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    Extensive Slayer Guide Slayer is a skill where the player is given a certain task by a slayer master. The player must then slay the assigned monster in order to gain experience in the skill. Once the task has been completed, the player is also awarded with slayer points based on what Slayer Master is chosen. Slayer Monsters To find Slayer Monsters, use the Wikipedia Orb. To use the Wiki Orb, insert the name of the NPC to find out where they are. You can also use the ::wiki command. E.g. ::wiki crawling hand Slayer Masters Turael: 0 Points Mazchna: 4 Points (⚔20) Vannaka: 8 Points (⚔40) Chaeldar: 20 Points (⚔70) Nieve: 24 Points (⚔85) Duradel: 30 Points (⚔100 + 50) Konar: 36 Points (⚔75) Krystalia: 50 Points Slayer Monsters & Tasks
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    Hi! Welcome to my Diaries Guide. This will be a handy tool to have on the side, once you're finally ready to start grinding out diaries! It's a great idea to bang out the diaries on your way to max, as on a x25 account, these will give you over 4 million xp, and you can finish one or two of the harder/longer skills, like Farming, Herblore, Smithing and Slayer. Each diary will have a number, and each sub-diary will have a number. So if you'd want to go to Karamja medium diary tasks, for example, you should go to 7.2. Note: There will be some running, stamina potions or a high agility is recommended. Formatting of Tasks is like: TASK ASSIGNED - HOW TO COMPLETE IT example: Make Radi a happy guy - Get him good RNG at bosses. Enjoy -Radi Table of Content Before you start Ardougne Desert Falador Fremennik Kandarin Karamja Lumbridge & Draynor Morytania Varrock Western Provinces Wilderness Claiming your rewards Hope you will enjoy. 1. Before you start Before you begin your Diary journey, if you're like me, and wait untill you're nearly maxed to do them, this tip is gonna save you a lot of time. PLANT THESE SEEDS BEFORE YOU START THE DIARY. AND IF THEY DIE. USE REVIVE SPELL FROM THE ARCEUUS SPELLBOOK ON THE DEAD PLANT! ALSO MAKE SURE YOU USE FERTILE SOIL SPELL FROM LUNAR SPELLBOOK ON THESE PATCHES TO INCREASE THEIR CHANCE OF NOT DYING ! Palm Tree, Tree Gnome Village. Poison Ivy Bush, South of Ardougne by the Monastery Torstol Herb, North of Ardougne Limpwurt Flower, Catherby Dwarf Weed Herb, Catherby Palm Tree, Brimhaven, (Knocks off two diaries) Calquat tree, Tai Bwo Wannai. Belladonna patch, Draynor Manor. Bittercap Mushrooms, CKS Fairy ring, Canifis. Palm Tree, Lletya Jute Seed, North of McGrubor's Wood (Northwest of Camelot) 2. Ardougne 2.1 Ardougne Easy 2.1.1 Ardougne Easy requirements: 5 Thieving. Have wizard Cromperty teleport you to the Rune Essence mine. - Go to the north-east most house of ardougne, and teleport to the mine. http://prntscr.com/o4on37 Steal a cake from Ardougne market stalls. - Steal a cake from the cake stall in the north east centre. There's a baker by the stall. (Watch out the guards aggro.) Use the altar in East Ardougne's church. - Go to the only church in East Ardougne, and pray at it. (You must not be full prayer points) Enter the Combat Training Camp north of W. Ardougne. - Simply enter the Training Camp. Picture for path assistance: http://prntscr.com/o4oq18 Use the Ardougne Lever to teleport to the Wilderness. - NB: THIS IS THE WILDERNESS. YOU CAN DIE. BANK YOUR ITEMS IF YOU'RE UNWILLING TO RISK. - Use the lever located in the western end of East Ardougne behind the castle, to teleport yourself into the wilderness. View Aleck's Hunter Emporium in Yanille. - Minigame teleport to Nightmare Zone, and run into Yanille. Trade "Aleck" in the hunter shop, southwest of the Magic Guild to complete the task. Congratulations, Ardougne Easy diary, has been completed. 2.2 Ardougne Medium 2.2.1 Ardougne Medium requirements: 51 Magic, 38 Thieving. Enter the Unicorn pen in Ardougne zoo using Fairy rings. - Wield a dramen staff (purchaseable from the Magic shop at home) and use the Fairy ring located at home with the code "B I S" Cast the Ardougne Teleport spell - From the Normal spellbook, use the Ardougne Teleport spell. 2 Law + 2 Water. Pickpocket the master farmer north of Ardougne - Pickpocket him, he is located around this area: http://prntscr.com/o4ov08 Congratulations, Ardougne Medium diary, has been completed. 2.3 Ardougne Hard 2.3.1 Ardougne Hard requirements: 66 Magic, 59 Hunter, 70 Farming, 68 Smithing, 65 Runecrafting. Enter the Magic Guild - Enter the big round building in the middle of Yanille. (Once again, you can use the Nightmare Zone minigame teleport, to go to Yanille.) Teleport to the Watchtower - From the Normal spellbook, use the Watchtower Teleport spell. 2 Law + 2 Earth. Catch a Red Salamander - Use a Small Fishing Net and a Rope to catch a Red Salamander, with a Net Trap. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4oxug *Use Spirit Tree at home to Battlefield of Khazard, or use Ourania Teleport from the Lunar Spellbook. 6 Earth + 1 Law + 2 Astral Check the health of a Palm Tree near the Tree Gnome Village - Use the Spirit tree at home, to go to Tree Gnome Village (option 1) and run west, squeeze through the railing, and follow Elkoy, Run southwest and check health of your palm tree. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4oyxz Pick some Poison Ivy berries from the patch south of Ardougne - Pick some berries, off the Poison Ivy bush next to the monastery. (Thx Obby ) Smith a Mithril platebody near Ardougne - Use 5 Mithril bars and a hammer on the anvil located at either Port Khazard, Yanille or West Ardougne (use Arceuus Teleport, as the West Adrougne door doesn't work. 2x Soul, 2x Law) Smith a Dragon sq shield in West Ardougne. - Use a Shield Left Half, and a Shield Right Half ON THE ANVIL IN WEST ARDOUGNE (IMPORTANT)! In order to do this you will need a Shield Left Half, which as of the point of making this guide, is ultra rare to obtain. It's obtained by hitting the mega-rare drop table on pvm monsters. Many people do not know about GORAKS IN GORAK PLANE FAIRY CODE "DIR" These monsters with a Ring of Wealth equipped have a 1/250 roughly chance of dropping a shield left half. Grinding this out would be your best option at the moment, it takes 30-60mins. Buying from other players would be viable too. You can purchase the Right Shield Half from the Legends guild shop "Siegfried Erkle" at the top floor, of the main building for 750k.) - This will be the hardest diary to complete in all of the diaries. To get into West Ardougne. Use the West Ardougne Teleport on the Arceuus Spellbook. 2x Law + 2x Soul Craft some Death Runes. - Run through the abyss, into the Death Altar and Runecraft some Death Runes by using Pure Essence Congratulations, Ardougne Hard diary, has been completed. 2.4 Ardougne Elite 2.4.1 Ardougne Elite requirements: 80 Thieving, 10 Crafting, 91 Smithing, 69 Fletching, 85 Farming. Pickpocket a Hero - Pickpocket a hero in the centre of Ardougne. Make a rune crossbow yourself from scratch within Witchhaven or Yanille - Items Required: Yew Log, Runite Bar, Hammer, Knife, Sinew. Obtain Sinew by: Use Raw Meat (Obtained fom a Cow) on a cooking range (The one at home) and make Sinew. Proceed to make Rune Crossbow: 1: Smith Rune Limbs in Yanille using the Anvils. 2: Fletch a Yew Stock using your Yew Logs in Yanille. (option 4 on the log) 3: Teleport home and use the Teleport portal, to go to Ardougne 4: Go east into Witchaven and use your sinew on the spinning wheel to get a crossbow string. 5: Use the Yew Stock on the Runite Limbs 6: Use the Crossbow String on the Unstrung Rune Crossbow. Pick some Torstol from the patch north of Ardougne - Pick some Torstol herbs from the herb patch north of Ardougne. Congratulations, Ardougne Elite diary, has been completed. 3. Desert 3.1 Desert Easy 3.1.1 Desert Easy requirements: 5 Hunter, 5 Mining. 3.1.2 Desert easy Pro Tip: Kalphite Queen Boss Teleport is very useful. Catch a Golden Warbler - Use a Bird Snare to catch the Golden Warbler at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4s98c Mine 5 clay in the north-eastern desert - Use any Pickaxe to mine 5x Clay at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4saqc Enter the Kalphite Hive. - Teleport to Kalphite Queen using Boss Teleports at home, Bring a rope and attach to the entrance. Go down. Enter the desert with a set of Desert robes equipped - Teleport to Kalphite Queen using Boss Teleports at home, go into Al-Kharid, buy a shantay pass, full desert robes, and a couple of waterskins, you will need both filled and unfilled in the future, so buy some of each. Kill a vulture - NB CANT BE KILLED WITH MELEE, BRING RUNES/RANGED - Pro tip: Use Ice Barrage to unlock an Elite task aswell. Teleport to Nardah, and run to kill a Vulture at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4sf2l Congratulations, Desert Easy diary, has been completed. 3.2 Desert Medium 3.2.1 Desert Medium Requirements: 22 Slayer, 47 Hunter, 36 Herblore, 35 Woodcutting. Slay a Desert Lizard - NB YOU NEED AN ICE COOLER TO EXECUTE THIS MONSTER (Like you would use rock hammer on gargoyles) - Buy one in the Slayer Shop at Home! - Kill a Desert Lizard at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4sj0i Catch an Orange Salamander - Catch an Orange Salamander with a Net Trap. These are located just north of the Desert Lizards, use same picture for reference. (Rope & Small Fishing Net Required for Net Traps.) Pray at the Elidinis Statuette in Nardah - Teleport to Nardah from Home, and run north into the house there. You will find a statuette, pray at it. Create a combat potion in the desert - You need a Harralander and a Grounded Desert Goat Horn (pestle and mortar on Desert Goat Horn.) Teleport to Nardah, and run West to the Crevice. Mix the potion here. in order to 100% not fail this task. Chop some Teak Logs near Uzer - There's one tree here at Uzer, bring an Axe. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4sn2r Congratulations, Desert Medium diary, has been completed. 3.3 Desert Hard 3.3.1 Desert Hard Requirements: 68 Magic, 65 Slayer, 10 Defence, 55 Crafting, 60 Firemaking, 68 Smithing. Unlocked Slayer Helm from Slayer Shop (400pts) Desert Hard Recommenadtions: 90+ Range, 90+ Melees (To Kill KQ, as it's a task) Refill your waterskins in the Desert using Lunar magic - Use Humidify (1x Astral, 3x Water, 1x Fire) whilst you have an empty waterskin in your inventory, in the Desert. Kill the Kalphite Queen - Kill the KQ, bring a Rope for 2nd staircase. Find a KQ guide on youtube. Pro tip: Bring Veng/a recoil and step under boss. (Void right now has super high defences, use whilst you can) Slay a Dust Devil with a Slayer helmet equipped. - Can be done in the Kourend Catacombs (Dungeon Teleport) Burn some yew logs on the Nardah Mayor's balcony - Teleport to Nardah and run straight east into the building with the quest sign, go up the stairs, and light a fire with a Yew Log on the balcony. (The light sandy color) Picture for reference of where I lit my fire. http://prntscr.com/o4t3qc Create a Mithril Platebody in Nardah - Smith a Mithril platebody with 5 Mithril bars & a Hammer on the Anvil in the Northwestern Nardah. Congratulations, Desert Hard diary, has been completed. 3.4 Desert Elite 3.4.1 Desert Elite Requirements: 94 Magic, 95 Fletching, 85 Prayer. Cast Ice Barrage against a foe in the Desert. - Litterally just chuck an Ice Barrage (4x Death + 2x Blood + 6x Water) against any foe in the Desert. NB: MUST NOT SPLASH Fletch some Dragon darts at the Bedabin Camp - Buy 1 Dragon dart tip and 1 feather on G.E, teleport to KQ and run south west to the Bedabin Camp. Fletch the dart beside the big Tropical Tree with a Pond to complete the task. Restore at least 85 Prayer points when praying at the Altar in Sophanem - Drain your prayer to 0, and teleport to Sophanem, use the altar in the South western Sophanem, and recharge AT LEAST 85 Prayer Points. (1-84 Prayer points recharged will not complete the task.) Congratulations, Desert Elite diary, has been completed. 4 Falador 4.1 Falador Easy 4.1.1 Falador Easy Requirements: 5 Agility, 10 Mining, 13 Smithing 4.1.2 Falador Easy Recommendations: 25+ Hitpoints and Lobsters+ as you will run past ice giants & warriors. Climb over the western Falador wall - This is the wall heading to Taverley dungeon, go west past the bank and you will see it. Browse Sarah's Farm shop - Teleport to Draynor Village and run north, untill you reach the road going through a fence, go west along the road untill you get to the farm. Inside the farm is the npc "Sarah", Trade her. Get a Haircut from the Falador Hairdresser - Costs 1k, change hair style to litterally anything Fill a bucket from the pump north of Falador west bank - Get a bucket from south west home General Store, and head to falador, theres a pump north of the western bank, use your bucket on it. Kill a duck in Falador park - Bring ranged and kill a lvl 1 duck in the falador park, located east of teleport spot. Take the boat to Entrana - Can't have any armors/weapons equipped, go to the Monks located in Port Sarim, and take the boat to Entrana Smith some Blurite Limbs on Doric's Anvil - Bring a Pickaxe and a hammer, 25+ Hitpoints recommended and if you're lower than 40 hp, bring some food. Teleport to Asgarnian Ice Caves from Home under the category "Dungeons", and go through it, taking the first path to the east you see. Go along this path untill you see the wyvern entry, but don't go in. Instead, mine the blurite rocks that are by the entrance. They're a very standout blue color, and the only mineable object in the mine. Take 2 just in case. Next go home, and smelt them in the furnace. Next, teleport to Falador and head north, untill you reach Doric's Hut. Here you will make the Blurite Limbs. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4tw0p Congratulations, Falador Easy diary, has been completed. 4.2 Falador Medium 4.2.1 Falador Medium Requirements: 49 Firemaking, 37 Magic, 40 Thieving, 10 Prayer, 20 Defence, 30 Woodcutting, 40 Mining, 40 Crafting. Light a Bullseye lantern at the Chemist's in Rimmington - Use tinderbox on Bullseye lantern inside the house. http://prntscr.com/o4unkd Telegrab some Wine of Zamorak at the Chaos Temple by the Wilderness - Telegrab a wine of Zamorak from here, NB: MUST STILL BE INSIDE TEMPLE WHEN WINE GOES INTO INVENTORY, ELSE TASK DOESN'T UPDATE! Location: http://prntscr.com/o4ujyo Unlock the Crystal chest in Taverley - Use a Crystal Key on the Crystal Chest in Taverley. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4uj7l Pickpocket a Falador guard - Teleport to Falador and Pickpocket a Guard. Pray at the Altar of Guthix in Taverley whilst wearing full Initiate - Litterally just do what it says. Altar is where you normally start and finish the herblore skill. Buy the initiate (and for the future proselyte aswell) from Sir Amik Varze in Falador Park. Mine some Gold ore at the Crafting Guild - (Either a Brown Apron or a Crafting Skillcape is required to enter the Crafting Guild.) Mine a gold ore with your pickaxe. - Skillcape can directly teleport you to it, and allows bank access. Chop and burn some willow logs in Taverley - Willow trees are located south of the Taverley Teleport. Chop and Burn a lot. Teleport to Falador - Normal Spellbook Teleport to Falador. (1x Law, 3x Air, 1x Water) Congratulations, Falador Medium diary, has been completed. 4.3 Falador Hard 4.3.1 Falador Hard Requirements: 56 Runecrafting, 72 Slayer, 50 Agility, 30 Defence. A combined Atk&Str Level of aleast 130. (65 str + 65 atk for example) Falador Hard Recommendations: High (80+ Attack & Strength) for Giant Mole Kill. Dharoks is very good. Also 43+ Prayer would be decent for this. Craft 140 Mind runes simultaneously - Stock up an inventory of pure essence, and abyss runecraft mind runes. Kill the Giant Mole beneath Falador park - Bring a spade, light source, and combat gear & supplies to kill a Giant Mole. It's located on the Mole Hills in Falador Park BRING A STAMINA! Kill a Skeletal Wyvern in the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon - Kill a Skeletal Wyvern. Buy an elemental shield from the armour shop southeast of home. Teleport to Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Kill with either combat style you prefer. Melee>Range>Mage. Complete a lap of the Falador rooftop agility course - Complete one lap. Course starts in south-east Falador. Recharge your prayer in the Port Sarim church while wearing full Proselyte - Litterally just do what it says. Go to Asgarnian Ice Dungeon and run to Port Sarim with Proselyte equipped. Pray at the altar. Location: http://prntscr.com/o4v023 Enter the Warriors' Guild - Teleport to Burthorpe and run west through the door with Ghommal guarding it. Congratulations, Falador Hard diary, has been completed. 4.4 Falador Elite 4.4.1 Falador Elite Requirements: 88 Runecrafting, any 99 stat & its skillcape, 81 Herblore. Craft 252 Air Runes simultaneously - Stock up an inventory with pure essence and run an abyss runecrafting run for air runes. Perform a skillcape or quest cape emote at the top of Falador Castle - Go into the Falador Castle south of the Teleport spot, and go up 3 sets of stairs on the western side, Perform a skillcape emote. Mix a Saradomin brew in Falador east bank - Toadflax potion (unf) + Crushed nest = Saradomin Brew. Mix it in East falador Bank. Congratulations, Falador Elite diary, has been completed. 5 Fremennik 5.1 Fremennik Easy 5.1.1 Fremenneik Easy Requirements: 11 Hunter, 23 Crafting, 20 Mining, 20 Smithing, 5 Thieving, 15 Woodcutting, 15 Firemaking. Catch a Cerulean twitch - Use a Bird Snare at this location: http://prntscr.com/o4vyx6 Use the fairy ring code "D K S" and run west then north, untill you are at the spot. Kill 5 Rock crabs - Everyone should know how to do this. In case you dont, Get a weapon and go with fairy rings to code "D K S" and run west. Kill 5. Craft a tiara from scratch in Rellekka - You need a pickaxe and a Tiara mould. Mine a silver ore in the mine, which is located in north east Rellekka. After this go to Southwest Rellekka and smith the Ore into a bar. Now use the Silver Bar on the Furnace once again, in order to smith a Tiara. Browse the Stonemasons shop - Trade the guy in this house, in Keldagrim. http://prntscr.com/o4wnbk Collect 5 Snape grass on Waterbirth Island - Go to waterbirth with the guy on the westernmost dock of Rellekka. Steal from the Keldagrim crafting or baker's stall - Minigame teleport to Blast furnace and steal from this stall: http://prntscr.com/o4w7f1 Fill a bucket with water at the Rellekka well - Use a bucket at the water mark of Rellekka, Southeast. Chop and burn some oak logs in the Fremennik Province - Go south of Rellekka to find some Oak Trees. Chop one log, and Light it. Congratulations, Western Provinces Easy diary, has been completed. 5.2 Fremennik Medium 5.2.1 Fremennik Medium Requirements: 30 Mining, 42 Thieving. Mine some coal in Rellekka - Mine one coal ore at the same spot, where you mined the silver ore. Steal from the Rellekka Fish stalls - Litterally just do what it says. Middle of Rellekka is a lot of fish stalls, steal from one of them. Travel to miscellania by Fairy ring - Fairy ring code: "C I P" Congratulations, Western Provinces Medium diary, has been completed. 5.3 Fremennik Hard 5.3.1 Fremennik Hard Requirements: 55 Hunter, 66 Herblore, 75 Thieving, 70 Mining, 72 Magic Teleport to Trollheim - Normal spellbook Trollheim Teleport. 2x Law + 2x Fire. Catch a Sabre-toothed Kyatt - Use Pitfall trap at the same place you hunted the bird in the first place. Fairy ring: "D K S" and run North-west. Mix a super defence potion in the Fremennik province - Teleport to Rellekka with a Cadantine Potion (unf) & a White Berry in your inventory, and make the defence potion in Rellekka. Steal from the Keldagrim Gem Stall - Steal from this stall, located the same place as the Baker's stall in the easy diary. Mine 5 Adamantite ores on Jatizo - Teleport To Rellekka, and go northeast along the shore untill you see Mord Gunnars, Right click him, and go to Jatizo. Now follow this road, into the cave, and mine 5 adamantite ores: http://prntscr.com/o4xnud Teleport to Waterbirth Island - Use the Waterbirth Teleport in your Lunar Spellbook. 1x Law. 2x Astral. 1x Water Congratulations, Western Provinces Hard diary, has been completed. 5.4 Fremennik Elite 5.4.1 Fremennik Elite Requirements: 82 Runecrafting, 80 Crafting, 83 Slayer, 70 Agility, 70 Strength, 70 Hitpoints, 70 Ranged Fremennik elite Recommendations: 90+ all combats (70+ prayer) & solid pvm gear. Kill each of the Dagannoth Kings. - Gear up and kill the DKS located on Waterbirth Island. For a more detailed guide on this, look up youtube. Craft 56 Astral runes at once - Full inventory of pure essence, do a run of Abyss Rcing for Astrals, or if you Don't want to go to wilderness, lunar home teleport to Lunar isle, and run from there. Create a Dragonstone amulet in the Neitiznot furnace - You need a Dragonstone, Gold bar and Amulet mould (No need to string it). Make the Dragonstone Amulet in the Furnace. Kill each of the Godwars Generals - Kill each of the godwars Generals located north of Trollheim, in God Wars Dungeon. For further guides on this, look up youtube. Slay a Spiritual mage within the Godwars Dungeon - Get this out of the way when doing killcount for Saradomin or Zamorak. Congratulations, Western Provinces Elite diary, has been completed. 6 Kandarin 6.1 Kandarin Easy 6.1.1 Kandarin Easy Requirements: 16 Fishing, 13 Farming Catch a Mackerel at Catherby - Big fishing net at Catherby Shore. Buy a candle from the Chandler in Catherby - Buy a candle from this store. Bring money. http://prntscr.com/o4z04h Collect five Flax from the Seers' flax fields - Do as said in the description, South of Seers village. Plant some jute seeds in the patch north of McGrubor's Wood - NB: fairy code doesnt work properly here, walk from Camelot. Congratulations, Kandarin Easy diary, has been completed. 6.2 Kandarin Medium 6.2.1 Kandarin Medium Requirements: 35 Agility, 48 Herblore, 46 Fishing, 43 Cooking, 45 Magic, 50 Fletching, 26 Farming, 30 Mining Complete a lap of the Barbarian Agility Course - Misc. Teleports -> Barbarian Outpost, teleports you into the agility area. Create a Super Antipoison potion from scratch in the Seers/Catherby Area - NB: You dont actually have to plant the seed. Just have a Vial of water, an Irit and a Unicorn horn dust in your inventory, to make it. Obviously be in the Seers/Catherby Area. Either bank will work fine. Catch and cook a Bass in Catherby - Catch it on the Catherby Shore and cook it on the range when running towards the bank. (BIG NET FISHING) String a Maple Shortbow in Seers' Village bank - Use a Bowstring and a Maple Shortbow (u) with eachother in the SEERS VILLAGE BANK (Not Catherby) Pick some Limpwurt Root from the Farming patch in Catherby - Do as the challenge says, you should have it pre-planted if you read this guide from start to finish. Travel to McGrubor's Wood by Fairy Ring - Fairy ring Code: "A L S" Mine some coal near the coal trucks - Mine some coal at this spot. Remember your pickaxe. http://prntscr.com/o4zdhd Congratulations, Kandarin Medium diary, has been completed. 6.3 Kandarin Hard 6.3.1 Kandarin Hard Requirements: 70 Fishing, 60 Agility, 45 Strength, 60 Woodcutting, 70 Fletching, 10 Crafting, 70 Prayer, 70 Defence, 56 Magic, 65 Firemaking. Catch a Leaping Sturgeon - Search under Otto's bed for a Barbarian fishing rod. Have feathers in your inventory to start barbarian fishing. Note you need to catch the Sturgeon, so bring more than one feather. Location of fishing rod: http://prntscr.com/o4zqrp Complete a lap of Seers' Village agility course - Starts in Seer's village bank, climb up the window. Create a Yew Longbow from Scratch around Seers' Village - You can use a Bowstring, without stringing the flax, however you need to chop the Yew Log yourself. 1: Chop Yew Log. 2: Make Yew Longbow (u). 3: Use bow string on Yew Longbow (u) Enter the Seers' Village Courthouse with Piety turned on - Go into this house, with piety turned on: http://prntscr.com/o4zsif Charge a Water Orb - Have an uncharged orb (You can get one from Molten glassblowing) in your inventory, make sure you are on normals, with runes for "Charge Water Orb" on you (3x Cosmic, 30x Water). Teleport to Taverley Dungeon, and run through it. Recommended is either 70 or 80 agility, so you dont have to run all the way around the dungeon. Once you reach the end, climb up the ladder, and use the spell on the obelisk. Burn some Maple Logs with a bow in Seers' Village - Use a bow on Maple logs, in order to light them. You can do this outside Seers' Village bank. Kill a Mithril Dragon - Arguably the hardest task in this diary. Get an anti-dragon shield, and kill it with your preferred attack style. Anything can work. Location of Mithril Dragons: http://prntscr.com/o4zw2x (DIRECTIONS: Run east down the stairs after the whirlpool jump, and go up another set of stairs past the Brutal Green Dragons, in order to get to Mithril Dragons. Smith an Adamant spear at Otto's Grotto - Yew Logs, Adamantite Bar and a Hammer is needed. Smith an Adamant spear on the anvil next to Otto's Grotto, where you found the Fishing rod in the first place. Congratulations, Kandarin Hard diary, has been completed. 6.4 Kandarin Elite 6.4.1 Kandarin Elite Requirements: 79 Farming, 90 Smithing, 87 Magic Pick some Dwarf weed from the herb patch at Catherby - You should've had this pre-planted and ready to harvest. Smith a Rune Hasta at Otto's Grotto - Items needed: Runite Bar, Magic logs & Hammer. Smith same place as Adamant Spear. Teleport to Catherby - Teleport to Catherby using the Lunar Spellbook. Runes: 3x Law + 3x Astral + 10x Water. Congratulations, Kandarin Elite diary, has been completed. 7. Karamja 7.1 Karamja Easy 7.1.1 Karamja Easy Requirements: 40 Mining Mine some gold ore from the rocks on the north-west peninsula of Karamja - Mine a gold ore from this 10 ore vein (Also a good spot for mining, if crafting guild is camped.) Location: http://prntscr.com/o51hh9 Travel to Port Sarim via the Dock, east of Musa Point. - Use this pay-fare to travel to Port Sarim, Costs 30gp. Location: http://prntscr.com/o51i0f Travel to Ardougne via the port near Brimhaven - Use this travel method to travel to Ardougne. Location: http://prntscr.com/o520xg Use the fishing spots north of the banana plantation - The good old days where F2P people fished lobsters here. http://prntscr.com/o52291 Attempt the Tzhaar Fight Pits or Fight Cave - Minigame teleport to Fight Pit and run to the cave. You don't have to complete it. Congratulations, Karamja Easy diary, has been completed. 7.2 Karamja Medium 7.2.1 Karamja Medium Requirements: 50 Woodcutting, 65 Fishing, 27 Farming, 41 Hunter, 12 Agility Cut a log from a teak tree - Buy a Machete from the Tai bwo wannai shops, and take your axe with you, and make yourself way into the Khazri jungle on the bottom of entrana, unless you want to get trading sticks. You can teleport to Shilo village, and go out. Here's the location of the trees. http://prntscr.com/o5aeuj Cut a log from a mahogany tree - Same as Teak tree guide. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5aeuj Catch a karambwam - Buy a Karamwan Vessel from here http://prntscr.com/o5afnf , Fish yourself 10-20 karambwanji's to be safe from here: http://prntscr.com/o5afxi , then go to fairy ring code "D K P", walk north and fish a karambwan. **Catch more than one, as you need to fully cook one, and burn rate is high on these, unless you have 99 cooking with skillcape perk. Grow a healthy fruit tree in the patch near Brimhaven - Should have it pre-planted. if you read full guide. Trap a horned graahk - With a teasing stick and some logs & a knife, use the teasing trapping method on the graahks located here: http://prntscr.com/o5agx7 Chop the vines to gain deeper access to Brimhaven Dungeon - Teleport to Brimhaven Dungeon, and cut the vines straight to the west. Remember an axe. Cross the lava using the stepping stones within Brimhaven Dungeon - West of the vines the path split in four, Take the northwestern most path, and spring across the stepping stones. This is the way: http://prntscr.com/o5aiez Climb the stairs within Brimhaven Dungeon - After you cross the stepping stones from the previous step. Climb up the stairs located here: http://prntscr.com/o5air4 Charter a ship from the shipyard in the far east of Karamja - Remember Coins. Use the fairy ring "D K P" and run along this path. Use a charter ship from here. http://prntscr.com/o5ajin Congratulations, Karamja Medium diary, has been completed. 7.3 Karamja Hard 7.3.1 Karamja Hard Requirements: 44 Runecrafitng, 30 Cooking, 100 Combat, 50 Slayer, 12 Agility, 34 Woodcutting. Successfully kill a Ket-Zek (Lvl 360 Mage) in the Fight Caves - Start the fight caves, and make your way to the magers, it should be fairly easy. If you're donator, you start at wave 31, and just have to kill one monster. Craft some Nature Runes - Fill your inventory up with nature runes and do a quick trip of abyss runecrafting, Cook a karambwan thoroughly - Cook a karambwan, so it's eatable. (the white option) Be assigned a Slayer task by Duradel north of Shilo Village - Teleport to Shilo village, and go to the norhtern house, up the ladder. Go north and get a Slayer assignment. Kill a metal dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon - Kill a metal dragon located in the southernmost end of the cave. Remember an axe. http://prntscr.com/o5bk8z Congratulations, Karamja Hard diary, has been completed. 7.4 Karamja Elite 7.4.1 Karamja Elite Requirements: 91 Runecrafting, 72 Farming, 87 Herblore Craft 56 Nature runes at once - Fill your inventory and make a trip to the abyss nature rift. Equip a Fire Cape or Infernal Cape in the Tzhaar city - Obtain a Fire Cape either by completing the caves, or donating for one, and equip it in the Tzhaar area. Check the health of a Palm Tree in Brimhaven - Should have had it pre-planted, and ready to check health of. Create an antivenom potion whilst standing in the horse shoe mine - This is the same area as you mined the gold ore. Create it by using Zulrah's scales and an Antidote++ Check the health of your Calquat Tree patch - Should have it pre-planted and ready to check health of. Congratulations, Karamja Elite diary, has been completed. 8 Lumbridge & Draynor 8.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Easy 8.1.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Easy Requirements: 10 Agility, 7 Slayer, 5 Runecrafting, 15 Fishing, 15 Mining Complete a lap of the Draynor Village Agility course - Teleport to Draynor Village and go East then North untill you see an Agility course, climb up the wall. Slay a Cave Bug beneath Lumbridge Swamp - Remember a Light source, and go down into the Lumbridge Swamp. Kill a cave bug down there. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5mf5p Have Seridor teleport you to the Essence Mine - Use the Teleport option on Wizard Seridor located in the basement of the Wizard's Tower, to teleport you to the Essence Mine. Craft some Water Runes - Fill up your inventory with Rune/Pure Essence, and make a run in the abyss. Learn your age from Hans in Lumbridge - Right click hans at Lumbridge Castle, and choose the "Age" option. Pickpocket a man or woman in Lumbridge - Find a man or a woman, and pickpocket the NPC. Chop and burn some oak logs in Lumbridge - Remember an Axe and a Tinderbox. Location of Oak Trees in Lumbridge: http://prntscr.com/o5mh7t Kill a Zombie in Draynor Sewers - To speed it up, bring a weapon. Location of Sewers: http://prntscr.com/o5mht3 Catch some Anchovies in Al Kharid - Use a small net here: http://prntscr.com/o5mkh6 Bake some Bread on the Lumbridge kitchen range - Have dough in your inventory (Made from a bucket of water, and a pot of flour), and use the Lumbridge cooking range to make Bread. Mine some Iron ore at the Al Kharid mine - Remember your pickaxe, Teleport to Al Kharid and run north to the mine. Mine an Iron ore. Enter tha H.A.M Hideout - Pick the lock of the trapdoor located here: http://prntscr.com/o5motu Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Easy diary, has been completed. 8.2 Lumbridge & Draynor Medium 8.2.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Medium Requirements: 20 Agility, 31 Magic, 30 Fishing, 38 Crafting, 30 Woodcutting, 70 Combat, 23 Runecrafting Complete a lap of the Al Kharid agility course - Do what the challenge says. Teleport to Al Kharid and run Northeast to get to the Agility course. Travel to the Wizards' Tower by Fairy ring - Teleport with the "D I S" Fairy ring code, to the Wizards' Tower. Cast the Teleport to Lumbridge spell - From the Normal Spellbook, cast the "Teleport to Lumbridge" spell. 1x Law, 3x Air, 1x Earth. Catch some Salmon in Lumbridge - Remember a fishing rod and either bait or feathers, bring more than one, as theres a higher chance to catch a Trout. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5myek Craft a coif in the Lumbridge cow pen - Have soft leather, thread and needle in your inventory (Long method, kill a cow and go tan the hides into soft leather) Go to the Cow pit in Lumbridge and craft the Coif. Only one piece is needed. Chop some willow logs in Draynor Village - South of the bank, if you're a skiller or low-level in hp, watch out for the Dark Wizards. Get a task from Chaeldar - Go to Zanaris with the Fairy ring at home, and go to the Throne room, where Chaeldar is located. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5n03b Craft some Lava runes at the Fire Altar in Al Kharid - RECOMMENDED: BINDING NECKLACE ON YOU! - Have either runes for magic imbue or an earth talisman, and earth runes in your inventory. Go to the fire altar, use magic imbue and then earth runes on the fire altar. If using an earth talisman instead of Magic Imbue, use the talisman on the altar. **NOTE NOT WEARING A BINDING NECKLACE MIGHT FAIL YOU IN COMBINING THE RUNES AND YOU WONT GET THE DIARY. (obtain a binding necklace from the abyssal creatures in the abyss). Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Medium diary, has been completed. 8.3 Lumbridge & Draynor Hard 8.3.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Hard Requirements: 60 Magic, 59 Runecrafting, 57 Woodcutting, 63 Farming, 52 Prayer, 70 Crafting Cast Bones to Peaches in Al Kharid palace - Learn bones to peaches from the Mage Training Arena (This might take a little time), and cast it in the Al Kharid Palace, in the middle of Al Kharid. Craft 56 Cosmic runes simultaneously - Stock up your inventory with pure essence and make a trip to the cosmic altar by the Abyss. Travel from Lumbridge to Edgeville on a Waka Canoe - Remember an axe, go to the goblins over the bridge from Lumbridge Castle. Purchase some Barrows gloves from the Lumbridge bank chest - Lumbridge basement, purchase Barrows gloves for 130k. Pick some Belladonna from the Farming patch at Draynor Manor - Should have this pre-planted, and ready to harvest. Recharge your prayer at Clan Wars with Smite activated - Do as the task says, here's how you get to the Location, either get a ring of Duelling, or run from Al Kharid. http://prntscr.com/o5os1c Craft, string and enchant an Amulet of Power in Lumbridge - You will need a Diamond, Ball of wool (Shear a sheep and use the spinning wheel in lumbridge castle, need a Shears). Gold bar an amulet mould, and runes to use Enchant Diamond Jewelry. (1x Cosmic, 10x Earth) - Use the Gold bar on the furnace in Lumbridge, Make unstrung Diamond Amulet. Use ball of wool on the Unstrung Amulet. Enchant it. Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Hard diary, has been completed. 8.4 Lumbridge & Draynor Elite 8.4.1 Lumbridge & Draynor Elite Requirements: 75 Woodcutting, 88 Smithing, 76 Runecrafting Chop some Magic Logs at the Mage Training Arena - Remember an axe. Chop them by the Mage Training Arena's entrance. Smith an Adamand Platebody down Draynor sewer - Remember 5 adamant bars and a hammer. Smith it at the Draynor Sewer Anvil (Where you killed the zombie) Craft 140 or more Water runes at once - Fill up inventory with Pure Essence, and make yourself way to the Abyss water rift. Congratulations, Lumbridge & Draynor Elite diary, has been completed. 