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    Ok so basically here's the idea: Nightmare boss is far away and I'm sure many people would want not only new content but also new items (inquisitor armour + mace) The tekton boss wouldn't be 100% similar to COX version because it would have boosted HP & it would be a multi combat zone area meaning multiple people can kill it at the same time. This would also be dangerous for HCIM. So why would it be a good idea to replace nightmare with Tekton boss? 1) Both are dangerous for HCIM (you can't play safe like in COX which was suggested before for inq arm+mace) 2) Crush weapons are BIS for Nightmare & Tekton so they would have that in common. 3) I'm aware that there's already some sort of plan to introduce inq arm into the game and it's not a bad idea but I think people would prefer an actual boss instead and who doesn't like to kill tekton? We could have Tekton events, who could say no to that :)?! At the same time we would be making crush weapons more useful because at this moment they aren't too useful. 4) We could also add some other cool and useful drops to Tekton drop table and maybe even nightmare pet? 5) It also costs supplies (brews,restores,sup cb,anglerfish etc) to kill Tekton. I thought desert area could be decent but David thought Lova area would be even better and I can't disagree with that. Now if this can be done there's only one question remaining: Should the nightmare staff & orbs we added here as well or maybe to CM cox drop table or completely somewhere else? That's something to think about..
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    May 2022 - Champion Cape, Gnomish Firelighter, Bare handed skilling and More! Champion's Cape You can get this cape by turning in all 10 champion scrolls to Larxus, who is located in the basement of the Champions' Guild. You can get there by going through the trapdoor in the Champions' Guild. Whenever someone does acquire this cape it will be broadcasted. All 10 champion scrolls are dropped at a rate of 1/2500 from the respective monsters, you can find which monsters drop each scroll with the command ::drops. The list of champion scrolls is: Earth Warrior, Lesser Demon, Goblin, Giant, Ghoul, Jogre, Zombie, Skeleton, Imp and Hobgoblin. Gnomish Firelighter Functionality The gnomish firelighter functions as a storage container to put your fire lighters in, to save on bank spaces for people who keep the firelighters from clue scrolls. This item comes from medium clue scrolls, with this addition the collection log page for medium clue scrolls can now be finished. Bare-Handed Skilling Fishing You can now bare hand fish Tuna, Swordfish and Shark. The required levels for each are as follows: Tuna: 55 Fishing and 35 Strength Swordfish: 70 Fishing and 50 Strength Shark: 96 Fishing and 76 Strength This method of catching fish is in no way slower than with the normal tools, dragon and crystal harpoons on the other hand are still faster of course. This method gives strength experience like in osrs, ideal for strength pures. Hunter You can now bare-hand catch bats in the Chambers of Xeric if you are 99 hunter. All the bat types give points in the raid, counting towards your total bat points cap as it does in osrs. If you cooked them yourself you get lower points than if you get them from other people, also like in osrs. Mining gloves All mining gloves now have their intended functionality, the gloves give a chance to not deplete an ore with the following rates: Mining gloves: Silver ore: 50% Coal ore: 40% Gold ore: 33.33% Superior mining gloves: Mithril ore: 25% Adamantite ore: 16.67% Runite ore: 12.5% Expert mining gloves: Silver ore: 50% Coal ore: 40% Gold ore: 33.33% Mithril ore: 25% Adamantite ore: 16.67% Runite ore: 12.5% Amethyst: 25% Other Changes: Sacrificial boat, the boat to zulrah instance, now has a Quick-Board option Vote store now contains enhanced ice gloves instead of the normal ice gloves Holy wraps from elite clue scrolls are now broadcasted A typo in the Gilded d'hide vambs broadcast was fixed Dagannoth kings and Callisto can now be spawned quicker by admins for future events Amulet of blood fury has seen a quality of life update concerning its placeholder behavior in the bank Amulet of blood fury now heals people that are using spear-type weapons Amulet of blood fury no longer heals 1 hitpoint on missed attacks During fishing you can now obtain the big bass, big swordfish and big shark for collection log purposes. 1/1000 rate from their respective fishing methods The lunar spell "Bake Pie" now works for dragonfruit pies Bosses assigned by Ellen now have a drop for 5 noted crystal keys, the rates for which can be found in ::drops Woodcutting shrine now has a counter for how many bird eggs you have offered God bird pets from offering bird eggs are now broadcasted and can not be duplicates Collection log entries are fixed for items from the chest of the gods, evil chicken pieces, the eternal glory and all 3 mining gloves Callisto and Vet'ion now drop their dark crabs and super restores drops together like intended You can now store barrows sets that have not been damaged yet in the master clue STASH unit at the barrows chest Drop rates for certain drops have changed, a list of which follows: Zenyte shard, from 1/300 to 1/225 Hydra claw, from 1/750 to 1/650 Dragon warhammer, from 1/2500 to 1/2000 Zulrah's mutagens, from 1/9830 per roll to 1/5000 per roll Cockatrice head, from 1/1460 to 1/1000 Bronze boots, from 1/1050 to 1/128 Black boots, from 1/173 to 1/128
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    Anything with a market value of over 25m should be banned so it doesn't force out new players.
