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Server Update - Bug fixes and QoL updates - 20th February 2024

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Server Update - Bug fixes and QoL updates - 20th February 2024

  • Ironman mystery box had its contents buffed.
  • ZMI runecrafting now makes runes go into your rune pouch.
  • Gauntlet herblore is no longer interrupted by combat.
  • You can no longer pre-pot for the Gauntlet.
  • Enchanced crystal key chest now gives the correct loot.
  • Crystal armour seeds now get broadcasted.
  • Hunllef no longer does his trample attack whilst performing his death animation.
  • Divine ranging potion now has a 2 dose version.
  • Gauntlet skilling resource nodes have had their spawning algorithm changed to have them not block entry ways into other rooms.
  • Zulrah quick-board option is back.
  • Spamming the Gauntlet entrance / exit no longer breaks the instance you are in.
  • Gauntlet drop rates for the armour and normal weapon seeds are now what they are supposed to be, check out the rates here.
  • Instance portals at GWD are now fixed, they were broken for people that hadn't used them before.
  • Prifddinas agility had its requirement set correctly to 75 and it now has working statistics that you can view by talking to Ystwyth.
  • Gauntlet teleport now also has the Prifddinas requirements.
  • Gauntlet now has a chance to spawn fishing rooms, with only fishing nodes, to help with having too little food.
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