9 Morytania (swampletics) 9.1 Morytania Easy 9.1.1 Morytania Easy Requirements: 20 Combat, 15 Slayer. Get a slayer task from Mazchna - Teleport to Canifis, run northeast and get a slayer task from Mazchna Kill a Banshee in the Slayer Tower - Teleport to the Slayer Tower with training teleports from home, and kill a Banshee. Remember Earmuffs/Slayer helm. Have Sbott in Canifis tan something for you - Have any tannable leather on you, his location is just north of canifis teleport. http://prntscr.com/o5ozra Enter Mort Myre Swamp - Teleport to Fairy ring code: "C K S". Run southwest and enter the swamp. Kill a Ghoul - Teleport to the Slayer Tower and run South, kill a Ghoul there. Congratulations, Morytania Easy diary, has been completed. 9.2 Morytania Medium 9.2.1 Morytania Medium Requirements 29 Hunter, 40 Agility, 35 Smithing, 22 Herblore. Catch a Swamp Lizard - Remember a Small fishing net and a Rope. Follow this path to the trap, and catch one. http://prntscr.com/o5p4z0 Complete a lap of the Canifis Agility course - Litterally just do what the task says. Teleport to Canifis, Run east, start the Agility Lap. Make a batch of Cannonballs at the Port Phasmatys furnace - Remember cannonball mould. Use a steel bar on the furnace there, and it has the option to make Cannonballs. Mix a Guthix Balance Potion while in Morytania - 1: Use a Steel Bar on the Grinder at Port Phasmatys (ectophial spot) you will get Silver Dust. Get a Restore Potion (4) (could be a restore potion 3 aswell, as im unsure which one to use, havn't done this step yet myself. Also not a Super Restore, just a Normal Restore.) And get a Garlic. Add Garlic to the Restore Potion, and AFTER THE GARLIC ADD THE SILVER DUST. This should make the Guthix Balance Potion. Congratulations, Morytania Medium diary, has been completed. 9.3 Morytania Hard 9.3.1 Morytania Hard Requirements: 71 Agility, 58 Slayer, 53 Farming. Climb the advanced spike chain within Slayer Tower - Remember a Nosepeg/instant teleport unless you want your stats drained to 0. You can of course use the heal box at home after this, if you mess up. Kill a Cave Horror - Remember Light source and Witchwood icon (buy at slayer master shop) - Use Minigame Teleport to Trouble Brewing, and run Southwest along the shore untill you reach the cave. Harvest some Bittercap Mushrooms from the patch in Canifis - Should have this pre-planted and ready to Harvest. Congratulations, Morytania Hard diary, has been completed. 9.4 Morytania Elite 9.4.1 Morytania Elite Requirements: 83 Magic, 84 Crafting, 85 Slayer, 70 Defence, 70 Attack, 70 (Strength/Ranged/Magic) (Barrows Set) Fertilize the Morytania herb patch using Lunar Magic - Go to the patch and use Fertile Soil on it. 15x Earth, 2x Nature, 3x Astral. Craft a Black dragonhide Body in Canifis Bank - Remember Thread, Needle, Tanned black dragon leather. You need 3 pieces. Craft it in the bank. Kill an Abyssal demon in the Slayer Tower - Remember nose peg to run through the aberrant spectres if you're not on task, if you're on task, go to the basement when you teleport to the Slayer Tower. Loot the Barrows chest while wearing any complete barrows set - Either do the full barrows run, or just find the brother that has crypt access. Work yourself to the chest in the middle, and open the chest WHILST WEARING 4 PIECES OF BARROWS GEAR FROM THE SAME BROTHER! (remember a spade) Congratulations, Morytania Elite diary, has been completed. 10 Varrock 10.1 Varrock Easy 10.1.1 Varrock Easy Requirements: 15 Mining, 13 Agility, 8 Crafting, 9 Runecrafting, 20 Fishing, 5 Thieving Browse Thessalia's Store. - Woman located at Varrock square clothes store. Have Aubury teleport you to the Essence mine - South of Varrock East Bank. Teleport to the Essence Mine. Mine some Iron in the south east mining patch near Varrock - Mine some Iron in the mine southeast of Varrock. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5pl4q Make a normal plank at the Sawmill - Have a Log in your inventory, and make planks at the Sawmill. Enter the Second level of the Stronghold of Security - Go down the first level of Stronghold security, and enter the portal, climb down the ladder. Jump over the fence south of Varrock - Jump over the fence here. http://prntscr.com/o5pphq Spin a bowl of the pottery wheel and fire it in the oven of Barb Village - Take a piece of Soft clay to the furnace and pottery wheel in Barbarian Village. Craft some Earth Runes - Fill your inventory with Earth Runes and take a trip to the Abyss Earth Rift. Catch some trout in the River Lum at Barbarian Village - Remember Fishing rod and Bait/Feathers, fish from this location: http://prntscr.com/o5psm0 Steal from the Tea satall in Varrock - Tea stall location: http://prntscr.com/o5pswj Congratulations, Varrock Easy diary, has been completed. 10.2 Varrock Medium 10.2.1 Varrock Medium Requirements: 25 Magic, 40 Combat, 30 Agility (50 Woodcutting not a req but needed atm of guide creation) Enter the Champion's Guild - Follow the path, and enter the building. http://prntscr.com/o5q5nm Use the spirit tree north of Varrock - Go from home to Ge and then from GE to home with spirit trees. Perform the 4 emotes from the Stronghold of Security - Search the middle chest/whatever it is for the emotes in stronghold security, and perform them. Teleport to the Digsite using a Digsite pendant - YOU DON'T NEED TO FIND IT AT MUSEUM! Get a digsite pendant (enchant ruby necklace) and teleport to Digsite. (1x Cosmic, 5x Fire) Cast the teleport to Varrock spell - Normal spellbook Varrock teleport. 1x Law. 3x Air. 1x Fire. Get a Slayer task from Vannaka - Edgeville Dungeon, enter by going down the ladder at home, behind the fairy ring/spirit tree. Make 20 Mahogany Planks in one go - This is what 50 woodcutting is recommended for, as there's not many in stock. Chop the logs yourself or buy on ge. Complete a lap of the Varrock Agility course - Start it on the east side of Varrock General Store Congratulations, Varrock Medium diary, has been completed. 10.3 Varrock Hard 10.3.1 Varrock Hard Requirements: 54 Magic, 60 Woodcutting, 60 Firemaking, 52 Prayer Make a Waka Canoe near Edgeville - Remember an axe, and make the Waka canoe at the shortcut to the GE. Teleport to Paddewwa - Ancient spellbook, teleport costs: 2x Law, 1x Fire, 1x Air. (Edge Dungeon Teleport) Teleport to the Barbarian Village with a skull sceptre - Arguably the hardest one here. Obtain a piece of the Skull scepter by killing NPC's in the Stronghold. The NPC's to kill are: Minotaurs, Flesh crawlers, Catablepons and Ankous. (Level respectively 1, 2, 3, 4.) Assemble skull pieces, then sceptre pieces, and then combine the sceptre fully. Teleport now. Chop some yew logs in Varrock and burn them at the top of the Varrock church - Yew logs found here: http://prntscr.com/o5qks4 . Chop the logs and light them at the top of the Varrock Church. http://prntscr.com/o5qlp4 Pray at the altar in Varrock palace with Smite active - Enter Varrock palace, go up the stairs, and furhter into the palace there should be an altar, put on smite and pray. Congratulations, Varrock Hard diary, has been completed. 10.4 Varrock Elite 10.4.1 Varrock Elite Requirements: 90 Herblore, 86 Magic, 95 Cooking, 89 Smithing, 81 Fletching, 78 Runecrafting. Create a Super Combat Potion in Varrock West Bank - You can only make Super Combat Potions by using (4) Dose potions and a clean torstol. Use the Torstol on the attack potion (only thing that works). Use Lunar Magic to make 20 mahogany planks at the Lumberyard - 20 Mahogany logs in inventory at the Lumberyard, EQUIP AN EARTH STAFF! - Runes for plank make on Lunar spellbook: 20x Nature, 40x Astral. Bake a summer pie in the Cooking Guild - Bake a raw summer pie inside cooking guild (Unsure if Bake pie on Lunar spellbook works as it has 100% cook rate.) Get a couple to be safe, unless you have 99 cooking, and the skillcape.) Smith and fletch ten rune drats within Varrock - You need a Hammer, 10 feathers and a runite bar. Smith rune dart tips at the varrock anvil, and attach the feathers. Craft 100 or more Earth runes simultaneously - Full inventory of Rune/pure essence, and make urself to the Earth rift in the Abyss. Congratulations, Varrock Elite diary, has been completed. 11 Western Provinces 11.1 Western Provinces Easy 11.1.1 Western Provinces Easy Requirements: 9 Hunter, 15 Mining, 20 Fletching Catch a Copper Longtail - Remember your birdsnare, and teleport to the fairy ring: "A K Q", run southeast as this path shows you: http://prntscr.com/o5qvaf Complete a novice game of Pest Control - Teleport to Pest Control and do a game in the novice boat (might have to coordinate with your team) Mine some Iron Ore near Piscatoris - Teleport using either "A K Q" Fairy ring, or teleport to piscatoris, fairy ring runs northeast, piscatoris goes a little south, there will be some iron ores. Mine 1. Complete a lap of the Gnome agility course - Spirit tree to Gnome Stronghold and use the agility course to the southeast. Teleport to Pest Control using the Minigame teleports - Read task <-- Collect a swamp toad at the Gnome Stronghold - Collect a Swamp toad in this enclosure: http://prntscr.com/o5qw4r Have Brimstail teleport you to the Essence mine - Teleport to Stronghold Slayer Cave, go out, go to the west, into the cave with the quest marker, and rightclick Brimstail in there, to teleport to the Essence mine. Fletch an Oak shortbow from the Gnome Stronghold - Use a bowstring on an Oak shortbow (u) within the Gnome Stronghold. Kill a Terrorbird in the Terrorbird enclosure - Kill a terrorbird in the enclosure located here: http://prntscr.com/o5qwwf Congratulations, Western Provinces Easy diary, has been completed. 11.2 Western Provinces Medium 11.2.1 Western Provinces Medium Requirements: 31 Hunter, 46 Fishing, 35 Woodcutting, 35 Firemaking. Travel to the Gnome Stronghold by Spirit Tree - Go to home and take spirit tree to Gnome Stronghold Trap a Spined Larupia - Pitfall trap the Hunter monster at this location: http://prntscr.com/o5qyl4 Fairy ring code "A K S" Fish some Bass on Ape Atoll - Get to ape atoll some way (recommending lvl 90 arceuus teleport to Ape atoll, 2x Law, 2x Soul, 2x Blood. (bring an antipoison) (do the next task on the list whilst taking care of this one) - Take a big net, an axe and a tinderbox with you. Here are the locations: http://prntscr.com/o5qzwe (make sure u do the mahogany one too) Chop and burn some teak logs on Ape Atoll - read previous task Complete an Intermediate game of Pest Control - You might have to convince your team to go with you on the Intermediate boat. Congratulations, Western Provinces Medium diary, has been completed. 11.3 Western Provinces Hard 11.3.1 Western Provinces Hard Requirements: 50 Woodcutting, 50 Firemaking, 68 Farming, 64 Magic, 75 Thieving 11.3.2 Western Provinces Hard Recommendations: High Magic, Ranged and Defence, with some good gear to kill Zulrah. Complete a Veteran game of Pest Control - Super easy, almost always vet boats running. Chop and Burn some Mahogany logs on Ape Atoll - Read medium diary. Check the health of your Palm tree in Lletya - Should've had this pre-planted and ready to check health. Kill Zulrah - Semi-difficult boss if you're not great at bossing. Make sure you're well prepared before you go in here. Nothing much to say. Closest teleport without cost is Fairy ring code "B J S" you will need an agility level of 76 to pass the obstacle though. Zul-andra teleports are the closest option, but does cost money. Teleport to Ape Atoll - cast the Ape Atoll teleport from the Normal spellbook. 2x Law, 2x Water, 2x Fire, 1x Banana (obtain from banana plantation on Karamja) Pickpocket a Gnome - Pickpocket a Gnome in the Gnome Stronghold. Congratulations, Western Provinces Hard diary, has been completed. 11.4 Western Provinces Elite 11.4.1 Western Provinces Elite Requirements: 85 Fletching, 93 Slayer, 85 Thieving. Fletch a Magic Longbow in the Eleven Lands - Use bowstring on a magic longbow (u) in Lletya. Kill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil (Does not require task for first kill) - Kill the Thermonuclear smoke devil where it's located. (Boss teleport -> Thermonuclear Smoke Devil) Pickpocket an Elf - Pickpocket an Elf NPC in Lletya Congratulations, Western Provinces Elite diary, has been completed. 12 Wilderness *Warning you will lose items in the Wilderness. Be careful and don't bring anything you're not willing to lose. 12.1 Wilderness Easy 12.1.1 Wilderness Easy Requirements: 21 Magic, 15 Agility, 15 Mining Cast Low Alchemy at the Fountain of Rune - Remember to bring an item to alch. Location: http://prntscr.com/o5r4pd Use annakarl or Obelisk teleports (obelisk tp to corp cave with games neck and go outside the cave and southeast. There's an obelisk there. Get lucky with tp. Would recommend lvl 90 annakarl teleport tablet though. (use tablet because u need to have normal spellbook) Enter the Wilderness from the Ardougne or Edgeville lever - Pull the lever in Ardougne, as there is no Edgeville lever. (this should be done with the ardougne diary) Pray at the Chaos Altar in Western Wilderness - Easy Task. Location of altar: http://prntscr.com/o5r5iz Teleport by either Ancient spellbook or Arceuus spellbook. Enter the Chaos Runecrafting Temple - Going through the Abyss Rift does NOT!! work. Acquire a Chaos Talisman. Go through the Abyss Chaos rift, Go out and then back in, you should have it completed. Kill a Mammoth in the Wilderness - Carrallanger teleport 2x Law, 2x Soul. Follow the Path to the Obelisk, where the Mammoths reside. http://prntscr.com/o5r658 Kill an Earth Warrior in the Wilderness beneath Edgeville - Climb down the trapdoor east of the spirit tree/fairy ring at home. Follow this path, and kill an Earth Warrior: http://prntscr.com/o5r6lm Enter the King Black Dragon's Lair - Go from the Ghorrock Teleport (2x Law, 8x Water) into this dungeon sign, pull the lever (BRING A ONE CLICK TELEPORT UNLESS YOU PLAN ON SUICIDING TO KBD!) teleport away or die. Collect 5 Red Spiders' eggs from the Wilderness - Collect 5 eggs from this location: http://prntscr.com/o5ral2 Mine some Iron ore in the Wilderness - Iron ores are north of the Zamorak mage sending you to the Abyss: http://prntscr.com/o5rb2v Have the Mage of Zamorak teleport you to the Abyss - Teleport to the Abyss. You should already have this done. Equip any team cape in the Wilderness - Buy a team cape from Richard standing near the Ditch. Buy a cape, go into wilderness, equip the cape. Congratulations, Wilderness Easy diary, has been completed. 12.2 Wilderness Medium 12.2.1 Wilderness Medium Requirements: 55 Mining, 52 Agility, 60 Magic. Mine some Mithril ore in the Wilderness - From the Edgevill canoe, go to the wilderness, and then southwest to the hobgoblin mine. Mine a mithril ore here: http://prntscr.com/o5rcjj Complete a lap of the Wilderness Agility course - Bring a slash weapon, or a knife. Teleport to Mage Bank, Follow the Path, and go back to Mage Bank after your lap: http://prntscr.com/o5rfza Kill a Green Dragon - Kill a green dragon in the wilderness. I would suggest the wests Wilderness location. There's a teleport under the "Wilderness" section at home portal. Kill an Ankou in the Wilderness - Teleport to the Cemetary with Arceuus spellbook 1x Law, 1x Soul, 1x Blood. Kill an ankou there. Charge an Earth Orb - BRING TWO ORBS, AND A CAST FOR CHARGE AIR ORB ASWELL FOR THIS ONE. - Bring: 2x Unpowered orbs (can be crafted from Molten Glass), 6x Cosmic runes, Staff of Air, Staff of Earth. Go to this location in Edgeville Dungeon: http://prntscr.com/o5re4x Congratulations, Wilderness Medium diary, has been completed. 12.3 Wilderness Hard 12.3.1 Wilderness Hard Requirements: 66 Magic, 67 Hunter, 75 Smithing. 12.3.2 Wilderness Hard Recommendations: 80+ Ranged, 43+ Prayer. Cast one of the 3 God spells against another player in the Wilderness - Unlock the spell first, by buying the staff, and casting it on npcs in there 100 times. Keep in mind you can splash these with a negative 65 mage bonus, so you dont have to worry about pkers for the casting bit. After that either use an Alt account, ask a friend nicely or simply yeet a runecrafter to make them upset. (Please dont hit me) (You will have to unlock all 3 spells for Mage Arena 2 cape, so I would suggest you do that) Charge an Air Orb - Should be done with the Earth Orb. Read in Medium Tasks. Catch a Black Salamander in the Wilderness - Teleport to corp with the home teleport or a games necklace, and follow the path. Remember your small net and rope. http://prntscr.com/o5rh2n Smith an Adamant Scimitar in the Resource Area - *Remember a Hammer, Pickaxe and 10k for entrance fee. Remember a slash weapon, and a good idea would be to bring brews, restores and a lockpick for safety of Pkers. Follow this path: http://prntscr.com/o5ri44 Kill a Lava Dragon & Bury the bones on Lava Dragon Isle - Bring some runes for a magic spell, to kill a lava dragon (100 casts of fire strike or something like that should be enough.) Make your way to the Lava Dragons by one of the many ways possible. Kill one and bury the bones. http://prntscr.com/o5rin9 Kill the Chaos Elemental - Kill the Chaos Elemental, Pro tip is to bring food that will still sit in your inventory, to counter its disarm attack. Here's the location of the Chaos Elemental. http://prntscr.com/o5rish Kill the Crazy Archeologis, Chaos Fanatic & Scorpia - Look up guides on youtube if you're insecure with these bosses. Kill all 3 without logging out to complete the task. Congratulations, Wilderness Hard diary, has been completed. 12.4 Wilderness Elite 12.4.1 Wilderness Elite Requirements: 96 Magic, 85 Fishing, 90 Cooking, 75 Woodcutting, 75 Firemaking 12.4.2 Wilderness Elite Recommendations: 95+ Attack, 95+ Strength, 95+ Defence, Knowledge of safespotting. Full Veracs Set/Viggoras Chainmace Kill Callisto, Venenatis & Vet'ion - High melees, Full Veracs/Viggoras Chainmace recommended. Find youtube guides on safespotting if you're not aware of those strategies. Kill all 3 without logging out for the task to complete. Teleport to Ghorrock - With the Ancient Spellbook, use Ghorrock Teleport. 2x Law, 8x Water. Fish and Cook a Dark Crab in the Resource Area - Bring a Lobster pot, Dark Fishing bait (10+ to catch more than one, incase of burn), Axe and Tinderbox. Complete this and the next task in the Resource Area. Cut and burn some Magic Logs in the Resource Area - Look at previous task. Congratulations, Wilderness Elite diary, has been completed. 13 Claiming your rewards 13.1 Ardougne Claim the Ardougne Rewards by Speaking to Two-pints in Ardougne Pub. 13.2 Desert Claim the Desert Rewards by Speaking to Jarr at Shantay Pass. 13.3 Falador Claim the Falador Rewards by Speaking to Sir Rebral at Falador Castle. 13.4 Fremennik Claim the Fremennik Rewards by Speaking to Thorodin just outside Rellekka. 13.5 Kandarin Claim the Kandarin Rewards by Speaking to The 'Wedge' outside Camelot Castle. 13.6 Karamja Claim the Karamja Rewards by Speaking to Pirate Jackie the Fruit in Brimhaven Agility Arena. 13.7 Lumbridge & Draynor Claim the Lumbridge & Draynor Rewards by Speaking to Hatius Cosaintus in Lumbridge. 13.8 Morytania Claim the Morytania Rewards by Speaking to Le-sabré just west of Canifis. 13.9 Varrock Claim the Varrock Rewards by Speaking to Toby in Varrock by the Agility Course. 13.10 Western Provinces Claim the Western Provinces Rewards by Speaking to the Elder Gnome child in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. 13.11 Wilderness Claim the Wilderness Rewards by Speaking to the Lesser Fanatic in Northeast Edgeville. I hope the guide was useful guys. This took about 13 hours to make, and it has over 9000 words in it. Radi #1.
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    This small update log contains our bugfixes from since the server launched 37 hours ago. Bugfixes Following commands were introduced: ::staff/::staffonline/::onlinestaff, ::claim/::claimvotes/::claimvote, ::vote/::voting, ::forums, ::store/::donate, ::discord, ::2fa. Ironmen can now purchase ava's devices from the ranging shop at home. Fixed the desert diary task "Mine clay". Chasm of Fire teleport coordinates corrected. Fixed a problem with shop prices not corresponding to the item itself in general stores. Fixed otherworldly beings slayer assignment. Shop price messages are no longer filtered. Changed Dorgesh-Kaan dungeon to not require a light source until all of the objects in it are functional and move the player - prevents ironman deaths if they enter unprepared. Fixed daily challenges for slayer assignments. Added the bullseye lantern to the starter set. Boosted experience by 1.5x for the duration of the weekend as a celebration of the release. Ammunition amounts in presets in tournaments increased. Added talismans to the skilling shop at home. Added thrower troll as a valid slayer assignment. Reworked tournament pairing system so now everyone is moved to the next round, except for one in the case of an uneven number of contestants. Blue dragons now count towards blue dragons task. Implemented perks which will be available for purchase on the store soon enough. Increased the timer for items to spawn on death from 1 minutes invisible, 2 minutes visible to 3 minutes invisible & 5 minutes visible to give people a better chance at getting their stuff back. Fixed an issue where players could keep woodcutting a tree after it had been cut down. Planting seeds in farming patches now keeps the user locked for the duration of the action. Creatures in the abyss now drop the Runecrafting pouches at a rate of 1/42; Pouches will be dropped in order, from smallest to largest. Players can obtain the pouches at any level, however to actually use them they need 1/25/50/75 Runecrafting respectively. Animated armours no longer attack random players when their primary target has left the area. Ardougne rooftop course has been implemented, including mark of grace spawns. Doing kills outside of wilderness for when on a task from Krystilia(if slaying the monster you're assigned) will now send an unfiltered message saying the monster will not count for your assignment. Player's combat tab is now properly refreshed when they remove their equipment through deposit-inventory button in bank. Fixed an issue that prevented the players from depositing items as a placeholder when right clicking the item and selecting placeholder option. Players will no longer be able to set an empty clan prefix. Fixed combat definitions for jellies - they will now use melee, not magic. Fixed the door underneath Karamja volcano - The one to access Crandor. Fixed the - & all buttons on grand exchange to actually refresh the quantity when selling items on the grand exchange; Previously - would not affect the quantity and all would do all-but-one. Added Iban's staff to magic store for 200k. Removed the requirement of an angler outfit to enter the fishing platform to fish Minnows. Implemented magic shortbow imbuing. Increased mark of grace spawn rates by 300%. Increased mining speed by 200%. Fixed abyss obstacles from locking the user indefinitely when not carrying the necessary axe to chop the vines. Players will now be able to receive rogue outfit pieces while pickpocketing any creature on Zenyte; The chance is equally 1/200 per piece(regardless of who you pickpocket) and outfit pieces will be given in order. Lithkren vault teleport repositioned outside of a clipped tile. Using salt on rockslugs no longer consumes two salt at a time. Added a message when completing a task from Turael which states that Turael does not give any points for his assignments. Fixed an issue that persisted players to keep getting damage from desert heat after leaving the desert. Wilderness obelisk now teleports all the users standing in the center, instead of just one. Combat skills are now also broadcasted when a milestone is reached. Banshee attacks no longer lock the user for three ticks, but instead stop their movement. Ardougne area definition has been made larger to allow better completion of achievement diaries in the area, and other things that require the user to be within Ardougne. Archers' helmet has been introduced in the home ranged armoury shop. Experience boost notification on login made to stand out a bit better. Ardougne cloak 3 now provides world-wide boost to Thieving; Previously it would only provide the boost inside Ardougne. The boost is 10%. Revamped the vote shop at home to introduce better rewards and better prices. Revamped the loyalty shop to introduce better rewards. Players can no longer purchase seed pods from King Narode's shop as they're sold through bounty shop. "Smelt runite bars" daily task changed to "Smelt mithril bars". Decreased the cost of repairing items until there is more gold in the economy, or at least more moneymaking methods. Cave krakens will now respawn when slain. Kalphite guardians will no longer always drop a rune med helm when slain. Improved the catch rate of chinchompas and overall reaction rate for all hunter creatures. Allowed access to the chinchompa dungeon in the middle of Feldip Hills. Pest control will no longer leave some players behind. Pest control coins reward for winning has been increased from x10 to x150; Users now receive coins equal to combat level * 150 for every pest control game they win. Pest control reward points per game won increased to double of Runescapes - 6/8/10 points per game, in ascending order of the landers. Pest control monsters will invade the island slightly more frequently now. Pest control activity timer will now start decreasing after 18 seconds, instead of the previous 9; This is to avoid players losing a fair bit of activity before the first portal even drops. Guthan's helmet no longer shows beard through it. Players can now create slayer helmets using imbued slayer masks - creating one will give the user the imbued slayer helmet directly. Repairing guthan's armour now gives the user the tradeable version of the set. The default level for level-up dialogues has been set to 75; Any new account will not see level-up dialogues until they reach level 75 in the said skill. Players can modify this value in the game settings, found inside the noticeboard. Fixed an issue that prevented users from getting a task from Turael. Previously, Turael would not assign/replace your task until you clicked continue on the dialogue page that says "Your assignment is to kill .."; Players were forced to click continue to actually get the assignment. Bank container size reset to 816 spaces. Fixed bankers in Lletya from being out of reach; Players can now also note and unnote items using them. Using the pest control minigame teleport will now update the achievement diaries for the player. "Bank counter" object can now be used for banking. Fixed an issue which prevented dynamic instances' areas from being allocated; The map would be erased before but the allocated space would remain allocated until the game eventually ran out of map space. Abyssal whips can now be used to slash webs. I'd like to thank everyone for your patience while we fix these issues, new content will be coming as soon as we have existing content perfectly under control. Thanks, @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey
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    Magic storage unit A magic storage unit has been placed in the achievement hall in Edgeville. All players may use this feature after they have unlocked the lid, costing them either 1,000,000 coins if they're an ultimate ironman, or 2,500,000 coins if not as a one time fee. Upon unlocking the storage unit, players get access to all of the contents of the storage unit, and may deposit and withdraw items from it at any time. Players may deposit items in the chest by using the item on the chest itself. If the player is attempting to place a full set in the chest but does not have all the necessary pieces of the set, they will be informed about the pieces they are missing. In the case of obscure items such as platelegs or plateskirt, the player only needs to have one or the other for it to count towards the completed set. If the player wishes, they may add both the plateskirt as well as the platelegs together in the chest, if they have both in inventory at the time of depositing it. If not, only the piece they are carrying will be deposited. Once Construction releases in the future, players will no longer be able to deposit items in the magic storage unit. You will still be able to withdraw whatever you placed in the storage unit beforehand, for free. Once the last item has been reclaimed from the storage unit, you will be returned the initial fee you paid to unlock the unit(if you were an UIM but no longer are, you will still only receive 1,000,000 coins back as a refund), and the storage unit will vanish for you. Below in the spoilers are lists of all the items and item sets you can add in each of the storage unit categories. Structure of the spoilers Name of the entry on the interface: Each individual piece that makes up the entry (Note: If there are multiple pieces on a line, it means just one of any of the items is needed to fulfill the requirement - multiple will be used if applicable) Armour case Cape rack Toy box Treasure chest Magic wardrobe Fancy dress box Presets Presets are a way to quickly load the equipment and inventory layout you need for your activities. In order to get started with presets, visit any bank across Zenyte - you'll notice a small button at the top left corner of your bank. This will open up the preset manager window for you. Alternatively, you can quickly access presets by right-clicking the bankers at home. The right-click preset option on bankers is limited to Edgeville only though. Preset features and information: Each player has by default two preset slots unlocked. Non-members may purchase up to three more preset slots. Members will be able to purchase a total of 8 + rank id(sapphire is 1, zenyte is 7, interpolate). So for non-members, the maximum unlockable presets amount is 5, whereas for members, it ranges from 11 to 17. If you downgrade your member rank and have more presets than what your new rank total would allow, the overflown presets will be blacked out. You can't load these presets or move them on the preset list - the only real options are to delete it, or regain the rank to use it again. Each preset unlock for members and non-members alike costs 5 vote points. Ruby members and above are able to link any spellbook to their preset; the spellbook then gets loaded when the user loads the preset. You do not have to select a spellbook though - you can deselect it simply by clicking on the selected spellbook. In addition to the equipment and inventory being saved in presets, your rune pouches contents are too. This is an exception we have made as lots of people tend to bring rune pouches with them to save space. You can view the contents of the rune pouch in your preset by examining it within the preset inventory. Players are able to mark a default preset for themselves. This is marked by the icon next to the name. Whenever you open the preset manager, the default preset will immediately be loaded up, allowing quicker gear load times. You may toggle the set-placeholders setting directly on your interface - this lets you keep the placeholders in your bank when the preset loads your items on you. This setting directly links to the one in your bank - so changing it here also changes it in your bank, and vice versa. Players can rearrange the contents of the inventory of the preset as they would in their normal inventory - this is immediately saved as you drag an item over to another slot, allowing you to skip the hassle of making another preset due to the situation with the inventory. Preset names can be up to 42 characters long, and each word in the preset can be up to 14 characters long. These are rough limitations to ensure the name of the preset doesn't look too awkward on the preset list. Your preset name can contain most symbols, all numbers and all normal letters. We have filtered out certain special character symbols for obvious reasons. Preset position in the list can be altered by using the arrow buttons near the category name. Clicking the up or down arrow will move the currently selected preset in the respective direction on the list. You will find filterable chat messages upon loading a preset, indicating the status of the preset load in either green, yellow or red colours. Green indicates the preset was loaded successfully with no problems, yellow indicates you may not have had enough of an item in your bank to fully load the preset, or that an alternative item was loaded in place of something. Red indicates you are missing a certain item, or you didn't have enough space in your bank to deposit it before it loaded the preset on you. Items with attributes or charges will be loaded in a special manner. If you saved a preset with say Dharok's helm(fully charged, undamaged), but you no longer have a pristine Dharok's helm in your bank and instead have say Dharok's helm (25) & Dharok's helm (50), it will choose the best possible match, closest to your original preset configuration. In the given example, it would use the Dharok's helm (50) in place of it, as it is closer to the pristine helmet than the 25 version is. Yanille dungeon The balancing ledge can now be crossed at level 40 Agility. The dungeon pipe can now be entered at level 49 Agility. The monkey bars may now be crossed at level 57 Agility. The rubble and dungeons to access Salarin the Twisted can now be climbed at level 67 Agility. The door from Yanille's side of the dungeon can now only be accessed with level 82 Thieving, with a lockpick. Note: The chance of failing the lockpick is extremely high even at level 99 Thieving) The sinister chest can now be opened to receive 3x Grimy ranarr weed, 2x Grimy harralander, 1x Grimy irit leaf, 1x Grimy avantoe, 1x Grimy kwuarm and 1x Grimy torstol, assuming the player has a sinister key with them. Note: Make sure to bring some poison protection, as the chest will poison you upon opening if you do not have any. Salarin the Twisted may now be slain with wind, water, earth or fire strike. Any other spell or weapon will not deal damage. The strike spells aforementioned will deal base maximum damage of the spell with every successful hit. Salarin will frequently drop the sinister key, used to access the sinister chest on the other side of the dungeon. Tears of Guthix Tears of Guthix is a short minigame located in the Chasm of Tears, guarded by the serpent Juna, playable once a week. It grants a reward of experience points in the player's lowest skill each time it is played. Players must collect as many blue tears flowing from the walls as they can within the time limit, while avoiding the green tears, as they decrease the number of blue tears the player has collected. The time limit a player has depends on their total level which is a base time limit of 50 game ticks plus an extra tick for every 10 total levels a player has. This means a player with a total level of 200 would have 70 game ticks, an equivalent of 42 seconds, to collect the tears. Each tier of membership give an extra 5 seconds of time inside the cave. Players can speak to Juna to toggle whether or not to receive a daily chatbox message telling them they are eligible as soon as they become eligible. To teleport directly to Tears of Guthix, players may use a games necklace. Bugfixes & Miscellaneous Changes Xeric's talismans uncharge option now works properly. Depositing noted items into looting bag will no longer deposit unnoted items as well and vice versa. Essence implings can now be caught in Puro-Puro. Toggling the "check combat level when obtaining a slayer assignment" option at slayer masters now works outside of Turael too. Previously, despite the masters offering this option, it would only really work if done at Turael. Ring of wealth currency collection option has been slightly updated. There was an inconsistency between what the dialogue told you - it would flip the conditions between when you toggle it from inventory and when you do so from the equipment interface. North-western Port Phasmatys allotment patch as well as Entrana hops patch can now be protected by paying the gardener. Jellies, fossil island wyverns and mutated zygomites are now tracked by the slayer collection log. They would previously appear on the log but you would not see an increase in the killcount upon killing them. As such, everyone will have 0 as the killcount for these after the update, as it was never truly tracked.
