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Server Update - 16/12/2023

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Server Update  - Bug fixes + Inferno scroll - 16/12/2023




Hello Zenyte! just a few bug fixes today as we were forced to update before we planned due to some nasty bugs! we hope you enjoy the minor additions nonetheless! 

The Zenyte Team

- You are now able to sell back Prospector items to the MLM shop for nuggets
- New Inferno skip event added
- Inferno skip scroll now skips to wave 44

Bug fixes:
- Radius of ToB tornadoes spawning increased
- The exit from Spindel no longer will be deleted by the web
- Duel arena gate will now operate
- Ring of wealth now picks up Clue scrolls automatically again
- Walking into the final room with Verzik will no longer cause you to get stuck unable to get inside
- X spectating button now works to stop spectating in ToB
- Added correct sounds for a few special attacks (Abyssal whip, Dragon claws, Dragon warhammer)
- You can no longer make potions unlimited
- The stats of the Boots of stone have been returned to normal
- Wield requirements of the Leaf-bladed sword made to match OSRS
- You can no longer note the Cosmetic imbue tokens
- Corrupted twisted bow now has the correct weapon effect
- Corrupted twisted bow now uses the bonus from the arrows used 

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