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  1. 100% a fan of the god birds as you should know ;], adds a new reason to use the nests other than just brew making, plus they look so cleaaaan! All for the pest control lil update, as it stands most players get enough for void/elite and never go back, the pet mboxes give it a way of masking decent although id suggest maybe making it elite void+gloves+mace to turn in for the pet boxes as it requires abit more to obtain than just a regular void set. 100% add the mort myre fungus as stated the current player base and decline of skilling supplies we need more ways to obtain it. 100% very few items in it currently are even worth the points, so yes it needs an update. I mean why not? Its a big hammer, pretty sure it can smack some wood planks together Loving these updates and new suggestions/polls!
  2. In-game name: Kryptic_Crow Combat level: 126
  3. Im all for a name change system, but as you said do a proper one, not just somthing thrown together, thats a work around. I'd like to see somthing that doesn't require a brand new account and all the transfering and proof checking everything is correct, just 1 account swap the name boom done.
  4. I had no idea it was the previous dev who made that choice, and just cause 1 person made a choice of charging $20 for donor transfers doesn't mean it needs to be repeated. I understand that its an alternative, but if im not wrong correct me if i am, Matt has access to certain logs which allows him to change account info, can he not change the usernames there too? As I said correct me if im wrong, it just seems like an easier option, takes less time, and theres no need to transfer all kinds of stuff and use commands.
  5. The way its described doesn't exactly seem like a "name change" you're basically just transferring stats to a brand new account with said name, so you lose all the time played,loyalty points,vote points, and then gotta do item transfers or requests for untradables, is this the only way of doing it? Or can we change the current username of said account without all the transferring? Plus 20$ just for a name change is a little pricey, i could see it being maybe $5, i dunno anywhere you work for 20mins and make $20, I dunno just my two cents.
  6. Considering the player base right now, I feel the donor prices above ruby should be lowered and would bring more of those donors around, although it would be an issue for anyone who has donated X amount for those higher ranks already, The vouchers and official middleman ranks are a +1 from me, the gambling community is very small if any currently, and I feel thats caused by lack of trust amongst players for those kinda activities, but having someone who has that trust it will more likely bring in more players to gambling. Custom ranks on forums seem like a good idea but would need to monitor for of course rude or not so kind ranks players could make.
  7. Kryptic Crow

    07 loot

    Ouu nice bit of pocket change eh
  8. PROMOTION Name: X5 Slice Current Position: Moderator New Position: Senior Moderator
  9. DEMOTION Name: Kaiko Current Position: Server Support New Position: Regular Player
  10. RESIGNATION Name: Hexae Current Position: Administrator New Position: Forum Administrator
  11. Wow Christmas eve already? Seems like this month just flew by x.x good luck everyone!
  12. Ouu a santa hat for the 22nd? ;o lets go be santa and bring cheer to the players aha
  13. #21 we had abunch of snow back at the start of the month now we got barely any and it suuuuks the lights look better with snow lol
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