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    EDIT: I wanted to let everyone know that this tool will likely shutdown within a few weeks. My google compute credit is expiring soon, so unless someone else wishes to continue the project or offer hosting it will unfortunately cease to exist. Hey guys, I wanted a signature for my forum account that displayed my accounts stats and automatically updated itself as I level up. Most of you are familiar with the ones made for official Runescape (example) but these obviously don't work for Zenyte so I decided to make my own today. If you do try this out please provide some feedback, I'd appreciate it! Try it out here The tool fetches your hiscores from the official Zenyte API up to a maximum of once every 15 minutes. This means that it may take up to 15 minutes for your stats to refresh after logging out 24 hours as the Zenyte webserver is currently caching them (we'll work this out soon). The tool is currently hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, so high reliability and little downtime are a given (although this costs money, so hopefully another solution will be found in the future). Try it out here Note: Copy the link of the generated image and "insert image from url" into your forum signature. If you save the file and upload it to your signature it will not automatically update. Current Features Automatically fetches your account's hiscores and updates your signature as you level up Displays your account's ironman status and xp-rate Displays your donator and styles your name accordingly Displays xp for skills over 99 Variety of community submitted backgrounds to choose from Upcoming Features Two new types of signatures: one that shows the most recent adventurer log achievements (recent 99s, 200m, diary completion, loot drops, etc), and another that is the combination of the skill signature and the adventurer log. Have a feature idea? Please let me know in the comments. Background Submissions If you are a GFX designer and want to help out by making some signature backgrounds please reply or PM me on the forums! Thanks to the following for contributing high-quality images: Rock crab Clan Backgrounds If you're a clan leader and would like to have a custom clan background added to the tool, please contact me via PM.
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    Hello members of Zenyte LIKE AND COMMENT YOU'RE ANSWER! PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOU'RE ANSWER'S, ONLY ONE TRY IN THIS ROUND ROBIN. My name is Tyler(InGame name is Mma C0n) i am going to host this special Bond give away event. I will be buying $110 worth of bonds, and giving them out to winners. It is a win win situations, Zenyte gets some $ to help support server updates, and some players will win a bond! My goal is to try and get all active players of Zenyte exited and interacting. So this is the details of the give away. If you want to participate in this give away, all you need to do is comment down below a number from 1-100. All members that get the number im thinking of will be compiled into a bracket, and will go again, until there is a winner. I will be awarding prizes to the 1st place winner, the 2nd place winner and the 3rd place winner. I will be giving the bonds out on July 15, And i will give this first round before i compile winners into bracket 2 days. The 1st and 2nd place winners will be awarded a $50 bond, while the 3rd place winner will be warded a $10 bond. Hope to see you all participate in this give away event! If you guys want, give me a message in game and Good luck to you all! Sincerely, Tyler
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    Motherlode mine You can visit the Motherlode Mine by entering the cave underneath Falador's mining guild (also accessible from the Zenyte portal through skilling "Mining guild" teleport). Players can train their Mining within the mine by mining pay-dirt, which can be cleaned through the water channels. Players can then retrieve their ores from the sack at the end of the water channel. The ore which you get from mining pay-dirt is determined when you receive the pay-dirt, not when you deposit it in the hopper. There is a flat 2.74% chance of an ore to turn into golden nuggets which can be exchanged at Percy for mining outfit, coal bag and many other rewards. Players can also purchase two extensions - to increase the size of the sack which holds the ores, or to gain access to the upper part of the motherlode mine. The pay-dirt at the bottom level of the mine has a 1/3 chance of depleting whenever pay-dirt is received. The pay-dirt at the top will despawn 17-27 seconds after the first pay-dirt was mined, giving players a much larger window during which they can mine pay-dirt, giving much larger profits. The miners found within the mine do not actually affect pay-dirt and are only to create a more realistic scenery. They do occasionally however mine the rockfalls that are found on the ground - cleaning out the path for a small amount of time. Bugfixes The delay for Zulrah's rise timer has been readjusted for the last time - it has now been reset to what it was before the update. We have conclusive proof that the delay now matches our delay from one of the QA players. Random events now only occur for the players who have performed any sort of an action within the past 5 minutes when the random event is to be rolled on the user. This avoids large crowds being force-teleported to the random event island. Mage bank lever no longer sends the warning to use. Nail beast nails have been added to the tools shop at home - they are used for sanfew's serum potions. Super combat potions can now be created with all combinations that exists in OSRS, including unfinished torstol potions. Fixed a typo with Zahur's dialogues. Global moderator permission has been renamed to senior moderator. Tortured gorillas now work for "Monkeys" slayer assignments. Zombified spawn no longer drops supply caches. Kalphite lair crevice now requires elite desert diaries. Fixed Leprechaun Larry's Farming supplies shop where it showed invalid amounts for the second to last item in stock. Kraken instance cost halved for ironmen. Zamorak robes now have bonuses. Eternal slayer ring can now be crafted and the eternal gem now has functionality. Added some snape grass spawns across Zeah. Completed god books for bandos and armadyl now count as protective items within the Godwars dungeon. Sir Tiffy now sells proselyte skirts. Fixed an issue with clans nulling out.. hopefully. Cannons can no longer be placed within revenants area in Forinthry dungeon. Cannons can no longer be placed in Cerberus lair. Implemented a bunch of fixes for hunter traps glitching out, hopefully improving immensely. "Spawn Administrator" rank is now renamed to "Management". All mysterious emblems from tier 1 to tier 10 are now tradeable. When completing an assignment by Krystilia, if the player holds a mysterious emblem in their inventory when it happens, the mysterious emblem's tier will be upgraded. This only occurs for the first occurrence of a mysterious emblem in inventory, so whichever emblem you wish to upgrade, make sure it is before any other emblems. Cannons no longer create an endless loop of player trying to find a spot to go to for planting the cannon. Interacting with traps no longer forces the user to walk off of them. Recoils no longer reflect damage from other players' recoils. Corporeal beast no longer stomps while it performs the death animation. Infinity magic armour set requirements adjusted - they now require 50 magic and 25 defence to be equipped. Mining guild and edgeville dungeon center teleports implemented. Fixed the stats of the TzTok-Jad minions(Yt-HurKot), they can no longer hit above 14 and their bonuses have been nerfed by roughly 25% to match RS. Cleaning cloth is now available in the tools shop at home. Fixed an issue that prevented players from getting aviansie assignments. Marked two more tiles safe from Zulrah during the melee strike, next to the pillars. Mysterious emblems can no longer be destroyed in wilderness while the user is under attack.
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    Ok so basically here's the idea: Nightmare boss is far away and I'm sure many people would want not only new content but also new items (inquisitor armour + mace) The tekton boss wouldn't be 100% similar to COX version because it would have boosted HP & it would be a multi combat zone area meaning multiple people can kill it at the same time. This would also be dangerous for HCIM. So why would it be a good idea to replace nightmare with Tekton boss? 1) Both are dangerous for HCIM (you can't play safe like in COX which was suggested before for inq arm+mace) 2) Crush weapons are BIS for Nightmare & Tekton so they would have that in common. 3) I'm aware that there's already some sort of plan to introduce inq arm into the game and it's not a bad idea but I think people would prefer an actual boss instead and who doesn't like to kill tekton? We could have Tekton events, who could say no to that :)?! At the same time we would be making crush weapons more useful because at this moment they aren't too useful. 4) We could also add some other cool and useful drops to Tekton drop table and maybe even nightmare pet? 5) It also costs supplies (brews,restores,sup cb,anglerfish etc) to kill Tekton. I thought desert area could be decent but David thought Lova area would be even better and I can't disagree with that. Now if this can be done there's only one question remaining: Should the nightmare staff & orbs we added here as well or maybe to CM cox drop table or completely somewhere else? That's something to think about..
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    Before getting to the log itself, I'd like to say a few things. Starting now, we're going to try to switch over to a different schedule of one smaller update every two weeks, instead of one large update every month or two. The new schedule will be looking in lines of 3-4 days spent on smaller updates, 10-11 days spent on larger updates. There is a poll ongoing until August 20, 2020, which will determine which large update we work on going forward. You can vote on the poll in this topic: https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/5721-future-updates/ Update log Hunter changes Birdhouses, bird snaring, box trapping, deadfall trapping, net trapping, and pitfall trapping have been rewritten fully. All the animations have been matched to the OS ones, none of the traps will now use invalid animations. Hunter now comes with sound effects. Upon logging out of the game, all of your traps will fully collapse immediately. Any traps placed in instances will collapse when the instance is destroyed. Traps can now be set up using alternative methods. Example in case of pitfalls and deadfalls, you can just use the knife or the logs on the trap to begin setting this up. The issue with having phantom traps, limiting you to less and less traps has been patched. The way your Hunter traps attract creatures has been reworked to a different entity-based system. If a player dismantles a trap before the prey manages to get caught in something, the prey will not glitch out. A more detailed log on the changes found in Hunter can be found here: https://forums.zenyte.com/topic/5419-development-blog-hunter-skill/ PvP, Wilderness & Player Combat Grey chinchompas' attack speed has been matched to OSRS. The Kitchen knife is now a dagger-type weapon. The Infernal pickaxe now has the proper attack animations. One of the ents by the corporeal beast entrance will no longer spawn partially inside the tree. Guard dog in Ardougne no longer spawns inside the wall. Magic hut and pirate's hideout door interaction has been replicated to better match RS - it now has a fail chance to enter it, and no longer requires a lockpick to leave from the inside. Added the remainder of the max capes to be safe upon death in under level 21 Wilderness. God capes can be imbued by bringing the respective body part, after having imbuing a cape for the first time. Anyone who has imbued a cape before this update will need to do it once more, to take advantage of this. You no longer need all 3 for 1 cape. Items from a Looting bag will drop on the ground with the same timers as they normally would, so dropping food becomes visible after some minutes, and other items become visible instantaneously. Magic attacks no longer trigger the block animation. Fixed a projectile delay for barrage spells. Animations such as Vengeance, weapon attacks, and range attacks now correctly stall in accordance with OSRS inside of PvP areas. The unarmed attack speed has been boosted by one tick, it took 3 seconds between each kick/punch before, this has been changed to 2.4 seconds. Salve amulet (ei) now has a protection value of 220K. Karambwan eating now works by eating the food item first, then drinking the option and finishing off with the karambwan. (Any other method will block the tick eating effect) Pizzas now have the game messages when eaten. Pizzas can be combo-eaten in accordance with OSRS. If you're not in combat(and combat delay is 0), eating and then attacking starts combat with no delay whatsoever. Previously, eating at any given time would add 3 ticks to your combat delay. Salamanders can now attack diagonally and the magic option on salamanders can now be selected without it redirecting to a different style. Damage received is now reset upon leaving Wilderness areas, thus ensuring that any death you have after leaving Wilderness doesn't count as a PvP death. Your defence roll against another player's attacks has now been multiplied by 0.825. This reduces the overall defence of every player in a PvP scenario by 17.5%, which I've found to be a sweet spot. This change does not affect attacks from monsters, only players. The dragon bolts (e) special attack 'Dragons breath' now checks if the target has drank super antifire - previously, only normal antifire would provide protection against it. Fake experience drops should no longer glitch out and display invalid icons/amounts when receiving large sums of experience at once. Specials attacks now always trigger the skull when used against a player, assuming it was the first hit. Edgeville dungeon boundaries improved so the first two tiles after going through the gate aren't wilderness. Wilderness obelisk will no longer force-teleport people once the teleport has begun, if the user happens to leave by other means during it. Wilderness ditch jump speed has been adjusted to allow quicker passing. Slightly altered the formula for dragon claws. Previously, it would run through the four hit schemes of dragon claws and stop at the first one that 'rolled' successful damage against the target, regardless of what the damage was. I've now changed it to go through all four possible options and pick the one which is going to deal the highest amount of damage at the target. Any hits that are executed on a player or NPC upon its death will now display for the first tick of the death. So for example, if you run a dragon dagger special at another player and the first hit was enough to kill them, previously, the second hit would not show up altogether. It will now show up. However any hits that are delayed further than that will be fully discarded - therefore if you run a dragon claws special and the very first of the four hits kills the target, only the first two hits will show up as they both appear on the first tick, and the two other hits will not display. Rewrote the way freezing and stunning worked. Instead of relying on epoch time(how many milliseconds have passed since January 1st, 1970), it now relies on game process cycles(each cycle being 600ms). This helps create more precise freeze durations. I also re-adjusted a lot of the freezes overall with this change - Ice barrage for example was defined at 20,000 milliseconds which comes down to 34 ticks. I've changed it to match OS at 32 ticks. Granite maul has been revamped, I'll write how it works now(some of these worked before too, but had problems with the functionality): The combo from granite maul special to another weapon(e.g. a godsword) no longer adds an unnecessary extra tick of delay to when the hit can actually land. The mechanic where clicking the special attack after having recently hit the target but being no longer in combat with them has been rewritten to match the conditions available in RS. Players can pre-load granite maul special while being completely out of combat by double-clicking the special attack button and clicking on a player within two game ticks frame, any longer than that, the pre-load will not function. After having hit a player, if the player is still within a one tile radius of the target(so physically next-to them, includes diagonal tiles), and the player is still under existing "combat delay" from the previous weapon attack(if the delay expires, this mechanic does not trigger), clicking the special attack an odd number of times within one game tick will re-initiate combat towards your last target and run the special attack(s) at them. So a short example is whacking a player with a godsword, switching to granite maul, and clicking the special attack bar either one or three times within one game tick. If you click just once, it'll retaliate against them and run one special attack at them. If you click three times, it'll retaliate and hit them twice. If you happen to click an even amount of times within the tick, it will not trigger the auto-attack at the last target and you must click them yourself. This mechanic might sound complicated but it has been replicated from RS. PvM Changes The dagannoth king boss assignment has been merged together into one task, which covers all three kings. Anyone who has a specific dagannoth king assignment prior to this update will have it changed to this new assignment. Zulrah, Alchemical hydra and Vet'ion no longer reset their stats during the transformation phases. Dwarf multicannon can now be used at the appropriate places in the Mount Karuulm Dungeon. Blue and black dragons located in the Taverley dungeon within the assignment-only area can no longer be killed off-task. The quantity of the dragon thrownaxes and knives dropped by Drakes has been changed to 100-200. Black dragon bones in Wilderness are now dropped in noted form if the elite Wilderness diary is completed. Ogress warrior and shaman now count towards the ogre assignment. Repositioned a stuck cave horror. One of the nechryaels in the slayer tower basement has been moved outside of a wall. Arclight's drain special now stacks additively. Superiors will no longer spawn if you're on an assignment but not within the area that you've been assigned to. Kalphite queen stats have been updated, and it no longer resets its stats upon transformation. Spiritual mage combat definitions updated using Wikia. Troll generals now count towards Troll task. Lizardmen west of the canyon now have definitions and drops. Infernal mage max hit has been changed from one to eight. Hespori's vines no longer damage the player post-death. Zulrah resurrection now restores prayer points and removes toxins. Grotesque guardian rare drops have finally been fixed and can now be obtained. The grotesque guardians slayer assignment can no longer be obtained without first having unlocked the rooftop access. TzTok-Jad should no longer be able to get healed past the point of death, thus allowing players to obtain two killcount sometimes. Inferno pillars no longer regenerate stats or hitpoints. Superiors are now only aggressive to the player they spawned for. Jar drops from bosses are now announced like other rare drops. The drops received by Hespori upon killing it are now announced in your chatbox. Cave kraken can no longer be harmed by melee damage. The trident of the seas drop from Kraken will no longer be untradeable when first received. Ankous located outside of the Wilderness will no longer drop dark fishing bait. Wyrms no longer do an animation glitch when transforming back from the active form to the inactive one. If you are assigned a hellhound task from Konar you will only be able to kill Cerberus if the task is defined inside of Taverley Dungeon. This mechanic applies to other bosses as well that may have been missed in the past. Slayer-boosting items will no longer work on tasks from Konar if the task is being "completed" at an invalid location - previously it'd effectively give infinite slayer helmet boost for faster experience if that was used. The slayer skillcape perk of 1/10 chance of receiving the same task back to back now works with Konar however keep in mind the location may vary. In additional to this it is also important to note that cancelled tasks may also be considered the "last task assigned". Lizardman Shaman's purple spawns will no longer spawn if the user is out of view from the Shaman. You will also no longer be damaged if your out of sight of the Lizardman Shaman upon the explosion effect. The bonecrusher necklace in your inventory will now restore your prayer if you are within the Catacombs of Kourend when you receive a bones drop. Jar of dirt drop rate has been changed from 1/1100 to 1/1000. Kalphite queen drops now display the jar of sand in the drop viewer. The lizardman caves are now a slayer assignment-only area. If zulrah dies during the melee attack, the melee attack is cancelled. Vorkath has had a little bit of polishing: Sound effects introduced. The hitsplat for walking on the acid splats on the ground is now red. Vorkath's ranged max hit lowered from 35 to 32. Using crumble undead on the zombified spawn now provides correct amount of experience. Vorkath no longer drops amethyst bolt tips. Vorkath's loot is now dropped at the correct locations, relative to where the player is standing on Vorkath's death. This ensures that the loot tracker plugin can always recognize Vorkath's drops. Vorkath now resets its attack counter upon death, and randomizes the current special attack type. Demonic gorillas have been rewritten, old code has completely been scrapped: Alongside the demonic gorillas, tortured gorillas now better resemble OS in terms of mechanics and come with a proper combat script. Drops revised to more or less match OS. Sound effects included. Multi area introduced to the crash site cavern. Cerberus has been completely rewritten from scratch: It now comes with the combo attack that was previously missing. The combat script now properly follows the patterns that exist in RS and isn't randomized. The ghosts' attacks now register when the animation starts, not when it lands on you, so the according prayer must be up on the start of the animation. Sound effects included, and certain animations have been corrected. Alchemical hydra has had some bugs fixed, although not all yet, further fixes will come in the future: The alchemical hydra now resets its attack counter after death. In addition to the above, the attack style with which the hydra begins the next kill is now randomized. During the transition from the third phase to the last one, if the last hit that hydra did was the third hit in the sequence, it will no longer swap the attack style twice, thus resulting in it continuing with the same style that was in the third phase. The fire phase no longer causes players to get teleported back into the fire if they die through the fire upon death. The hydra can no longer be poisoned or venomed. The hydra's poison attack no longer applies poison to you once you've respawned at home after death, if the timing was luck enough. Orrvor Quo Maten now asks the players if they wish to enter the Hydra's lair when they already have items sitting in his collection chest from the previous death. The stun caused by the lightning attack by hydra no longer resets the player's current action(which would usually be combat). The "You're stunned!" message sent by hydra and kree'arra is now filterable. Players can now enter the Hydra's lair even without a slayer assignment to unlock the "Alchemical Attack!" music track. Chambers of Xeric Changes The Mountain Guide now transports players between Mount Quidamortem and Shayzien's Wall. The obstacles found in the scavenger room should no longer rarely glitch your client out to where it'd appear as if you got teleported into the void. The rare drops are now broadcasted with killcounts, and whether or not the user was in a challenge mode raid at the time. The portal swap attack by the Great Olm has had some miniscule changes to the delay of it, and it will now do the teleportation one tick earlier. The damage by the life siphon attack will now occur one game tick earlier. The Humidify spell now shoots out a projectile when used against the fire wall. Vasa Nistirio's teleport attack now longer locks the player, but rather stuns them, which allows the player to eat, change equipment etc. When logging into a raid, you're not placed at the respawn location, not the start of it(unless the respawn location is the start of the raid, of course). Energy focus is no longer allowed to turn more than once within a tick. The small muttadile will now use the melee attack more frequently when within attack radius. The abyssal portal no longer hits people away from the two-tile mouth. Players can no longer switch to a pickaxe to gain its damage-boost benefits against the guardians, the hit must be launched using the pickaxe. Dinh's bulwark no longer plays the emote if you try to equip it with both hands full, and no inventory space. Improved the code which loaded the blossom objects in the Vespula room - there was a rare case where the blossoms would not spawn as the code was looking for them in the wrong location and could not locate them. A hammer will now be found at the entrance of the crabs room in the Chambers of Xeric. The creature keeper room has the following changes: You will no longer receive 2 points for finding grubs instead you can now receive up to 3 grubs and this will be scaled depending on your thieving level for example: If you have 95+ thieving you will have a 11% chance of finding 3 and a 39% chance of finding 2 however if your only for example 74-94 thieving You no longer receive two points for finding the grubs. The thieving experience gained for finding cavern grubs is 40 for 1 grub, 60 for 2 grubs and 73 for 3 grubs. Players can now receive up to three grubs per chest, depending on their personal Thieving level. The scaling for the grubs is as follows: - If your thieving level is 95+, you have a 11% chance of finding 3 grubs and a 39% chance of finding 2 grubs. - If your thieving level is 75-94, you have a 11% chance of finding 3 grubs, a 13% chance of finding 2 grubs and a 26% chance of finding just 1 grub. - If your thieving level is 50-74, you have a 17% chance of finding 2 grubs and a 33% chance of finding just 1 grub. - At 49 thieving or under, you have a 50% chance of finding just 1 grub. There is always a 50% chance of finding no grubs - this value prior used to be around 40%, but has now been increased to 50% to match RS. Scouting for raids on a mobile device has been implemented in terms of game messages upon entering the raid, mimicing the exact messages provided by Runelite, and the same level of uncertainty, as it cannot always detect all the rooms within the raid. You can now disable up to ten layouts within the Chambers of Xeric by speaking to Captain Rimor. This comes at a fee of 2.5m gold per one layout slot. Once you unlock a slot, you can add or remove any layout to that slot for free indefinitely. Captain Rimor will explain in depth how this works when you right-click and choose the layouts option on him. The large muttadile will no longer trigger your recoil effects(ring of recoil, vengeance etc) while submerged. It can no longer be damaged while submerged either. Bugfixes The gap in abyss will no longer unlock you prematurely, thus allowing you to re-run the sequence before it has even ended. Pets can now be insured at Probita by using the item on her. Explorer's Ring 4 now recharges run energy by 100%, instead of the previous 50%. Explorer's Ring 4 now has 3 recharges, instead of 4. The ladder of one of the eastern houses in Falador no longer takes you outside of the building. Bracelet of clay effect has been implemented. Guthix rests can now be decanted. The anvils at the blast furnace area now require a Smithing level of 60 to be used. Potato cactus spawns have been added to Kalphite lair. The super antipoison item spawn by Castle-Wars has had its respawn time lowered to 6 seconds. A broken fence south-east of Barrows is now functional. Players can now put potatoes, onions and cabbages into sacks. Limestone brick crafting implemented. The uncharged version of the infernal axe can now be used for the clue which requires you to bring an infernal axe to him. Shifted the position of the dancing chair in the Draynor Manor mansions. Motherlode mine exit no longer requires you to be level 60 Mining to use. A fishing spot in Mor Ul Rek can no longer go to an unreachable location. Graceful is now allowed on Entrana. The "Locate" option on talismans now inform the user which way the ruins are. The following five shortcuts have been given the respective achievement diary requirements: Stepping stones in Brimhaven dungeon. Crevice in Heroes' guild dungeon. The stepping stone between Lumbridge swamp and Kharidian desert. The stepping stone at Mos Le'Harmless. The narrow crevice in the deep wilderness dungeon. The location of the mining guild teleport on the Zenyte portal has now been matched to that of the Skills necklace. Angler's outfit can now be found while fishing, at a rate of one in 1000 five on average(through random rolls still, so you could get it on your first catch!). The rate does not change for different types of fish, so it doesn't matter whether you catch anchovies or sharks. The Wizard in Wizard's Guild will now create Splitbark. Jackie at home now sells fine cloth. Ancient Wyvern shortcut patched in the slayer-assignment-only dungeon. The killcounts of the boss versions of certain creatures are now added on-top of the killcounts of the weaker versions, so if you have five Kraken boss slain and only two normal cave kraken, the Kraken boss will display five killcount and cave kraken will display seven. Implemented the access point between the Karamja volcano and Crandor. A miscellaneous teleport to Crandor has been added to the Zenyte portal. Dashing and spotted kebbit furs have been added to Jackie's skilling shop. Zul-andra bank deposit box has been implemented. Players can now navigate through the dense Kharazi jungle with a machete. Placeholders have been introduced for further items which lacked them, these include max capes, tridents, ibans staves and more. The dwarf cannon pieces are now sold by Nulodion for 375,000 gold per piece, for a total of 1,500,000 gold for the full cannon. The cannon in the slayer shop has not been changed - this was only introduced as an alternative to aid people who wish to train ranged but keep their hitpoints level low. Upon disconnection, the game will now kick you out of the game once 15 seconds have passed, unless you're within Wilderness. The delay was previously at 60 seconds, making death by disconnections a much likely cause. Graceful hoods no longer show your facial hair. Pirate's bandanas now properly hide the hair. Mount Karuulm weapon shop introduced. Blessings no longer automatically go into the quiver when the setting to automatically pick up ammunition is enabled. Brother Tranquility now offers transport to Harmony Island. Players can no longer purchase a rune pouch if they already own one. Some new item broadcasts have been introduced and fixed - items like visages, imbued heart etc will now broadcast. Using the peek option on the Dagannoth kings lair ladder now tells you the number of people in the slayer-only lair as well, not just the regular lair. Desert heat can only damage you for 1-10 damage now, instead of the previous 6-12. If a drop is received in the noted form, it will still count towards the unnoted version tracked by the collection log. Fertile soil spell no longer locks the player in place for six game ticks after casting. Players can now rake in raids without needing free space, assuming they have at least one of each of the three seeds with them. The game settings interface no longer opens as a temporary interface which closes immediately as you walk away - it will now remain open for as long as you wish, replacing the game management tab until it has been closed. Elidinis statuette in Nardah now boosts the players' health to hitpoints level + 7 if their current hitpoints are below that. Dragonfire protection messages are now fully filtered. 'Enter chaos rift' wilderness diary now works through the Abyss. Lit bug lantern no longer counts as a light source. Kegs can no longer be taken of the keg balance room. Molten glass can now be made by left-clicking a furnace when you have the items in your inventory. The slayer tower doors to aberrant spectres now force-walk you through them, immediately closing them behind you. The right click spellbook option on Tyss now switches you from the regular spellbook to Arceuus. Mosol Rei no longer walks around the entrance of Shilo Village. Bruma torch can now be used to light a Wintertodt brazier. Coordinate clues will now properly display coordinates that lead with a 0 for example instead of 3 degrees, it will show 03 degrees. Robin's name at home has been changed to Robin Hood to avoid conflicts with the Robin at Port Phasmatys. Runelite clue loot tracker now adds the entries when the clue opens. Previously, you would have to open two clues in order to get the first one to display. Alan at the farming guild will now be able to look after the bush, the cactus and the allotment patches for a fee. The rune pouch now costs 750 slayer points instead of the previous 1,250 slayer points. The slayer helmet and salve amulets now display the respective slayer and undead bonuses on the bonuses interface. The Wyrmy pet is no longer tradeable. Fixed a problem with certain clan names crashing clients. Items that are noted can now be sold to the shops which accept stock only, but provide the unnoted version of said item. Fixed a bug in the loot pile timer upon death which wouldn't properly register donator boosts. However to combat this, I have lowered the timer for "items being visible on the ground for all", which was oddly high at 5 minutes. That time is now at 2 minutes. Players can now deposit the contents of a looting bag that they're carrying by clicking the deposit-looting-bag button on the bank deposit box interface. Red dragonhide chaps (t) & (g) no longer require level 40 defence to wear. The rubber mushroom on Fossil Island now teleports players deep into the swap - however keep in mind you'll be hit for a hefty amount of damage if you don't fill the landing place with some mushroom! Calquat payment no longer requires the 8 poison ivy berries twice. Claiming donations and votes now informs the user if the API call failed, telling players to contract an administrator for manual help. This rarely happens but it does happen. Catherby teleport on the Zenyte portal has now had the location changed to match the Lunar spellbook teleport. Upon claiming votes, the player is now informed of how many coins they received for voting. Hard clue scrolls no longer give extended antifires when you land on the rare potions loot - instead, they now give regular antifires. The following lunar spells no longer require a defence level to be used: Bake pie, Boost potion share, Cure plant, Dream, Fertile soil, Geomancy, Humidify(Still need defence when using it to douse a fire wall in Chambers of Xeric), Hunter kit, Magic imbue, Monster examine, NPC Contact, Plank make, Recharge dragonstone, Spin flax, Stat restore pot share, Stat spy, String jewellery, Superglass make, Tan leather, All lunar teleports. Staff of the dead now requires level 75 attack to equip. Yell filter now also filters staff yells. If shields are disabled in a duel, two-handed weapons will now be unequipped when the duel begins. Master scroll book now turns to the empty version when all the scrolls are removed from it. Barrows prayer drain timer now resets if the player leaves the room. 1/100 drops no longer display as 1/1 on the drop viewer. Bloated toads can now be placed in both swamp areas around feldip hills. Zulrah item retrieval service must now be emptied before the user is allowed to go to zulrah. Emotes which are unlocked now remain unlocked throughout logouts.
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    Given the recent events,@[email protected] resigned from development. Alongside this,@Coreyrecently got a job IRL and has shifted focus to a different project in-game, which has left the Theatre of Blood without any developers for now. Moving forward, I'd like myself [email protected] take on either the Theatre of Blood or Construction, whichever ends up being the more popular option out of the [email protected] continue working on a project that is yet to be announced, but will in the near future. Bear in mind the estimated time given in the poll here is a big approximate - it may take longer, and it make take less. It includes the testing process and everything between. We will also be switching up the way we handle smaller updates on the side. We will try to set up a schedule of pushing out a smaller update every two weeks. This may take some time to set up and catch up to the schedule, but the idea is to devote 2-3 days out of every two weeks to smaller bugfixes and content that people require, and the remainder of the two weeks to whichever project players choose. I chose to not include any other projects in the poll, as past polls have shown these two are the big ones that have been requested. The option that loses in the poll will most likely be worked on right after the winning option is published. The poll has closed. Theatre of Blood has won! The development will continue on it on Monday.
