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  1. Awesome updates. Thanks for working so hard Kris & team! Always going above and beyond to make the Zenyte experience the best!!
  2. So I originally started as HC back when i started, died like a few days in, so my stats when I look my account up are garbage. Theoretically, if staff was able to convert me to just regular ironman instead of being a "dead HC", would my account on the highscores be able to update so I'd actually be able to see where I rank amongst other iron/players? Just an idea. It would be really awesome to be able to compete in the highscores again, since I haven't been able to since I died as a HC and my stats got locked in when I died. If this can't be done, no worries but I thought I'd ask and see regardless thanks
  3. Thanks for all your hard work Kris. We all see the work you are putting in and are grateful for continuing to do so given the circumstances and adversity that's been handed to you. keep it up man!!!
  4. Whew, well..now time to finish up Arma (still need ACP + hilt), then it's on to raids. I've basically been focusing on doing raids since I learned solos. Incoming tbow soon My man!! thanks so much
  5. FINALLY GOT THE BOOTS!!!!!! wow. No exaggeration, I've used over 200k+ blood runes, probably had a kc of somewhere in the range of 8-10k, and been hunting these boots since August of 2019. Final log, wow lol.
  6. Ingame name: Biggsy Time Zone: USA CST (-6:00) Team you apply for: PVM Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: Past experience pvm/skilling: playing since 2004. Played Zenyte for over a year. Maxed Ironman, 1.5b xp Do you Accept the rules?: yes
  7. Zenyte In-game name: Biggsy Discord user name: Biggsy #7474 Timezone (UTC): USA Central Standard Time (UTC -6:00) Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): 35d 22h The team you would like to join: PVM Reason for applying: community/friends to chill and chat with Gear setup if you apply for PVM Team (Provide screenshot): Brief over view of experience: played osrs since 2004, been playing Zenyte for over 1 year, maxed Iron Man - 1.5b exp Do you accept the rules: yes
  8. I'd like to suggest new drop rates for infinity pieces from battle mages. I think it's far too rare for all infinity pieces to be 1/1000, considering that the only infinity piece that's good are the boots. Make the mages book & master wand both 1/1000, but the infinity pieces should all be 1/200 or more common than that.
  9. Here's an update on how my infinity boot hunt is going. I have used close to 90k blood runes at this point and still don't have them. If i had to guess how many battle mages, probs 6.5k-7k killed, I've honestly stopped counting. Here's the loot so far: If you ask me that's pretty whack - having 3+ of everything and still no boots? I'd literally trade all of this just for boots...man I'd do a lot of things just to have boots now. Like honestly killing battle mages is the most boring/afk thing I have ever done on Zenyte. I would have rather done mage training arena 20 times than sit here and afk battle mages all day long. There honestly needs to be a way to trade in x infinity pieces for other ones, like it's kinda absurd how I can't get the boots but I can get all these other worthless pieces that are the same exact drop rate. Can I propose being able to trade these worthless items in for boots to a mod or admin? Like I honestly just cbf to keep killing these and wasting time when I could be enjoying the game.
  10. Biggsy

    Ironman Visage

    @BenzIt wasn't broadcasted, which is really strange. I think my KC was maybe 250-300. Somewhere in there...it wasn't very many that's for sure!
  11. Biggsy

    Ironman Visage

    Yeah it actually happened. I'm afking steel drags on task and walking around my apartment messing around b/c steel drags drops are garbage. I'm thinking..."I wonder if I come back to my computer and there's a visage on the ground." I get back to my comp and see the orange text on the ground signaling a big drop...sure enough it's a visage. Unreal. Never thought I'd have a dfs on my iron lol but wow. I'm stoked.
  12. lol Y0m. only got pked once actually which is quite surprising that I didn't see more pkers more often. Though I don't risk anything so even if I get pked it's no big deal
  13. Still haven't gotten Infinity boots or Master wand (used over 65k bloods so far). I understand RNG but I'm convinced the rates are a bit messed up or something's not right. But oh well, the grind continues
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