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  1. Skrrt

    Some ideas

    +1 too buffing willdy chest
  2. Skrrt

    "New" Boss

    Agreed, maybe can add some type of obstacle you have to click to enter,like ditch or rocks or somthing surrounding the area
  3. Skrrt

    "New" Boss

    Love this idea! Think this definitely beats adding equipment to cox, mainly because there's still a decent amount of players the don't know, or even intend on learning cox,and others have hundreds and some even thousands of raids under their belt and is more than likely tired of the same thing over and over. I think overall this would be a fun and effective way to bring new items to the game.
  4. Q: what is the name of minigame based around smelting bars A: blast furnace
  5. Q: where would fairy ring code BKS take you? A: zanaris/ lost city
  6. Q: where must you be in order to cast reanimation spells? A: dark altar
  7. Q: what can be made by using seaweed on fire/range? A: soda ash
  8. Q: what is the enchanted version of onyx necklace A: berserker necklace
  9. Q:what crafting level is needed to make xerician hat? A: 14
  10. Q:what attack level is required to equip ferocious gloves? A:80
  11. Q:what is the name of neive"s cousin located in taverly dungeon? A: eve
  12. Q: how many hitpoints does "monkfish" heal? A: 16
  13. Q: in which city would you find a cat named "the beast"? A:keldagrim
  14. Q: in which quest do you encounter "captain Bentley"? A: lunar diplomacy
  15. Q:What's the name of npc who runs draynor seed market? A:olivia
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