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  1. I understand your view on this, however you could ask anyone on the server and they would likely have an example of false mutes and bans. I was including the image to show that "all mutes and bans are given for proper reason." that's just a really shitty response to a mute.
  2. That would just prove my point. It would honestly be a bad move on the staff's part to remove such a post. Instead, they should respond with a counter argument or a response as to how they are going to improve the server.
  3. Please set aside a couple minutes to read this. WARNING: Do NOT read if you are going to throw a fit and get triggered. Take this as constructive criticism. Do not remove this post because you feel as though it "makes you look bad" because trust me, you already look bad. Zenyte was the most hyped and promising server since the first Soulsplit RSPS. The player base started off strong and I had a ton of fun leveling up my main and alt up until this point. The graphics are flawless, the runelite addition is very helpful and makes the server feel like real OSRS, the bossing is great, and i'm always kept busy. The lack of wilderness pvp was understandable due to the fact that this is a brand new server and people need to scavenge for items and such but I feel as though there should be an incentive to pk. Also, raids was advertised and never implemented (also not a major issue but may have caused the decline in players). Most importantly, the staff team (aside from a few great members) is lacking mature members to run the server. Instead, we have mute happy staff who can't handle jokes, banter, or any arguing. I will provide an image below to provide an example (if this is against the rules, WARN me before removing this post and I will get rid of it).
  4. LOL just take my blowpipe. #Elders
  5. Fair enough. Do you believe adding this feature could negatively effect the server in anyway? if so, how?
  6. On one hand I agree with this however, imbued rings are not tradeable therefor the price of the scroll is not ab-usable. I do see where you are coming from and maybe a switch to the slayer shop would add a better challenge.
  7. Do you think 99 achievements as well as drops (pet, item, etc..) yell messages should specifically mention your ironman, hardcore ironman, and ultimate iron man status?
  8. Jagex changed it to where jewelry automatically enchants (slower obviously) after pressing enchant jewelry once.
  9. It is apparent that a lot of hard work and effort was put into this. Thank you for your contribution
  10. Welcome, we're glad to have you.
  11. love the format of this. Can't wait to see the progress!
  12. Runecrafting death runes. Makes you bank. #freeSkull
  13. Skull

    Vote Shop

    I agree that the vote shop doesn't offer attractive awards and maybe vote tickets would be a nice implementation for players who enjoy buying cosmetics.
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