a random island in the middle of nowhere. This is the closest 1:1 there is out there and that is one of the biggest strengths Zenyte has in it's favour. Please, stop trying to add stuff just for the sake of adding stuff. Add things that actually matter, finish Theater of Blood for those who want to raid it, finish Construction so we can finally have the full skill list and then focus on whatever you wish, or focus on the pending suggestions that have been made on discord and in-game.
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    The Zenyte Events Team and Staff Team would like to re-introduce the 25 DAYS of GIVEAWAY for the month of December leading up to Christmas Day! The rules are simple you should respond to this forum post with anything that reminds you of the Holiday season this can include but not limited to a song, a story or a picture! However keep in mind you may only have 1 entry per day, per person this means replying on multiple accounts may result in a disqualification! The thread will unlock on December 1st at 00:00 to start processing your entries! We are looking forward to your stories, and Christmas shares! Note: You will need to have at least 10 hours online in total in a 7 day period in order to be eligible We will be picking 1 winner per day to win the following item(s): 1st of December: (Tri Jester Scarf & Hat) Winner: @Missymikel 2nd of December: (Jester Scarf & Hat) Winner: @Fuzedem0n 3rd of December: (Bobble Scarf & Hat) Winner: 4th of December: (Woolly Scarf & Hat) Winner: 5th of December: (Candy Cane) Winner: 6th of December: (Christmas Cracker) Winner: 7th of December: (Purple Party Hat) Winner: 8th of December: (Yellow Party Hat) Winner: 9th of December: (White Party Hat) Winner: 10th of December: (Green Party Hat) Winner: 11th of December: (Red Party Hat) Winner: 12th of December: (Blue Party Hat) Winner: 13th of December: (Party hat of your choice out of the above) Winner: 14th of December: ($10 Bond) Winner: 15th of December: ($10 Bond) Winner: 16th of December: ($50 Bond) Winner: 17th of December: ($50 Bond) Winner: 18th of December: ($100 Bond) Winner: 19th of December: ($100 Bond) Winner: 20th of December: (Santa Hat) Winner: 21st of December: (Inverted Santa Hat) Winner: 22nd of December: (Black Santa Hat) Winner: 23rd of December: (Golden Party Hat) Winner: (Golden Santa Hat) Winner: 25th of December: (Server Special - All Players) I am excited for the Christmas season and we will be planning a small in-game event near Christmas time and we also plan to re-launch the 2019 Christmas event that was created by prior developers for our new players to experience! We will be hosting a lot of in-game events when we are nearing the Christmas break time so keep that in mind! We will also have some great donator specials and store uniques!
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    EVENT IS OVER, THANKS FOR PLAYING Clue Hunt Marathon Welcome to the clue hunt marathon event, this event will test your knowledge of osrs to the fullest. enter immersion I, once the greatest of beings, need your help! Please come find me to rescue me from this godawful place. I gave you some clues on how to track me down, to do so find each of the 4 locations and combine them to uncover my location. exit immersion The prize pool is 200$ worth of bonds (thanks to management for 150$). If you find one of the 4 primary locations, and you are first to find said location, you will be rewarded with 20$ in bonds. If you find the final location/npc/asset you will be rewarded with 120$. To post an answer just screenshot yourself at the place you think is the location and post it under this thread along with the location number or "final location". I will be reacting to the messages with the "-1" emote if said location is wrong. A "+1" emote indicates you were right and the first one to submit. Prizes will be given out as soon as I am able to get online. "Locations" can range from npc's to skilling spots to monsters to ground items to assets. New clues release after 30 mins until they are found. With further questions please send them in via discord dm's, I will be able to answer quicker. Clues: Location 1: Rat and Bat bar in Slepe Location 2: Robert Boss Location 3: Squire's shop Location 4: Anchovy fishing spot in bandit camp Final Location: Stone dragon on the side of the dark wizard tower west of falador Clue 1) Using a map may guide you to me faster! Map found at Map link will work just fine! Remember i need rescuing from where i reside. Clue 2) I once lived, but am no longer alive. I might have looked in medusa's eyes... Find me on the side of a building, there to please peoples eyes... Clue 3) Open the map in for example 'paint' to draw the cross mentioned in clue 2. May the best adventurer win, your fellow zenytian Cresinkel
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    The gear is too overpowered for the content we have. It’s that simple.
