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  1. Hoping my ban appeal is not denied cause I did not know where the location of the appeal was supposed to be dropped. 

    1. Fawk


      You have to make an appeal in Here

      And make sure to use the correct template as well!

    2. Love you 543

      Love you 543

      Hey dude what happened zenyte website.

      App is not working!!

    3. Love you 543
  2. Username: lORD MORTY
    Punishment: PERMINATE MUTE
    Date of Punishment: DON'T REMEMBER
    Explanation: saying offensive remark to Cresinkle, I truely apologize. I took something out on somoeone that had nothing to do with what I was going through. 
  3. 1) Event Name: Christmas event 2) Type: mini quest 3) Details about the event:a mini quest for Christmas, fun and entertaining. 4) Notes: after mini quest you receive full evil Santa suit

    1. Fe Felix

      Fe Felix

      There you go, Iron 😉 

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