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  1. Baby Chinchompa x2 (Am I allowed to win twice on the same pet?)
  2. A suggestion I have come up with after too much Cider and Stardew Valley, good game go play it. I give you a dumb bundle of items trade in idea. Simple premise being to trade in a set of items to an NPC possibly with various theming, for example a bow crafting bundle that requires 1000 yew longbows, 500 magic longbows, and a dragon crossbow or something I dunno. Numbers and items can be easily adjusted, but main point is whatever can be traded in to an NPC for an untradable token or just points to spend in a special shop. This functions as an item sink and can create demand for whatever items the staff feel like, provided there is a reason to trade in this stuff in the first place. Which brings me to the next point, what do we put in this theroectical shop? Stuff that doesn't add more money to the economy. Some reward suggestions: - A bond type that give credit towards rank but no store credits to spend, working as a decent money black hole but still getting something out of it, been doing this myself basically since I joined. - A dumb pointless hat for people to flex with, or just special cosmetic in general, Zenyte themed max cape recolour maybe. - Long duration bonus XP tomes - 'Blighted' PvP items that are untradable and degrade I'm not actually sure what else, this is kind of the bad part of this idea, you have to give people prizes that they are actually willing to dump money away for but don't give them money back, otherwise it is kind of pointless, Pros: Money and item sink for whatever, creates demand for dead content items, the guy who likes making mith platebodies might actually be able to sell them to other players. Cons: Someone has to program this garbage (interface similar to challenge headmaster maybe), pretty hard to balance rewards to actually engage players to use it, I came up with this in 5 mins and will probably hate it tomorrow, I don't really know what items need to be thrown in the trash like Atari ET.
  3. Skilling related trivia Combat Related Trivia Runescape Trivia Terrible meme questions Might add more later I dunno, this collection is what you get for now.
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