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    Development Update November 17, 2021 Whats been done: - Pairing pillar objects with their NPC counterparts - Making Verzik target the correct Entity based on whether they are in a safespot or not - Pillar collapsing What am I working on right now? - Verzik P2
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    News Blog: November 2021 Hello Community Members, I wanted to start off by saying that the Holidays are quickly approaching and we want to extend a Happy Holidays and stay safe from our families to yours. The Management Team and Development Team have been working diligently behind the scenes and we are excited and eager to share some of the experiences with you. I will take a few minutes to recap on some of our current projects and what you can expect for the rest of November. THANKSGIVING EVENT We will be releasing a short but entertaining Thanksgiving Event to represent our 2021 festivals! We as a Staff Team are extremely thankful for our community and the opportunities that we provide for one another when we interact on this virtual life of ours! This event will run for the last part of November and the start of December. BUG FIXES | SERVER SUGGESTIONS | CONTENT We are dedicating the month of November toward bug fixes, server suggestions and small content as we are spending a lot of our time and focus on the Theatre of Blood. You can expect to see at least one major update consisting of a lot of bug fixes, server suggestions and small content additions to be released prior to December. (We hear your voices and are working diligently to answer the calls) THEATRE OF BLOOD | OPEN BETA SERVER (SPAWN SERVER) Grant and Death has been working on the Theatre of Blood and have announced that they are finishing up on the first phase of the final boss. They will be keeping us updated with screenshots in videos in both the development blog and the #updates channel on the discord. November 20th 2021 we will be re-launching the Beta Server to be considered a OPEN-BETA or a SPAWN-SERVER for Zenyte. It will allow for players to openly connect if they have an account active in the main-game. All progress and items on the spawn-server/beta-server will not be transferred into the main game however it will save upon log out. Additional information will be available as we get closer to launch date. ITZDEATH I would like to take a minute to introduce @itzdeathsome of you may know him as a game moderator but he will be joining us as our 3rd developer to join in the Development Team. He has been working closely with Grant and myself over the last couple of weeks during a integration phase to make sure Zenyte was the correct project for him. We are extremely excited to say that he has met and exceeded our expectations. He has a passion for technology and has been in the development side of things with a strong focus on Python, C#, Web Development and Assembly full-time for the past 6 years. He will be working hand and hand with Grant on the Theatre of Blood and will also be assisting as our web developer. We believe he will be a great asset to our team so do not hesitate to give him a warm welcome!
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    My thought process around wilderness and why it should be more relevant: Firstly we need to ask the question, how do we make wilderness more relevant? Nobody is randomly going to pk or pvm/skill in the wilderness unless there's something that is worth the risk and that's what it should be rather than forcing anybody to go there against their will or simply hoping that someone might have an interest going there out of nowhere. The solution that should fit everyone: Risk = reward Wilderness needs to be better profit for everyone to consider it as a real money making option rather than just for sake of the variety. The first basic changes that we need are the following: - Currently the revenant weapons (Viggora,Craw & thammaron sceptre) do NOT drop any ether when you die to another player making it very low risk and bad profit for pkers, fix ASAP! - 10% experience & 10% pet boost inside wilderness (every skill doable in wilderness) - 10-20% wilderness boss pet boost if the player is SKULLED when killing them - 10% higher chance to get larran's key drop during a wilderness slayer task if the player is SKULLED - 10% higher chance to get slayer skip scroll during a wilderness slayer task if the player is SKULLED - Extra slayer points per wilderness task for donators (sapphire 2, Emerald 3, Ruby 4, Diamond 5, Dragonstone 6, Onyx 7, Zenyte 8) So why do I believe it is important to make the wilderness relevant in the first place? 1) Nice variety for making money & obtaining pets (Pking, Skilling & Pvming) 2) When wilderness becomes profitable then all of a sudden everyone wants to go there if they find the risk reward worth it meaning pkers will find more people to kill but also find fights with other pkers which might lead to people creating teams or clans which increases the activity even more. 3) ^ this leads to people wanting better gear to compete with other pkers which means that the demand for certain items goes up such as: Staff of the dead, magic fang, occult necklace, eternal boots, armadyl crossbow, dragon crossbow, dragonfire shield, wyvern shield, armadyl godsword, ahrims, karils, ancestral, serpentine helm, Dex scroll, Arcane scroll, arcane spirit shield & many other items as well. Who profits from this? Of course the pvmers that are killing Zulrah, Corp, Kree, Barrows, Zilyana, K'ril & other bosses! These same pkers will also need lots of supplies such as brews/restores/blood runes/dragon bolts/anglerfish and many other supplies which also benefits the skillers! 4) When more people are inside the wilderness that means there's also less people doing stuff outside the wilderness which means certain items might have lower supply which means those items may rise in price or at least stabilize (dragon warhammer, cox items & many more obviously) 5) But at the same time wilderness is the perfect place for bringing more RAW CASH into the game which will also boost prices of items and bonds & stabilize the economy. These were the basic thoughts & arguing points I had in my mind but if you're interested in reading more about actual areas, activities, benefits & profit in detail please go to my post Wilderness 2. The wilderness isn't there to profit the pkers only but everyone although not everyone wants to see it or understand it but this is my 100% honest opinion. I think wilderness can be a fun & profitable place for everyone if we just take the right steps to make it that way! Thank you for taking your time to read this! (Making another wilderness post because otherwise this one would be insanely long)