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    Developer Gepan Community Manager Itzcnote100 / Carl Fe Felix / Felix Administrator HC Tuoppi Archaiic/Abiosis Cresinkel Global Moderator Jagermassa Moderators Piplup Mr Goblin David Forum Moderator N/a Junior Moderator JerryPeter Cutest boy Zek
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    Treasure Trails Different levels of clue scrolls Zenyte will offer six different levels of clues scrolls (beginner/easy/medium/hard/elite/master). The higher level ones being more difficult to complete. Players will be able to stack different difficulty clue scrolls boxes. Clues will be obtained by randomly killing monsters, implings or skilling (fishing/woodcutting/mining). Also voting will reward you with a random clue scroll box (3 votes = 1 random clue scroll box). Obtaining clue scrolls There are multiple ways of obtaining clue scrolls on Zenyte. Clue scroll drops: ~375 monsters currently drop various clue scrolls. Chambers of Xeric have a 1/12 chance of dropping an elite clue scroll. Barrows has a 1/200 chance of dropping the elite clue scroll per barrows brother slain. The stone chest in the lizardman temple has a 1/100 chance of dropping the medium clue scroll. The rogue chest has a 1/99 chance of dropping the hard clue scroll. The H.A.M members have a 1/50 chance of giving easy clue scrolls when pickpocketed. Clue bottles, geodes and nests can be obtained with OSRS rates and opened to receive the clue box. Clue scroll steps Each difficulty clue scroll will have certain step amount: Beginner clues - 1 to 3 steps Easy clues - 2 to 4 steps Medium clues - 3 to 5 steps Hard clues - 4 to 6 steps Elite clues - 5 to 7 steps Master clues - 6 to 8 steps Zenyte has most of the clue steps implemented, which includes: Anagram clues: Some anagrams come with an additional challenge, such as answering a question, completing a puzzle or completing a light box. Cipher clues: Cipher clues all require you to either answer a question, or complete a puzzle. Coordinate clues: The elite coordinate clues will require the player to kill either a Bandosian or and Armadylean guardian before progressing. The master coordinate clues will require the player to kill three Ancient wizards if they're in multi, or a Brassican mage. Cryptic clues: Cryptic clues will require the player to search an object, to talk to a specific NPC, to kill a monster, complete some sort of a challenge a NPC asks them or to find a key and open the object locked behind the key. Emote clues: Emote clues have various requirements regarding worn items; the player may be asked to wear specific items, sets, or wear nothing at all. The emote(s) must be done in the specified area, often a house or other structure. Medium emote clues will require the player to perform two emotes. Hard and master emote clues always require the player to defeat double agents before progressing further. Map clues: Map clues never require the player to kill anything, only to dig at where the treasure is found. Hot/Cold clues: The master hot/cold clues always require the player to defeat three Ancient wizards, or a Brassican mage, depending on whether the player is inside a multi zone or not. Music clues: Music clues require you to play a song in Falador park, on the bridge, to Cecilia. You need to have said music tracks unlocked beforehand. Triple cryptic clues: All implemented and functional, triple cryptic clues only appear in master clue scrolls. All three steps must be completed in order to progress further with the clue scroll. Light boxes: Fully implemented and completely random patterns. Puzzle boxes: Puzzle boxes can always be solved, the way they're randomized is by starting with a complete puzzle and running a random number of valid steps on it until it is scrambled, meaning it 100% is always doable. STASH units All but three STASH units implemented(three unavailable due to inaccessible items or areas) until construction is released, STASH units will require respective crafting levels and give crafting experience. When construction releases, the skill will simply by swapped out to construction. Experience gained from STASH units before construction will remain in crafting and won't carry over to construction. The Mimic The Mimic is a boss who can be fought by presenting a mimic casket to the strange casket found upstairs in Watson's house. Mimics can be obtained from an elite or master reward casket. The elite reward casket has a 1/35 chance of being a mimic, while master reward caskets have a 1/15 chance. The fight with the Mimic is instanced; if the player dies during the fight, lost items will be kept by the strange casket and can be reclaimed for 90,000 coins. Players have six chances to kill The Mimic from a master clue, five from an elite clue, which corresponds to the item rolls from the obtained casket. Every time a player leaves or dies, the amount of rolls on the drop table is decreased by one. If a player fails every attempt, they will not receive any loot from the original clue scroll. Clue scroll rewards Clue rewards have been implemented in full: The reward caskets are stackable and can be opened in masses. All clue scroll rewards have been implemented from all tiers. The rewards obtained through treasure trails are tracked by the collection log. All items can be worn, have proper bonuses and requirements. Clue scroll milestone rewards (Large spade, Clueless scroll, Uri transform, Heavy casket and Scroll sack) are implemented and are available after completing a clue scroll with the necessary milestone count. Implings and Puro-Puro From now on implings will spawn globally and players will be able to catch them around the map, all of their loot tables are 1:1 to OSRS. Global impling spawns implemented, which are randomly assigned traits (rare spawn, invisible spawn) at server startup so they change often. There are roughly half the implings ingame at all times based on the amount of possible spawn locations. Implings despawn after ~15 minutes after appearing. Bare-handed impling catching Puro-Puro is an area that contains 11 types of implings that can be caught by players. Jar generator and Magic butterfly net were implemented with the addition of Puro-Puro. Agility Pyramid A new agility area called Agility Pyramid will be accessible. On this course players start at the bottom of a pyramid with the goal of reaching the top, where they are able to collect the pyramid top. Before reaching the top, players will have to successfully traverse each of the five layers of the pyramid. Players with an agility level of 30 or higher can head over to the Agility Pyramid near Nardah to get started. Most obstacles of the course have a chance of failure so food is suggested for those with lower agility level (30s~60s). After reaching the top of the pyramid, players can retrieve a pyramid top which can be given to Simon Templeton for 25,000 coins each. Skotizo Skotizo is a demonic boss located beneath the Catacombs of Kourend. Accessing its lair requires the use of a dark totem on the altar found in the centre of the Catacombs, one dark totem permits only one attempt. If the player dies in Skotizo's area, there is absolutely no way to retrieve items lost on death! Should the player need to leave, they can either teleport out or use one of the four portals in the corners of the boss chamber. Skotizo can be substituted for both Black demon and Greater demon kills during Slayer tasks. Chompy bird hunting Chompy birds can now be killed for a chance of Chompy chick pet and Chompy bird hats. Bloated toads must be used as bait to catch them. Bloated toads can be sucked up with Ogre bellows by the nearby swamp. When a Chompy dies, it will give you a corpse, which you can pluck to gain feathers. Doing this will also place a Raw chompy and some bones on the ground. A Chompy bird will escape after one minute if you fail to kill it. Players can talk to Rantz to buy an ogre bow and receive a free ogre bellows to begin chompy hunting. Chompy chick has a 1/500 chance of dropping from chompy birds for those who have completed the elite Western Provinces diary. Chompy bird hats can be claimed from Rantz after bringing him an ogre bow and getting enough chompy bird kills. New features Enhanced tridents Players can now use kraken tentacles on Lieve McCracken which she will permanently hold onto. For every 10 kraken tentacles, a player can use an uncharged trident on Lieve, and receive an enhanced variant in replacement. Pet mystery box This box includes these pets: Spirit kalphite, 4 versions of Baby dragons, Praying mantis, Wolpertinger, Granite crab, Cockroach, Evil turnip, Spirit mosquito, 4 versions of Geckos. 2 versions of Penguins, 3 versions of Bulldogs, 5 versions of Squirrels, 3 versions of Raccoons, 3 versions of Platypuses, 3 versions of Terriers, 3 versions of Greyhounds, 3 versions of Labradors, 2 versions of Dalmatians, 3 versions of Sheepdogs, 10 versions of Monkeys and 10 versions of Chameleons. Whenever a player opens a pet mystery box, they will receive a pet (from the list above) they do not currently own, assuming they're missing at least one pet from the selection. If the player possesses all the pets, they will be unable to open the box. The box contains a variety of pets, all of which have the same rarity except for the dragons. The pet dragons have a much lower chance of being received from the box, however if all other pets have been redeemed, the box has no choice but to give you the missing dragons. New Discord commands (::log, ::stats, ::poll) Graceful recolouring The graceful dyes can be bought from the vote shop for 5 vote points each. One dye can recolour one graceful piece. The default unlocked colour selection consists of all but white and dark blue. The white one can be unlocked by completing all achievement diaries. It will then be available through the dye's recolour menu. The dark blue will remain locked until a later update. Bugfixes Half fish pie now boosts fishing skill stat instead of farming. Added proper stats for hydra slayer helmet (i). Run energy is now calculated prior to movement preventing players from using an infinite run exploit. The herb patch at Weiss no longer diseases. Empty out option for burnt pie now functions replacing the burnt pie with a pie dish. Using cannonballs on dwarf multicannon now loads up the cannon. Players will no longer always receive a golden chinchompa pet. The pet received is now random with a small chance of getting a golden variant. The trident of seas (full) dropped by kraken now properly degrades. Unstrung emblems are now able to be strung by using ball of wool. Players can now also bless unholy symbols by talking to Spirit of Scorpius south-west of Ardougne, or bless with an unholy book or book of balance. Zahur no longer charges Onyx+ members for crushing secondaries. Explorer rings alchemy option now works. All Explorer rings have 30 charges of free low alchemy uses with Explorer ring 4 having the extra benefit of 30 free charges of high alchemy. Players can no longer trade custom pets or put them in the grand exchange. "Special" seeds are now protectable. These include Giant Seaweed, Teak tree, Mahogany tree, Cactus, Potato Cactus, and Calquat tree. For detailed information, see here. Both shortcuts for entering and leaving ogre island now work. Players can now use a knife to cut up chocolate bars. Max cape now has -4 reduction on weight. While having bank open, players are now able to use the fill option on runecrafting pouches to withdraw essence from bank and straight into pouch. A set of Zamorak robes are now required climb the ladder for the Asgarnia Chaos Temple (north of Falador). Also, physically picking up wine of zamorak now results in some damage. Rada's blessing 4 now needs to be equipped to receive fishing effect. Players can no longer steal from Ape Atoll stalls while disguised as a monkey. Players can now cook yak meat. Burying bones in Catacombs of Kourend now restores prayer. Pineapple rings can now be used to create pineapple pizza. Max cape mithril grapple and bronze crossbow limited to thrice a day. Players can now create turquoise slayer helmet. Vorkath head can now be used on max cape for same effect as using Vorkath head on Ranging cape. Sapphire bracelets are now able to be created. Fixed a typo in Shantay Pass dialogue. Wilderness canoe pond is no longer a option in the Zenyte teleportation portal. Wingman Skree now uses proper magic attack animation and graphics. Added weapon poisoning for all poisonable weapons Players can no longer teleport to the Magic mushtree they are using. Scorpia offsprings now count towards scorpion slayer task. Reanimated npcs now count towards their respective slayer task. Black Heather, Speedy Keith, and Donny the lad now count towards bandit slayer task. Ghostly robe top and bottom now have correct item bonuses. Mudskipper hat now displays properly on player. Max cape and farming cape now teleports player inside farming guild. Clearing raids herb patches no longer takes multiple dig animations and now works on first one. Adding pages to tome of fire no longer requires input and has been replaced with adding all in inventory. Corporeal beast wilderness exit now shows warning dialogue. Players can no longer get experience for hitting tentacle whirlpool (first hit) Slayer ring now gives enchanted gem on degradation instead of just disappearing. Gnome cocktail is now fixed. Players can now create botanical pie. Fixed inventory space check for cooking combinations that do not consume materials (e.g creating pastry dough). Jumpable rocks in Taverley dungeon now require level 70 agility to attempt. Dust devil spawn in wall has been fixed. Battle mages are now aggressive against players not wearing their god cape. Buying untrimmed cape from mac now gives hood. Increased radius of Crazy Archaeologist special attack to 3x3. Stony basalt now teleports under shortcuts or above depending on task completion. Added two missing bronze dragon spawns to Catacombs of Kourend. Added missing baby black dragon spawn. Bloodvelds are no longer aggressive. Wilderness swords now cut webs 100% of the time. Digsite pendant now works towards Varrock diary task. Western Provinces diary task to teleport to Gnome Stronghold via spirit tree is now fixed. Sherlock task of teleporting to planted spirit tree has been fixed. Dark totem pieces no longer need to be assembled in order to continue receiving them. Arceuus spellbook home teleport now takes you near dark altar. Stepping stones at Lumbridge Swamp Caves now work. Runite golem no longer breaks after respawning and Runite rock dropped from golem is now able to be mined. Players only need to show Rune defender once to access Warriors' Guild Basement. Proper degradation messages for Slaughter and Expeditious bracelets. Fever spider now inflict disease instead of poison if player isn't wearing Slayer gloves. Varrock armour 4 now counts as replacement for Prospector jacket. Proper experience for Golden gauntlets and Varrock armor 'combo' smelting effect. Wyvern shield can now be created at House on the Hill in Fossil Island. Item wield information, bonuses and requirements have been corrected for a wide variety of items, even those outside of Treasure Trails. Improved the code which handles synchronizing elements around you when you move, such as spawned/removed objects, ground items and whatnot. Prior to this, it was possible - assuming an item was perfectly positioned in a way that would permit it - for it to not be removed or not show up when the player gets close enough to it. This should no longer be the case. Dragon dagger's special attack accuracy boost has been reduced down to 15% from the previous 25% after Mod Ash released new information about it. Watson house teleport added to the portal at home. A large variety of new pets have been introduced, all obtainable through the pet mystery box. Fixed an error which caused the drop viewer to not display all the drops when searching for "ancient" of "shard". Stronghold of Security gates no longer ask you the questions once you've completed the maze and received all four rewards. Mystery box loot has been rewritten to an extent. All of the Treasure Trails items have been removed from the box, and a variety of new items have been introduced. In addition to this, the average loot value has been greatly improved from the boxes. The custom fur clothing shop has been implemented in Varrock. The access to the fossil island dungeons has been implemented, you can now properly climb through the cave entrances, staircases etc. The resizable world map can now be opened even if the player has a central interface(e.g. bank interface) open. The same does not apply for full screen world map(on mobile, only the full screen world map is accessible so this change does not affect mobile users). Digsite teleports now take the player to the correct location. Keldagrim stonemason shop now sells proper items. The stock was rather broken before. Added a variety of missing items to the "list of godwars protective items". The sextant, and its companion items can now be purchased from the skilling shop at home. The Patchy NPC on Mos Le'Harmless island now provides sewing and unsewing services for a variety of items, some of which are still inaccessible but nonetheless. Staves now possess a deterministic attack animation, depending on whether or not the off-hand slot is filled. The Uri transformation emote no longer allows the user to create a lock where they block all the incoming damage by playing the emote repeatedly over and over. Digging with a spade no longer locks the player. A number of memory optimizations implemented. These will indirectly affect the stability of the server. A collection which held entity's received hits has been rewritten to a more memory-efficient solution. Until now, we have had very verbose logging server-side, for every player. Our player logs reach the 200gb mark in just a couple weeks. I have gone over all of the packets that exist and filtered out roughly 90% of those, more specifically the ones which have served no purpose to us in what is almost a year now. The give thanks emote now locks the player again. In addition to this, the emote can no longer be played back-to-back to block all incoming damage indefinitely. Added a movement lock to the Trick emote. All non-special animations can now be played back-to-back without having to wait for the emote to finish(e.g. jig to dance). Rewrote the way barrows doors were handled. This should hopefully fix the issue with them not reacting to users clicks after some time. Monsters larger than 1x1 can no longer spawn in the tunnels inside Barrows, when going through the doors. Rewrote the way prioritized targets work. you should no longer come across the issue of crypt monsters sniping your assigned barrows brother as you go through the doors. You can now also attack barrows bothers immediately even if you're being attacked by a crypt monster. Went through server logs and repaired some of the common errors that were being logged(they didn't cause any real harm but were spamming out logs for no reason). Rewrote the item sets interface, you can now examine the very last items on the interface and make item sets out of those. Mt. Karuulm elevator no longer has issues with indefinitely locking the player if the user tries to glitch it out. Players can no longer abuse the teleport interface at home by teleporting to locations they didn't have unlocked. Items kept on death which won't fit in your inventory will now be dropped on the ground beneath you a tick after you respawn, along with unfilterable red messages implying that. Upon the end of a duel, both players receive a few seconds of immunity from incoming damage. This prevents an issue with delayed attacks still dealing damage once the player has left a duel. Monkey greegrees rewritten to not permit the user to leave the Ape Atoll island as a monkey. Black dragons assignment will no longer be given to players in the Kourend catacombs if their slayer level is under 77. Fire max cape can now be used to gain passage to the Mor-Ul-Rek city. Fixed a bug where godwars killcount monsters would still increment killcount if killed outside of the godwars dungeon. The serpentine helmet and toxic staff of the dead now have had their maximum charges upscaled from 25000 to 90000. This means, both of the items, when fully charged will now last 3.6x longer. Any existing helmets and toxic staves of the dead on the live game will currently not be upscaled and people - even those who have 100% charged in them before the update - will end up with just a fraction of that after this update. It is too difficult to upscale it for existing users, far too prone to errors. You can just fill the items up again after the update and only then - will they be at full charges. Increased smoke devil's attack range and made them attack from afar, as opposed to previous melee distance. Ferocious gloves can now be reverted at the Lithkren machine. All "spawned" barrows creatures will now despawn if the player goes further than 15 tiles from them. This will help clean up the tunnels from excessive amount of creatures. The "Peek" option on godwars dungeon boss chamber doors has been implemented. The spammy fletching messages about not having the necessary items to do something have been resolved. Items that do not appear on the grand exchange can no longer be set up as offers(e.g. an item called "tile"). Treasure trails related items have been removed from the vote shop. Vote shop now contains the graceful dyes, all essence pouches(you can only purchase them in order from lowest to highest, if you've obtained say a small one from the monsters, you'll be able to purchase the medium one from the shop). Wine fermenting process bugs fixed. Disabled some unnecessary RuneLite api calls. Reduced farming exp from sprouting roots at Wintertodt. Pyromancers no longer have 1hp. This was originally not the case when Wintertodt came out so it was somehow reverted. Wintertodt states are now properly reset; this fixes a fair few bugs regarding braziers getting attacked, staying lit, etc. Wintertodt random cold damage now always hits at least 1. Vote shop and loyalty shop now send message displaying amount of points player has. All crystal halberds now display proper attack styles. You can now left click Great Olm's firewall to instacast humidify to douse the fire. Runes can now be dragged between containers for rune pouch. Harmony island teleport in Arceuus spellbook now gives 74 exp instead of 174. Clicking on furnace with a steel bar and ammo mould in inventory will automatically display cannonball creation dialogue. Dark tunnel in the Motherlode Mine now uses correct animation. Blue dragon scales now spawn in Myths' Guild basement near dragons. All wyverns found in Fossil Island now have correct combat script and use icy breath, ranged, and melee attacks. Skilling calculator plugin now allows players to put their xp rate for more accurate calculations. Attempting to join the "help" clan chat now re-directs the user to the official clan channel. Vote and loyalty shops now display highlighted quantity of existing points when opening the shops. Lizardman shaman combat script has been rewritten to not freeze the monsters, spawn purple followers in walls and to not drop loot underneath the player. K'ril Tsutsaroth's combat script has been restored. Smoke devils no longer block each-other, and merge together without needing to force it. A placeholder dialogue has been introduced for pets which did not previously have a dialogue. Giant mole is now enabled as a potential boss task. The game no longer slowly goes out of synchronization over time. Previously, the game was put to sleep for 600ms every tick(minus the processing time), however with it being millisecond precision, on average, half a millisecond was added on top of that delay, causing each cycle - on average - to take 600.5ms. It now properly re-adjusts the cycle time to ensure that it's always a 600ms interval. Examining asleep version of Vorkath now shows proper drops on it. Lithkren dungeon now has a semi-dark overlay to it. The mind, elemental and ancient wyvern shields now all have an animation, graphics and a sound effect(no sound for aw shield) played when the player equips it. Every occurrence of "just now" replaced with "right now" for consistency. Fossil island wyverns can now be obtained as an assignment. Task-only wyvern cave area defined. "Stop the Wyvern" slayer unlock now functions. Pyrefiends now use magical melee attacks. Scarecrows can no longer be planted in non-flower patches. Mage arena II bosses now have an attack range of 10 tiles, as opposed to previous 8. 39 new achievement diary tasks have been implemented. Anyone who previously had the diaries completed, will now have to finish the remaining tasks to get the effects given by the diaries. Any items you acquired as a diary reward will still be available - and for the most part - should still function. Skull sceptre's max charges now depend on Varrock diary completion. Teacher wand equip animation updated. Vanguards no longer drop 3-dose potions. TzHaar task replacement dialogue fixed. Cannon now fully decays after 30 minutes, as opposed to the previous 25. Dragon hasta's attack speed patched. The white public chat effect fixed. Ammonite crabs on Fossil island now in a multi zone. Infernal axe now gives the player a bar instead of ores. Battle mages now have proper bonuses. Blast furnace now counts towards skilling dailies. Guard dog at Kourend now says woof, as opposed to previous.. humanoid chat. Making a single bird house no longer prompts the make-x dialogue. Burning amulet now gives a proper warning to the player when teleporting. Large compost bin now works in Farming Guild. Post-update patches Prayer altars now restore prayer again. The dark altar's animation is now reset after being used for teleporation. Implings now reset retreating on death Impling retreating issue patched (being stuck in the corner) Two extra rare impling spawns have been added to Puro-Puro Black d'hide chaps no longer require defence Regular butterfly net now has working 'show totals' option (previously only worked on the magic butterfly net) Stash unit slot limitation issues fixed Barrows no longer caps out NPCs Ancient wizards no longer stop attacking the player after one enters combat Red topaz karamja step fixed Jiggig can now be entered Bloated toads can only be planted at Feldip Hills now Taskmaster dialogue fix Fixed skeleton clue drops Clue nests now give the player an empty nest when being looted "Give thanks" emote works again for those who unlocked it Godwars KC Npcs no longer force-aggro in Wilderness Mort Myre Swamp fairy ring "BKR" implemented Western diary requirements for chompy hunting lowered - elite now requires 300 (instead of 1000) with everything else scaling inbetween Dark totem pieces now come in order Lunar island bank booths can no longer be walked on Fenkenstrain castle doors now function properly Volcanic ash can now only be added to a compost bin when it has finished rotting at it's full stage. Also added checks to ensure the player has the necessary 25/50 volcanic ash Bracelet of clay charges now per-player rather than per-item Map and cryptic clues which require the player to dig now work in a 3x3 range, instead of just one tile Upper level motherlode mine access fixed Stamina effect now displays on the run orb Additional media
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    Easter 2020 This update log contains information regarding the Easter event, new store items, and store bonuses going on until the end of the week. Store Bonus April 12th through April 19th we will have a massive store bonus when purchasing credits: +25% Bonus credits for Paypal / Crypto Paying via Crypto/Coinbase is now supported! +15% Bonus credits for OSGP Furthermore, there is Bonus-EXP until the end of 19th of April! In addition to this bonus, we will be releasing exclusive holiday themed custom items that can be purchased with credits: (STORE) Easter basket - A basket full of easter eggs. This basket will give you a custom walk animation while you wear it. The item will be discontinued when the event is removed from the game, on the 19th of April. The item costs 1,000 donation credits. (STORE) Bunnyman mask - A mask that makes you look like a bunny. The item will be discontinued when the event is removed from the game, on the 19th of April. The item costs 500 donation credits. (STORE) Bunny outfit (does not include bunny ears) - An outfit that will make you look like a bunny. The item will be discontinued when the event is removed from the game, on the 19th of April. The outfit is tradeable. The item costs 2,500 donation credits. (VOTE POINTS) Easter ring - An easter themed ring which turns you into an Easter egg once it is worn. Sold in the vote store for 25 vote points. The item will be discontinued when the event is removed from the game, on the 27th of April. The item is tradeable. Easter Event Together with @Kris, we have whipped up a very nice, short and sweet Easter event for you all to attend. Of course, this will also come with holiday exclusive event items such as a Easter carrot, Chocatrice cape as well as two new emotes! You can start the event by talking to the Easter Bunny located south of Home ( icon on the minimap). We suggest you turn music and sound effects on for the event for full experience! Here are the rewards for the event: (EVENT) Chocatrice cape - has a custom animation when "Operate" option is used (EVENT) Easter carrot - has an option to whack people with it Custom Emotes: Around the World in Eggty Days, Rabbit Hop Bug fixes There are many more changes currently pending, but they're not quite ready for release yet. These were just small ones that have been sitting around for ages that are able to go live. Filling sack with hay now works on every hay bale. Rare puro spawns now have different chances for implings and no longer spawn common variants. Made implings in general slightly easier to catch. Players can now buy up to 1,000 Zenyte teleport tablets a day from Hezaff via the new right-click option This is per-player, meaning every single player can buy up to 1,000 tabs a day regardless of how many there are in stock Bug fixes as of 15/04/2020 These bugs were the result of us replacing the entire cache library between February and March, and thus causing a lot of "desynchronization" between work that has been done and what has been "overridden" by older branches. Experience mode selection now properly works for the two other modes aside from x5. STASH unit behind the Edgeville general store put back there. Reward caskets from Treasure Trails now have their distinctive colouring. Drop viewer should no longer cut off the bottom entries. The 'Trick' emote graphics updated, latest update broke them. In addition to this, the Trick emote now has proper sound effects. Dice bag now has sound effects. 'Cosmetic box' renamed to 'Pet mystery box', as it was intended. "Kill a spiritual warrior in the wilderness godwars dungeon" diary should now function. Players can no longer purchase more than one essence pouch at a time. Using the godwars boulder now properly locks the player. Torn clue scroll pieces are now always kept on death, even in Wilderness. Arclight can no longer be alchemised. Golden chef's hat can now be used to gain access to the Cooking Guild. Filling a god book no longer uses the entire stack of pages, but rather just one of the pages. STASH unit filling no longer puts the items into the unit one-by-one in the case of some STASH units, like the Barrows one. Fire max cape, infernal cape and infernal max cape will now work for the 'Equip a fire or infernal cape in Mor-Ul-Rek' diary. There is a lot of chaos in the world at the moment, we hope this event brings you some happy memories! Keep safe and hope you enjoy it! Happy Holidays! - Zenyte Staff Team
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    Supply Drop Table Explanation/Formula As we know, supplies and everyday consumables can be hard to come by in the world of Zenyte. Rather it be so some nice potions, a few bolts, or a couple inventories of food, it can get expensive to carry out daily PvM activities! What we did for you guys was put in place a quite nice supply crate drop table. In this thread you can find a bit more about them, including the various items you may receive and how the drop is rolled. Note: Ironmen/Ironwomen accounts are NOT eligible for this extra drop table roll. ONLY NPC's combat level 50 and above can provide this extra drop, your chance of receiving it increasing anywhere in the wilderness. Formula: Wilderness chance being 1 if outside of wilderness, whereas inside wilderness it is 1.5 Multi-compound NPCs such as the Kraken Boss (which has 4 tentacles) will only roll for one supply drop a kill. When a player receives a supply drop, you receive a random amount/type of supplies from the below listed items, and 50,000-150,000 Gold Pieces. Potions: Super Combat Potion(4) (5-25) Prayer Potion(4) (10-30) Super Restore(4) (10-30) Saradomin Brew(4) (10-30) Super Antifire(4) (5-15) Stamina Potion(4) (5-30) Anti-venom+(4) (5-15) Sanfew Serum(4) (5-30) Thrown Ranged Equipment: Grey Chinchompa (50-200) Red Chinchompa (50-200) Black Chinchompa (50-200) Crossbow Bolts: Ruby Bolts (100-400) Diamond Bolts (100-400) Dragonstone Bolts (100-400) Herblore Secondaries Eye of Newt (25-200) Limpwurt Root (25-200) Swamp Tar (25-200) Snape Grass (25-200) Chocolate Dust (25-200) Jangerberries (25-200) Mort Myre Fungus (25-200) Potato Cactus (25-200) Red Spider Eggs(25-200) White Berries (25-200) Dragon Scale Dust (25-200) Goat Horn Dust (25-200) Unicorn Horn Dust (25-200) Misc: Crystal Keys (5-15) Food: Shark (100-300) Sea Turtle (100-300) Anglerfish (100-300) Dark Crab(100-300) Manta Ray (100-300) Tuna Potato (100-300) Uncut Gems: Opal (10-75) Jade (10-70) Red Topaz (10-50) Sapphire (10-40) Emerald (10-30) Ruby (10-20) Diamond (5-10) Dragonstone (1-3)
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    Total of each clue scroll completed: Beginner clue scrolls: 1,596 Easy clue scrolls: 4,636 Medium clue scrolls: 10,533 Hard clue scrolls: 6,651 Elite clue scrolls: 1,061 Master clue scrolls: 444 Top 10 most clue scrolls completed Beginner @faggetman: 52 @callmepf: 28 @Only Trails: 26 @characterz: 17 @Zook: 17 @glitch: 15 @logout: 14 @Otoris: 14 @ily: 14 @Feast: 13 Easy @splasher: 502 @callmepf: 224 @BabyOatz: 142 @ONE Lyfe: 110 @Vulpini: 103 @faggetman: 101 @shelby cobra: 100 @Maulz: 100 @MeneerBalzak: 89 @Magepals678: 89 Medium @Gerard: 428 @Hide: 400 @5x Fe: 300 @Lucipurr: 206 @ranger guy: 165 @Not Died Yet: 114 @Schrute Farm: 105 @Iron Melee: 95 @Taiga: 76 @Acre: 75 Hard @ranger guy: 88 @Tadjs: 83 @Lets Geaux: 64 @Versace: 56 @5x Fe: 50 @faggetman: 46 @miliseconds: 45 @Mals: 43 @Archesky: 40 @Sloth13: 40 Elite @affenstander: 11 @Mals: 11 @Cappin: 10 @mechmen: 8 @Lucifer2207: 8 @BlameJuicy: 8 @Bakerman: 8 @Bird law: 7 @L: 7 @Not Died Yet: 7 Master @faggetman: 15 @Schrute Farm: 15 @Lets Geaux: 12 @ranger guy: 10 @Star: 9 @Lucipurr: 8 @Cappin: 7 @Lucifer2207: 7 @splasher: 7 @ErikZakalG: 5 Below shows each tier clue scroll cumulative loot across every account which completed the clues. It only tracks items tracked by the collection log itself. *The Gnomish firelighter and Ancient, Armadyl and Bandos stoles are currently unavailable as a result of a bug. *The pirate hat version which clues currently give is a reoloured version not tracked by the Collection log, therefore it is not showing the real amount of it. *The elf camp teleport is unavailable until the release of Prifddinas.
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    The Ultimate Guide For Beginners Special thanks to all the original publishers of any guides linked below. I - Overview Of The Home Area Shops + Npc's. Zenyte Teleporter. Grand Exchange. Sprit Tree / Fairy Ring. Box Of Restoration. Other Useful Objects. II - Getting Started Game Noticeboard & Settings. XP Rates. Two-Factor Authentication. Voting. Achievement Diary. Help Clan Chat. How To Use The Wiki. How To Use The World Map. III - PvM Overview Of Combat Styles. Training Slayer. Best In Slots & Where To Get Them. Bossing + Minigames. IV - Skilling Skilling Guide Directory Useful Skilling Items Other Useful Skilling Guides V - Moneymaking Beginner Moneymaking Advanced Moneymaking Making Money With Skilling Special thanks to all the original publishers of any guides linked above.