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    Love this idea! Think this definitely beats adding equipment to cox, mainly because there's still a decent amount of players the don't know, or even intend on learning cox,and others have hundreds and some even thousands of raids under their belt and is more than likely tired of the same thing over and over. I think overall this would be a fun and effective way to bring new items to the game.
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    May 2022 - Diary & Music Capes Achievement Diary Cape Functionality The achievement diary cape will have untrim and trim options, depending on what version you have. To trim the achievement diary cape you must also have the music cape unlocked. The achievement diary cape will now have all the teleports it has in osrs, which are teleports to all diary masters around the game. Full list of teleports can be seen here: Music Cape Functionality The music cape will have untrim and trim options, depending on what version you have. To trim the music cape you must also have the achievement diary cape unlocked. The music cape will also have the teleport it has in osrs, which teleports to Falo the Bard. Definitely worth to get if you do master clue scrolls. Mac Cape selling and buying Mac now buys excess max cape variants that you might not want anymore, he will do so at 80% of the buy price which is 1821600 gp. Make sure you have 1 free space in your inventory and the capes you want to sell. Mac now sells the music cape if you have 570 music tracks unlocked, this is currently the max amount a player can achieve because other tracks are locked behind Seasonal events, ToB and Priff updates (along with some other ones). Here follows a list of all the music tracks you can not get as of the date of this post: Blistering Barnacles Bubble and Squeak The Cellar Dwellers Competition The Curtain Closes Dance of the Nylocas The Dark Beast Sotetseg The Enchanter Goblin Game Golden Touch Grotto Hermit Home Sweet Home Invader It's not over 'til Mad Eadgar The Maiden's Sorrow Marooned The Maze Mind over Matter Narnode's Theme Predator Xarpus Roll the Bones Slice of Station Spooky 2 Storm Brew Technology Temple (was brought to my attention it is obtainable, making the total 571) Title Fight Too Many Cooks... The Walking Dead Welcome to my Nightmare Well of Voyage Other Changes: The amulet of blood fury now has the healing effect added. The amulet of blood fury now has a base of 10k charges for 1 shard The amulet of blood fury (full) now does not consume blood shards when you accidentally use them on it Cerberus now has a kill timer The drop rate of the hill giant club is now 1/88 from 1/227 (now 75% of the osrs rate) Spider webs can now be cut by the tsotd, sotd, sol, dragon claws and blade of saeldor Fixed wrong drop rates on the ::drops interface for pvp equipment, actual drop rates were left untouched You can no longer get daily challenges for skills you already have 200m xp in You can now open the Bandos GWD door with the statius warhammer You now save runes at a rate of 15% with the following weapons: sotd, tsotd and sol You now need the western elite diaries not only to make but also to equip both the blade of saeldor and the bow of faerdhinen You can now sell back crystal tool, crystal armour and enhanced crystal weapon seeds to the respective store for 1000, 1000 and 3000 crystal shards respectively You can now sell back your prospector gear to Percy for 80% of the buy cost
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    I'll get this jump started My thought process is quite simple on this Jagex has already given us quite a decent template for an events shop with the leagues shop, and the league rewards that being said adding some of those rewards would be really cool for example Trailblazer tool (or) kits (dragon variant) (infernal variant) Twisted relic hunter ( Possible in-game perk of skipping a clue step when worn or When worn clues grant 1-3 sherlock notes on completion ) Shattered relics variety ornament kit (1 Kit required per item recolor) (Void knight (or) kit) (Would give a breath of fresh air to the pest control events) (elite)(regular) (helms) (mystic (or) kit ) Shattered cannon ornament kit