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    November 2021 - Wilderness Changes Wilderness Resource AreaThe Wilderness Resource Area has been re-worked and you will now be required to have at least the medium wilderness diary completed in order to gain entry. However you will note that all of the resources that you gather inside of this area such as ores, logs and dark crabs will be mined/chopped or fished in their noted form. Rogue's Chest The Rogue's Chest has been reworked in level 54 wilderness and you will notice that the items obtained will have a much stronger balance between the amount of risk and reward. This will be ideal for ironman and other players when obtaining resources however as a Hardcore Ironman are you willing to risk it all? Wilderness Merchant A Wilderness Merchant has been stranded on his way to the Grand Exchange from deep in the wilderness. He is not willing to sell you items however he would like to buy some of your useless junk. Perhaps you have some items laying around in your bank that may interest the Wayward Merchant Molanisk Slayer A new shipment of Slayer Bells have arrived in the Slayer Master shops and they can be used to lure a Molanisk off the wall. If you would like to take on this challenge please visit them by going to the fairy ring "AJQ" but remember that you will need a light source! Changelog: - You will now be able to obtain a Holy Grail from killing the "Rabbit" boss - Twisted Ancestral Recolor Kit has had a price adjustment and can now be arched for a considerable amount. - Jewelry enchantment has been corrected - A bug has been fixed in terms of imbuing and (I) items - Adjusted the range strength bonus to Odium ward to the correct bonus - Added broadcasts for every 50M XP Milestones (So 50m, 100m, 150m, and 200m) - Added Haystack and Hay bale functions - Added Mistag and Kazgar into their respected cave area to allow faster travel through the Dorgeshuun Mines. - Changed the drop rate of dragon pickaxe back to the original rate for all NPCs - Adjusted the cannon function near Revenants and Demonic/Tortured gorillas (will not be possible) - Changed the Revenant spawns around and added a few more. - Golden party hat has been added - Golden santa hat has been added - Completed the Phase I of Vezik (Theatre of Blood)
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    Infernal Capes and Services Hello Community Members, There has been a recent discussion and debate around Infernal Capes and Infernal Cape Services and I would like to put forth an official announcement in regards to this. Infernal Cape Services are not allowed and this has been the case since the release of the Inferno. However in life when we are met with rules there will always be individuals who wish to challenge them. It is our job as members of the Staff Team to take every report serious and rest assured we are but sometimes we are met with challenges such as limitations. It is no secret if you ever browse the internet there are services online that offer completion of infernal capes in means that are difficult to detect. We have been working over the last 24 hours to combat this by placing certain emphasis on our logging for inferno attempts etc. However it should be noted that despite all the measures that are put into place by both Zenyte and Jagex alike there will be those situations that bypass our integrity checks and to those people the only thing I want to say is we are a pretty tightknit community and if you are player who can barley complete a GWD boss room, a run in the Chambers of Xeric or be effective in any type of PVM scenario and you spark up a Infernal Cape the only thing you did was lose your integrity and trustworthiness status because sometimes circumstantial evidence is enough to display the truth to those who matter even if it's not something we can act upon. Your Infernal Cape is not as impressive if no one believes you earned it - I know this personally so take my advice. Sincerely, Matt
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    Hello everyone, my name is David, im a 19 years old gamer from Venezuela. My history about runescape start in january 2019, when I was watching a buddy playing it I fall in love with with the skill system and days later I would make my first account with the goal to max. I started doing simple bosses, questing and skilling then I joined the best clan and my family wich is the Wilderness Guardians. A few months back my runescape account got hacked and by the look of it, its banned. My account was maxed I put around 5K hours into it but sadly I didn't felt like playing again, later I would ask my friend about a similar game to runescape and he let me know about Zenyte, so far I love the server, didnt knew that private servers existed so this is my very first (and surely last) one. I do almost everything this game can offer, I love skilling, I love bossing, helping people and hunting pets. Current game goals are 200m all, infernal cape and complete the collection log (as much as possible). I also play Pokémon, and im a big fan of GBA games. I like hip hop as well as disco/funky house music, and anime. I love basketball, and played Defiance around 2015-2017, in PS3 but sadly the game was closed in april 29 of this year. Back to real life, I live with my grandmother, my mother and my sister, i'm from a big family, but sadly the most part had to leave. I hope you all like me and I hope make a lot more friends, my private chat is always open and my discord is Tauriiel#6656 if anyone needs anything.
