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Server Update 01/02/2024

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Server Update - QOL -  vote shop changes - Store additions- Lots of bug fixes - 01/02/2024


Hello Zenyte! We have here for you today a bunch of long awaited bug fixes and QOL updates that add to our on-going attempt to bring reason for everyone to continue to play our game and bring something to the table while we are working on Prifddinas don't worry there will be much more coming in the future! we hope you enjoy!

The Zenyte Team


  • You can now rename presets without overriding them and override them without renaming them
  • Farmers blessing has been changes to a blessing instead of a necklace and put into the ammo slot
  • There has been some changes to the vote reward shop
  • The Chef's hat has been added to the tools shop at home
  • We have added tomes of experience to voting rewards
  • The Slayer task block scroll has been added to the donation store
  • The Slayer extend scroll has been added to the donation store (Extends current slayer task only for the current task)
  • Adjusted a bunch of drop rates that were missed last batch and have been changed to be lowered according to other recent changes

Bug fixes:

  • NPCs will now drop the correct Ensouled head ID
  • You can now talk to the Zenyte guide at home to swap your broken ensouled heads for new working ones if they are in your inventory
  • Removed Forum moderators from the online staff list
  • Added correct prices to ornament items to protect on death the same as the non-ornament counterparts
  • Bounty hunter elder chaos robe ornament kit is now tradable
  • Added missing combat definitions to the black knight fortress guards
  • Slayer Runelite plugin will now work correctly
  • Clue scrolls should now all operate correctly, report any that are missed to discord
  • You can now use ornament items in clue scrolls
  • You will now get the full bonus to vote points with donator status 100% of the time
  • Players can now not attack lower levels than they should be able to inside of the wilderness slayer cave
  • Watsons staircase will now use the correct locations when travelling up and down
  • Imcando hammer will now work with birdhouses
  • You can now use all the produce that makes Spercompost on OSRS to make Supercompost on Zenyte
  • Berry patches will now regrow correctly like OSRS
  • Accursed sceptre's special attack will now lower the Magic and Defence instead of Ranged and Defence
  • The Lumbridge Hard diary to pray at an altar using smite has been fixed
  • The positioning that the Alchemical hydra has to be to be effected by the chemicals is now increased and will now work like OSRS and be effected if over the square even by a small amount
  • When Extracting Seed box (seeds) while in bank will now give Seed Nests instead of Ring Nests.



Changes to COX/TOB:

  • Theatre of Blood has been Buffed from 1/8 to 1/6 (1/5 on Verziks will)
  • CoX now has a Purple chance rate of 6000 points = 1% as to the previous 6400 points = 1%



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