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    May 2022 - Amulet of blood fury Amulet of blood fury Blood Shard The blood shard will be dropped by the vampyric vanguards (Vyrewatch) or thieved from one of the citizens of Meiyerditch. You will be able to use this shard on a regular amulet of fury to combine it together to create the Amulet of blood fury. Amulet of blood fury (degradation) The amulet of blood fury will degrade and be able to be charged with blood shards. The amulet of blood fury will currently be able to hold a maximum of 2000 charges however during the next update we will release a special item you can add to the amulet to store 5000 charges. Amulet of blood fury (effect) The amulet of blood fury will provide a 20% chance to heal 30% of the damage dealt to a monster during melee combat. You will be provided with a special effect and in-game dialogue when the effect has been triggered. Other Changes: The '::events' command now links to the events again The rate of medium clue scrolls from stone chests has been buffed. (1/100 -> 1/75) Superior slayer uniques have been buffed, the drop rate halved since it was osrs rates previously Golden prospector xp bonus was missing, is now working as intended Golden prospector now works for the falador hard achievement diary Zamorak wines now give 240 base cooking xp, coming from 200 like normal wines, which were left untouched Brawler npc from pest control can now be walked through Fossil island konar tasks typo was fixed Fixed sanfews prayer restore calculation (now heals the full 33 prayer at 99 hitpoints) Beginner clues from trivia rewards were removed Spectral shield effect did not work on kril's prayer draining attack, now it does Buffed wyrm uniques drop rates (1/7500 & 1/1500 -> 1/2500 & 1/500) Birdhouse pets now get broadcasted You can no longer get a duplicate birdhouse pet Bank placeholders were fixed for: all used kinds of crystal halberd, crystal bow, crystal shield and uncharged toxic staff of the dead
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    4/26/2022 Update Completed: Added boss slayer and corrected all of the issues with boss tasks up to date in the bug reports. Added a chest into the City of Tzhaar that could be opened by a Molten key obtained in the Fight Caves minigame. (The reward was the Jad slayer helmet recolor ability) Added the mythical chest behind the scenes in the Myth Guild this will have a handful of unique rewards and new items introduced into the game. The keys for this will be obtained by boss slayer. Added a GWD chest into the wilderness allowing for players to obtain a key and have a 2nd attempt at obtaining a piece of Godwars equipment. Corrected and added majority of the examine options that had been missing from a couple of the prior updates. Added the model and definitions of the Imcando hammer into the database. Added the model and definitions of the amulet of blood fury into the database. Added the model and definitions of the blood shard into the database. Added the models and definition of the inquisitors armor into the database. Added the mechanics to make the amulet of blood fury. Added the combat mechanics as close to a 1 on 1 ratio to Old School for the amulet of blood fury. Added the degrading mechanics to the amulet of blood fury. Added the ability to pickpocket the Meiyerditch citizens in order to have access to another pickpocketing loot table. Added the blood shard as a drop from the Vyrewatch located near the Theatre of Blood area. Additional updates located here and here. In-progress: Adding the mechanic for the Imcando hammer and make it have a 10k stardust buy price from the shop. Lower the amount of XP you obtain from shooting stars in replacement the star will stay spawned for longer. Adding the ability to obtain three unique drops from PVM content - combing all three will give you the chance to obtain a piece of the inquisitor set. Adding the ability to obtain recolors for the blade of saeldor and bow of faerdhinen. Adding additional teleport scrolls that can be used to unlock teleports in the Zenyte portal. Up next: Adding the models and mechanics to the Zealot outfit and allow it to obtained by a casket dropped when doing ensouled heads prayer training. Adding a rare chance to obtain a abyssal needle when runecrafting Adding the ability to combine all four pouches and the abyssal needle together to create the abyssal pouch Adding the ability to have the abyssal pouch hold the respected amount of essence. Adding the ability to obtain cosemetic changes to the dragon hunter crossbow and dragon hunter lance.