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    Batch 1: Slayer Skip Scrolls (3) has been reduced to 50% off and will be priced at 10 credits. Slayer Skip Scrolls (8) has been reduced to 50% off and will be priced at 25 credits. Crystal Keys (Pack of 30) has been reduced to 30% off and will be priced at 500 credits. Twisted Graceful Dye (Pack of 6) has been reduced by 40% off and will be priced at 150 credits. Blue Graceful Dye (Pack of 6) has been reduced by 40% off and will be priced at 150 credits. Black Graceful Dye (Pack of 6) has been reduced by 40% off and will be priced at 200 credits. Black Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 600 credits. Blue Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Red Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Yellow Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Purple Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Green Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. White Party Hat has temporarily returned to the store and will be priced at 800 credits. Pet Penace Queen has been reduced by 50% off and will be priced at 600 from 1200. Imbued Zamarok Cape has been reduced by 50% from 300 to 150. Imbued Guthix Cape has been reduced by 50% from 300 to 150. Imbued Saradomin Cape has been reduced by 50% from 300 to 150. Snow Imp has been reduced by 50% from 1000 to 500. Wooly Scarf has been reduced by 60% from 750 to 300. Tri-Jester Scarf has been reduced by 60% from 750 to 300. Jester Scarf has been reduced by 60% from 750 to 300. Sherlock Note large pack (100) has been reduced by 30% from 300 to 210. Pet Mystery Boxes has been reduced by 30% from 125 to 85. Beginner Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 5 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Easy Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 10 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Medium Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 20 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Hard Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 20 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Elite Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 30 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) Master Clue Scroll has been added to the store for a price of 30 credits (non-ironman and will be removed in 14 hours) The following item will also be available for 5000 credits: (There will only be 3 available so you will need to contact a Manager) Druidical Set The 3rd Age druidic set has been sold out.
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    Hi everyone, My name is Lucifer2207, I'm 30 years old and I'm from Australia. I originally started playing Zenyte back in early 2020, but had to stop playing due to personal reasons. I started back up again just over a week ago and am absolutely loving being back! The community is still just as helpful as ever, the staff are awesome and the events are so good! I hope I can be a valuable member of the community, if anyone ever needs anything, please let me know! I'm always happy to help out my fellow players. Cheers, Luci
  21. 3 points
    What I love most is being able to be home with family because I was homeless for a year and 6 months due to my drug addiction. Now I'll be celebrating the 1st of December 10 months sober and home with family.
  22. 3 points
    Imagine playing with a PC cheat-client and paying for a cape I got on my tiny ass phone though
  23. 3 points
  24. 3 points
    Communication is a key to success. Being transparent like this and keeping us up-to-date with major things of what' happening behind the scenes is something we all highly appreciate! This was a great read and posts like this always put my interest for Zenyte at a maximum again. Keep it up guys.
  25. 3 points
  26. 3 points
    This is what we like to see, what you've managed to do so far, what you're about to work on, etc. Thanks for this!
  27. 3 points
    Really need to think about resources at the game. Really hard to buy something or sell something. Huge lack of simple items like herblore secondaries, potions. Motherlode mine need to be reworked. Really hard to mine when you have keep repairing every run.
