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    According to my knowledge which might be incorrect, but I believe it should be relatively easy to add a new game mode? "Elite HC ironman" & "Elite ironman" Basically the idea is to get people motivated again to actively grind & compete on Zenyte. This new mode would look like this: - One life, if you die you'll become an elite ironman which is the same , but your in-game helm icon would change color. - Only one experience mode option for this game mode: 15x15 would be my suggestion but I'm open to other ideas as well such as 8x8 or 12x12? - Dying on an Elite HC ironman ANYWHERE in-game will make you lose your status (Inferno,fight caves & COX included as dangerous) - This game mode CAN'T join any mass events under any circumstances & you need 100% damage on NPC to be able to receive the loot in your name. Thoughts? If you have any suggestions around this idea I'd appreciate to hear your suggestions. Also please comment down below which experience you would want to see for this game mode? 8x8,12x12,15x15 or something else? Edit: Reason for one experience mode only is because the competition will be bigger then rather than people competing with each other on three different xp modes.
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    So basically the whole idea is to have an "item sink" in order to unlock some perks in-game. - Reward 1) Pet hunter scroll (I have two different ideas for this) A) Global pet hunter scroll that would be unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Permanent 20% drop rate boost for all Bossing pets in-game B) Bandos scroll (example) means you have to sacrifice = sell 1x of each bandos drop (chest,tassets,hilt or bgs + boots) in order to get the bandos scroll. The bandos scroll then would give you 30% pet boost exclusively for general graardor. - Reward 2) Inside the Inferno scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Permanently let's you start inferno from wave 30 - Reward 3) Mutagen master scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Permanently gives you somewhere between 30-50% boost for mutagen at zulrah. Optional: 20-50% more zulrah scales per kill? - Reward 4) Clue collector scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Permanently gives you 5% drop boost for all clue scrolls including pet - Reward 5) Jar juggler scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Permanently makes all jar drops 30% more common. You may wonder why anyone would want this but if someone is going for collection log this will definitely help. - Reward 6) Dragon destroyer scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Permanently gives you 5% damage boost against all dragons in-game - Reward 7) Wilderness warrior scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Reward = A) Making larran's key 10-20% more common, B) Wilderness tasks will give 10 more points per task, C) 10% pet boost for wilderness bosses & D) 10% boost for revs drop table & guaranteed double coins at revs - Reward #8 Shiny slayer scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Reward = A) Superiors will be 10% more common, B) Slayer pets 20% more common, C) Brimstone key 20% more common, D) 5% drop rate boost for everything on slayer task E) Open up 1 or 2 more block task slots for slayer - Reward 9) Sneaky skiller scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Reward = A) 25% chance to smelt x2 cannonballs, B) 10-20% Boost for all skilling pets, C) 20% chance to get double resources for example anglerfish/magic logs/runite ore & so on. D) 20% chance to get double crystal when mining/woodcutting/thieving, E) Something else, ideas please? - Reward 10) Raid rage scroll unlocked with X amount of points from selling stuff to new shop: Reward = A) Allows you to block 1 room permanently or skip one room depending on whatever is easier for Grant to develop (olm not included) if this is too overpowered or difficult to add we could let this person permanently unlock chest inside COX meaning they never need to get planks again. B) 10% increased chance for olm pet & 10% increased chance for dust C) 25% bigger stack of supplies as reward at COX (including crystal shards) D) 25% more common elite clue from raids E) 25% more common dark relic from raids F) You get extra 3 minutes to complete CM raid (SOLO) Obviously all of these ideas are optional but I just wanted to throw in bunch of ideas then you can add the ones you like or make some changes to what I suggested. Why would anyone sacrifice lots of money for any of this? Maybe not many people would at least not in the beginning but there's a decent amount of players that basically have most if not all of the best in slot gear & weapons unlocked meaning they don't have too much to do on the game at the moment because realistically many people won't bother try to unlock all pets for example on a private server that has 1:1 OSRS pet drop rate or mutagen being close to OSRS drop rates & collection log being 1:1 & 25% easier for certain things and 50% easier for dwh. I'm not sure what the best solution is around this though like should it be restricted to high tier items? Common items but they obviously sell for less points? Coins included or not? Mix of everything? Hmm... So what kind of items could potentially be on the list, that let's you sacrifice them to this shop for points and how much would these rewards cost? - Uncut onyx/onyx/amulet of fury - Dragon boots & dragon pickaxe - Dex & arcane prayer scrolls - Zuriel robes ^ those should at least 100% be added to the list. -> Potentially add these to the list as well: GWD drops, serp helms, magic fangs, wyvern shield, mystery box? I can add more ideas to the list but before I put bigger amount of time into that I'd want to see first if you're even interested in this to begin with.. Thank you for the idea @Sir Dratron
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    Right, as I said the rudeness came from you, but the moment I gave you the same treatment you started to complain. You're more than welcome to report me or anyone else for that matter, but I'm slightly unsure what use I could possibly do with the information that you're reporting me. Sadly for you I'm perfectly aware of Zenyte rules and there isn't much to report anyway. You do realize that all of this is public chat for everyone to see on the forums? My point being that I don't exactly have anything to hide and therefore I couldn't care less if you report any of the things I've said here because I'm perfectly fine saying it because it's in line with Zenyte rules. Being rude is not against the rules or else I would have reported you as well and I'm only rude to those who are rude to me so that's entirely up to you which kind of treatment you want from me because it's 100% based on how you treat me. Do I enjoy being rude? Absolutely not, I'd prefer having a reasonable conversation instead, but there isn't much else I can do if someone else comes here with their half troll comments instead of caring about the game & actually trying to have a discussion on how we could make it more enjoyable for the players. It's fine if you don't care, because you don't have to, but at least be quiet if you don't have any constructive feedback. Again I don't care if you agree/disagree with my suggestions or if you're completely neutral. The only thing I care about is bringing up valid points for why you agree or disagree on something and perhaps if you have any own ideas. Other comments are quite useless, because a simple "no" or "I disagree" doesn't help, because it doesn't give any proper feedback on why you dislike the idea & doesn't give any indication to any direction on what the players would want to see if they only come here with a simple "no". Collecting data on what players would want is the main idea. What do they like & dislike, but more importantly why? You could also show more appreciation towards people that are willing to put hours of their own time into suggestions even if you dislike & disagree unless you simply don't care about Zenyte anymore, but if you didn't care it would be slightly weird why you even comment in the first place on Zenyte forums. So I'm going to assume that you care at least on some level, but maybe I'm wrong. I also wish you a happy day.
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    What comes around goes around. If you're complaining about me being disrespectful (if I understand you correctly) perhaps you should be taking a good look at yourself first. It doesn't matter to me if you're agreeing, disagreeing or completely neutral as long as you're respectful & capable of explaining your point of view. "I didn't even try to understand" isn't exactly the kind of comment that is going to get you any respect. You may as well keep yourself out of the discussion then instead of giving useless comments. I expected more from an ex staff & veteran player. "Newish" had a reasonable response for example but he didn't exactly agree with me or at least not on everything anyway. He was also capable of admitting that he doesn't have a better solution to present at the moment either which is why he received some extra kudos for that. Not exactly my problem if you feel offended because I went down to your level with my response.
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