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Found 71 results

  1. Hey guys, New phone and I need 2fa removed please. TIA
  2. Character OkamiShi got new phone please remove 2fa. Thank you~
  3. Returning player with a new phone and lost my authenticator need help removing it please
  4. Carter 44

    In-game 2Fa reset

    Lost my old phone and would like to start playing again:)
  5. Need to reset my 2FA to log in if possible. Thanks. ign: Singleplayer
  6. Hi there guys! It's been a long time since I've played here, now I returned but I got a new phone and didn't transfer the authenticator for both my accounts. Please help me, thanks!
  7. Hi there guys! It's been a long time since I've played here, now I returned but I got a new phone and didn't transfer the authenticator for both my accounts. Please help me, thanks!
  8. Hi, I am not aware if this is something that staff does, but i would like to request a Lumberjack outfit transfer to my Ironman account. I have already gained 200m XP in the skill before the Lumberjack outfit was added to the game as a reward. And cutting trees again for 1/1k chance of getting a piece wouldn't seem practical use of time. Account Name : H0ax
  9. Not sure if I did this right. Username: Flonz Referred by: Lommy Did you post a reply in the Refer a Friend Guidelines? Yes
  10. Hello, I have just gotten back to the game awhile a few months and have since changed my mobile phone. May I request to have my MFA removed? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, After a long period of not playing bc of being busy I wanted to log in again. Game asks me to show a 6 digit autenticator code but I removed this app off my phone. How can I play Zenyte again? Kind regards
  12. Username with donator: Kronik Username to transfer donator to: Fack Amount: $1000
  13. discord was hacked into, and i was setup between Susa and another member, after winning over 1B banned for RwT apparently, Bullsht make sure you don't get rich on this server they'll just ban you. what a joke !
  14. Please help traveling to darkmeyer i tried teleporting through minigame and the rowboat but it doesn't work, i was doing some Clue scrolls making silver sickles.
  15. My account was banned and I have no idea why? ingame name: Floopy
  16. When I launch the .jar, it opens the launcher. Once I hit play, it shows Runelite in the top left, but no windows available. I just installed newest JDK. What do? Thanks
  17. Hello, I explained the story to Gepan already but i got told to make a thread. So i wanted to retrieve items from my looting bag, i usually suicide at monkey guards or zulrah to get my items out of it. Tired of dieing, i wanted to find another way. I found out if you destroy the bag in the wildy you would get ur items on the floor. I did some research on the WIKI (which is linked to Zenyte) and it tells me that: "As Ultimate Ironman players cannot use the bank, the only way for them to get the contents inside is to die, or destroy the bag in the Wilderness and pick up the items." So i went over to the ditch and got this message: "If you go any further you will enter the wilderness" (see picture i attached to the post for proof) i crossed the ditch, now being in wilderness according to Zenyte( the warning message) and wiki (wilderness map) i destroyed the bag. All my items are gone, the bag aswell. After that, i got told that i had to be in level 1 in wildy to get all the items spawned on the floor. There's was no warning or infos about that i had to be in level 1 Items i lost (what i can remember of): 1.7k dragon darts (unf), archer rings, 6k mithril darts, saradomin coif, 100 mithril bars, 20 runite bars, 800 death runes, 800 chaos rune, 300 super attack (4), 50 brews, 70 super restores... I can't remember all of them, what i listed are the one i can remember of (sadly got no pic). I would understand the no refund policy to uim, but i was in the wilderness according to zenyte and according to the wiki. Quite unfair. Thank you for the feedback, contact me if you need any info Zuk
  18. I just installed a new system with Java 14 and was unable to get Zenyte running. The launcher worked but the client could not be started. There were no error messages, the client process was visible under htop and utilizing the CPU. Using Java 11 I was able to start the client. It'd be nice if the minimum and maximum Java versions were listed on the download page. If it it intended that the Client should work with Java 14, I could try to provide more information if the problem is not reproducible. Best, Alreak
  19. Hi all, I am having some issues with getting the client working on MacOS. The launcher itself is fine, but after hitting play, nothing appears. the login music does play indicating that something is happening... but nothing is visible. I tried reinstalling the client as well as Java but neither seem te work. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Roy (Katskie in game)
  20. forgot what 2fa program i used so now i dont have any 2fa code need to remove it from this account bump why no action take it still ?
  21. Tyronic

    In-game lost status

    I have somehow lost my donator status in game and I havnt bought a bond? could you please fix this
  22. I was smithing Adamant bolts and after that i wanted too do dia bolts after 50 dia bolts all (800) of my adamant bolts just Disappear. I diddnt see them on the Ground or back in my Bank. what should i do ?
  23. Timber

    In-game Clue Help

    https://prnt.sc/rkue2r What do you guys suggest, stuck on this for my elite
  24. Zenyte, You don't need to read this, in fact, you guys can suspend the topic in one click. But I would love to be heard and just read this topic before I leave Zenyte. Zenyte is and it will ever be the best server I've ever seen, that's why it's called "The Better Old School", I underestimated your qualities and learned alot playing here. I joined zenyte after being in "Scape-War" a really crappy rsps. I thought that all the rsps were like that until I joined here, an rsps that looks really good and seems pretty adquirable. I made my main account Armas00 (which is now banned and it's totally true). And I made an alt account at a time that will give me enough gp to go through the game (Banned aswell). You guys were able not to just detect my bot (the alt acc), but actually ban me on Armas00 too, since it was on the same IP. I recieved my punishment and I learnt that I shall not try cheating the system, since the system will always win. You guys have a detection like OSRS, impressive. You may be asking why I made this topic... The topic was made to clarify that I cheated, I lied, I tried to fool Zenyte, but I made it wrong, I regret my decisions and I'm really sad about it. I only wanted to say 2 last things. 1.- I'm really sorry, I did wrong and made a mistake, I don't want Zenyte to look at me as a bad person, I don't want that. 2.- If there's anything I could do (not to cheat again, gift my bank to people that taught me the game or just clean it) in order to get my 19XX total level account back, don't hesitate to reply this topic. This topic isn't made to lie, nor to appeal a ban, it was made to clarify and express myself in the most simple and truly face of mine. Thanks for your attention, your help, your game, all. Goodbye Zenyte, I'll always remember you as the best server. says goodbye cordially: Armas00, Armas01, Armas02, Armas03, MMG (MMG is not banned, but wont log in again.)
  25. As the title states, the game is stuck on the splash screen everytime I run it.
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