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  1. I think he means more in addition too having a bonus damage reduction perk, this i would be 100% in support of, wintertodt at the moment is extremly underwelming, tbh wintertodt could use with an updated loottable all together.
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  3. PROMOTION Name: Cresinkel Current Position: Global Moderator New Position: Game Administrator
  4. Hello! nice to see yah pop in
  5. Too be honest another great place too place it could be the star shop.
  6. I really do like the idea of adding the ability too trade lets say 1m minnows ( 25k sharks) would fit with the theme of the dragon pickaxe being obtainable by skilling but making it a serious grind , 100% support this. smouldering stones Im kinda torn about, I'd rather see them added to the wintertodt drop table rather then just sold at jackie. solid suggestion!.
  7. A special thank you goes out too the amazing members of this community here at Zenyte, With out you we would have no server, time after time I get the same response when I ask this question? what keeps you with Zenyte? and the answer always comes back as community, the people and friends we've all made along the way, through the thick and thin, of Zenyte, we have come along way from launch And I hope to try and help move us forward even more, over the last few days, Me and @Psyche Have taken 3000$ out of our own donations, and have spread them across the server to players who are actually playing , engaging, and enjoying in this community we've all been part of building, I just would like to Thank @Psychefor all that he's done here with Zenyte, the staff team, and events team, through the time he has spent with us. also for donating 1500$ of the 3000$ too the give away. To our community, a special thank you goes out too each and every one of you, whos sticking through the developer issues, and the content updates, You do not go unseen, you are not unheard, We are working as hard as we can to move forward, Gepan and the management/administration teams are none stop working on finding solutions too these issues, and we thank you for your patience during this time . - Archaiic.
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  15. Personally I dislike the idea of a shop being the way to sink items, there are better and more long term game ways of doing this, 1, construction is under development (there's a lot more done then most tend to think) 2, There's talk of a few other concepts for resources being brought into the game as too but not limited to kingdom of misc, and other ideas. however I rather do like concept of perm account unlocks being obtained ingame, that being said, from a shop you earn points for selling items too, this is just too over powered for a few reasons, 1, super wealthy people have full advantage at instant game breaking content. 2, Alot of the suggested perks sound good on paper but would only ruin the game as you said in a long term, Boss pets are prestigious grinds, (however i am open too perm boosting the d/r of some boss pets, we are an rsps after all, and just recently we gave a boost to skilling pets so its only fair. personally I dislike anything that boosts drop rates of anything above the set drop rates ingame, No real reason on this other then its a personal dislike. 3, If I'm not mistaken did cox not already get a boost in drops?, and challenge mode has a custom drop table that from what I've been told is quite good, 3b, Tob is around the corner, i believe cox should be left alone as of right now. But like i said above, i do like the idea of earning account unlocks, but personally i believe this could be the perfect place to rework the daily challenges system this could be easily reworked too include, pvm, pvp, skilling, challenges, that could be rewarded with "relic" type items that grant account unlocks, but sadly i cant get behind a shop being what gives these "relic/perks" especially one that you sell items too, to earn points.
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