  28. 3 points
    in response to the comment why sections, id like content that is available to actually be available in regards to early hunter for example id like to be able catch butterflies etc, id also like items that you can earn or get such as mining gloves and all upgraded to have the effect it was intended to have. for new bosses and such id rather have the full option from osrs such as a way to do gauntlet or zulcano in an instance rather than having to add priff altogether. and the higher tiers such as nightmare. id love to see all or most of osrs content that has been out for a while rather than newer updates getting priority such as herbibore or the gaint spider or the zmi altar rather than amethyst darts/new crystal weapons. this is only my own views but overall very happy with the way the game is going and the hard work put in by the team and the way they are trying to hear the community
  29. 3 points
    Vote percentage is a huge variable depending on the amount of votes that a suggestion/poll receives therefore 75% would be not a great idea for suggestions that have minimal votes, somewhere between 60-70% depending on amount of votes sounds like a good threshold to me.
  30. 3 points
    Hello, I will divide this post in two parts: 1st, event suggestions and 2nd, current event feedback. (If this is the wrong post to do so, please let me know and I'll post it somewhere else). Also, I would like to add that most of these involve having a relative high combat/slayer account because I don't know much about the skiller life and it's hard for me to think from a skiller's perspective and how an event could be fun for them. Part 1 - Event Suggestions: I thought of some events, all of them similar so not a great variety but if I can come up with other type of events I'll share them in the future. 1st - Slayer Pet Thirst: We recently had a bunch of slayer pets added to the game. Despiste not pleasing everyone, we could capitalize on the fact that they exist and we could have a slayer pet thirst event consisting of 4 or 5 of these new pets. As per usual, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd player to obtain one of those would receive ticket rewards. The amount is up to the staff team but reduction on amount of 25 seems fine, so 100-75-50, my suggestion. 2nd - Wilderness PVP Equipment: I thought of it as a way to push people who don't go to the wilderness to have motivation to cross that ditch and the pkers who usually vent about the wilderness being dead have fresh meat to prey on. The premise is the same as the former event, first 3 people to acquire a pre-determined pvp item would get a bigger reward but keep it open for everyone who comes after them and reward them aswell*. Sometimes when an event is restricted to 3 winners, it creates a believe of "I wont be one of the first so I wont even try". Also, if the event is for the entire weekend, let's say 19-21st of November, if someone is very lucky and receives 3 drops on Friday, the event is already over and people who can only play on the 20th and the 21st never had a chance to compete. *We should also distinguish hardcore players here. If a hardcore is willing to risk the status for the event the reward should, at least, be doubled. 3rd - Alchemical Hydra Bingo: An Alch Hydra bingo event, like we had for Zulrah or Demonics recently. Hydra has one of the most sought out items in game, every player that wants to do raid content "needs" to have a dragon hunter lance and this could be a good way to have more people doing the boss and possibly cashing out on some sweet claws. I made a mockup (make fun of my paint skills and your rng is trash for the next year) on what I feel could be a good bingo card. 4th - Bring Back Zenyte's Unluckiest Player Event: This event, arguably good or bad, it was diferent. Everyday we see people who claim their rng is trash and they are very dry. Well, prove it. Last time it was DK's, this time we could use the new crystal chest. We all know that crystal seeds (armour and weapon) are very expensive and people want them as soon as possible. So, with this event we could stimulate people on the server to grind the chest out, prove they are truly unlucky and be (or not, i guess?) rewarded. Last time the reward were store credits, since we deviated from that we could offer the unluckiest players crystal shards and crystal keys spawned by admins as a reward for their dryness. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2 - Current Event Feedack: I want to make this crystal clear, this opinion is mine, from the perspective of how I spend my in-game time and what I prefer to do. Some events work, others don't. When the event post is up I can already guess at least half of what's going to be there. I know there will be Pest Control (nothing against it, players will always need Void and points for xp or skilling supplies), there will be some sort of mass, usually GWD or Corp and possibly Wintertodt. I dont say this as a personal attack to the staff who comes up with these, I understand 100% that it is hard to come with new ideas week after week, especially when there's no feedback from the playerbase, the target audience of these events. Even coming up with this post I had to think for a good while to try and not make it equal as to previous weeks (and I don't think I did a very good job at that). The Iron Barrier - There are events in which ironmen simply will not participate. Masses and Item Gathering are restricted to normal players. I know that ironman accounts are restricted from the start and they (we) make that decision when they create the account but I do think that 25 event tickets is not a strong enough reason for a iron player to waste 1 hour of his/hers weekend. That brings me to the last topic I would like to adress. July 31st 2021 - The change that made me stop care about most weekend events. On this day the August 20201 Patch #1 came out and with it an Event Shop with a bunch of rare items. Again, re-read the first line of this part 2, I dont think this is a good replacement to what we had. Store credits are far more valuable and work as a greater motivation than event tickets. I know people who LOVE this change and I understand their position, I understand the rares (phats, fashionscape) are more than enough motivation to keep going to these weekend events, even if they dislike the event itself. I made a poll on Discord asking "Out of curiosity, do Event Tickets as a reward compel you to participate in the weekend events?" and 1 person said yes and 6 others said no (including myself). It is a small sample, very small, but perhaps it wouldnt be such a bad idea for the staff to poll this question on forums so we can get a better understading has more people visit the forum's than a channel on Discord. Thank you @kartelfor making this post where we can post our suggestions, I hope I will use it more in the future with better events that can please almost everyone who logs in during the weekend. At that, any feedback regarding part 1 or 2 of my post is welcome, I do not expect everyone to agree or disagree with me, I expect people to have their personal opinions and to be open to share them so we can have more and better weekends together on Zenyte.