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    hello everyone, Today i wanted to create a thread not only to show off mine and @Pure THC's progress over the last 3 years on our ult iron. but the thread is also aimed at you guys showing off your amazing ironmen / goals/ achievements as well!. so please Respond with your own Iron showcase! looting bag/Zulrah/invent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Collection log
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    𝔑𝔬𝔦𝔯𝔰 π”‰π”¦π”«π”žπ”©π”¦π”±π”Ά. β„œπ”¦π”°π”¨π”¦π”«π”€ π”ͺ𝔢 𝔒𝔫𝔱𝔦𝔯𝔒 π”Ÿπ”žπ”«π”¨ 𝔱𝔬 π” π”―π”’π”žπ”±π”’ π”ͺ𝔬𝔯𝔒 𝔩𝔦𝔣𝔒 𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔬 𝔱π”₯𝔒 𝔴𝔦𝔩𝔑𝔒𝔯𝔫𝔒𝔰𝔰. --- --- Ill be risking around 3b gold in items and gear. The goal is for someone to kill me for all of it. Anyone can challenge me at any time, i will respond to all fight requests. The only exception is we fight in singles! A true 1 versus 1 deathmatch to the bitter end. Good Luck.
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    Thanks for the updates @CresinkelCan't wait to see more updates coming in the near future Keep it up!
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    The basics Do 9 tasks with Turael and the 10th task from your highest slayer master to receive your 10 task streak much more often. This results in less slayer xp/h but much more slayer points/h. Note: By 10th task I mean 60th in a row, or 80, or 100 or 110 for example, NOT randomly the 10th task after starting this. My goal To help players understand the basics of boosting slayer points in order to quickly gain points to purchase rewards from the slayer store such as slayer helmets, slayer rings, task extensions, or even fancy helmet recolors. Inventory and gear 1: Dinh's Bulwark + melee gear 2: Divine ranging potion 3: Max cape 4: Kandarin headgear 4 (or any other form of light source) 5: Rune pouch with spellbook swap runes (cosmic/astral/law) + smoke/soul/mud runes for teleports 6: Amulet of eternal glory (regular amulets of glory can be used) 7: Desert amulet 4 8: Ring of dueling 9: Slayer ring eternal (regular slayer ring can be used) 10: Xeric talisman 11: Digsite pendant 12: Ectophial 13: Royal seed pod 14: Cannon 15: Master scroll book (with lumberyard teleports if you don't have digsite pendants) 16: Expeditious bracelet 17: Ice cooler 18: Cannonballs The gear isn't extremely important as cannon will be doing most of the work on many of the tasks. Use your best gear so the cannon is more accurate. The main piece of gear is the expeditious bracelet, when equipped, there is a chance to count one of its wearer's slayer assignment kills to count as two instead, but granting no additional experience, thus speeding up tasks. Banshees Location: Morytania slayer tower How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to teleport to the slayer tower OR home teleport to training > Slayer tower. Bats Location: Digsite pendant/Lumberyard teleport How to get there: Digsite pendant to digsite and run north east OR Lumberyard teleport and run east (Fun fact there is a bunch of hidden crystal rocks in this area) Bears Location: East of Ardougne How to get there: BLR Fairy ring and run south Birds (chickens) Location: Lumbridge How to get there: Home teleport to training > chickens Cave bugs Location: Dorgeshuun dungeon How to get there: AJQ Fairy ring, run north then west Cave crawlers Location: Fremennik slayer dungeon How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to fremennik slayer dungeon OR home teleport to dungeons > fremennik slayer dungeon Cows Location: Crafting guild How to get there: Max cape OR crafting guild teleport Crawling hands Location: Morytania slayer tower How to get there: Use your eternal slayer ring to teleport to the slayer tower OR home teleport to training > Slayer tower Dogs Location: Al Kharid Desert How to get there: DLQ fairy ring Dwarves Location: Dwarven mines How to get there: Lassar teleport then run south Ghosts Location: Catacombs of kourend How to get there: Xeric talisman to xeric heart OR home teleport to kourend catacombs, run east then north, use bulwark specs. Goblins Location: Across the bridge in