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    New Items Sherlock's notes Sherlock's notes are a tradeable item which can be used on any clue scroll to advance one stage, regardless of whether you have the requirements or items needed to complete that stage. Sherlock's notes can be bought from our vote store for 1 vote point each, or from the donator store on our website in two different packages - one being 10 notes for 35 credits, and the other being 100 notes for 300 credits. Tome of experience Tome of experience is an untradeable item which allows the user to gain 5 minutes of 50% bonus experience per tome. The tomes will stack by the time duration, so if you redeem two of them, you'll have 10 minutes of 50% bonus experience. The bonus experience will not stack with the global bonus experience that we enable from time to time. If you have active bonus experience from the tome when we enable the global bonus experience, your private bonus experience will freeze at that time. The timer will tick down whenever you're online, and global bonus experience isn't enabled. The timer cannot be manually stopped by the user, so only redeem as many as you really need to avoid the experience waste. Tome of experience can be bought from our vote store for 1 vote point each. Creature Creation Creature Creation is a minigame that involves creating unique hybrid monsters and killing them for their drops. It can be found in the basement of the Tower of Life. Some of the monsters drop multiples of items that are otherwise hard to get or expensive to purchase, such as Unicorn horns, which are used to make Unicorn horn dust for Herblore. Players who have completed tiers of the Ardougne diary will receive these drops in noted form. Some of the monsters are dangerous, so bringing food may be advised. Sandstorm The Sandstorm is a grinder found west of the quarry, operated by Drew, which grinds sandstone into buckets of sand. To use this machine, players must deposit empty buckets (notes are accepted) with Drew, and must load the machine with sandstone, with heavier pieces of sandstone resulting in more buckets being filled with sand. They can then claim noted buckets of sand from Drew for 50 coins each. Drew can hold up to 25,000 empty buckets for a player and the machine can store up to 25,000 buckets worth of sand. Donator benefits Sapphire members+ will now see a "Remove-skull" option on the restoration box at home. This allows them to remove their PvP skull at any given time. There is no cooldown to using this feature. Sapphire members+ will now be able to automatically collect any marks of grace they find during rooftop agility if they have a ring of wealth worn with the currency collection option enabled. Emerald members+ will now have a 25% chance of getting the option to be sent directly to the center room of Barrows when finding the hidden passage on a sarcophagus. When this occurs, they will be met with a three-option dialogue, instead of the default two options one. The option to take you directly to the chest room will be first in the dialogue; the other two have been shifted down. Dragonstone members+ will be able to insure their pets for free at Probita after they've insured at least two pets with her. Onyx members+ will be able to freely enter the Wilderness resource area even if they do not have the elite Wilderness diary completed. Bugfixes Players can now use grimy herbs on a vial with herblore cape equipped to create the corresponding unfinished potion. Coal bag empty option now functions as intended with bank deposit interface open. Crafting jewellery speed has been increased by two ticks. Creating stamina potions now shows correct potion on creation dialogue. Ranging guild turret ladder no longer causes no-clipping. Sophanem temple ladders now take you to correct destination. Iron dragons at the Catacombs of Kourend now have an attack speed of 4 ticks instead of 6 ticks. Players can now ask Guildmaster Jane how much contracts they've completed (this won't include any contracts completed prior to update). Rubber chicken whack option as well as emote now functioning. Creating anti-venom+ is now only possible with 4 dose potions. Players can now search sack near mage arena for a knife. Rune pouch empty option while bank open no longer deposits runes into bank but into inventory. Fairy Ring to leave Zanaris now checks for Elite Diary completion. 10 warrior guild tokens are now removed on entering a cyclops area as well as 10 per minute inside. Chopping trees with a boost will now check for players level every iteration versus one time on start. Players can no longer harvest multiple scarecrow by using rakes. Falador shield now has proper messages for checking charges left. Harmony island can now be found in Skilling category in the portal at home. Explorer's ring alchemy function no longer lets you use alchemy for free with no charges left. Toktz-xil-ek and Tzhaar-ket-em now have proper attack styles as well as animations. Meat cleaver now has correct attack style and animations. Wilderness course plank works again, after having accidentally broken it with the last update. The shortcut on troll stronghold mountain that requires 47 agility now gives 8 xp. Helemos and his store now implemented on the second floor of Heroes guild. Martin Thwait's lost and found shop implemented - players can sell items to him at the high alchemy prices. Ghorrock teleport location updated on the ancient spellbook. Shops are now duplicated across the game. Instead of there being one stock of regular and ironman shop each, there are now five different versions of each of these. Each player has access to a unique slot out of these five variations - the slot will never change for an account. This helps better spread out the stock amongst our player base due to the lack of extra worlds. Dragon hasta's special attack implemented. 'Reptile freezer' slayer unlock now only works if the user is carrying an ice cooler - and deletes it in the process of use through automation. Removed all the "suspicious water" creature spawns across the dagannoth king islands. Creatures can no longer damage you as walk you towards them but behind an obstacle. This glitch was specific to walking behind an obstacle that was one game tile away from the creature(for some reason, code added +1 tile to maximum distance if the target was moving). Players can now place a cannon in the waterbirth dungeon - just not in the areas filled with dagannoth kings. Uri can no longer spawn outside of the clue scroll's polygon boundaries. Players can now read a daily board on the northern wall of the general store at home, which lets them see how long until the next daily limits reset occurs, and what limits they have at any given time. This board includes things like Zulrah resurrections, spellbook swaps, many of the achievement diary teleports and more. Daily limits are now synchronized to server clock. In addition to this, as soon as the clock hits 00:00, everyone online will receive a message about their daily limits having reset. You no longer need to relog to get them reset. Cerberus should no longer glitch out upon death and not give you loot from certain points of the area. Bush patches will now regain fruit over time if left alone, assuming it's not at full capacity. If you have a bush patch available right now and it is completely empty, you will need to clear the patch out and re-plant it. It'll only work if you remove some berries off the patch after this update. Dark essence block chiseling is now an automated process if one wishes to AFK. Simply craft one block, and you'll continue to do so every few game ticks until you run out of blocks, or are at full capacity in the fragments. You can interrupt this simply by walking away. Infernal tools rewritten: The tool creation was rewritten so that you can now also charge infernal equipment that's ran out of charges. The dialogues and sound effects were all replicated. When the infernal tool incinerates something, a local sound effect is now sent. On top of incinerating logs, the smoke graphics is now also sent for incinerating fish and ore. The experience received for incinerating logs has been halved, to match RS. The experience received for incinerating bars has been hard-coded with specific values, to match RS. Incinerating ore no longer gives you a full bar back. The check-charges messages for infernal tools made to replicate RS. Media
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    Hello, you guys want a chance to win some $$BONDS$$ for FREE!?! Okay well super simple to try, i will list the steps. One thing I would like to say beforehand is i would like staff members to partake as well.. My goal is to get the entire community to interact and have a good time together. Step 1 Like this post Step 2 Comment 1 out of the 9 flowers that can come. Step 3 comment a time on the 1st of august that i should plant the seed, so we can get majority of people online to see if they won. Step 4 All of the people who guessed the correct flower color will move on to the next stage of this $$BOND$$ give away! Okay Incase people do not know the colors or the % each color can get drawn from mithril seeds here RED FLOWERS: 14% BLUE FLOWERS: 15% YELLOW FLOWWERS: 14% PURPLE FLOWERS: 14% ORANGE FLOWERS: 15% MIXED FLOWERS: 14% ASSORTED FLOWERS: 10% BLACK FLOWERS: 0.2% WHITE FLOWERS: 0.1% I will allow up to 3 winners! the $$BOND$$ amount will be a surprise, GOODLUCK! WILL ALSO OFFER THE STREET PRIZE OF ZENYTE GP INSTEAD OF $$BOND$$ IF WANTED. ONCE AGAIN IT IS A SUPRIZE WHAT BONDS THE 1ST 2ND AND 3RD PLACE WINNERS WILL GET, LAST GIVE AWAY I DID OVER $100 IRL WORTH OF BONDS.
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    Instances The long awaited instances are here! God Wars Dungeon Lets start of with the mechanics of GWD instances Note: The crevice objects used to access the rooms to make an instance will not be visible to players who use the low-detail runelite plugin. You have to disable the plugin and relog in-game to access that area. Joining Each lair has it's own instance center, upon traversing in side the room, you'll find a Dying Knight, explaining how instances work. To create an instance, you'll need to create your own Clan Chat, and pay 150,000 GP. Once paid, you'll be able to use the portal, and you will teleport into the instance. From here, you are free to exit the room, and enter the boss room providing you have the KC requirement if need-be. Should you die inside your instance, you are able to pay the Knight a fee of 1,500,000 GP to retrieve your gear. Keep in mind, this works like the other instance NPC's, where if you die again without claiming your gear, it is lost forever. Leaving While inside of a Clan Chat Instance, if anyone leaves or gets kicked, a random 3-10 second timer initiates. When the timer hits 0, you will be auto-removed from the instance, assuming you haven't rejoined the clan within 3-10 seconds. Like always, when there are no players inside the instance, it will close. More of the development process of GWD instances here. Dagannoth Kings Instances for Dagannoth Kings will work in a similar way to GWD. Joining To create an instance, you'll need to create your own Clan Chat, and pay 200,000 GP. Once paid, you'll be able to use the crack, and you will teleport into the instance. Should you die inside your instance, you are able to pay Hagavik a fee of 150,000 GP to retrieve your gear. Keep in mind, this works like the other instance NPC's, where if you die again without claiming your gear, it is lost forever. Leaving While inside of a Clan Chat Instance, if anyone leaves or gets kicked, a random 3-10 second timer initiates. When the timer hits 0, you will be auto-removed from the instance, assuming you haven't rejoined the clan within 3-10 seconds. Like always, when there are no players inside the instance, it will close. Thermonuclear smoke devil Instances for Thermonuclear smoke devil will be per player. So only you will be able to join the instance. It will work like any other per player instance. To create an instance you'll have to pay a 100,000 GP. Once it is paid you'll be teleported into your instance. Be aware that if you die inside the instance item will be permanently lost. Changes to KBD & Kraken instances Kraken instance now costs 25k instead of the 50/100k and items lost on death are permanently lost. King black dragon instance now costs 50k instead of 100k and items lost on death are permanently lost. Other changes Greater Nechryael drops are now fixed Mist Runes can now be put into Rune Pouch Bronze Dragon drops are now fixed Demonic Gorillas drops are now fixed (Dragon javelin head have the rate as OSRS) Demonic Gorillas now drop Redwood, Celastrus, and Dragonfruit Tree seeds All Superior NPCs in Kourend Catacombs have a 1:1 Ancient Shard drop Random event restriction has been added to Falador Party Room Random event restriction has been added to Castle Wars lobby (Gambling Area) Fixed the Desert Amulet teleport location Garlic can now be obtained by searching Morgan house cupboard in Draynor Village Sound effects have been added to the Home teleport Sound effects have been added while smelting Hidden items no longer show for Ironmen with the "Hide Items" option enabled Blast furnace now counts towards Daily Challenges Leaving Help CC no longers puts you back once you relog Al Kharid cable obstacle messages can now be filtered The Pollnivneach ladder can no longer be used to skip the course Black Mask requirement of 20 Defence been fixed to require 10 Defence Casting Telegrab on an Apron in Port Sarim now gives you the correct ID Godwars minion aggression is rewritten, the minions will now attack whoever hit the boss last Kree'arra needs to now be directly interacted with in order to keep her from meleeing you; just landing AoE attacks that damage her no longer does the trick Kree'arras tornado attacks now also stun the player and push them back one tile, if possible Kree'arra's melee attack now rolls against your magic defence World map for Godwars updated to reflect on the changes Fixed a bug which caused NPC's globally to appear to speed up in some rare occasions, this was mostly seen in Godwars Dungeon Jatizso Banker can now be accessed Implemented sound effects to some of the common global objects, such as altars and chests. Implemented sound effects to hundreds of various monsters, mainly covering the training and slayer category of the game. The ava's assembler and ava's max cape will now turn to the broken version if possible, the same way as some other max capes, void and other items do. The ferocious gloves now turn to hydra leather if the player dies in wilderness to a player and the gloves aren't amongst the protected items. They will remain in the gloves form if the player protects them or doesn't die to a player. Mithril seed dropping game messages are now filtered. You should no longer be able to see parts of other peoples' instances from your own. The padding around instances has been increased from 2 chunks to 13 chunks, this will cover even the worst of scenarios as the distance is at least enough to cover your entire loaded map at any given time. NPCs inside instances will no longer respawn if the instance instance was wiped underneath them while they were in their "respawning timer task" The gourd tree should now be fixed in raids. Second time's the charm, ay? Post-update bugfixes (23/06/2020) Minor map patches for the Armadyl godwars chamber area. Superiors will no longer drop totems and shards double. The 10,000 reward points that were given at the end of a raid if you completed challenge mode within the time bracket is now added to the total points too, not just private points. Fixed a bug preventing the altars at Skotizo from being killed. Added ancient stole, armadyl stole and bandos stole rewards to medium clue rewards table. Fixed the id of the pirate's hat in hard clue rewards table so that it'll show up in collection log. Instanced godwars bosses' respawn timers are no longer affected by boss mass event timer changes. Fixed a bug with godwars chamber doors which could sometimes push a player within a wall if they spamclicked the door right after someone else entered. Fixed a bug with daily challenges which occurred if person downgraded their donator rank to a point where they would have less daily challenge slots available to them. Cerberus can no longer be slain if the user is on a hellhounds task from Krystilia. Aviansie and bloodveld task from Konar now lets you kill the creatures within the instanced godwars dungeon.
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    Hello! Finally finished the Money Making Guide I started earlier this week. It took me a long time to record and edit, so I'd appreciate the support by liking the video! Liking the video will also make it more visible to others when searching on youtube, so it helps everyone!
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    Kebos Lowlands Konar Quo Maten Konar quo Maten is the new slayer master, located on top of Mount Karuulm. The tasks that she assigns are bit a different than the ordinary slayer master. You will be assigned to kill a certain monster at a specific place only. Meaning that you can't finish your assignment elsewhere. Brimstone Chest There is a chance that monsters that you kill during an assignment by Konar quo Maten can drop Brimstone keys. These keys can be used to unlock the Brimstone chest next to Konar quo Maten for special rewards. Karuulm Slayer Dungeon The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon has been added with all its monsters. This dungeon can be found on the top of Mount Karuulm. In there you find a bunch of new monsters such as Sulphur Lizards, Wyrms, Drakes and Hydras. The task-only areas have also been added to prevent people from fighting over monster spawns. You must wear protective boots inside the dungeon to prevent damage from the volcano heat unless you have the elite Kourend & Kebos diary completed. Alchemical Hydra The Alchemical Hydra is a boss found in the lower level of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon in Mount Karuulm, requiring level 95 Slayer to kill. The boss comes with 4 different phase with each its unique special attack. You will only be able to kill it if you're assigned to kill Hydras by Konar quo Maten. Lizardman Temple The Lizardman Temple in Molch has been added. You can get there the quickest by using the fairy ring code CIR which teleports you south of Mount Karuulm or you can use the boats around Lake Molch to get there. In the temple, you'll find a bunch of Lizardman shamans. Kourend & Kebos Diary As requested, the Kourend & Kebos diary has also been added with 27 completable tasks. The reward from this diary is the Rada's blessing which offers some useful teleports to the Kourend Woodland and Mount Karuulm. Completing the elite diary will also give you permanent heat protection in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. With all diaries implemented, we can finally introduce the Achievement diary cape which can be purchased from Mac for 99,000 coins. Halloween As most of you have seen and realized by now, we ended up skipping our Halloween event. The reason for this is simple - even though we started the work on it 5 weeks before the actual event, with Chambers of Xeric being in the middle of it, I just ran out of time to pull the update through. A week after the actual Halloween, I decided it would be better to just skip the event itself, as the holiday feel is long gone. So, as a compensation, I have decided to add the Grim Reaper at home whom you can talk to, to redeem the rewards that were meant to come with the event. I feel it is better we still reward the players with some fashionscape, than to leave everyone completely empty-handed. You will be able to claim the rewards until the end of this month. In addition to the rewards you may claim from the Grim Reaper, I have also decided to introduce a few limited-edition items on our store. Until the end of this month, players will be able to purchase the Jack o' lantern mask, the Grim reaper hood and the Hunting knife. These items are tradeable and will be discontinued after the end of the month! Bugfixes Zulrah no longer attacks the player after they die, often causing the victim to get venomed after arriving at respawn location. Grand Exchange Offer Viewer interface offer highlighting now spans across the entire interface. Grand Exchange offers now have a time limitation on them - As of this update, any offer that hasn't been updated within seven days will be removed off of the Grand Exchange and will no longer be found through the offer viewer. Players can re-set the offer to start the timer back at seven days. The timer also resets whenever the offer progresses, partial or full. The timer can be found within the examine box on the offers themselves. The reason for the timer is the offers on the Grand Exchange which have been there since the summer, which no one would be willing to accept unless they made a mistake. The Grand Exchange is currently filled with offers for 1gp, hopefully this will resolve the issues with that. When clicking a purchase offer on the offer viewer, if the player has less of the item required by the offer with them, an offer with the quantity set to whatever the player holds will be set up. Previously, game would notify that you do not have enough of the item to complete the offer. Offers in the offer viewer can now easily be searched simply by clicking on the item in your inventory, so if you're looking to sell an inventory full of items, you can simply click the item in inventory and it displays all the offers of your current selected transaction type. Removes the need for searching-for-offers entirely in such scenarios, which was often rather tedious. Skin recolouring has been fixed. It will no longer change your gender or hairstyles.
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    Ectofuntus Players are able to go to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys to grind their bones into bonemeal and sacrifice it to the ectofuntus. Sacrificing bonemeal to the ectofuntus grants 4x the experience you would normally receive by burying the bones. Players can do this by bringing bones and some empty pots to the upstairs of the ectofuntus and putting the bones inside the hopper, then grinding them through the grinder and lastly taking the bonemeal by using an empty pot on the bin. In order to sacrifice the bonemeal to the ectofuntus, players must also obtain some slime. To do this, players have to go to the bottom of the ectofuntus and use empty buckets on the pool of slime. Each pot of bonemeal requires one bucket of slime. Every sacrifice performed at the ectofuntus grants the players 5 ecto-tokens. These tokens can be used to charge the bonecrusher at a rate of 25 charges per ecto-token. Players can claim the bonecrusher as well as ectotokens from the Ghost disciples found on the ground floor of the ectofuntus. To be able to claim the bonecrusher, players must have completed easy, medium and hard Morytania diaries. Players can also grind silver bars in the ectofuntus, giving them silver dust in exchange. Slayer-only Dagannoth kings lair Players who are on a slayer assignment from dagannoths, or the dagannoth kings boss-task will now be able to use the "Slayer" option on the ladder that brings them to the dagannoth kings to access a separate dungeon to fight them. The slayer-only area is not instanced, so you will still be able to see other players if they're also inside it. Players will not be able to attack the dagannoths when their assignment runs out. The lair is free to access and the only requirement is the aforementioned assignment. Evil Bob's Island As a mechanic to fight against bots, we have implemented the Evil Bob's random event. This is a forced event that the players must complete in order to get off the island. Players will only be teleported to the island if they're out of combat and aren't in a restricted area. The frequency of the event is currently set to on-average once every five hours per player, with a guaranteed hour limit between events to ensure this doesn't occur too frequently. Please note: If the event is still too common, administrators are able to decrease the frequency of it through commands. Players will occasionally be teleported to the island where they must feed Bob the correct fish in order to escape. To determine what the correct fish is, talk to the servant found on the island. They will explain and show you where you must catch the fish from. Beware: If you catch the fish from an incorrect side of the island, you will not be able to get off the island until correct fish is fed. You MUST feed Bob the correct fish. When you complete the event, you will be granted an antique xp lamp. The lamp provides 750 experience multiplied by your experience rate in any skill except for Construction. There is no level requirements to use the antique lamp - this allows skillers and other special builds to train skills they normally would not be able to. More random events will follow in the near future to add variety to the tasks players must complete. As for right now, only Evil Bob event is available. Bugfixes Adamant and rune dragons have had their dragonfire attacks weakened - they will both now be fully protected through super antifire potions. Implemented some improvements to player following under combat when using ranged and magic. Previously it was extremely easy to gap someone, that's no longer the case. When using ranged or magic to attack someone, you will not get gapped unless you get behind some trees or anything of sorts. Enchanted symbol can no longer be operated with outside of wilderness. Dwarf multicannon decay messages are no longer filtered. Fixed an issue with duel arena that would occasionally freeze one of the players within the area at 0 hitpoints, making them unable to do anything. Additionally made deaths within the arenas safe(if something goes wrong, that is), so if an issue similar to this were to ever happen again, you would not lose your items when dying inside it. Animated armours in warriors guild will no longer give players experience when attacked with magic or ranged. They will also despawn after a minute of being out of combat. Implemented some changes to kalphite queen, making her able to wander across the entire dungeon as well as not retreat when being attacked from a far. Fixed an issue with fight caves boss timers. Added a 5-tick delay to wiping instances. This means that when you leave an instance such as fight caves, you pet doesn't just vanish. The pet would previously be despawned(however you would still keep it, it just wouldn't be visible - relog would re-spawn it just fine) when leaving instances. Fixed an issue with stamina potions combining. Probita now checks for transmogrifiable pets when insuring your pet. Players can now teleport to the slime pit under ectofuntus using morytania legs 2 or better. Imbuing items no longer removes charges from them. Magma helm now counts as a serpentine helmet for its effects - had a typo in the item id previously. Applied some fixes to godwars dungeon - the monsters within chambers will now always be aggressive towards the players, regardless of how far they are. Reworked some core in regards to entity processing. NPCs are now processed before players. Bear in mind this was a huge update and could break a lot, however it was a necessary one. The main fix brought on by this is that NPCs that use melee will now hit you instantly as the animation starts, not with a 1-tick delay. Levers that teleport the user into wilderness now give a warning. Players can now walk up to 60 tiles when clicking afar from their location. This can mostly be felt when doing arceuus runecrafting - the long paths around objects were prematurely stopped previously. Dark wizards have their combat scripts implemented. Seed box now accepts tree seeds; In addition to this, players can now use the "fill" option to add the seeds that are already in the box. Spinolyps can now be attacked. Elidinis statuette now has its effects. Players no longer get extra tokkul when selling items to TzHaar shops while wielding the gloves; The reduced cost for buying items still preserves. Made some more mystery box cosmetics tradeable. Vorkath's head is now always dropped on the 50th killcount. Turael was removed from home to avoid confusion in new players who assume it is the only master we provide. Players who wish to train using Turael can still find him in Burthorpe - which can be accessed for free through Zenyte portal. Messages when killing a player have been introduced to indicate who you slaughtered. Swamp toad's can now be dissected to get their legs which are used in herblore training. Barrows items are now tracked by the collection log. All hits done on a player within one tick are now visible during that one tick - meaning if you use dragon dagger special on a player and the first hit of the two kills the user, the second hit will still be visible. Special attack orb is no longer clickable within wilderness. Fixed an issue with chaos elemental and fanatic disarm attack. Added a couple more red spider egg spawns in the edgeville dungeon and overall lowered all red spider egg spawn timers to once every 10 ticks as opposed to previous 30 ticks. Fixed an issue that allows players to eat karambwans too quickly. Another major update was done within player processing. Actions such as combat are now processed before movement. We had it incorrectly previously to my surprise, so I've swapped the order. This may have caused some potential pathfinding issues so if you find any, let me know. Fixed all I could find with it. Players can now empty their rune pouches directly inside bank. You can now get lizardmen as a slayer assignment. Health drain message from blood spells no longer shows if the spell splashes. Fixed a typo in observing the iron winch in Cerberus. Added some more warriors guild cyclops spawns and increased their respawn timer to 3x faster. Kalphite queen has been re-adjusted. Her attacks are now more accurate following the previous update which made them far too weak. Kalphite queen now also drops supply drops(same as in RS) every kill as a secondary drop. Fixed a typo that prevented Crazy Archaeologist assignment from working. Verac's set now pierces through kalphite queen's protect from melee prayer. Slayer helmet can now be used in place of the tier-5 shayzien armour to get protection from the lizardmen poison attack. Reworked aggression system with godwars generals, their aggression should now be more like OSRS, allowing tanking. Players can now use the Gricoller's can to water seedlings. Zulrah no longer has immunity delay when rising from the waters - players can attack it instantly as the rise animation starts. PID now swaps every 100-150 ticks, as opposed to previous 60-150 ticks. Priorities in PVP are now switched to the user you're attacking when you perform the attack on them. Implemented a new teleport to level 35 wilderness, directly north of chinchompa mountain.
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    Pyramid Plunder To begin your plundering, head over to the teleporter at home & teleport to Sophanem, where you will find the ancient pyarmid. Farming Contracts & Seed Vault You can use the teleporter at home to get to the Farming Guild to receive your 1st contract, or you can use a Skills Necklace to teleport there. While you're there, free up some much needed bank space by storing all of your seeds in the vault! Please note that, as is the case on OSRS, UIM will not have access to the vault. Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility Course With the addition of this Agility course to Zenyte, it means we now have all of the rooftop course in-game & fully functioning. Bug Fixes & Misc Changes The Chompy Chick pet rates are now fixed & should be more aligned with what you'd expect. The Ogre Bow & Composite Bow are now properly defined as two-handed weapons. Statius', Morrigan's, & Zuriel's armour now show up as full body armour when equipped. Instead of rogue equipment giving double coin pouches when pickpocketing, you will now just get 1 coin pouch plus GP to match OSRS. Coin pouches now also have their proper examine text. You can now left-click anvils to bring up the smithing interface with any type of bar in your inventory. You can now go back down either of the staircases in Kourend Castle. Jellies now drop Mithril Boots. You can now enter the Cooking & Crafting Guild with a Max Cape equipped. Magic Secateurs now have their proper weapon attack style options. Made numerous messages filterable. The Dust Devil diary task now only works in the appropriate area, which is the Smoke Dungeon. Admiral Pie now boosts your fishing level instead of crafting. Players can now claim multiple daily challenges without having to reopen the interface. Combat dummy can no longer be inflicted with status effects. Smelting multiple bars at Blast Furnace now count towards daily task(s). Death Spawns will no longer trigger auto retaliate and hit through the protect from melee prayer. The broken bridge near Rellekka is now accessible. This should help with the clue step in that area. Dragon Fruit and Fruit Pie are now obtainable and edible. Broad Arrows now use the correct projectile. Falador rooftop tightrope obstacles no longer consumes run energy while crossing them. We have decreased the time it takes to make pizza as well as other cooking combinations. Cooking combinations, such as making a Pineapple Pizza, will now take into account the amount a player selected on the creation dialogue interface. Fixed multi-combat zones on Fossil Island for Ammonite Crabs, you should no longer get the 'you are already in combat' message when trying to attack another crab while standing in a multi-combat area. Re-completeting an achievement diary will no longer tell a player to talk to the respective NPC for a reward if already claimed. Fire Max Cape now counts towards Karamja diary task. A cup of Nettle Tea no longer gives a +2 attack boost. Tea stalls no longer give Nettle Tea and instead gives correct tea which also has its proper boosts now. Fixed the DFS charges bug which prevented players from trading them. Moving the boulder to get to the Wilderness Godwars Dungeon now locks the player and prevents them from doing other actions. Death Talisman drop rate has been improved for Dark Beasts, the rate is now 1/128. Collecting Supercompost from any compost bin now gives 8.5 exp per compost. Fixed the answer for the Otto Godblessed clue. Prayer Cape perk is now active even when in inventory, previously only worked when equipped. Castle Wars Portal at Clan Wars now works & will teleport you to Castle Wars. Crafting a Dragonstone Amulet for the daily task now works. Ring of Dueling now has its proper dialogue. Enchanted Robes now have the correct level requirements to equip. Canifis and Varrock rooftop courses now provide same experience as OSRS, to scale with your chosen Zenyte experience rate. The Explorer's Ring's low & high alchemy function can now be used while you have any spellbook selected and having any of the rings in your inventory with no charges will no longer prevent you from gaining experience from a normal alchemy cast from your spellbook. Both doors into the Tai-Bwo tree area now work. Previously, only one of the doors worked leaving some players to assume the area was not accessible. Wyverns can now alternate between attack styles even when in melee distance. Getting randomed while in the Essence Mine will no longer cause the portals there to teleport you back to the island. Rada's teleport no longer resets on login & uses the proper limits. Fixed drop viewer for Battle Mages. No longer shows multiple Infinity Boots and gloves and instead shows the missing wands. The Western Elite Diary task to kill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil no longer works if you boost your Slayer level. A minimum of 93 Slayer is required in order to attack the boss. The issue where you could still use an event item's function after unequipping it has been resolved. This is for items such as the carrot from the recent Easter Event. The Ape Atoll teleport on the regular spellbook now sends you to the correct location. You'll no longer be teleported into the middle of the Monkey Archer area. F to pay respect to all of the fallen HCIM. Making Stamina Potions now uses proper skill dialogue and works a tick faster. All pets that should be insurable are now insurable AND lost on death if not insured. This includes the Chompy Chick and new pets that came with the Treasure Trails update. Redid defenders for the upstairs Warrior's Guild room, if you have a Dragon Defender equipped the Cyclops will drop a Rune Defender & not default back to Bronze. Added Pollnivneach rooftop agility course. Farming contracts added. Talk to Guildmaster Jane at the Farming Guild to get started. Added support for our custom teleport scrolls to the item identification plugin. (credits to Jakey for this!) Added a higher capacity for tool storage at all tool leprechauns. The in-game clock should now be working properly Raids Fixes The issue with clicks on gourd trees rarely not registering has been patched. Vespula now waits for two game ticks(1.2 seconds) before she goes to sting the grubs, effectively allowing efficient raiders to skip the grub healing process entirely. Tekton room no longer has issues with it sometimes having started by the time the first person arrives at it. This would result in all people having to go through the fire despite it being their first time entering the room. Olm's left claw should no longer remain clenched in the case of it clenching at the exact moment that the right claw is defined as dead. The left claw clenching requirement has been rewritten to better reflect on what occurs in the real game. Previously, the left claw would clench - assuming it is not the penultimate phase and the right claw is still alive, which is still the same of course - when it received a hitsplat of at least 30 damage. Now, the claw only clenches assuming it has received damage equal to 20 * the amount of people in the chamber within the last ten game ticks(6 seconds). So if you're trioing olm, to keep it from clenching you'd have to keep your damage-within-6-seconds to below 60 hitpoints, else it will clench its claw. The falling crystals phase-specific attack now only targets people in the Great Olm's viewing field, not across the entire chamber. The Great Olm's magic and ranged attacks now only deal 20% of the damage through prayers assuming the correct prayer is used. Previously, this number was 50%. So, assuming you were soloing, previously Olm would be able to hit a 16 on you with these attacks even if you had the correct prayer up. Now, that number is only a mere 6. Damage reductions based on prayer reductions have been rewritten to round up, instead of down. This would previously mean that if you were fighting against a skeletal mystic and only had 1 hitpoint and protect-from-magic prayer up, the mystic would never be able to kill you if it was only using magic. That was because the calculations would effectively look like 1 * 0.5, which, if rounded down comes to a zero. This number is now rounded up. Vasa Nistirios bomb attack damage can now be reflected back on itself through the use of recoil and vengeance. Tektons and Vasa Nistirios stomp attacks damage can now be reflected back on itself through the use of recoil and vengeance. Party system has been re-adjusted to allow proper scouting mechanisms. If the leader of the party leaves the raid, leadership is transferred over to the highest-ranking player who has the kick privilege in the clan channel. In addition to this, if a recruit+(who does not have kick privilege in the clan) makes a party, they will now be able to hold up the instance should someone with actual kick privilege leave the instance. Previously, the game thought that if the last person with the kick privilege left the instance, there is no one to hold it and it should be destroyed, even though it still contained the leader of the party. Abyssal portal attack mechanics have slightly been altered. The abyssal portal is no longer aggressive and only sends out its small shock-waves to whoever attacks it. In addition to this, if the user does not have any prayer points upon getting hit by the shock-wave, a tiny amount of lifepoints is removed instead. Challenge mode capes now require 10, 25, 75, 150 and 300 challenge mode completions to claim, respectively based on the tier of the cape. Metamorphic dust drop rate has been reduced by half from 1 in 400 down to just 1 in 200, assuming the player manages to complete the raid in the required time. Players now get 10,000 personal points when they complete challenge mode in time. Prayer enhance potions' durations have been extended to better reflect on how long they last in the original game. The Muttadiles will now be much less likely to go for the meat tree once they've been frozen once. Previously, they would more or less just continuously try to go for it even after being frozen multiple times. Players can now decant potions in raids by using an empty gourd vial on the potion. Only vice versa seemed to work before. Getting hit by the crystal burst attack no longer causes a random twitching for one frame. Dousing the fire wall in raids can now be done from a distance once again. Humidify works at a distance too! Challenge mode rewards changes; most of the underwhelming rewards have been removed from the table and replaced with the following: Zamorak grapes (1-500) Wines of Zamorak (1-450) Red spiders' eggs (1-1254) Crushed superior dragon bones (1-100) Battlestaves (1-95) Grimy snake weed (1-280) Nail beast's nails (1-170) Purple sweets (1-350) Steel bars (1-850) Unicorn horn dust (1-1500) Lava scale shards (1-750) In other news We've had a new login screen designed. This design is going to be used whenever we don't have an update-themed design currently running. A while ago I held a graphics competition to design us a new login screen, and this was the winner. The artist also happens to be @Ironyte! We hope you like it, we certainly love it! The new designs now also use the new logo. The smithing area at home felt a bit lackluster, missing an anvil and other parts, therefore we have revamped it and included other utilities you should find useful! As well as the furnace and kiln, you can now find an anvil, a pottery wheel, a water pump and a bucket spawn. Let us know if you want anything else adding - shoutout to @Lifefor designing it!
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    I want to arise a discussion towards potentially adding a new feature to all donator ranks which will help increase the quality of life for all donors in Zenyte. Bank Space We all use it, and more of it only makes life easier. With the addition of clue items (Yes stash spaces really help), I feel like my bank has been filled with clue items / cosmetics which could be stored in wardrobes in our homes. End game Zenyte players likely all understand the struggle of managing many sets of gear variations, herblore, farming, skilling, and slayer items with only 816 bank spaces. I understand this is a common issue on normal OSRS, but with this quality of life change we can help Zenyte stand out! Some of the issues you may deal with can include: These are just a few examples of likely the similar struggle you are all dealing with, and folk who OCD over a clean bank such as myself CANNOT remove certain placeholders... That will cause "Great Chaos"TM. Although UnLiMeTeD bank space would be nice, we need to add incentive to donators to increase their rank to make upgrading your rank even more worth it. Therefore, I propose: Normal: 816 Spaces Sapphire: 832 Spaces Emerald: 850 Spaces Ruby: 880 Spaces Diamond: 920 Spaces Dragonstone: 970 Spaces Onyx: 1030 Spaces Zenyte: 1090 Spaces I'd really like to see what the community think about this suggestion. Please feel free to modify my numbers for bank space. Thanks everyone for reading!