  31. 3 points
    Probably the worst batch of ideas so far No to literally all of them
  32. 3 points
    @CIA: As long as this topic remains respectful, I will leave it available. This community should have the right to raise their voice and explain why they don't agree with things; it doesn't have to be necessarily inside the last community poll. Bottom line, happy brainstorming!
  33. 3 points
    boss's that i think should have some changes to the drop to buff the amount of skilling matirials that comes into the game. cerberus wine of zamorak increase from 15 to 45 grimy torstol increase from 6 to 18 fire orb increase from 20 to 50/60 runite ore increase from 5 to 15 cannonball increase from 50 to 150 Kalphite queen battlestaff increase from 10 to 30 grimy toadflax increase from 25 to 75 grimy ranarr weed increase from from 25 to 75 grimy snapdragon increase from 25 to 75 grimy torstol increase from 25 to 75 bucket of sand increase from 100 to 250 wine of zamorak increase from 60 to 100 potato cactus increase from 100 to 200 uncut diamond increase from 25 to 50 thermonuclear smoke devil molten glass increase from 100 to 300 coal increase from 150 to 300 gold ore increase from 200 to 400 mithril bar increase from 20 to 600 grimy toadflax increase from 15 to 45 onyx bolt tips increase from 12 to 36 grapes increase from 100 to 300 kraken oak plank increase from 60 to 180 battlestaff increase from 10 to 30 grimy snapdraon increase from 6 to 18 torstol seed increase from 2 to 6 sanfew serum increase from 2 to 6 (noted now) raw shark increase from 50 to 150 runite bar increase from 2 to 6 (noted now) Alchemical Hydra battlestaff increase from 8-12 to 24-36 grimy avantoe increase from 10-15 to 20-30 grimy cadantine increase from 25-30 to 50-60 grimy dwarf weed increase from 25-30 to 50-60 grimy kwuarm increase from 25-30 to 50-60 grimy lantadyme increase from 25-30 to 50-60 grimy ranarr weed increase from 10-15 to 20-30 grimy snapdragon increase from 10-15 to 20-30 grimy torsol increase from 10-15 to 20-30 zulrah battlestaff increase from 10 to 30 snapdragon increase from 10 to 30 dwarf weed increase from 30 to 60 toadflax increase from 25 to 75 torstol increase from 10 to 30 runite ore increase from 2 to 6 adamantite bar increase from 20 to 60 coal increase from 200 to 500 manta ray increase from 35 to 70 antidote++ increase from 10 to 20 crushed nest increase from 10 to 30 vet'ion limpwurt root increase from 25 to 75 oak planks increase from 300 to 600 magic logs increase from 100 to 200 sanfew increase from 10 to 30 gold ore increase from 300 to 600 cannonball increase from 250 to 500 mort myre fungus increase from 200 to 400 OR lower its drop rate from 1/263 to like 1/130 ish grimy ranarr weed increase from 100 to 200 OR lower its drop rate from 1/295 to like 1/150 ish callisto magic logs increase from 100 to 200 red dragonhide increase from 75 to 150 crushed nest increase from 75 to 150 limpwurt root increase from 25 to 75 cannonball increase from 250 to 500 grimy toadflax increase from 100 to 200 venenatis magic logs increase from 100 to 200 cannonball increase from 250 to 500 unicorn horn increase from 100 to 200 gold ore increase from 300 to 600 onyx bolt tips increase from 60 to 120 antidote++ increase from 10 to 30 limpwurt root increase from 25 to 75 grimy snapdragon increase from 100 to 200 or lower its drop rate from 1/213 to like 1/110 ish corporeal beast raw shark increase from 70 to 210 adamantite ore increase from 125 to 375 cannonball increase from 2000 to 4000 antidote++ increase from 40 to 120 runite ore increase from 20 to 60 teak plank increase from 100 to 200 green dragonhide increase from 100 to 200 onyx bolts (e) increase from 175 to 525 white berries increase from 120 to 360 adamntite bar increase from 35 to 105 ranarr seed increase from 10 to 30
  34. 3 points
