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  1. As a forum lover myself, this is quite sad but true. Not only RSPS forums are dying, but all forums in general
  2. Hello all, I created my account a few months ago, but quit after a few days to play oldschool runescape. I am now bored of osrs, and decided to give Zenyte another shot. Hopefully i'll stay longer this time. I don't know anyone who plays this game, so i'd really appreciate if you could shot me a message in-game so that we can talk and maybe even build a friendship
  3. Good luck! Untrimmed slayer best cape in the game!
  4. Been away for a while, but now i'm back on the grind! >> Got 99 fishing >> Got 99 farming >> Got 79 herblore >> Working on 99 cooking
  5. Welcome! Which game mode did you choose?
  6. Gz to all the promoted people! Hope y'all do a good job
  7. Hey, welcome to Zenyte! Shoot me a pm in-game if you'd like to talk about ironman progress on this server
  8. Hi lazy, i'm lazy too! Welcome to zenyte!
  9. Good luck on your new account! Ironman is the way to go!
  10. Thanks! didn't even know that was a thing
  11. Just got the heron pet while gathering some food
  12. Cluescrolls are coming next update. Construction would be nice. Duo slayer is trash, not worth the dev time. Group iron is coming after osrs releases it (which should be later this year).
  13. I'm isolated at home... same as before this whole corona thing
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
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