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    Bugfixes Master farmers drop table readjusted. Vorkath's venom attack's venom now starts at 6 damage, instead of previous 20. Metallic dragons dragonfire attack is less powerful now and blocked by super antifire. The broken fence to enter the lumberyard now works. A typo in fletching fixed. Rings of wealth can now be recharged at the fountain of rune. Demonic gorillas boulder attack no longer counts for the missed hits. Implemented a fix that will reconfigure your bank when you open it if it has glitched out in any way(tab sizes not matching up, available free spaces mismatching etc. Defence multiplier for PvP fights has been reset to 1.0; Previously, when calculating accuracy against a target in PvP scenarios, their defence would be multiplied by 0.825 so there would be less zeroes. This proved effective with end-gear fights, however as it seems, with pure fights this was just deadly. Untradeables are now kept in inventory on death in non-wilderness zones. Hespori flowers will now always die from a single hit. Krystilia no longer randomly sets your respawn location to Lumbridge when you talk to her. This is now done if you actually select the option. Everyones respawn locations were by default set back to Edgeville; If you wish to change it to Lumbridge, talk to Krystilia and she will do it for you free of charge. 500-total milestones are now submitted to the adventurer's log. Fixed an issue with bones-to-peaches spell. Fixed some problems with Cerberus. Fixed an issue which caused the Giant Mole from freezing stuck. Boss tasks are now functional. Fixed an issue that caused teleblock to wear off out of the blue when travelling across Wilderness. Cave krakens can no longer be safespotted. Fixed an issue that prevented dwarf multicannons from working. Removed flippers from the vote store as they are a Mystery box item. Fixed a bug with Zulrah's stats in the magic phase. It had too low of defence; In addition to this, Zulrah's hits now determine the damage based on active prayers when the hit begins, not when it lands. Zulrah now also uses its ranged attack more frequently during the magic phase, however magic is still predominant. Last player to hit a slayer monster no longer gets the kill; The one who dealt the most damage does. Item-on-npc slayer monsters - such as gargoyles can no longer be spam-killed through numerous use of the item-on-npc. Dragon knives and their special attack implemented. Arno's Hespori item retrieval service implemented. Black partyhat, flippers, black santa hat, black halloween mask, scythe, bunny ears and mystery boxes have been made tradeable. Uri's hat has been made wieldable. Freeze effects from spells now reset if the target is further than 12 tiles away from you; 12 is the absolute minimum we can do, otherwise freezes at long distances will never catch on. Dragon spear special attack has been reworked to match OSRS; Players can no longer permanently lock someone frozen through spam-use of the special. Players can no longer be over-smited. Smite effect is discarded if the user has died. Dragonfire damage has been decreased from 65 max hit to 50 for most monsters. Boosted the effects of the protect-from-magic prayer for chromatic dragons. The prayer no longer provides any effect against metallic dragons. Hunter NPCs no longer become "unaggressive" towards traps after some time. Dragon chainbody item drops have been updated to the correct version of the item. Staff members are now affected by the idle time-out kick; 5 minutes of idling will cause staff members to be logged out. Applied some fixes to duel arena. Hopefully it is now stable enough to work live. Players can now note and unnote items on bank deposit boxes. Lowered the amount of Hespori seeds that were received from fruit trees. Magic cape spellbook swap should now properly reset daily; You may still be limited for today, it should reset the limit properly for tomorrow. Ring of life no longer teleports users out of safe areas such as Pest Control. Desert diary achievement tasks should now all function. Fixed an issue where users were able to water seeds directly, instead of planted seedlings. Supply caches removed from Zulrah's snakelings, animated armours and Pest Control NPCs. Fixed a stuck ankou spawn in the stronghold slayer dungeon. Fixed the tree gnome village shortcut. Adamant dragons' poison attack is now much slower and easily dodgeable. Added the following items to slayer store: Shayzien T5 armour, Keris, Wolfbane, Holy wrench. Lizardman shamans will no longer damage the player with their poison attack if the user wears full Shayzien armour; Each piece individually provides 20% protection. Improved barbarian fishing speed. Fixed attack animations of abyssal bludgeon. Buffed the amount of grapes in the Culinaromancer's food shop. Allowed access to the blast furnace shop. Increased stock of the blast furnace shop to x10 OSRS; The ores also respawn at a fast rate of 1 ore per 3 seconds. Superior slayer monsters now spawn at a rate of 1/100. Boosted to 1/90 if the user is Diamond member. Superheat item spell now caches itself similarly to alchemy. Increased barrows' pieces rate from Mystery boxes by 4. Players can no longer get fighter torsos, fight caves and dragon defenders IF they already own one(checks bank, inventory and gear). If you need to get duplicates, you can always drop the item and open the boxes then. Iban's staff can now be repaired at Edalf at home, for 100,000 coins. Fertile soil can now be cast even if there is a compost on the patch already, as long as the compost is inferior. The only exception to this is the port-phasmatys patch. You can re-fertilize that even if it has already been fertilized by a more powerful fertilizer. This is to allow unlocking of the Morytania diary for high-tier donators. Crafting guild bank chest right-click options fixed. Bonds can now be given to ironmen. Removed the accept aid requirement to receive them. Vorkath no longer occasionally spawns the loot in the middle of the arena - trapping it from being picked up. Fixed Iban's staffs stance animation. Fixed the handholds necessary to enter the lizardman canyon. Applied a small fix to the occasional server lags after the server has been running for a long time. Reworked mysterious emblems from Slayer NPCs. Whenever you land on a mysterious emblem drop, there is now a chance you will get a higher tier emblem instead of tier-1. It is possible to even get a tier 10, albeit that is a very rare drop to receive. The higher the tier, the rarer it is. Improved some loyalty and vote store rewards; Prices have changed for some of the items. Gricoller's can implemented. The can possesses unlimited amount of water, players do not need to recharge it ever. Players can no longer deposit untradeable items inside the looting bag. Slightly lowered hunter catch rates as hunter NPCs were almost always gonna jump in a trap as soon as it got put up. Retrieval service cannot be opened from a different service-provider than the one who collected your items.
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    Zenyte in 2020 2019 has been an incredible year for Zenyte. To think that the server was released only 6 months ago on June 7th, is mind blowing. The strides that the developers have made in such short time is unbelievable. Zenyte is by far the best private server on the market today and we should be proud of that. With that being said, 2020 needs to be the year that we take things to the next level. --- There has been a void in the RSPS industry for a long time. Genuine heart for developing good content has been left in the wake of profitability and numbers. I believe Zenyte is so successful today because we are that void in the RSPS scene. Zenyte's foundation is built upon the idea that we want to be the best private server on the market. Not for profit, but for the love of the game. A Message to the Players I see frustration in some players because of the long space between content updates. With the ongoing joke of 'soonTM' whenever a piece of upcoming content is discussed. Raids could have been packaged together quickly and thrown into production, but Kris wanted to ensure that every aspect of the update was perfect. And this is what makes us different from the others. Each update is meticulously tested to ensure that only the top content is being released to live servers. Because of this, content is pushed out slower than other servers. I encourage everyone to keep suggesting content, keep feeding the furnace so that new ideas can come to life. This server has the unique ability to carve its own path and grow into something that the community wants. So keep bringing your ideas to the forums, discord, and developers and we can surely make this place into something special. A Message to the Developers @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey We wouldn't have this place if it wasn't for you guys. Its amazing to see a dream that the 4 of you had now come to life. Its even more amazing to see the success that Zenyte has had over the last few months. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to see your dream come to life on June 7th. I just want to encourage you guys to continue working to make that dream a reality. Even though we are on the road to the top, there are still hills to climb. Life loves to throw us challenges and distractions, but its important to reflect back on the past and see how far we have come. To remember the mindset you all had when creating the game we love today. To remember how important it is to promote teamwork. All these things that made the server what it is today. I hope in 2020 that we can revitalize that tunnel vision and teamwork and continue creating the best private server the world has ever seen. Much love and respect for all of you. --- I urge everyone to remember this when logging into the server, discussing future pieces of content, arguing in game chat or discord, or doing whatever it is that you love to do while playing Zenyte. We could be different, we could choose the path of other servers, focusing on profits, player counts, and unfinished updates. But then we wouldn't be us. We wouldn't be Zenyte, crafted to perfection.
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    https://discord.gg/VYNkw3 1. No Trading other players that are not in the group. 2. No selling / buying items using the GE. 3. We can't use our main accounts to help 4. We're limited to use the same items ironman are allowed to buy from shops. e.g Jewelry Shop / Mystics / RCB 5. If we would like to donate, we are limited to the items that are ironman-only. 6. We are allowed to share accounts with eachother to get maximum gains 7. We have one storage account, this account can be used to store items on. Rates: x10 Gamemode: Normie Alright, lets introduce ourselves. GIM Benz - Benz GIM D M T - Dee M Tee GIM Haze - Tangerine GIM Titan - Titan DK GIM P - Meoowoof *Due power issues he hasn't been able to grind hes accuont* No clue, who these people were when we started this, but I can tell you one thing. It's been hella fun and I'm glad we found eachother. Me myself, have been waiting for years for GIM release on OSRS, and i'm still waiting. But it's taking so long, so I've decided to start this GIM Group Project for fun. We've decided to make progress thread and maybe even videos when receiving end-gear, to inspire other people to start making GIM groups. Oh yeah quick little shoutout to Baka for making these sick graphics . We'll be updating this thread every 2 to 3 days, so everyone can stay updated on our grind . The accounts are x10 rated, we all agreed on this because we feel its like the right rate to not being able to max after a week or so. So we really have to grind out and help eachother out to reach that top. We've been keeping track of every level, achievement & item we unlock. Please note that these are our first 2 days so it's mainly rookie progress. Enjoy! Alright lets start off this our stats First pet of the group Rogues set Graceful sets First RCB Thanks for checking our progress thread out! Hope you enjoyed Please leave a like
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    The Zenyte Team is pleased to announce the long awaited release of the Chambers of Xeric! The Chambers of Xeric are a large cave system underneath Mount Quidamortem in the Kebos region. This comes with a full, 100% Old School RuneScape replicate of the Chambers of Xeric, with every detail nitpicked for accuracy and stability. We have implemented every aspect of every room, including challenge mode, proper dungeon scaling based on the party members stats, and even the proper point scaling system. In Zenyte, the Chambers of Xeric use Dynamic Map Generation. This system is unique to the RSPS community, who mostly use preset map patterns when generating raid rooms. What does this mean for me? Dynamic Map Generation means that every raid you embark on will be different from the last. Each time you form a group, the order of the rooms will be dynamically generated so that each raid is challenging, unique, and most importantly, 1:1 with OSRS. In the Chambers of Xeric, you can expect to see: Tekton Vespula Vanguard Ice Demon Muttadiles Vasa Nistirio Skeletal mystics Lizardman shamans Great Olm (final boss) Resource Areas Crab Puzzle Creature Keeper Tightrope Guardians Buildable Storage Units Accurate point system Below you will see each and all bosses with a short explanation of the mechanics that were implemented. Tekton Tekton will return to his anvil when players are not attacking it. Both emitted lights are added, red & orange with proper effects. Meteor strike during his anvil regeneration will occur. All of Tektons’ standard attacks have been implemented. Vespula Grubs have to be healed. If they hit 0 hit points, they will emit a vespine soldier. Vespula’s second phase is active once Vespula reaches 20% hit points. The septic tentacles will spawn near the entrance, dealing moderate poison damage (Does not cause poison) passing it once the fight starts. Vanguards All three combat styles of Vanguards are properly added, and weakened by its proper counterpart. Vanguards healing mechanic is in effect when one is pushed under 33% hit points while the rest remain above the threshold. Vanguards have their proper rotation patterns. The range Vanguard is weak to Melee attacks and can be identified by the rocks gathered beneath its tentacles. The melee Vanguard is weak to Magic attacks and can be identified by the tentacles raised up in front of it. The mage Vanguard is weak to Ranged attacks and can be identified by lack of tentacles. Ice Demon Ice fiends are capped at four. 1 per player in the party. All braziers speed up the ice storm time while lit, time required to be lit based on party size. Both ranged and magic attacks are implemented based on prayer active, dependent on the player it is attacking. Kindling is able to be chopped, hatchets have been placed in the proper spawn areas. Storage chest is able to be built using planks. (No construction experience is gained) Muttadiles Both muttadiles have been added. The small muttadile uses ranged and melee based attacks. The large muttadile uses all three combat styles. The large muttadile, under 40% hit points will go towards the meat tree, healing off of it. 3 times before returning, and will continue to heal based off of his 40% hitpoint threshold. Chopping the tree down will prevent the muttadile from healing from it once the 40% hitpoint threshold is met. Vasa Nistirio Beginning attack & teleportation movement to lower players hit points added. Proper movement of Vasa to the crystals & Vasa will heal off of the crystals. Player health dealt is reduced the lower the players health is. Lighting of crystals to indicate where Vasa is moving to. If the crystal is not killed Vasa will return to the center of the room and begin using its teleport attack. Great Olm All three phases + Olm’s Head has been added. Third phase requires both hands to be slain, simultaneously, otherwise they will heal. All of Olms attacks have been added Standard attacks Spheres Crystal burst Lightning Swap Acid Spray & Acid Drip Deep Burn & Fire wall Crystal Bombs & Falling Crystals Crabs Crystals react to their respective colors. Getting hit by the orbs will deal damage to the players. Attacking the crystals will turn it red. Crystals properly get stunned. Guardians Proper falling rock attack implemented. Guardians damage are only harmed by Pickaxes. Proper flinching mechanics are implemented. Creature Keeper Obtaining cavern grubs from chess are randomized. Psykk bats have been added. Poison chests have been added to deal 1-3 damage per chest containing Poison. Solo raids scaled to require roughly 30 grubs to continue, like OSRS. Searching the creature keeper, players can obtain his journal. Tight rope Keystone is required to open the next room. NPC amount & hitpoint scaling based on party size. All damage is inflicted in one tick when crossing the tight rope with npcs still alive. Both rangers and mages are added in their respective location. Solo parties encounter two rangers & two mages. Dark Altar Room Skeletal mystics will take players overheads into account. Skeletal mystics will focus on mage based attacks if they are not in melee range. All damage reflected using prayer is reduced by 50%. Strength of mages are dependent on party size. Solo parties encounter three mystics. Resource Areas All potions are able to be made with the full raid farming system. All supplies necessary to make potions are accessible inside the chambers. Pick all options functional. Accurate point system Attacking monsters, though there are several exceptions: Penultimate phase of the Great Olm; anytime it regains control of its hands, no points are given for any damage dealt to them. Damaging a recovered abyssal portal. When players battle mini-bosses, a "decay" point multiplier is put into effect. For example, players initially have a normal multiplier rate when disabling Vasa Nistirio's crystals, but as the fight progresses, the "decay" will set in and prevent players from obtaining as much points as they normally would. Completing puzzle rooms. Making shortcuts in large ruin chambers (requiring Woodcutting, Mining and Strength if the obstacle is a rotten sapling, rock or boulder respectively). Huge shoutout goes [email protected] He has helped a tremendous amount during the testing phases to make sure the content here has been accurate, and all aspects work properly, just like Oldschool Runescape. This will not go unrecognized. If you see him on our site, discord, or in-game. Give him a big thanks for all the hard work for making The Chambers of Xeric what it is today. Update Log In addition to the grand release of the Chambers of Xeric, there are several game fixes, new implementations, and tweaks done in this update. Curious to know what's been added? Here's a full compiled list: Notable updates: Implemented most silver jewelry, bracelet of slaughter, dodgy necklace, expeditious bracelet, amulet of bounty, amulet of chemistry. Infernal eels can now be fished at Mor Ul Rek, oily fishing rod is obtainable in the skilling shop at home. Royal seed pod can now be configured to teleport you home, this is a hard wilderness dairy reward. Basalt and salt runes can now be mined underneath Weiss, these can be used to make icy and stony basalt, as well as used to light fire pits. The Moss giant boss Bryophyta is now killable and the signature weapon Bryophyta's staff is now fully implemented. Soul bearer can now be found in the vote shop. Combat dummies can now be found at the outlaws, slightly south-east of home. Magic and range tutors now have option to toggle whether or not they want runes/ammunition to go into their rune pouch/equipment slot respectively. Fake experience drops are now enabled for those with 200m and iron men in player vs player. Dagannoth kings boss teleport scroll will now unlock a teleport directly to the entrance. Combat changes: Diagonal safespots implemented. Flinching mechanic implemented. Magic attack speed no longer depends on your distance; it will not slow the attacks down if you enter "long-range" distance(> 8 tiles) Powered staves(tridents effectively) have had their attack range reduced to 7/9 tiles, as opposed to what wikia provides at 8/10(which is incorrect, confirmed) Magic attack distance in general lowered for everything by 1 tile. The calculations previously actually provided 11 tiles attack distance, due to not properly accounting for positions, but rather only the space between the two. Protection prayers are now checked when the hit begins, not when it lands on you. Some alterations to damage calculations for player combat actions. Hugging objects functions once again; Meaning if you're standing behind a rock and hitting someone that requires you to only walk 1 tile further, the attack will begin simultaneously with you walking, as opposed to waiting for you to walk to a tile that has clear view, and performing the attack on the next tick. The only exception(yet to implement) to this is autocasting, although this does not include powered staves. Halberds can now hit through see-through objects such as fences, much like in Old School RuneScape. Previously they could only hit from distance if the path was completely clear and could be walked across. Projectiles for ranged now fly out properly in synchronization with the player's positioning, instead of shooting them too soon, or too late(depending on whether or not the animation played actually blocks player's movement graphically) Player-following rework: First click of 'Follow' on another player will use intelligent pathfinding to reach the target, any subsequent calls - or interruptions through target movement - will result in using the dumb pathfinder. Executed in a separate processing block, meaning PID no longer plays a role in following, instead the distance from the target will always be the same, whether player A follows player B, or vice versa. Game will always attempt to walk you directly behind the other player, whether it is diagonal or not. Public ground items limit introduced; There can now only be a maximum of 129 public ground items in one zone/chunk(8x8 tiles map piece); The limit has been verified to be 129 in OSRS. Once the limit is reached, it will remove the cheapest item out of the lot. Player message filtering system rewritten; All messages were changed to be unfilterable, followed by me going over every skill action I could think of and filtering out logical messages. Controller system removed almost entirely, I believe there's only construction remaining that is blocking it from being completely removed. Gambling introduction: Dicing - players can purchase the dice bag from the store for $100. Allows players to roll the percentile dice privately, or in clan channel. Mithril seeds - can be bought off the store for credits. Players can plant the seeds to grow various colours of flowers. 2 seed - $0.10 (1 credit) 100 seeds - $4.00 (40 credits) 200 seeds - $7.50 (75 credits) 425 seeds - $15.00 (150 credits) 1000 seeds - $30.00 (300 credits) Bugfixes (there are lots more, however after more than 500 commits being done on the develop branch, it is hard to keep track of it all) Donator benefits for 'farming patches automatically composted' is now fixed for people who already previously interacted with a farming patch. Zulrah no longer deals damage to the player after the player is dead and respawned. Disabling a clan chat now properly kicks everyone out of it, including the owner themselves. Mithril dragon drops shouldn't glitch out every now and again. TzTok-Jad kills are now tracked. Fire capes, bottomless buckets, anima seeds and void pieces are now tracked by collection log. If an ironman deals the most damage to a NPC, but falls under the 70% damage dealt requirement, the drop is instead given to a non-ironman player who has dealt the most damage to the NPC, even if it is just 1 damage. Vorkath's ice barrage attack is now smoother and easier to track. The crawler's behaviour has been improved to give a better window for reaction. Herb box will automatically open all herb boxes with a two-tick interval if the 'Bank-all' option is used. Players can no longer sell stackable items to a shop when their inventory is completely full and they have no coins in inventory. Trident of the seas becomes tradeable when fully charged. Cannon no longer freezes with one cannonball in it under specific circumstances. Armadylean spiritual mage actually attacks players, instead of just following them. Wilderness obelisk destinations are now sorted from lowest to higher wilderness level. Boss assignment name checking now ignores case-sensitivity, ensuring that no more boss tasks will be affected by this, thus making them unable to be completed. Spirit trees in farming now require ground suqah tooth, as opposed to the non-ground version. Cosmic being and star flowers added in Cosmic Plane(can be visited through fairy ring). Allows players to obtain star flowers which are used in brewing magic essence potions. Players can no longer get stuck on the Al-Kharid zip-line obstacle. A tool leprechaun can now be found in Weiss. Lizardman brutes now work for the lizardmen slayer assignment. The ship next to the arrival location in Pest Control island no longer allows the player to go down on the ship, as the bottom part of it is completely unwalkable. The gate used in Dwarf Cannon quest in RS, to reach Lawgof has been implemented. All decorative armour now has the respective wield requirements. Players can no longer get stuck on Bob's island, if the destination to which they would be returned is not walkable(e.g. if you were force-teleported by a staff member while crossing an agility obstacle), it would instead return you home. The lamp obtained from completing Bob's island random event will now properly be dropped underneath the player's feet if their inventory is full. Vorkath has been listed as a draconic NPC for the dragon-hunter weaponry effect. Walk packet is now completely single-threaded, There was an extreme case where - very rarely - your walking would be interrupted out of the blue due to scenery changes that occurred immediately after path was calculated, but before the next tick was executed. Players who are muted will now be notified of their mute on logins. 'Floating'(non-full screen) world map will no longer close when you're in combat, or performing skilling actions. Full screen world map can no longer be opened while under combat, and getting attacked while having full screen open means the world map closes immediately - especially helping players on mobile, who are viewing world map in dangerous areas like the wilderness. Adamant dragons now drop the dragon metal slice instead of the dragon metal lump. Patched part of the dungeon exit object in Brimstail's cavern; Only half of the object would actually take you outside of the cave previously. Increased the price of the mind shield to 25,000 coins in the melee armoury shop due to its better bonuses compared to the elemental shield, which costs 15,000. Changed fairy ring code reading to use the cache instead of our hard-coded ring ids. A lot of the necessary fairy rings would not show up on the travel log before - all do now. Humidify spell now works for the celastrus, redwood and dragonfruit seedlings. Implemented a yell filter in the custom settings tab, so players can filter out everyone else's yells but their own - even staff members' yells. Players who are in the 'locked' status are no longer immediately logged off as their connection drops - but instead will wait until either the lock wears off, or 60 seconds has passed. The method is merged with the combat check, so both variables will count towards the same thing. Magic tutor in Lumbridge now allows players to toggle whether or not they want the runes they pick up to go in their rune pouch, or into their inventory. The runes can only go in the pouch if the player already has at least 1 of the said rune in their pouch, and the existing stack plus the stack on the ground doesn't exceed the limit of 16,000 runes. Ranged tutor in Lumbridge now allows players to toggle whether or not they want the ammunition(arrows, thrown weapons..) to go in their ammunition equipment slot, or their inventory. The arrows will only go in their ammunition slot if they already have the same arrows in there, and the two stacks merged doesn't exceed the maximum item count limit. Casting fire spells while wielding a tome of fire now consumes the tome's charges. Increased the stock of garlic in Ardougne spice stall, as well as its respawn timer. Using thrown weapons with enchanted bolts equipped no longer permits the bolt effects to go off. Players can now fish infernal eels in the TzHaar city. They can also crack the eels for some spicy rewards. A ladder in the tree gnome stronghold has been patched to allow climbing up and down on it. Bryophyta's staff can now be charged with nature runes. All max capes are now converted to 569,250 coins on death, if lost. The previous value was merely 99,000. A ladder in the goblin village no longer allows players to no-clip around the world. Undead cows and chickens now work for the zombies slayer assignment. Penguins now work for the birds slayer assignment. 'Enter the ranging guild' medium Kandarin diary achievement implemented. Increased the number of cactus spines the players get from harvesting cacti. Ice trolls will now fight against honour guards on the Neitiznot island. Lizardman brutes will now fight against the soldiers in Lizardman canyon. Experience drops implemented for if the player has reached 200 million experience in any skill - these experience drops will come with a red circle, indicating no experience was actually gained. These fake experience drops are also altered by the experience multiplier settings. Experience multiplier settings now actually save on logout. Dagannoths in the Waterbirth island dungeon now have drops. Players can no longer acquire the same slayer assignment back-to-back unless they're wearing the slayer cape. Lowered the aggression and attack range of the dark wizards in Draynor village. Fixed the defensive animation on Arclight. Fixed the attack animation on the Fremennik blade. Fake experience drops implemented for ironmen who attack other players in the Wilderness - indicating no actual experience is gained, but at least it informs the player of the rough hit. Fixed a shortcut in the Lumbridge basement. Having a dwarf multicannon set-up within a Corporeal beast instance now prevents the instance from deleting when there are no more players remaining in the chamber. If the cannon decays when there is no one left in the room, the instance will delete itself. Rewrote the drop tables of Kree'arra's minions - they all have identical drop tables now, and do drop feathers and bones every kill. Rewrote the combat scripts of the brutal dragons to match RS - they will all now use proper projectiles, and attack from afar. Jogres added into the dungeon on the nothern part of Karamja. Fountain of Uhld can now be used to recharge dragonstone jewellery. Lizardman kills are now being tracked, and can be seen by talking to any of the soldiers found in the Lizardman canyon settlement. Players can now search the marshy jungle vines for snake weed. TzTok-Jad slayer assignment fixed. Rewrote the behaviour of Yt-HurKots(TzTok-Jad's healers) so that they will always heal TzTok-Jad when in reach of it. The attack speed shown in Monster Examine spell's interface now displays the true attack speed. The values previously shown were off. Ket-Zek and TzTok-Jad both roll using/against stab attack style when using their melee attacks, instead of previous crush. NPC bonuses and max hits updated to match RS for the larger Tz-Keks. Implemented necklace of faith's effect of occasionally restoring prayer if hitpoints reach critical levels. Implemented bracelet of slaughter's effect of occasionally preventing your task count from decrementing on a slayer kill. Implemented dodgy necklace's effect of occasionally preventing getting stunned while pickpocketing. Implemented expeditious bracelet's effect of occasionally decreasing your assignment count by two instead of one on a slayer kill. Implemented amulet of bounty's effect of occasionally allotment only using one seed as opposed to three when planting. Implemented amulet of chemistry's effect occasionally of making four dose potions instead of the three dose versions. Items found from mystery boxes are now tracked one the collection log. Ring of pursuit, Flamtaer's bracelet and Efaritay's aid now have their check and break options implemented. The jewellery effects themselves couldn't be implemented due to missing the necessary underlying content. The ovens found in the Hosidius kitchen now help towards not burning the food you cook. Zahur and Wesley are now capable of crushing all crushable herblore secondaries, if the player can afford it. They will also accept the noted forms of the secondaries, if possible. The shops will now buy items back from the players for 40% of their value(value is not defined by Grand Exchange, but rather by a constant value found in the item's definitions) - the percentage previously was just 33.334%. West Ardougne's general store will now buy items at 55% of their value. Bandit duty free general store in the Wilderness will now buy items at 60% of their value - identical to that of high alchemy. Fixed a typo in Venenatis' combat script. The damage tracked on characters across the world is now stored using the username of the player dealing the damage, meaning that the damage is preserved through logins. Previously all previously-dealt damage from before login was discarded, often making loot not appear at all when slaying a creature. Leaf-bladed spear is now two-handed. Graceful and amylase packs can now be sold back to Grace's shop. Guard dogs no longer react to players stealing from stalls in Kourend. Fixed the agility shortcut in Stronghold slayer dungeon. Implemented the fruit stalls in Kourend. The starter guide NPC in Edgeville now sells all three starter weapons for 200,000 coins each. The starter weapons have received a graphical overhaul, and are a lot prettier now. Implemented the combat dummies, regular and undead versions. Reworked the south-eastern part of the home, removed the cow pen and added a house for the outlaws. In-front of the house, players can find the newly-implemented combat dummies. While in presence of the house of the outlaws, players will gradually recharge their prayer and special attack, meaning they can continuously test different weapons on the combat dummies without having to leave to recharge their special attack or prayer. The recharge aura only kicks in after the players have stood within the presence of the house for at least 30 seconds, and stops as soon as the player leaves it. Karamja achievement diary lamp requirements and experience rewards reworked to match OldSchool. Removed rat's paper drops from outlaws. Implemented cadava berry and redberry bushes found in the southern part of Varrock. Resurrect crops spell fixed. Basalt and salt rocks underneath Weiss can now be mined. Fire pits across the world can be constructed to prevent the area effects of specific areas. Until construction is released, the fire pits will have no requirements to build, and grant no construction experience. Each fire pit will however grant 300 firemaking experience(times whatever your experience modifier is set to). Snowflake and Don't Know What now have their dialogues for noting basalt and passing through to the inner part of Weiss respectively. Rewrote the binding necklace charges system. The charges are now bound to the player, as opposed to the item. Thus, any newly obtained binding necklace will now stack in bank. The old, non-stacking binding necklaces will still work too, but they will not become stackable - best off consuming those to save some bank space. Only magic is now permitted within the boundaries of the Mage Arena in deep wilderness. This applies for both NPCs and players alike. Mogres implemented. They can be found in the waters at Mudskipper point. Players need a fishing exposive to get their attention. Mogres can also be acquired as a slayer assignment from Mazchna, Vannaka and Chaeldar. Mogres can now also be found on the drop viewer - and they also drop flippers and mudskipper hat. Due to this, the mudskipper hat was removed from the mystery box - its value wasn't very high to begin with, due to them being extremely common from the boxes. Implemented drops for the zombies found in stronghold of security. Curtains all across the desert can now be opened and closed. The ladder found within HAM hideout now actually takes the players outside of the hideout. The standard rare drop tables, and gem rare drop tables were expanded to a lot more monsters - to see if a monster has access to it, you can now open the drop viewer to find out. Remapped a lot of spawn positions of monsters found in the godwars dungeon, and in lumbridge swamp caves. All items dropped(by player, or by Vorkath) within Vorkath's instance will now remain on the ground for a total of 30 minutes. Rewrote the formula behind prayer resistance in prayer drain calculations, effectively doubling the resistance gained from prayer-boosting equipment. This now matches RS' formulae. Ardougne rooftop course's mark of grace spawn locations reduced to just one. Modified the revenant weapons' check-charges message to notify the player of the weapon being activated after the initial 1,000 revenant ether charge. Implemented dagannoth kings boss teleport scroll. The waterbirth island teleport has been moved to the misc category. Rewrote the item sorting formula for items kept on death to include the base-price of the untradeable items which are built up off of tradeable counterparts, making items such as slayer helmet have a much higher base value(that of the black mask for example), so items such as barrows gloves no longer protect over it. Added two cave nightshade item spawns near the Skavid caves, south-west of Yanille. Patched the doors found in Kourend area. Repaired a couple ladders on Neitiznot island, to prevent no-clipping. Thormac, found at the top of the Sorcerer's tower is now able to enchant battlestaves to mystic versions. Normal lava and steam battlestaves can now be equipped with respective upgrade kits. Fixed an issue with Iban's staves not notifying the player of being on the wrong spellbook if that is the case. Implemented the shortcut found at the northern part of McGrubor's woods. Added a tanner on the second floor of Crafting guild. The 'pump and drain' objects found world-wide can now be used for filling vessels with water. Renamed the altar found upstairs at home to 'Saradomin altar' and changed it's right-click option of 'Change-spellbook' to actually list out all four spellbooks, for easier spellbook swapping. Players no longer gain experience for damaging Bryophyta while the growthlings are alive. Crash site cavern can now be accessed by walking from Tree Gnome Stronghold. Zulrah's melee attack now does the knockback effect. Plant pots made through pottery can now be used in Farming. Increased the odds of your glory amulet being transformed into an eternal amulet of glory from 1 in 25,000 to merely 1 in 2,500, when recharging glories at the fountain of rune, in the wilderness. All NPCs found in the fight caves now have their sound effects, making completion of the caves much easier. Sped up the process of adding grapes to jugs of water to match OldSchool. Amethyst no longer always depletes after the first ore is mined, instead, the odds of that happening have been changed to 1 in 3. Alongside this, amethyst rocks now have a much quicker respawn timer - three times faster than before. To adjust for these changes, the speed of mining amethyst has been slightly lowered. Superior slayer monsters will now always drop a totem piece when killed within the Catacombs of Kourend, as long as the player is missing at least one of the pieces. Superior slayer monsters can now be found on the drop viewer, although they will only show the totem pieces and the four rare drops which include the imbued heart on it. The remaining drops cannot be displayed as they are dynamic, depending on the parent monster which "spawned" the superior version of itself. The loot is rolled off the parent monster, giving three individual rolls on their loot table. Tortured gorilla's unique drop rates re-adjusted to match RS. They were never meant to be as low as they were previously set to - this was caused by random number generation when scrapping the wikia for drops. Deviant spectres now use magic attack bonus when calculating the damage upon hitting a target, as opposed to previous melee defence. This makes them much more accurate, as their melee stats are 1. Removed enhanced ice gloves from the vote store. Implemented soul bearer, which can be found in the vote store for 50 vote points. Modified some of the obstacles that have often caused the client to "teleport" players into unreachable parts of the map, or void entirely. Hopefully the modifications are enough to avoid these issues in the future. Started working on placeholder redirections, so items such as barrows (25/50/75/100) would use the same placeholder slot as the full version of the item. At the moment, these placeholders have only been applies for barrows items, although the rest will follow in the near future. Bracelets of ethereum always drop on the ground on death in wilderness. Using the long-range attack style with tridents now properly provides the user with defence experience. The "latest update" broadcast message players receive on login now only shows the first time around, although if players would like the last update to show on every login, they can change the setting in their settings tab respectively. Guthix rest teas can now be made. Trident damage calculations rewritten to properly account for all the special factors - previously it would disregard a lot of them. Respective jingles are now played upon deaths, when progressing in fight caves, upon Grand Exchange offer updating, winning a duel and when playing the air guitar emote. An oily fishing rod has been added to the skilling shop at home. Bryophyta's growthlings will now once again die when a hatchet has been used on them, once they're low enough health. Rangers' tights now require a ranged level of at least 40 to equip. Smoke devil pet can now be metamorphised. Added dagannoth kings teleport scroll to the mystery box. Fixed the death message for hardcore ironmen - it will now again inform who dealt the killing blow to the player when they die, whether it's a NPC or a player. Rare drop broadcasts now contain the name of the monster which dropped the item. A chisel spawn has been added to the dense essence mine. Royal seed pod now has a configure option, which allows the players who have completed the easy, medium and hard wilderness diaries to redirect the teleport destination directly to home. Brutal green dragons' max hit changed from 0 to 18. Alchemy spells no longer delay combat. Yt-HurKot will no longer heal TzTok-Jad if its attention has been drawn by interacting with it in combat. Dagannoths found inside the Waterbirth island dungeon are now aggressive. Wallasalki now use proper attack projectiles and graphics. You can now make GE offers for zenyte armour. Wrath runes can now be stored in a rune pouch. Checks have been added to the Motherlode mine exits to make sure you have 60 mining before you enter the mining guild. You can no longer leave a godwars dungeon bossroom through the door, only through the altar now. Imbued heart duration adjusted. Added nieve's gravestone which displays the demonic & tortured gorilla killcount. Granite cannonballs now turn into regular ones in a pvp death. Automatic resizing for the GE offers viewer. Automatic resizing for the Drop viewer. Potential fix to ensure that players no longer get stuck while fighting the Grotesque Guardians. Fixed a typo in the chat-over-time of Kamfreena in the Warriors' guild. Added the ability to change skin colours for donators through the makeover-mage. Using a chisel on amethyst whilst only having 1 in your inventory will no longer make bolt tips and will now show the selection dialogue. The chaos fanatic now shows the correct drop rate for the pet on the drop viewer. Viggora's chainmace now acts as a zamorak item. Fixed a typo with the slayer task tip of a black dragons assignment. The remaining teleports message from diary items now give a more clearer message. Fixed an issue where you couldn't store tree seeds in a seed box. Fixed an issue with rift guardian colour locking and implemented the proper dialogue for it. Fixed an issue for new players that would login for the first time on mobile causing various problems. Bugfixes as of 19/10/2019 Zulrah's incoming damage is no longer delayed ridiculously long. Dark totem bases should no longer drop in double quantities from superior slayer monsters. The Weiss fire pit should now properly save on logout - sorry for those who built it before the update. You will need to re-build it. Skeletal wyvern no longer moon-walks away from the player when they try to attack it. Godwars NPCs should be properly aggressive once again, and react to protection items as they should. Barrows brothers will no longer aggressively attack players near the reward chest. The 'swap' attack by the Great Olm now properly resets if one of the players in the pair has died or moved away. Players who create a raiding party can now enter the dungeon to properly scout - meaning people with just 'Recruit' rank can start raids. Raiding parties can no longer be created for the 'Zenyte' clan channel. Granite cannonballs are now safely kept on death in wilderness if the player dies to a player, regardless of the wilderness level. Amulet of chemistry dialogue options fixed. Rare drops received from Chambers of Xeric are now properly tracked - those who got a drop before this update can ask me to enlist the item on their account's collection log. Chambers of Xeric killcount can now be seen from the collection log interface - it combines both of them together, challenge mode and regular. Drop viewer interface can now be properly searched again to find all the NPCs across the game. Amethyst mining speed has been increased, following yesterday's massive decrease. Players now lose 40% of their personal points on death in raid, as opposed to previous 60%. Bugfixes as of 22/10/2019 The 'Swap' teleport attack by Olm now tries to pair as many people as possible and doesn't random-roll between the available pairs. The Great Olm should no longer be skipping its special attacks sometimes, hopefully the way I've configured it is how it's meant to be. Olm's colourful orbs prayer attack no longer covers the entire room, but rather only where it faces. Players are given a few seconds of immunity from incoming hits after they die in raids, avoiding them from getting hit by attacks right after they respawn. Scavenger beasts' walk radius has been lowered by 25%. The crystal bombs Olm attack damage is now properly scaling with distance. Metamorphic dust can now only be obtained through challenge mode raids. In one of the room rotations for the muttadiles, the tendrils were pushed slightly back, allowing for a safespot that is commonly used in RS. Olm's phases count is now calculated when the raid begins, not when an instance is made - this previously made Olm always have only three phases, regardless of the number of participants. Fixed an issue with dynamic map building when the map gets built beyond a certain point in void - the numbers would overflow and cause maps to start colliding in each-other. This was never caught in the past as the server was always restarted long before enough instances were made for it to be an issue, but with large raids maps and scouting, this quickly became an issue. Dousing a fire wall in the Olm's chamber now consumes the runes that were used in casting the spell. Players can now continue harvesting herbs in raids even if they don't have the necessary inventory space. Lizardman poison attack should no longer damage people beyond the tendrils. Raid room loading has been made safer; previously, an issue existed that caused raid not to properly load if 16 or more people entered it, as the skilling room with bats would fail to load due to not enough NPC spawn locations being defined. Olm is now slightly less likely to switch to the opposite basic attack; the frequency was a bit higher than in RS. Removed points cap from Muttadiles room as they cannot be abused in any way anyways. Vasa Nistirio's glowing crystals can no longer be damaged with magic and ranged. Rewrote the eating sequence of Muttadiles, meaning freezes should prevent muttadiles from reaching the tree. The muttadiles should also no longer eat from across half the room when frozen. An issue with the expeditious bracelet has been fixed which prevented people from completing their assignments. The dragon claws item in received from raids has been fixed to the correct one. Olm's crystal burst attack should now always occur for every member of the raid within the chamber. Granite longsword animations and attack options patched. Bugfixes as of 26/10/2019 Several memory enhancements, aim of this update is to expand the lifetime of the server before it inevitably starts lagging. Spewnt better part of my morning looking into where it could cause problems. Seedlings should now properly turn to saplings in banks. You can no longer enchant bolts if you have no room in inventory to do so - previously the enchanted bolts would just vanish. Fletching is now possible if the player has a full inventory, but already one of the stackable product that the fletching action provides. Thammaron's sceptre, Viggora's chainmace and Craw's bow have had their wield requirements added. Drop rates for Bryophyta's essence and Mossy key from Bryophyta updated. Zahur can now crush blue dragon scales. Saradomin priests now count as saradomin NPCs, not Zamorakian ones. Several more game messages filtered through game filter, such as eating food or consuming potions. Olivia's and Amelia's seed store stock increased by 2x, and the restock timer increased by 3x. Hops seed yields increased from master farmers. Killcounts are now shown across broadcasts. Xp multiplier is now shown on level 99, maxed and 200m xp broadcasts. Vorkath and Zulrah can now drop their respective pets. Who would've known they weren't obtainable after all this time!? Herb sack no longer crashes the client if the player were to check its contents with too many herbs in it. Vorkath now drops dragon platelegs at the same drop rate as the plateskirt. Pets in instances should no longer glitch out when the player leaves the instance. Unequipping gear should no longer stop actions, only unequipping weapon does. Arclight no longer consumes charges if the hit was a 0, or if the special attack was used. Herb harvesting within raids now scales based on your farming level, not the average party farming level. Muttadiles now heal less when they visit the meat tree. Lizardman shaman poison projectile now flies faster within Chambers of Xeric. The points given from poison chests in Creature Keeper room have now been moved to the bats chest.