    Voted no to everything involving the tokens.. just seems like an odd concept to me and out of place. Never a fan of upgrading tiers personally. Most of this seems to belong in RS3, not an osrs server
  35. 3 points
    Some new activites inside the wilderness for skillers: 1) Rogue's castle (50 level deep in wilderness close to chaos elemental) [Thieving] opening the chests there should be a thing which is why I suggest the following from thieving the chests over there: (90 thieving requirement) - 50% chance to get 5 crystal shard per chest Guaranteed to get one of the following per chest open: 10k coins/40 blood rune/4 onyx bolt tip/20 red spider egg/2 runite ore/1 runite bar 3 addy ore/2 addy bar/4 mahogany plank/4 bird nest 2) Wilderness resource area: [Woodcutting, Mining & Fishing] - Remove all of the rocks & trees, replace them with crystal ores & crystal trees. - Make each rock & tree last twice if not three times as long as they do outside the wilderness. - Make each rock & tree give x2 the amount of shards you normally get outside the wilderness + 2k coins each time. - Each time you fish a dark crab you should also receive 2 crystal shards + 2k coins. 3) Hunter: Black chinchompas should give 4-6 crystal shards when you catch one & 5k coins. My personal thoughts on current dragon pickaxe drop rate & pvp item drop rates: Dragon pickaxe drop rate is by far too common and there's quite a few in-game already, change the drop rate to 1/100 for callisto & vet'ion. 1/150 for chaos elemental. 1/128 is fine for venenatis as it is right now. Right now if you're on a wilderness task you can kill any +70 combat monster inside wilderness for 1/2500 chance to roll random pvp item. This is very low risk and quite high reward. I think it should be changed to 1/5000, 1/4000 if you're skulled. Instead make the bosses more rewarding, why? Slower to kill because they have more hp+def and you can't cannon them, need better gear req to kill, and hotspots that are checked by pkers on a regular basis making it more risky. 1/2000 at callisto/Vet'ion 1/2200 at venenatis 1/2300 scorpia 1/2400 chaos ele (Boost by 10% if player killing them is skulled) I also think we should have a guaranteed coin drop for the following wildy bosses: Chaos fanatic 25k, Scorpia 35k, Chaos elemental 35k, venenatis 75k, vet'ion 85k & callisto 100k This will be all for now, thank you for taking your time to read this!
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    Name: Christophe Age: 25 Location: Canada Brief Introduction: In a day to day scenario, I am a full-time university student which is currently doing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in psychology and I am currently working as an intervention officer in a juvenile detention center. I have already few openings that look promising after my diploma (employees & possibility of Masters), but I'm still not so sure which road is the best. I guess time will tell. Other than that, I love doing some front-end coding, drawing/GFX design, observing my environment and exploring it (e.g. trekking, mountaineering, or hiking). I'll leave you two pictures I have taken along the way. First one is in Canada, Québec and the second one is in USA, Maine. When did you join the Staff Team and what made you chose to join it? Most of you know me pretty well, but for those who aren't familiar with me, I originally applied to join the Staff Team back in June 2020, upon request. At that time, I wasn't planning to apply for the Staff Team, considering I was already ranked in the Help CC ( ). Since then, I have been through almost every possible ranks (Junior Moderator to Administrator+). Retrospectively, I am not regretting having joined the team. Zenyte has been for the most part a challenging and incredible experience. What do you enjoy the most about Zenyte? If I had to choose between all the good memories and experiences I have had so far with Zenyte, I would say that friendship is the main thing I enjoy the most about Zenyte.