lumbridge How to get there: Home teleport to training > goblins Icefiends Location: Ice mountain How to get there: Lassar teleport Kalphites Location: Kalphite cave How to get there: Desert amulet 4 Lizards Location: Karuulm slayer dungeon How to get there: Radas blessing 4 OR CIR fairy ring and run north take the stairs to the east then run south Minotaurs Location: Stronghold of security How to get there: South of home Monkeys Location: Karamja by Tai Bwo Wannai village How to get there: CKR fairy ring Rats Location: Underneath Varrock in the sewers How to get there: Teleport to varrock and go north east to the sewer, go down the ladder and place your cannon, use bulwark specs. Scorpions Location: Al Kharid mine How to get there: Ring of dueling to duel arena and run north Skeletons Location: Edgeville dungeon How to get there: Home teleport to edgeville dungeon Spiders Location: Just outside of H.A.M Hideout How to get there: Eternal glory to draynor village and run east OR Lumbridge teleport and run west Wolves Location: White wolf mountain How to get there: Teleport using your royal seed pod and take the glider Zombies Location: West of the ecto altar How to get there: Teleport with the ectophial and run west, both cows and chickens count towards zombie tasks
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    Hey @Rebelo, Do you mean the offer viewer which we already have? Or like a noticeboard that updates every now and then with most recent sales?
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    Always coming up with killer ideas and new content for the game. Can't wait to see what else you got up your sleeve and can't wait to test it out :D
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    Agreed, maybe can add some type of obstacle you have to click to enter,like ditch or rocks or somthing surrounding the area
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    i like the whole idea of this topic and i agree with all your saying this would be a nice way to put crush wepon to the content. Cia has a very nice perspective on how the boss is going to work and what location the boss will be at. With that being set is there a way we can a vote on what we all want?
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    Name: @Cresinkel Current Position: Game Administrator New Position: Junior Developer
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    UPDATE IS LIVE Thanks to @Cresinkelfor making sure we had some other smaller bug fixes and changes / Thanks to Kris and Cjay aswell for some assistance!
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    2/20/2022 Update Here is a small list of tasks/updates that I currently have on my agenda to complete as soon as possible! I will keep the community update as we progress with these changes. Completed: Added the Tztok slayer helmet modules and definitions Added the Tzkal slayer helmet modules and definitions Added the Gold coffin modules and definitions Added the Imcando hammer module and defintions Added a chest inside of the Tzhaar which will supply resources In-progress: Two items will be added in-game a "fire key" and a "inferno key" both of them can be used on the Tzharr chest with the ability to obtain resources and a rare chance to obtain a cosmetic kit for the respected slayer helmet. (If you use a fire key for example you will have a chance toward Jad slayer helmet cosmetic kit, and same for the inferno key with the Tzkal.) Correct all the examine options on the star update and provide information on the tiers Lower the amount of XP you obtain from shooting stars in replacement the star will stay spawned for longer. Up next: Change the bronze/steel/black/silver chests into gold plated chests inside of the Mort'ton removing 20 tiers of possible key drops to make the system more player friendly. Add 5 tiers of keys (gold red, gold brown, gold crimson, gold black, gold purple) all which will give you different types of resources and the ability to obtain runescrolls for swampbark/bloodbark armor and a gold coffin. Add the ability for the Imcando hammer to be obtained by 10k stardust and usable with the smithing skill.