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    Bugfixes Players can no longer attack their targets unless both of them are at the correct wilderness level; Previously only the attacker had to be in high enough level. Ultimate Ironmen can no longer deposit items into the deposit box(They would deposit before, but never remove the items from them). Fixed the agility shortcut in Corsair Cove Dungeon, near the middle barrier. Characters are now saved every 5 minutes as opposed to 15. The recent rollbacks have proven to be problematic, so in case something ever goes wrong again in the future, the rollback will be very minimalistic. @uTorrentRedesigned the master farmer's thieving loot table. Master farmers will now be giving out rarer seeds much more commonly, and will also occasionally give out tree seeds(Something that does not exist in RS!). Added a portal teleport to the Corsair Cave Dungeon. Punishments now persist throughout server updates. Rellekka Rooftop Agility course implemented. Cave Kraken supply cache drops will no longer spawn on water. Zul-Andra Fairy ring teleport has been changed to the correct location. Silverlight's "Check" option now works once again. Players are no longer able to spoof the appearance packet, causing them to be able to change their appearance while standing anywhere in the game. Repairing the most broken version of the Karil's leathertop now works. Brawlers in Pest Control will now properly unclip when they despawn; Previously they would occasionally leave some of the tiles clipped, causing players to be unable to walk to certain locations. Cave horrors no longer do their special attack on the player if the player is wielding a witchwood icon. Decreased burn rates for sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, anglerfish and dark crabs. Fixed corporeal beast's safespot which was caused by its limited attack radius. Fixed the desert diary task "Kill a vulture". Fixed chat messages for winning pest control games(it was showing old quantities). Added greater nechryaels to the list of monsters eligible for nechryael assignment. Splatters will no longer temporarily kill your pets. Wall safe coin amounts increased. Wall safes will no longer freeze the player for 20 seconds doing the same getting-caught animation over and over. Fixed an issue with server shutdown priorities which occasionally caused some players' accounts to not save in time of the shutdown. Fixed the issue which caused monsters in-game to turn to other creatures and fly off the map. Fixed a bug which would cause the players to preserve their autocast when depositing worn equipment, allowing them to autocast spells without having the necessary staff. Fixed an issue which caused players to get melee experience for the last throwable ranged weapon thrown. Rewrote how skulling works when attacking players; Skulls will no longer occur randomly when attacking another player. If relogging after skulling and the other person attacks you, they will not get the skull. If the person you attacked relogs and then attacks you, then they will get the skull. If the person who wasn't skulled dies during a fight and goes back to attack the killer, they will receive a skull. Demonic gorillas will no longer completely glitch out and stop damaging users, causing completely safe fights. In addition to this, players attacking the gorillas with the style they're protecting against will no longer give the player experience. Added ghostly robes to the magic armour shop at home. Ironmen can too purchase these. Added magic secateurs to the vote shop as well as adjusted some other prices. Supply cache drops' rate has been increased in wilderness by 25%. They will now provide a total of 50% boost compared to killing monsters outside of the wilderness. Improved the code used by reanimation spell. Players will no longer run into the scenario where the reanimated monster just does not spawn; The game will now verify before moving forward that the monster can spawn, and will do so afterwards. Abyssal bludgeon can now be used to slash spider webs. Improved going through barrows doorways; Player will be unlocked 1 tick quicker, allowing a bit smoother movement. Rewrote weight calculations. Spells such as humidify caused the player to go negative weight without actually having to wield any negative weight armour. In addition to this, having negative-weight armour in your inventory no longer provides negative weight. You must actually wield the equipment to get the benefits. Rewrote demonic gorilla drops as they were completely off from what they should've been. They now match OSRS. Players can no longer use the seers' village teleport without having hard kandarin diaries unlocked. String jewellery spell will now correctly consume the runes. Hunter NPCs will no longer vanish from the viewport or crash the user(this only lasted a few hours between the two updates today, was a result of a major rework to fix the "npcs flying off the map" issue). Fixed an issue that caused the very first instance made after the server launches to collide with another instance made right after it. Fixed superior monsters from being able to spawn without the user unlocking the actual perk for it. Players are now able to buy the perk from the store and have it actually unlock. Note: If you bought the perk before the update today, ask a developer to refund you the points(they will verify it beforehand). Fixed an issue which caused revenant weaponry to turn into the wrong item ids when they degraded. Fixed beaver pet from not showing the right-click options. Note: This update had a side effect I had not accounted for; If you lost your beaver to this update, refer to an administrator to refund it to you. Baby dragons will now count towards the respective fully grown dragon slayer assignment. Black mask no longer announces as a rare drop due to how commonly it entered the game. Added the dwarven rock cake to the shop at home. Fixed baby black dragon defence and death animations. Players can now only obtain two starters(excluding ironman-specials) per IP. In addition to these bugfixes, I have implemented a bunch of donator benefits. I could not implement them all in time - some of them not being possible due to necessary underlying content not being implemented, some I will try and implement tomorrow, however the implemented donator benefits can now be found at(Currently live benefits are marked green) Thanks, @Noele @Kris @Tommeh @Corey
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    What is Two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a method of confirming the identity of someone prior to allowing further access. On Zenyte, users can enable 2FA onto their account which means that a 6 digit time-based code must be provided to confirm your account ownership in order to fully login to the server and or forums. Setting up 2FA takes a few minutes and you will only need to provide the code once per month under usual circumstances and is strongly advised as it is a powerful security tool to keep unauthorized people away, leaving your account and items safe. Shown below is a very thorough step-by-step guide on how to setup 2FA using Winauth as well as how to remove it if is absolutely necessary. List of recommended 2FA applications Authy (Best option to use because it syncs codes to an account so you can access them on any device) Winauth (The 2FA application used in the guide) Google authenticator Duo-mobile Setting up 2FA Removing 2FA with access to your 2FA application Removing 2FA without access to your 2FA application Additional Information It is possible to setup 2FA across multiple devices for one account. For example, you can use a mobile 2FA application (google authenticator) and a PC 2FA application (Winauth). So, if you were to lose your phone you could still use your PC for the 6 digit 2FA code as needed. 2FA is a powerful tool to protect your account from unauthorized access, but we still highly recommend you to use a strong and unique password. 2FA acts as a final barrier for potential hackers trying to take your account & items, but a strong password will stop hackers from even attempting to log into your account. This guide was brought to you by Painting with Justin (PWJ), the #1 RSPS clan.
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    Introduction: There's a wide variety of pets available to accompany you on your adventures around Zenyte. They can be obtained through various means, and represent different achievements. Some are really hard to come by, so it's not a surprise that pets are often highly sought after. In this guide, I will showcase every pet available in the game, the various methods of obtaining them, and other important information regarding pets. Due to the length of the guide, feel free to use CTRL + F to look for information on specific pets that you may be interested in. As usual, please notify me if there's any inconsistencies, misinformation, or missing content. I also wanted to offer a huge thank you [email protected] helping with the production of the guide. Pets obtained through the means of PvM are often really rare and sought after. Some things to note: There are a total of 28 PvM pets. When you get one as a drop, there's a message in the chatbox stating: "You have a funny feeling like you're being followed". Upon receiving a multiple of a pet, the message changes to: "You have a funny feeling you like would have been followed". You can not receive multiples of pets, however multiples will show up on the collection log. They must be insured at Probita in East Ardougne. Insurance costs 500k, and if a pet is lost on death, can be bought back for 1m. PvM pets are dropped from their much bigger, boss counterparts. Pet Name Visual Notes Pet Dagannoth Prime Drop rate: 1/5000 Pet Dagannoth Rex Drop rate: 1/5000 Pet Dagannoth Supreme Drop rate: 1/5000 Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth Drop rate: 1/5000 Pet Kree'arra Drop rate: 1/5000 Pet Zilyana Drop rate: 1/5000 Pet General Graardor Drop rate: 1/5000 Prince Black Dragon Drop rate: 1/3000 Venenatis Spiderling Drop rate: 1/2000 Vet'ion Jr. Drop rate: 1/2000 Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. Pet Chaos Elemental Drop rate: 1/300 - Chaos Elemental Drop rate: 1/1000 - Chaos Fanatic Callisto Cub Drop rate: 1/2000 Scorpia's Offspring Drop rate: 1/2000 Pet Smoke Devil Drop rate: 1/3000 Skotos Drop rate: 1/65 Hellpuppy Drop rate: 1/3000 Ikkle Hydra Drop rate: 1/3000 Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. Pet Kraken Drop rate: 1/3000 Noon/ Midnight Drop rate: 1/3000 Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. Kalphite Princess Drop rate: 1/3000 Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. Pet Snakeling Drop rate: 1/4000 Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. Baby Mole Drop rate: 1/3000 Pet Dark Core/ Corporeal Critter Drop rate: 1/5000 Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. Vorki Drop rate: 1/2000 Tzrek-jad Drop rate: 1/200 A rare drop from completing the fight caves. Fire capes can be gambled for a 1/200 chance at pet. Drop rate increases to 1/100 on task. Jal-nib-rek/ Tzrek-zuk Drop rate: 1/100 A rare drop from completing the inferno minigame. Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. Infernal capes can be gambled for a 1/100 chance at pet. Drop rate increases to 1/75 on task. Olmlet Drop rate: 1/65 A rare drop from raids 1: Chamber of Xeric (CoX). Can be graphically changed with a metamorphosis. This requires metamorphic dust, a 1/200 drop rate drop which is specifically from the challenge mode of CoX. Pets obtained from skilling are very rare and are a symbol of a player's achievement in those specific skills. Some things to note: There are a total of 9 skilling pets. See the PvM pets section for information on getting a pet as a drop, getting a multiple pet drops, and pet insurance information. Skilling Pet Rates Experience Mode Drop Rate of the Pet x5 1/25m EXP x10 1/50m EXP x25 1/125m EXP Pet Name Visual Notes Heron Obtained through fishing: Small net catches (shrimp, anchovy, sardine, herring) Lure (trout, salmon) Bait (lava eels, infernal eel, sacred eel, anglerfish, pike) Cage/harpoon (lobster, tuna, swordfish, shark, dark crab) Barbarian fishing (leaping trout, salmon, sturgeon) Minnow fishing Giant Squirrel Obtained through training agility: Gnome stronghold course Barbarian outpost course Wilderness agility course Rooftop courses: Draynor, Al Kharid, Varrock, Canifis, Falador, Seers Village, Relleka, Ardougne Baby Chinchompa Obtained through training hunter by hunting chinchompas. Obtainable through any hunter exp drop (subject to change) You can change the colour of the pet between red, black, and grey. There's a rare chance it'll switch to a gold colour (1/10,000). Phoenix Obtained through the Wintertodt minigame. Rocky Obtained through thieving: Stalls (gems, food, cake, etc) Pickpocketing Rift Guardian Obtained through training runecrafting. You can change the colour of the pet by runecrafting at any altar while the pet is following you. It'll switch to the colour of that altar/rune. The desired colour can be locked as well. Rock Golem Obtained through mining any rock/ore/gem/pay-dirt. You can change the colour of the pet by using an ore/rock on it, the golem will change to the colour of the ore fed to it. Tangleroot Obtained through training farming. Beaver Obtained through training woodcutting. Miscellaneous pets are any pets that are received from unconventional methods. Specific information for each pet can be found in the notes section. Pet Name Visual Notes Chompy Chick Drop rate: 1/500 Must have western provinces elite diary done. Requires insurance via Probita in East Ardougne. Wyrmy This pet is exclusive toZenyte rank donators only. This pet is automatically insured. Bloodhound Drop rate: 1/1000 Can only be obtained from master clue scrolls chests. Requires insurance via Probita in East Ardougne. Pet mystery boxes are available on the store for 250 credits. They can also be bought in-game for cash as they are tradeable, and can be used on ironman as a way to gift it to them, in a similar fashion to teleport scrolls and bonds. A few important notes: There's a total of 56 individual pets, all listed below. Each different recolour counts as a separate pet. You will NOT receive duplicates of the same pet, which means you can only ever open 56 pet boxes per account. They are automatically insured, and will never be lost. Pet Name Visual Dragon Monkey Gecko Penguin Platypus Raccoon Bulldog Greyhound Squirrel Terrier Dalmatian Labrador Sheepdog Evil Turnip Granite Crab Spirit Kalphite Spirit Mosquito Wolpertinger Chameleon Cockroach Praying Mantis
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    1) Introduction: Welcome to Elite Irons, firstly the name says it all, if your looking to join a veteran family of ironmen to help you with your ironmen needs, pvm needs, or just wanna join and be apart of what we have... as a close knit family of players, our clan chat is chilled and non toxic, we are a member run chat, meaning our give away's and events are all for us, and given by us, come check us out by joining 'elite irons' cc in-game, and come and share a smile and laugh with the rest of us... We're a forever expanding clan chat, we're well known and our presence shows that... come join and be apart of something great!! Clan Rank Requirements: Recruit - Void set (3 Helmets), Torso, dragon defender, dragon boots 3 99's in skill of your choosing (non combat) and 10% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. Corporal - Elite void set, Whip, trident, Fury, 1 full barrows set, fire cape, Mage areana 2 cape, Archer's ring, berserker ring, seers ring, 5 99's in skill of your choosing (non combat) and 15% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. Sergeant - Zamorakian spear, blow pipe, toxic trident, dwh, brimstone ring, Ava's Assembler, Ranger boots, 4 Zenyte jewellery, 8 99's in a skill of your choosing and 25% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. Lieutenant - 5 Unique raid items, all Cerb boots, Dragon hunter lance, Hydra leather, full completion of barrows, Armadyl Chestplate + Chainskirt, Bandos Tassets + Chestplate, 99 in all skills and 40% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. We also have rank requirements for clan members as follows: ( If you'd like to climb the ranks then this is the place for you ) If you'd like to participate in the rank system, please contact one of the owners in-game to claim your rank along with evidence of said rank (send through discord) -> message a silver star or higher in the cc to get invited to our discord server. This is our spreadsheet we use to help you progress your ranks ingame! 2) Clan Rules: 1. To always be in compliance to the 'zenyte' rules! 2. We will not tolerate any aggressive behavior towards any players within our clan chat. 3. Repetitive spam within the clan will not be tolerated and you shall be removed after 2 warnings have been issued and spamming persists. 4. Don't PK any people that are in our clan, the majority of us are iron-men, so respect the grinds. 5. We all love a laugh and a joke, we expect you know the different between banter and toxicity, so respect other clan members as we are a family here, if you are a victim of "bullying" so to speak, please inform a rank and the issue will be resolved accordingly, "we are all as one"! 3) How to join: Join our discord Pm: ADMIN + ingame for an invite we will hold weekly give away's within our discord to our loyal members, also other activity's in-game to earn bonds and have a good time will also happen, so please come in have a good time and settle in. 4) Staff Owners: Hard Mike, Clue, Animation Admins: Empty, Taylor Swift Moderators: Not Died Yet, Toxic Sheep, Only Fans, Duty, H A R D, Floralys As much more than just a clan chat, we have so much to offer, we've run leading clans on many servers, so we know the rules and regulations to each server and personal limits, if anyone on zenyte has a problem with our clan chat, please inform one of the owners and the issue will get resolved, we offer clan activity's , weather this be, group bossing - group skilling - give away's - discord raffles and other activity's, we like to be open and let our members influence highly what activity's will be held, we are one and we are a people clan chat. I hope to see many of you join "Elite Irons" and flourish as a player, get in, get grinding, and get smiling! Feel Free to use our clan based logo's
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    We would love to hear what the community has to say about adding bank presets. These will be inventory, gear and spellbook presets. Below are some previews of some mock-ups @Tommeh is currently working on for tournament's and main game interfaces. We have a poll up the top to cast your vote and let us know your thoughts on the subject Why we should have them or why we shouldn't have them. Just to clarify, presets for the main game will only have inventory, equipment and spellbook. Combat stats are for tournaments. We are also thinking of, if presets pass, limiting certain features such as extra slots for donators, spellbooks being for donators only, etc. We'd love to hear any and all feedback you guys have, we're aware presets are a contentious topic. The combat presets are going to be for the 'playground' fun-pk area in tournaments where players can pk with any setup while waiting for tournaments.
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    My CC is now open for everyone! All game modes are welcome, experienced or novice players! We aim to help everyone in need of assistance! The CC originated as a way of interacting with my viewers and subscribers, and quickly grew to a place where people go to seek help and chill! We offer a super down to earth environment, no-filter CC that enjoys a good friendly banter and roast sessions! Our ranks are experienced players on any game mode, so feel free to ask any questions! Recruit Rank (1 Banana Stack): The lowest of all the Ranks, next rank to be Corporal Rank. (Earned by being active in CC, advertising if able & helping); Corporal Rank (2 Banana Stack): Second to lowest rank in Clan Chat, next in line to Sergeant Rank. (Earned by all the Recruits methods on top of being consistent and devoted); Sergeant Rank (3 Banana Stack): Highest rank under the star ranks, next in line for promotion to Lieutenant. Senior clan member looked upon as assistence to newcomers. (Senior enlisted rank, extreme devotion, enforces/defends CC); Lietenant Rank (Bronze Star): The second highest rank given by the Clan Chat Owner. Can represent a Moderator in Clan Chat. (Oversees Recruit - SGT. Deals with clan drama, will be the one to kick if things get out of hand usually (Spammers/Racism/Unneeded toxicity) [Ban/Kick able]; Captain Rank (Silver Star): The highest rank achievable for clan members. Can represent an Admin in Clan Chat. (Oversees LT. Senior officer, advises to owners who deserves promotion/demotion upon attendece and effort. Oversees clan activities, CO/Owner top adviser). [Ban/Kick able]; Clan Co-Owner (Gold Star): Oversees all ranks, has ability to promote/demote, oversees CPT's, will be asset to Owner & assist in managing clan giveaways. [Ban/Kick able]; Clan Owner (Key): Rank allows command over the clan chat, has ability to promote/demote or set any restrictions to their Clan Chat. Ultimate Ways to Rank Up Be Active; Be Helpful to Newcomers & Assist them with any needed questions; Don't CC hop; Be consistent with effort, zero over aggressive flaming (Racism is the only main no-go in CC); No Flaming other CC's over yell or engaging in arguments. Do so via PM, keep the CC name positive in the community as we would like. No flame. We're a no-filter CC, but there're limits. Racism is absolutely not allowed, which leads to a no-warning ban; No advertising on other CC's. Only way we advertise is through yell or public chat; No begging for ranks. Personal messaging ranks will not work, as they will always forward you to this topic; Respect the Ranks. Ranks are there to enforce the above stated rules; We have a Discord Server! Simply click on the link below to receive an invitation! Once accepted, ask a rank in the CC to sort you out! Discord shares the same set of rules from CC. https://discord.gg/vnyXaW9 We host a wide variety of events all the time! Skilling, PVM and Miscellaneous events are thought and prepared by our ranks in order to give you an awesome time and helping out newer players! We'll post the event schedule on Discord, so make sure you join! Giveaways are a constant aswell. We have different custom set of items for giveaways, like starter items (Whips, DBoots, Furies) to Supply Crates (Food, Potions, Herblore Secondaries) and Bonds! Make sure you hang out in the CC because the giveaways are exclusive to members!
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    Welcome to my 1-99 Thieving Guide! As a new player to Zenyte thieving is by far the easiest and most efficient way to get essential funds in order to progress your account. As it stands, Pickpocketing NPC's currently give you 5x the amount you would receive from them in OSRS. If you're lucky enough to obtain a rogues outfit this will double all loot obtained from pickpocketing making thieving an even greater way to get cash in Zenyte. Starting off! - A few tips. To make pickpocketing as painless as possible. I'd recommend you change your NPC Attack options to always right click or even Hidden. From level's 1-20 Time Aprox 2-3minutes Pickpocket Men/Women Located at home, these give 15gp per pickpocket and 200xp Through levels 20-35 Silk stalls. I would recommend dropping all of the silk as it's not really worth much and this won't take very long. Through levels 34-50 you're going to be stealing from the fur stall giving 900 xp per thieve - I would recommend also dropping the fur as it's value is not worth the time banking or selling to a store. Through levels 50-60 you're going to be pickpocketing guards found in the center of the market. giving 1,170 xp per thieve and 150gp this is where the xp rate really picks up and you begin to start making money. From levels 60-70 you're going to move to Ardy Knights, Also found in the center of the market. Giving 2,107 xp and 250gp you'll make about 130k at the current multiplyer until the next milestone. ** * ** ** * ** ** * ** At levels 70-85 You start to make some decent cash and you may want to stop at 85 and do something else Staying in ardy, you'll be thieving paladins which give 400Coins and 2 chaos runes ** * ** ** * ** ** * ** At level 85-99 This where the real money comes in. By going home and teleporting to Lletya You're going to be pickpocketing Elfs, Yielding 8,825 xp and 1,750gp as well as many other great resources they're a great way to get all the GP you'll need to get some great starter gear! - Remember to bank all of these drops as diamonds and fire orbs alone can be sold to other players for great money! Congratulations ! You're Level 99. Buy the cape at home for a further boost to your pickpocketing ability and to show off your achievement! Thanks for reading my guide, If this helped you let me know. For further questions or help with everything and anything, PM me in game or Via the Discord server, or @Me below.
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    Mage arena II The mage arena II has finally arrived! Players can start the dangerous minigame by talking to Kolodion who can be found within the mage bank in deep wilderness. The minigame requires players to have at least level 75 magic, although higher levels are strongly advised. Magic level cannot be boosted to start the minigame early. After speaking to Kolodion, players are informed to go seek for three creatures, all representing different gods. Kolodion needs players to bring him the remains of the creatures to harness their power. After bringing him all three of the remains, players are able to imbue a god cape of their selection by showing it to Kolodion. All three creatures are able to deal high damage and combo the player out with ease! Beware before starting the minigame. Every single one of the creatures can hit upwards of 43 if the correct protection prayer is not used, besides that they are able to perform combo-attacks which can damage players even more than that. Finding the creatures is slightly different to how it works in OS: Each player is assigned a unique location where they will be able to find the creature. Multiple people can be killing creatures simultaneously regardless of the location. Every 30 minutes or after the spawning of a creature the unique location is reset and will be re-rolled for the next creature - it can be any of the 15 possible locations, including the same one as previous. The locations are more or less the same as in OS. Bugfixes Staff online counter will no longer include non-staff players as staff. Looting bag can no longer be bought from within the bounty hunter store if the user already has an open looting bag in inventory. An internal check for retrieval service has been added; Items that the user is not meant to be able to obtain multiple of - for example looting bags - will now check if the player's retrieval service contains them, to prevent them getting multiple. Players can now ask the gardeners to chop down trees while they are in the "regaining fruit" phase. Hunter daily challenges should now progress properly. Tortured gorillas, demonic gorillas, adamant dragons and rune dragons are all now being tracked on the slayer log. Rune dragons now have their death animations. Fixed ignore-list crashing players on login; This is a multi-part update. Ignore list will initially still remain non-functional until we push the client update alongside it sometime later. Barrows set effect no longer works when the barrows sets have degraded to completely broken phase. Completely broken phase no longer provides any bonuses either. Fixed dragon chainbody item id within dragon platebody smithing. Dragon armour lump is now broadcasted. Telegrabbing wine of zamorak in the upstairs area of the Asgarnian Chaos Temple no longer causes the monks to attack the user if they are wielding monk robes. Players now get proper discounts and increased prices when selling and buying items from TzHaar shops. Shop price messages are no longer filterable. Drinks now use drink sound rather than eating sound. Oziach can now smith players dragonfire shields if they bring him 1 million coins, a draconic visage and an anti-dragon shield. Fishing spots which are permanently locked to a specific location will now interrupt the players fishing at them at a 15-minute interval. Runite ores will now spawn at a rate of 1 every 90 seconds - previous timer was 120 seconds. Players should no longer be placed atop of forfeit trapdoors in the no-movement duel arena. Magic no longer has a custom 10% accuracy boost towards NPCs - this only applies to PvP. Magic shortbow (i) can now shoot broad arrows. Hopefully partially resolved the issue which caused the server to start lagging after being up for so long.
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    Quick Crafting Guide Requirements: 40 Defence 77 Magic Action: Buy Buckets of Sand & Seaweed/Soda Ash from charter ships. Cast Superglass make Use Blowpipe to make glass. Tips: You can buy 10 Buckets of Sand & Seaweed/Soda Ash, cast Superglass Make and then sell the glass for fastest xp/h. You can buy 250 Astral runes from Baba Yaga (Lunar Isle) You can swap to Lunar Spellbook at Home in the Northern Long Building (2nd floor) Media:
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    Its here! Discord integration for Zenyte. You may now sync your forums account to your Discord account. It will keep your ranks up to date, sync your discord pfp with your Zenyte PFP (optional), and now log into Zenyte Forums using your discord account! Why is this useful? Our current system requires you to log in / out using Username/Password (Which in most cases, people may forget). With this, you'll be able to log into the forums and be able to send password resets directly to your email which will grant you access to the game, without any assistance! Isn't that neat? It also updates your donation forum ranks, as well as staff team ranks for future staff members. It also functions as a verification system to show that you are not a bot, which grants you access to talk in the discord. Prevents bots from flooding our beloved Discord. This will also give notifications for discord threads once theyre posted to the forums. The sections that will receive these updates are #updates, #dev-blogs, #community-polls, #announcements. so you never miss an update! How can I sync up? Simple! You'll need to register your forums account on our forums and verify via email request. Once verified you can move over to the Settings panel located at the top right of the forums main page. Then proceed with locating the Discord section under My Attatchments. Click the "Login with Discord" and proceed to login with the Discord account you wish to sync your account with. Keep in mind you can only sync one Zenyte account to a single Discord. Once applied you'll be able to keep everything up to date all together. You'll be able to sync your email address when you update discord (We recommend turning this off) And be able to sync your Discord profile photo with our forums to keep everything sync'd up to locate your friends easier! Please be aware, signing out of Discord as shown on the picture above (unlinking Discord with your Zenyte account) will make you leave the Discord server. What does this mean for role syncing? Roles from the forums are now automatically synced the moment you link your Discord to your forum account. Roles that are updated (after you've already linked) such as a new donator rank will take up to 1 hour to update, but everything is automatic. No more ::sync or ::verify in Discord.
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    I'll cut straight to it as there's no point beating around it: ToB development has stopped for awhile now. ToB had two developers on it initially - Tommeh and Corey. Corey got a job late July and had been busy most of that month, so progress from his side wasn't all that great. On top of this, I re-assigned him to another project that is currently a secret. Tommeh has stepped down and will not continue to be working for any foreseeable future. Noele recently left to work at SpaceX as well, so there goes yet another developer. We currently have three developers left when it comes to the game: - Myself, the main game developer. I am and have been actively working on updates, the next log will contain a long list of changes, however it will not be a big anticipated update as some of you might expect. - Chris. He has been working on the revision upgrade and our new clients, however don't expect these to release right away. That is a major update, more significant than ToB or construction or any other large project that we have in the works. I just assigned him on it to get a head start as we had trouble coming up with potential areas for him to work on. - Corey. As I said above, he is currently working IRL so his time is fairly limited. He will be helping me manage the server now that Noele has resigned, as there are things that need managing outside of the game itself that I do not have much experience with. I'm yet to come up with a plan for what we'll do next moving forward, I will most certainly continue developing, it's just a matter of deciding what project needs to be released the fastest, while keeping the time constraints of each of those in mind. I will likely be writing the next updates that go live alone. Just to re-iterate though as a lot of people have taken a stance that we have given up on the project - we haven't. A lot of things changed higher up and shifting through it has been more challenging than before, the player count may decrease even further given the challenges, but we have no intention of shutting the server down. We went through the same thing a year ago, and we'll do it again.
