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  1. Hey y'all! I'm 24 from Australia, I run a small business so I'm free most of the times since I run my own hours! Love my little pup & R31, if I'm not on or working I'm either busy occupied with one of them I've got a lot of times in my hands so thought I'd give a hand out and help the community in any possible way I could. I've met the most of you in-game and I'm looking forward to meeting the more of you! If there's anything else anyone would like to know, feel free to drop a comment below! Warming Regards, Serina
  2. Wishing everyone a happy new year, much love to the Zenyte fam.. Kind Regards S
  3. Good luck everyone and thanks to the HOST again
  4. Yay let's go & happy birthday! Thanks for this giveaway! Even though I haven't been apart of this server for long
  5. Christmas reminds me of Mr Santa Family, gatherings & a feast with your loved ones
  6. Hey y'all! I'm Serina 24 from Australia! I've been playing RSPS since i was 14 years of age i love spending my spare time on RSPS I've got a lot of spare time to playas i run my own business from home! I've been trying to find a great community and I've found the one thankfully! Amazing community for sure from who I've met in-game so far, keen to meet more of you! Warming Regards, S
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