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    Forums 1) 2k posts count 2) 300 reputations 3) 50 days time online In-Game 1) Getting 200m xp in agility (39m atm)
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    One with most recently added sales. Maybe a list of top 20-50 most recent ones would be nice @HC Tuoppi
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    how about a list of what is available for sale on grand exchange? it could stay together or close or even implemented in the system that already exists, where you can see which items are for sale by searching name by name. such a system could help keep the market warm, with people buying and selling items frequently.
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    Great guide! Keep up the amazing work mate
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    Hello lovely Zenyte members, the name's jerrypeter and honestly, I'm just as surprised as you to be posting here! I’ve been on the server since 2019 and always had a keen goal on helping the community further, so joining the staff team as a Junior Moderator is a great privilege. Been playing Runescape since 2002 no thanks to my dad but loved almost every part of its history. Been gaming since I was young, sports in my blood and now working in an industry and role I never thought I would be. Huge fan of the NFL, specifically the Buccaneers. Being a UK resident (yes, I am a tea & crumpet eating boy) it’s rather rare to find others than have similar interests so anyone who is keen on that, feel free to pick my brain and visa versa. Anything I can do for you in-game, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I know a HCIM btw so I won’t risk my life, but I will help wherever I can!
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    Name: @jerrypeterCurrent Position: Regular PlayerNew Position: Junior Moderator
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    We would need the pet model but if we get it in the future then sure, why not.
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    Buying elder maul
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    Desert for example West of Nardah could be another option where this Tekton boss could be located
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    Loving this idea, i support it 110%! =)
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    Good concept, agree a lava area would be nice to have something like that, maybe not in the middle of Lova where unsuspecting players will run thru and get dropped
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    Man I love this update big mad props
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    Okay just a short disclaimer before I post this total mess of a bank when I was purely logging on just to do birdhouses/farm runs i accidently fucked my gear tab due to barrows place holders I was hardly playing and decided not to bother fixing it what followed was a total spiral of chaos within my bank.. The organization is chaotic and quite frankly needs a trigger warning for anyone with OCD anyway don't think I've ever publicly posted my garbage bank / logs so enjoy
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    Hello Community, This thread will be used as a permeant blog to keep the community up to date with the current progression of the updates I will be releasing in the future. If you would like to make any suggestions or provide feedback to the content inside of this blog then feel free to send me a forums private message or contact me in-game/discord. Thank you,
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    Add the Youngllef (gauntlet) pet to the elven crystal chest!
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    March 2022 - Tzhaar City Chest Tzhaar City ChestThere has recently been a chest discovered in the heart of the City of Tzhaar. It has been relocated near the bank and this chest can only be unlocked by using a key obtained inside of the Fight Caves. This key will be dropped 100% by the orange Ket Zek and by a completion of a fight cave. There will be a nice amount of supplies and a rare scroll you can obtain! Tztok Slayer Helmet The Tztok Slayer Helmet can now be created by using a imbue scroll obtained from the chest described above. This will function as a Slayer Helmet (I) or Slayer Helmet (the only difference will be cosmetic) Additional Information: My cellphone and 2FAs have been reset so I will now able to produce updates on all three of my computers (including work) which will speed up the process as I am currently working 12 hour days. This put a halt to some of our recent plans in the last couple of weeks as my identification was being verified. The vote points have been increased until Noele is available to make the changes for Runelocus. The harvesting outcomes for herbs have been increased to 2x for Ruby Donators and 3x for Diamond donators. We will be increasing the amount of secondary supplies dropped from NPCs in the near future. We plan to release two additional chests (one for Godwars and one for the Inferno) to provide our players with additional rewards in the near future. Note: Now that I have access to all of my systems I will become more available on the Development side of things so if your a player with some generally good concepts and you would like to have a conversation feel free to send me a message in discord. I will be reviewing the suggestions by CIA and Hexae over the next few hours.
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