  37. 2 points
    For harmony, we will wait for Grant to do an update: https://discord.com/channels/755780505164709998/755780505563168796/915913834005430312
  38. 2 points
    What I love the most, is when people start decorating their houses !! Driving by them during the nighttime while all their lights are lit up and flashing is a nice warm feeling it gives me, It reminds me when I was younger
  39. 2 points
    I would first like to reach out and say that we hear you loud and clear as far as the results of the last poll. As part of an initiative to bring everyone content that a majority of people can be satisfied with, we want to use this poll as an opportunity to make future polls more impactful. This current poll will be asking general questions about what kind of things you would like to see polled as well as what kind of content suggestions are and aren't acceptable. It's important that you give your honest opinion, and to remain respectful of others opinions as well. Some questions may be multiple choice to allow more choice. Thank you all for your time and helping us to better craft Zenyte into the game YOU want it to be! Note: this poll will run for a week before being closed to allow everyone ample opportunity to have their opinions heard.
  40. 2 points
    So. In the spoiler you will see the list of the donator benefits that have been here since the start of Zenyte. Here are a couple of idea sprung from the community I've asked for prior to this post. I've also tried to put my own addition into some of them and elaborated the best I can on how these would work/ why etc. The ability to note thieving loot. this could start at a reasonable 5% chance of initiating, increasing every other donator rank by 5-10% The potential to obtain more gold ore + tiers from the Motherload mine. With an increased odd of acquiring Clue scrolls if wearing prospector outfit in the upper level. Allow for Supply caches to be rolled for double dependent on the tier of the donator. // allow for the general base percentage of supply drops to be increased. (same rate as osrs atm i think) Re visit the amount of vote bonus per tier. Allow for the chance of getting High tier Emblems etc. Add bonfire for firemaking for donators.. IN relation to this thread I posted a while ago, a conversation between me and grant on discord. () The use of Auras, like vampyrism, Festive aura, equilibrium aura, Second Chance aura, for irons/hardcores that die. These aura perks could be allowed to be used dependent on donator status. There are a plethora to choose from and have easy implementation where as we can add them to various stores dependent on use. (https://runescape.wiki/w/Aura) A generalization/base percentage for the allowance of a roll for an item from skilling/drop/random to be doubled increasing to a maximum of 15% for Zenyte members. More instances available. Have the ability to teleport to a personalized instanced zone filled with pre-purchased instanced NPC. (Would be nice to see a list/poll of potentials we could have) These NPC's could be slayer monster tier 75+ or those with any sought after drops/even from old events/minigames/higher revisions. Would cost to buy and have the NPC in the zone. However the zone is timed to allow a drip of stuff entering eco, instead of gushing into the economy also this has a cooldown set. The opportunity to set all traps in inventory simultaneously. without doing it one at a time. More bank space/ duplicate bank interfaces with the ability to unlock and change which opens via bank teller dialogue options. ~~~I will continue to add more throughout this week.
  41. 2 points
    This was a lovely read, and I personally love that you're always striving for transparency, I look forward and offer my help in anyway if it's ever wanted/needed.~ ~Massive thank you to @Grant for spending masses of hours on this!
  42. 2 points
  43. 2 points
    I wish i choose to play zenyte, it's more like a toxic addiction. Nice poll babes
  44. 2 points
    Loving the turnout so far! Thank you all for the valuable insight, I really want to make sure that Zenyte stays on the path chosen by its players and the results of this poll will be absolutely helpful towards crafting new content suggestions that everyone can enjoy! Please please please make sure if you vote no, to explain why you voted no! If the content isn't something you want to see we have to know what you would like.
  45. 2 points
    All of the feedback is important information, all of which we can use. We are all here together, despite sometimes having conflicting opinions, that doesn't mean we can't compromise on those specific opinions. There are plenty of others that we agree on, and if we only focus on the conflicts, then nothing positive would come from either side. We will get through this. Not only as individuals, but also as a community.
  46. 2 points
    Hey Ashi Just wanted to reach out and say that despite any emotions that have been flowing throughout the community based on the poll yesterday and feeling like you guys haven't been heard, you have been heard. Loud and clear. I have a list of 58 individual items that I pulled from within your thread, the poll comments, and #server-suggestions polls that have good feedback from players from within the last four months, and we will be polling them on a larger scale to the community on a weekly basis. Doing so will give us time to implement the suggestions that pass in these polls and hopefully achieve some weekly updates with the things that have been asked for, while also giving Grant as much time and support as he needs to focus on the massive projects he has taken on. I see your passion, I see the communities passion, and I love it. I feel the same way about our community, and I look forward to working closely with all of you, to compromise and build Zenyte into the place that we all know it can be
  47. 2 points
    Or have three different rewards for the three different rates? This way no one is left out
  48. 2 points
    Thank you very much for this giveaway!
  49. 2 points
    Hello Christophe! Them pictures are serene beauty!
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