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  1. #4 theres nothing better than some yummy crispy roasted potatoes on Christmas dinner
  2. Entry 3 i love the build up to Christmas, the songs, the shopping for presents to put a smile on people’s faces, the yummy recipes
  3. Welcome soapy glad to have a new pal on the sever ♡
  4. My favourite part of Christmas is seeing the happiness and joy in people’s faces when they open presents I’ve given them. I’m not a big fan of presents myself and find more enjoyment in surprising others and making others happy so it’s always my favourite part of the day
  5. Hi pals ive been on zenyte for a lil while now but just thought I’d pop onto the forums and say hi and hopefully become active on here too! My IGN is nMewz and my name is Nic. I played osrs a lot when I was younger then some rsps but haven’t played any in years until zenyte so currently getting back into learning everything and just having fun chilling in the help CC I’m into skilling, pvm and grinding for lil pet pals but want to learn bossing and raiding eventually. Hope to see you all around in game ♡
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