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    Getting Started To start Farming, you need to get the tools. These can be bought from Jackie at Home. The Water can needs to be filled and it can be done by casting the Lunar Humidify spell, or by using it on a water source (Fountain, Drain, Well, etc) ALL Farming timers are 1/2 of OSRS. So it takes 80 minutes to grow herbs on OSRS and 40 minute on Zenyte! Note: This guide is based off of my own preference. You can train via other methods, or grow different things apart from those listed here. However, e.g. the herbs listed on this guide are there because they are either A) Easy to aquire or B) Very useful for Herblore. If you have any questions - Send a PM to SilverNova or "SilverNova#5932" on Discord Leveling Up Lv. 1-9: Rake patches, or grow Potatoes Lv. 9-15: Grow Guams. Lv. 15-30: Grow Acorns (Tree) + Marrentil/Tarromin/Harralander (Herb) Lv. 30-45: Grow Willows (Tree) + Ranarr (Herb) Lv. 45-60: Grow Maples (Tree) + Irit/Kwuarm (Herb) Lv. 60-75: Grow Yews (Tree) + Papaya or Palm Tree (Fruit Tree) + Snapdragon/Cadantine/Lantadyme (Herb) Lv. 75-99: Grow Magics (Tree) + Papaya or Palm Tree (Fruit Tree) + Herb seeds that you need for Herblore Remember that you can grow any herbs that you want. So if you have some herb seeds, but none of them are listed here - Plant them anyways! Compost Compost is used in order to protect your seeds from diseases. In addition, it also grants you more yield from the seeds. The better compost you use, the more protection and yield you recieve in return. It is recommended to use Supercompost on Trees & Fruit Trees, and Ultracompost on Herbs. Why? Well because you don't really care about the yield of trees and fruit trees, you just don't want them to die. That's why you save the Ultracompost for the herb seeds, so that you can get as many as possible to have more resources for training Herblore. Compost is obtained by putting weeds, sweetcorn and other farming produce into the compost bin at farming patches. You then close the compost bin, and wait. It can also be bought from various of stores, including Vanessa's Farming Shop (Catherby), Allanna's Farming Shop (Farming Guild), Sarah's Farming Shop (North of Port Sarim) and others. Supercompost is obtained by pineapple, watermelon, avantoe, kwuarm, snapdragon and other farming produces into the compost bin at farming patches. You then close the compost bin, and wait. It can also be made by creating compost, and adding a compost potion to the compost bin before it is closed. Ultracompost is obtained by using two volcanic ash on a bucket of supercompost. Players can also add 25 volcanic ashes to a compost win containing supercompost in order to turn it into Ultracompost. However, by this time it is required that the player has first made compost in the bin, then turned it into supercompost and only then can the player transform it into Ultracompost. Most recommended way to compost your patches is with the Fertile Soil (83 Magic) Lunar Spell. Mine volcanic ashes from the Fossil Island, and have them ready with you when you go on your farming runs so that you can cast Fertile Soil on your patches and instantly apply Ultracompost to them. Patches The main patches you will be focusing on are Herb and Fruit Tree & Tree patches Herb seeds can be obtained through Thieving by pickpocketing Master Farmers. Fruit & Tree seeds are harder to get, but can be obtained from Master Farmers as well. Can also be gotten from PvM. Shared Spot (Herb/Tree/Fruit Tree) Farming Guild (45+ Farming) Teleport to Farming Guild and follow the image. Red is Herb, Cyan is Trees and Green is Fruit Tree You can get to Farming Guild by using a Skills Necklace (Dragonstone), a Farming Cape, a Fairy RIng (C-I-R) or the Arceeus Battlefront Teleport (23 Magic) Herb Patches Fruit Tree Patches Tree Patches
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    With large content like the Chambers of Xeric, Wintertodt and Grotesque Guardians just round the corner, we've done some small bug fixes and much needed QOL updates to keep you guys updated. Updates: Uncut gems can no longer be used on each other to be added to a gem bag House teleports are now completely disabled while construction is unreleased Lunar group teleports now require the correct magic level and runes to cast at all The caster now also no longer receives the teleport prompt interface Smelting bars (including superheating) now takes coal from coal bags if there is none left in your inventory Coin pouches will now be received from pickpocketing instead of coins You can hold up to 28 coin pouches before they must be opened Coin pouches cannot be banked or traded Pouches turn into coins on death A move-home command has been added for moderators to move stuck players back home Desert Amulet 4 now correctly protects you from the desert heat The Desert Amulet teleport now teleports you to the Kalphite Cave, rather than the Kalphite Lair You can now kill a single Thermonuclear Smoke Devil off-task in order to complete the diary Sandpits in Zanaris, Entrana, Rellekka and Dorgesh-Kaan now work Buying graceful now adds it to your collection log Any untradables which are not already in your collection log will now be added on log-in Proselyte skirt counts as legs when wearing the full set for the Falador Diary Fire max capes can now be used to enter the deeper regions of Mor Ul Rek Slayer partner fixes Pineapple trees now require watermelons instead of tomato seeds for protection Stackable items no longer glitch out when cleaning them with a cleaning cloth Cleaning clothes are no longer used up when cleaning weapons You must be using melee when finishing off a demon with the Silverlight to count towards a demon kill Ardougne Max Cape now acts like an Ardougne Cloak 4 Vote shop changes Coal bag has been added Guthix Dragonhide Boots have been added Guthix Blessing has been added Dwarven helmet has been added (you cannot claim this back if you lose it) Useless cosmetics have been removed Some useful items have had their prices increased Status of upcoming updates: Chambers of Xeric: Raids are @Kris' project. Raids are currently in heavy testing by the QA Team, and larger group raids consisting of multiple experienced raiders are planned very soon. All rooms have been written and they just need a few tweaks to make them 100% accurate to OSRS. Wintertodt: Wintertodt is my project. I haven't been working on Wintertodt for a few days as I've been busy irl and with other development duties. I'd say Wintertodt is about 85% of the way there, with the biggest thing left being the rewards. We need to decide what exactly the rewards will be (sticking closely to OSRS'), and after that just fine tuning to get it true to Old School. I have around 700 Wintertodt kills on OSRS myself so I've been able to test it well and know how things are supposed to function. Grotesque Guardians: Grotesque Guardians are @Tommeh's project. Dusk and Dawn are the closest to completion of the three main projects, and they are just on the horizon. They have been going through QA recently and just need some minor adjustments. Grand Exchange/market changes: There are a couple of Grand Exchange changes coming shortly which we've all been working on. The first being automatic updating of prices based on successful transactions. These will update periodically and allow for up to a 5% change per day. As prices update, the prices on RuneLite will be updated too (including examining items). When this update comes out all existing prices will be updated to be much more accurate rather than using OSRS prices. The second change is being able to see recent trades (not GE trades) online. It's still being developed, and will include a search bar and automatic updating; here's a preview: The final change is being able to see current item offers, which I'm sure you've all been wanting. Without needing to say much more than this, I'll just leave you with a gif of the current proposed interface; note, still WIP. Thanks, the Zenyte staff team
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    Most Recent Stats Tuesday 9:25pm EST Total Experience: 315.9M Playtime: 3 days 9 hours Total Sleep: 13 hours History Friday 2:30pm EST Saturday 7:45am EST Sunday 1:30am EST Sunday 5:15am EST Sunday 9:15am EST Monday 1:00am EST Monday 10:25am EST Monday 3:40pm EST Tuesday 10:30am EST Tuesday 3:30pm EST Playtime: 81 hours 99 Thieving - Friday 8:00pm EST 99 Crafting - Saturday 7:30pm EST 99 Strength - Saturday 11:20pm EST 99 Magic - Sunday 5:00am EST 99 Attack - Sunday 6:00am EST 99 Woodcutting - Sunday 10:00am EST 99 Firemaking - Sunday 11:10am EST 99 Mining - Monday 2:35am EST 99 Hitpoints - Monday 7:45am EST 99 Defence - Monday 8:00am EST 99 Farming - Monday 10:25am EST 99 Ranged - Tuesday 11:20am EST 99 Hunter - Tuesday 1:15pm EST 99 Fishing - Tuesday 4:15pm EST 99 Cooking - Tuesday 5:35pm EST
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    Hi everyone, this update will be featuring daily challenges, Obor, Bryophyta, Adamant & Rune dragons, Zahur, Giant Mole, Drop Viewer and the latest revision upgrade. Daily Challenges You will now get a challenge everyday with the categories being skilling, combat & minigames. Each challenge has its difficulty and based upon the category of the challenge there's factors that will determine the difficulty of the challenge. You can stack up to 3 challenges at once and you can talk to the Challenge Headmaster in Edgeville to claim your rewards. The rewards be either an experience or item reward, or even both! Obor Obor, the Hill Titan has been added. You can kill him by obtaining a giant key which is dropped by all hill giants world. The boss fight is instanced meaning that you will lose all your items upon death. Bryophyta Bryophyta, the Moss Giantess has been added. You can kill her by obtaining a mossy key which is dropped by all moss giants around the world. Just like Obor, the boss fight is completely instanced meaning that you will lose all your items upon death. Adamant & Rune dragons Adamant & Rune dragons have been added with their proper combat mechanics. You can find them by teleporting to the Lithkren Vault through the Zenyte portal in Edgeville. Zahur Zahur has been added with all her functionality (decanting potions, cleaning herbs, making unfinished potions). You can find here in Edgeville, north-west of the banks & grand-exchange clerks. Drop Viewer We've added a drop viewer to view the drops per NPC. The drop viewer will also show the rarity that you can toggle between percentages & fractions. We're also planning on adding a feature where you can look-up NPCs based on an item that they drop. Giant Mole The Giant Mole has been added. You can find it by digging with a spade on certain mole hills at the Falador Park. The Giant Mole comes with the same mechanics as OSRS. This also means that it's highly recommended to bring a Falador shield 3 or 4 to locate the Giant Mole in the cave. Revision Upgrade We have upgraded to Oldschool Runescape's latest revision being #179. This also comes with the latest RuneLite client update being the 1.5.22 version. You can view the all features that RuneLite has to offer here. Bug Fixes/Small content additions You can now convert your coins & platinum tokens at bank objects. The looting bag is now properly emptied upon death. Fixed an issue with changing your beardstyle. Added spellbook switching at the altar north of the banks & grand exchange clerks. Added crafting moulds to the skilling shop. Added a teleport to the pure essence mine. Fixed a bunch of glitches with the duel arena. Graceful shop now accepts marks of grace instead of coins. Added silverlight to the melee shop. Kill 100 demons with it and it will transform to a Darklight. Added Mac to Edgeville where you can buy skillcapes and the max cape Fixed an issue with Hunter where traps would glitch out. Added snape grass item spawns to Waterbirth Island. Added the ring of life effect. Added the graceful set effect. Added the box of restoration to Edgevile. Added Perdu on the 1st floor of the Magic shop. You now have the option to rewatch the tutorial by talking to the Zenyte guide in Edgeville. Added item un-imbueing. Added the make-over-mage to Edgeville. Fixed the cave horrors dungeon exit. Migrated godwars to the new area system. Added the chasm of fire with all its lifts and demon spawns. Added the brimhaven dungeon obstacles. You can now transform the rock golem & rift guardian pets. Adjusted the Kalphite Queen respawn timer. Added mithril weaponry for ironman (previously went only up-to steel). Added member ranks and design icons for them. Bolt enchanting now shows proper message when you don't have the required items. Hardcore ironman deaths are now only broadcasted if the total level is 500 or higher. Added a warning for the Wilderness teleports through the Zenyte portal. Morytania legs teleports & bonus xp in the slayer tower features added. Fixed spawn directions for the void knight bankers. Added the ability to upgrade void knight pieces to elite. Added the ability to create an uncut zenyte by using a zenyte shard on an onyx. Added bonus xp feature when mining/smithing with Varrock armour. Added a command to open topics on the forums. You can now buy daily battlestaves from Zaff in Varrock depending on the diaries you have completed. Reworked the game settings & game noticeboard interfaces to look more 'osrs-ish'. Added the ability to travel through Keldagrim with the boats. Added elder chaos druids mechanics. Added a teleport to the Lithkren Vault and the barriers to reach the adamant & rune dragons also work. Fixed a few typos with the smithing message on certain items. Added the rimminton distillery to fill a lamp with oil. Added a toggle for whether or not to show the confirmation box when (un)noting items. Fixed a mark of grace spawn that would spawn on the wrong height level. The food shop now sells noted items instead of unnoted. Added amulet string for opal, jade & topaz amulets (u). Catching red chinchompas will now give the correct item. Added mithril seed planting.
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    Introduction: Hello, My name is DaloZ and today i've decided to compile an extensive list of the working Shops, Npc interactions, Their locations and Their stocks here in the land of Zenyte... My reasoning behind this was to give every player an easy way to check where they could find an item and how to reach it, be it an Ironman, a Region locked Snowflake or even a Normal player that doesn't know too much about the game itself. Hopefully with this guide, not only will you learn about items but as well learn a bit more about Old School Runescape overall. I will be adding more stores to the guide as they are requested or as they are added to they game (Some Stores are not coded) Best of luck friends. Disclaimer NOT ALL GENERAL STORES / FARMING STORES / FISHING STORES WILL BE IN THIS GUIDE, the reason behind this is because they either share the same stock or they have no real utility (All general stores buy items at 40% of their ingame Value), the ones i will list are in this guide because they have a unique trait and/or a different stock of items. As a side note, if there is a store i didn't add to this guide is because it is not coded correctly or i could have missed it, i am human after all (feel free to comment below and i will check it out) Lumbridge (Zenyte Teleport-Cities-Lumbridge) What can we find at Lumbridge? Zanaris (Wear a Dramen Staff then right click the Fairy Tree-Ring next to the Kitchen at home then click Zanaris) In Zanaris you'll find 2 stores: Draynor Village (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Draynor) You can find here some handy stores, such as: Port Sarim (Walk from Draynor/Rimmington or teleport with a Explorer's Ring 2+) In Port Sarim you can find the following shops: Rimmington (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Rimmington) We can find at Rimmington the following stores: Falador (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Falador) Here at West Falador we can find the following stores: Dwarven Mine/ Mining Guild (Zenyte Teleport - Skilling - Mining Guild) Here you can find mostly stores that sells pickaxes up to rune. Motherlode Mine (Zenyte Teleport - Skilling - Mining Guild - Enter the cave next to the stairs) Prospector Percy A little bit North-East we can find the Entrance to the Dwarven mines, as well as an useful Npc called "Nulodion" His most important trait is that he can replace your cannon FOR FREE if you happen to lose it in a non-pvp scenario. He also sells the Cannonball mould. Barbarian Village (Walk south from home / Teleport with a Skull Sceptre) Here we can find Peksa's Helmet Shop Edgeville (Home Teleport / Amulet of Glory) Here at Edgeville we've gathered some of the most useful items and placed them in various shops, ranging from Metal Armor all the way to Runes/Range ammunition. Varrock (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Varrock) In Varrock we can find the Following stores: Champion's Guild (Chronicle sold by Diango or walk from Varrock/Teleport from Myth's Guild) In the Champion's guild we can find 2 stores: Al-Kharid (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Al-Kharid) In Al-Kharid we can find the following Stores: Kharidian Desert In the Kharidian Desert we can find 3 cities, in which we can find an assortment of stores Pollniveach (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Pollniveach) Nardah (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Nardah) Sophanem (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Sophanem) Now, Let's Head to the Wilderness Here in the wilderness we'll find 4 Stores Back to safety, let's give a quick trip to the Void Knight Outpost (Zenyte Teleport - Minigames - Pest Control) Morytania Canifis (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Canifis) Some stores can be found here, and a tanner. Port Phasmatys (Ectophial takes you to the Ectofuntus, which is the closest location) Only 2 relevant stores: Mos Le'Harmless Here in Mos Le'Harmless you will find the following stores: Burthorpe (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Burthorpe) Here at Burthorpe we can find the Rogue's den, which resides under the Burthorpe pub This is Grace's Stock Nearby, is the Warrior's guild (Zenyte Teleport - Minigames - Warrior's Guild) I do believe these stores may prove useful for some ironmen, specially the consumable stores Taverly (Zenyte Teleport - Dungeons - Taverly Dungeon - Up the stairs and walk) Here we can find 2 Stores and a Crystal chest. Tzhaar Cave (Zenyte Teleport - Minigames - Fight Caves) In the Tzhaar caves we can find some Stores, these however do not trade with gp, but instead they use Tokkul as their currency... "But what does this means, DaloZ?" you may ask, well this means that when you sell to these stores you will receive Tokkul instead of Gp (Higher yield with the Easy Karamja diaries done), and when you buy from these stores you will have to pay with said tokkul (Lower prices with the Easy Karamja Diaries). Mor Ul Rek (Zenyte Teleport - Minigames - Fight Caves - Walk to the Vents nearby) Same as before, However this city requires a Firecape in order to be elegible to enter. Once you have a firecape in your inventory, show it to one of the guards near the entry vents and you'll have unlimited access. TzHaar-Hur-Zal's Equipment Store Brimhaven (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Brimhaven) Here we can find the following shops: Shilo Village (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Shilo Village) In Shilo Village we can find the following: Ape Atoll (Zenyte Teleport - Training - Monkey Guards) Warning: DO NOT GO TO APE ATOLL IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE BEING ATTACKED BY MULTIPLE MONKEYS, THEY WILL KILL YOU ALMOST INSTANTLY. Use a tank if possible, and pray "Protect from missiles" Now, Ape Atoll may be a pain in the ass to buy items from, but you may find some Useful items in here: Catherby (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Catherby) Here in Catherby we can find the following shops: Thormac Mystic Staves (South of Seer's Village, it's the big Wizard tower looking building near Sherlock) (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Seers Village) This is not a store, However, This is the only place where you can make Mystic Staves!... Just talk with Thormac at the top floor. These are the Battlestaves he can make into Mystic Ranging Guild (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Seers Village - Walk from there / Combat Bracelet) Inside the Ranging Guild We'll find 3 stores. Legend's Guild (Fairy Ring B L R) Only 1 Working Store Legend's Guild Shop of Useful Items King Latha's Training Grounds (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Ardougne - Walk there , it's located North-west of West Ardougne) Armory East Ardougne (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Ardougne) East Ardougne has some interesting shops... West Ardougne (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Ardougne - Walk West and enter the gates) West Ardougne only has a General Store. Yanille (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Yanille) Here in Yanille we can find an arrangement of stores, and of course the Mighty Wizard's Guild Uglug Nar (Zenyte Teleport - Bosses - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - Walk East) Gnome Stronghold (Zenyte Teleport - Skilling - Gnome Stronghold / Right Click the Fairy Tree Ring at home and select Gnome Stronghold) The Gnome Stronghold holds a quite a few shops: Lletya (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Lletya) In Lletya you'll find the following stores: Isafdar (Zenyte Teleport - Miscelaneous - Isafdar) Not a store, but if you talk to her you can enchant your crystal seed into Crystal Equipment This is the interface Port Tyras (Zenyte Teleport - Miscelaneous - Tyras Camp) Myth's Guild (Zenyte Teleport - Dungeons - Corsair Cave - Up the stairs) The Myth's Guild... Home to the BIS Crush Cape, some herblore materials and of course Dragon Weaponry Relleka (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Relleka) In Relleka we can find the following stores: Neitiznot (Zenyte Teleport - Training - Yaks) In Neitiznot we can find a store as well as some unique NPC Interactions: Jatizso (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Relleka - Take a boat to Jatizso) In Jatizso you can find the following stores: Lunar Isle (Zenyte Teleport - Miscelaneous - Lunar Isle) In the Lunar Isle you'll find these stores: Lighthouse (Fairy Code A L P) Here in the Lighthouse we can Jossik, who happens to run a store in the lighthouse: Keldagrim (Zenyte Teleport - Minigames - Blast Furnace - Walk outside / Take a Cart near the Grand Exchange (osrs) shortcut) In Keldagrim, we'll find plenty of stores: Zeah In the distant land of Zeah we'll find an arrangement of stores distributed along the various districts: Port Piscarilious (Zenyte Teleport - Skilling - Port Piscarilious) Hosidius (Zenyte Teleport - Training - Sand Crabs) Woodcutting Guild (Zenyte Teleport - Skilling - Woodcutting Guild) Arceuus (Zenyte Teleport - Cities - Kourend - Run there / Fairy Ring C I S) Lovakengj (Xeric's Talisman - Xeric's Inferno / Fairy ring C I R - C I S and run there) Farming Guild (Zenyte Teleport - Skilling - Farming Guild) Slayer Master Stock Every Slayer Master will have these in stock: Conclusion I really enjoyed making this guide as it helped me learn more about the game itself, i even discovered interactions that i didn't know they existed (such as curing Yak-Hair) and i managed to discover unique shops that may prove useful for clue hunters early on... or even potential money makers! I thank you all for reading my guide, and hopefully it may prove useful to every single one of you. Feel free to comment below your thoughts and your feedback, maybe even suggestions for the guide and i will look into them. See you in game
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    1. No Trading other players that are not in the group. 2. No selling / buying items using the GE. 3. We can't use our main accounts to help 4. We're limited to use the same items ironman are allowed to buy from shops. e.g Jewelry Shop / Mystics / RCB 5. If we would like to donate, we are limited to the items that are ironman-only. 6. We are allowed to share accounts with eachother to get maximum gains 7. We have one storage account, this account can be used to store items on. Rates: x10 Gamemode: Normie Alright, lets introduce ourselves. GIM Benz - Benz [RETIRED] GIM D M T - Dee M Tee GIM Haze - Tangerine GIM Titan - Titan DK No clue, who these people were when we started this, but I can tell you one thing. It's been hella fun and I'm glad we found eachother. Me myself, have been waiting for years for GIM release on OSRS, and i'm still waiting. But it's taking so long, so I've decided to start this GIM Group Project for fun. We've decided to make progress thread and maybe even videos when receiving end-gear, to inspire other people to start making GIM groups. Oh yeah quick little shoutout to Baka for making these sick graphics . We'll be updating this thread every 2 to 3 days, so everyone can stay updated on our grind . The accounts are x10 rated, we all agreed on this because we feel its like the right rate to not being able to max after a week or so. So we really have to grind out and help eachother out to reach that top. We've been keeping track of every level, achievement & item we unlock. Enjoy! Alright lets start off this our stats FIRST COMBAT 99 FIRST ZULRAH KILL BEAVAH PET Thanks for checking our progress thread out! Hope you enjoyed Our Discord: https://discord.gg/axqqWeW
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    A Guide to Runecrafting by Song Runecrafting is by far one of the most profitable skills in Old School Runescape mostly due to the limitations of purchasing runes such as Astral, Death, Blood and Nature Runes which transitions usefulness to Lunar or Ancient Spells like Humidify, Fertile Soil, Barrages and even more! For Ironmen, these become more valuable in a sense of their usefulness --- more notably for the High Alchemy Spell. If you're looking for a great deal of self-sufficiency, I personally recommend working on this skill as soon as possible! ~ Table of Contents ~ 1xa : Starting Off: Obtaining Rune & Pure Essences 2xa : The Grind: Crafting Runes 3xa : Hot Hot Hot: Lava Runecrafting 4xa : The Long Run: Dense & Dark Essence Block, Blood Runecrafting 5xa : Almost There: Soul Runecrafting 6xa : A Small, Yet Effective Job: Astral Runecrafting 7xa : Big Explosions: Wrath Runecrafting The End of the Journey [ 1xa ] Starting Off: Obtaining Rune & Pure Essences There are a few ways to obtain Rune or Pure Essences for all of your Runecrafting needs, and just below, I'll explain various methods from simple mining to places to grind them out through PvM Combat! They'll be listed from easiest to hardest access. You'll require as much as your mental stability can handle to craft a decent amount of runes til Runecrafting Level 99. [ 2xa ] The Grind: Crafting Runes With your pouches filled and your lightweight combat or utility gear ready to go, it's about time to cover what you should be crafting! Just to be clear, this is not just a guide towards Runecrafting Level 99, but a shedding of light of what you should be crafting for yourself and the market to lessen the boredom. Below is a list of what I think you should be crafting and is of high value. For Ironman+, craft whatever you need at the time and simply skip the section since nearly all runes are practically valuable to you if you want. [ 3xa ] Hot Hot Hot: Lava Runecrafting ** Credit to Jett & Chop for suggesting to add this section. Lava Runes themselves don't have much particular use. In fact, they are useless in terms of Magic until you've run out of Fire or Earth Runes. However, crafting them does make it the fastest XP per hour! So if you're just aiming to zip right through Runecrafting, then craft these. They require Runecrafting Level 23 to create! How to Craft Lava Runes [ 4xa ] The Long Run: Dense & Dark Essence Block, Blood Runecrafting Due to the long, multi-step process that is required to make Blood Runes, this is mostly why this particular rune is the most valuable of them all. First off, it requires BOTH Mining and Crafting Level 38. Second, it requires having both a Pickaxe and a Chisel in your inventory in order to mine Dense Essence Block. It is ENTIRELY recommended to bring a Graceful Set for continuous runs. Once you have met these prerequisites, you're set to make your own Blood Runes! Your first step to get to Arceeus, this can be done by taking the Fairy Ring with the Code C I S ~ [ 5xa ] Almost There: Soul Runecrafting Soul Runes require Runecrafting Level 90 to create and it's a huge step forward from Blood Runes. Much like Blood Runes though, they require the same method to create them via Dark Essence Fragments and running to the Soul Altar. Since obtaining Dark Essence Fragments was covered in the previous section, I'll only cover on how to get there on foot if not banking and taking the Abyss Route. [ 6xa ] A Small, Yet Effective Job: Astral Runecrafting Astral Runes are worth a little bit of gold, but nothing comparable to Blood Runes, Death Runes or Nature Runes. Despite all of that, they do have their important uses such as being a staple supply for Vengeance when trying to dish out fast damage which results to longer trips. Above that, they're also used for utility spells like Supermake Glass, Fertile Soil, Tan Leather, String Jewelry and more! I suggest making these if you want to optimize your trips or production skills. Unlike other Altars and much like the Wrath Altar, they do not have their place in the Abyss and so you have to run there yourself. Just below, I'll guide you to reaching the Astral Altar. Your first step is to take a teleport to Lunar Isle. You can get here by using the Lunar Spellbook Spell: Moonclan Teleport or simply take the Zenyte Portal, scroll down to Miscellaneous and click on Lunar Isle. [ 7xa ] Big Explosions: Wrath Runecrafting The End of the Journey
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    Bugfixes Boss pets now spawn behind the player when received as a drop. Cerberus' ranged attack hits 1 tick later now to properly synchronize with the projectile. Cerberus mechanics overall improved to work more like in OSRS. Daily challenge messages updated to a more visible colour. Players now actually lose their pets on death. Players can now purchase rock cakes from the food shop at home. Players can now purchase ghostly outfit from the magic shop at home. Magic secateurs added to the vote shop. You can now string gold amulets. Players can now complete the diary task "Chop and burn willow logs in Taverley". Added a bass fishing spot in Ape Atoll. Players can now complete the diary task "Pick a belladonna". Tools shop at home now sells up to 1000 silver dust. Numerous diary tasks were disabled & auto-completed for players due to inaccessible areas or content. Combat skills are no longer filtered by the 200M XP broadcasts. Seed pod is no longer lost on death. Rewrote dynamic map algorithm as it was only allocating 1.3% of the actual free map before, as well as fixed problems with map placement under special circumstances, causing instances to collide. Added an end-point for pest control so if the server were to ever die, players inside pest control would actually be transported to the island, instead of remaining in void. Players can now view the grand exchange collection box through basic bankers. Auto-typed messages through the client can now be filtered using chat filters. Duel arena will no longer occasionally teleport one of the players to a tile right outside of the fight arena itself. Barrows now drains prayer at the same rate as in OSRS - which is faster than it used to be on Zenyte. Fixed bracelet smelting. You will no longer have items randomly disappear on death when you die with a looting bad, seed box or anything similar that allowed you to hold a lot of items with you. Death spawns no longer respawn on death. Ectophial teleport implemented. Alchemy spells reworked to be castable while under combat. Lizardman caves implemented. Falador shield 1 no longer requires 10 Defence. It is no longer possible to glitch a trade and have it result in users losing their items. Modified master farmer seed rates as they were too powerful earlier. Zenyte shards are now announced through global broadcasts. Ironmen can now pick up the same item on a tile if there is another one of the item dropped by someone else(previously would say you can't pick others' items as you're an ironman). Ring of Wealth coin collection patched. Players can no longer deposit more than 16000 of each rune in a rune pouch. Superheat item spell now cancels any other occurring action, like mining. Tool leprechaun now notes clean herbs. Players can now use the Zeah rocks shortcut to access the dense mine. Amulet of glory no longer provides infinite charges. Players can no longer sacrifice their fire capes to get access to Inferno as Inferno is not yet available. Ladder fixed in the Experiments dungeon. Invalid demonic gorilla spawns removed. Items no longer lose their charges when the player dies in a serviced area. Abyssal tentacle can now be used to slash webs. Demonic gorillas combat script improved. Zulrah now drops dragon halberd and med helm at the correct rate. Missing antifire potions can now be made through Herblore. A lot more demons have been defined to be weak to demonbane weapons. Cerberus combat script improvements. Cerberus and smoke devil boss now require a slayer task to be slain. "Craft some nature runes" Karamja diary patched. Increased the range of the Ardougne area to make the Ardougne cloak 2 perk of thieving boost within Ardougne work for the master farmer north of Ardougne. Players can no longer damage Callisto with magic. Cave krakens now drop uncharged trident at a rate of 1/200 instead of the previous 1/150. Tridents, blowpipe and serpentine helmets are no longer lost on PvM death. Players no longer have their special attack energy restored on death. Players can now purchase damaged books from Jossik in the lighthouse. Players can no longer drop pet rocks at Edgeville. Zulrah now uses all four of its rotations. Players can now buy bonds from the store online and claim them in-game to receive the donation as if they donated themselves - they will receive the credits as well as total donated through this. Purchasing a bond on the store will cause you to lose total donated worth the bond's cost. Ironmen can now hide the ground items that they are unable to pick up - includes drops and all kinds of other items. Only the items they're able to pick should show. Players can no longer glitch and abuse herb boxes. Bird nest chance from woodcutting doubled. Corporeal beast can no longer be safespotted. Abyssal sire's fairy ring code disabled until Sire is introduced. Wall beasts no longer over-damage the user. Ultimate ironmen have their death timer set to 60 minutes invisible time due to it being an actual mechanic in OS. Decantation plugins no longer conflict with herblore plugins, causing one or the other to shop working. Smithing iron 2h swords no longer gives the user mithril daggers. Damaged books now provide a plus 5 prayer boost. Damaged books now work as a protection item in godwars dungeon. Dagannoth rex warriors' ring item drop fixed. Zulrah is no longer unaggressive on spawn. Zulrah will no longer skip phases/attacks. Players can now use the ::ccban and ::ccunban commands to permanently remove someone from your clan, if you're the owner of the clan. Watering seedlings sprout time was reduced from 4-5 minutes to 9 seconds. Slayer rings can no longer be crafted unless the person has unlocked the respective slayer reward. Construction is no longer required to obtain the max cape, or to get the maxed announcement. Ballistas can now be fletched. "Smelt a runite bar" task now works through superheat spell. Disassembling an imbued slayer helmet now gives the user back their imbued black mask. Vial smashing implemented; Players can configure this in the game settings found in noticeboard. Barrows tunnels doors unlocked for everyone; I may keep this permanently, I may only keep it until the doorways issue is fixed. Chaos fanatic and crazy archealogist scripts updated so they're not 100% safespotable. Report button in chatbox fixed to open the respective pages. Players can now crack a coconut using a hammer on it; They can also pour the coconut milk into a vial. Halos no longer alch for 90k gp - this was never intended. Crystal shields, bows and halberds introduced. Imbues are currently not obtainable. Players can take their crystal seed to Ilfeen(Zenyte portal > Misc > Isafdar) when they have enough coins to have her turn the crystal into one of the aforementioned items. "Craft fruit basket" Falador diary until branches can be obtained from trees. Celastrus patches no longer regrow bark. Players can now purchase a silver sickle(b) from the tools shop. They can use this in the Mort Myre Swamp to grow fungi on logs - necessary to obtain mort myre fungus. Issue with Kraken instances fixed. Kraken now takes heavily reduced damage from ranged. Fixed a typo on lightsource flaring within lumbridge dark caverns. Improved cannon accuracy against monsters. Reduced the damage requirement for ironmen to get the drop from 80% to 70%. Isafdar teleport added to the Zenyte portal, under Miscellaneous category. Uncharged trident is no longer broadcasted as a rare drop. Players are no longer prompted with the release-dialogue when trying to release lizards. Players can now combine dark totem pieces to create the dark totem - allowing them to obtain more pieces. Prayer experience halved in pest control as it proved to be the absolute meta for prayer training. Vorkath fire-spitting phase improved and made a bit easier. Players are now warned before claiming donations that they will miss out on 50k gold per vote if they do not enable 2FA before claiming the votes. Wyson the Gardener in Falador will now take the players' giant mole parts in exchange for nest boxes. These boxes can be opened individually or as a stack through bank to get different types of bird nests. The ratios for different nests are as 70% seed nests, 25% ring nests and 5% empty nests. In addition to the bug fixes, we have introduced a new item on our store. A mystery box! Non-ironman players can now purchase the mystery boxes for $5 each on our donation store. Players can loot these boxes for a chance at the very rare black partyhat - which will only ever be obtainable through these boxes. Besides the very rare occasional cosmetics, the boxes offer a variety of filler supply loots as well as some of the items already found on our donation store. We have carefully tested and simulated the loot boxes to ensure that they are no P2W - this is more or less a method of gambling for players who wish to try their luck. The boxes are not pay-to-win and will not damage the economy in any way. Besides the mystery box, we have also introduced the following new items on our store: Ecumenical keys. God book page sets. Bonds.
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    I spent a ton of time on this, so any feedback will be taken. I may move the items around for a more "clean" appearance, hope y'all enjoy, and I hope I can have 100% opacity on these items soon. =]
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