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  1. Ideas are easy, implementing them are the real work. But maybe you could reuse some code to save some time. The Motherlode mine rewards ore in a way that I imagine for kingdom management, ie scaling with mining level. You could modify the algorithm for other resources as well.
  2. I would like to see something more like Kingdom Management in osrs than a simple market. A way to obtain resources without the soul-breaking grinding is a good idea, but I'd like something more than a shop. I'm an ironman, so don't know- but can't you just sell resources on the exchange right now? Maybe the zenyte kingdom management alternative could be scaled to one's levels. e.g. the types of logs you could get is based on wc level, fish on fishing, ore on mining, etc. Total amounts of items obtainable could be based on levels and (perhaps) age of account to prevent using throwaway alts to bypass limits. Maybe if selling resources in general is an annoyance, kingdom management could accept resources into the coffers, and allow you to withdraw other resources. i.e. right now, in osrs kingdom management (hereafter referred to as osrskm) you deposit gp, and withdraw resources after some time. Maybe the zenyte kingdom could also accept coal, or fish, or logs, etc. and allow you to withdraw herblore seconds or other harder to obtain resources. This would also allow one to sell resources from skills they prefer, and still obtain resources from skills they like less.
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