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  1. This should be HUGE and with the variety of items that will be here and amount, I'm sure everyone who participates will get something worthwhile. Gl on drops and rng and whatnot!
  2. Event Name: Wilderness Freeze Race Type: Strategy Race Details about the event: Starting at the wilderness line, players would have to run all the way to a specified level line, while being able to freeze and be frozen by other players. This would be a no armor event with strictly an ancient staff and some barrage runes. Notes: Possible rewards: Bonds, Mystery box, pet mystery box?
  3. Dude you absolutely kill it with these updates. I can't imagine how much time and effort you are putting into these updates. I greatly appreciate everything this Zenyte team does.
  4. I will preface this by saying i will probably never get the Jad helm, but I agree with David. Restricting it keeps it real. Otherwise it just seems like any of the other slayer helmets.
  5. I can see all angles here. Tough one
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