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  1. Hello all, This would be a big update and I know there already lots of big updates in the pipe line, however I feel this dungeon would be great for the server. Here is the link post for the Forthos dungeon; https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Forthos_Dungeon Why I think the dungeon would be great, 1) scorched grotto. A new location to kill red dragons and baby red dragon. What mades this a great spot to kill red dragons is that near the scratches grotto is the sacred bone burner, when you use bones on it you gain 300% more prayer XP. Further more an NPC called Eodan will tan your dragon hides bepending of you kourend diary's achievement will lower the cost. 2) spider den . This added temple spiders a higher tier red spider. Spider den is a multi combat area meaning that chins can be used for really good ranged XP, with decent drops ( much better that mm1 tunnels) 3) gruddy chest, all monsters in the dungeon drop gruddy keys . They can be used on this chest for really good rewards . Potions , high tier foods. 4) lastly a new boss, Sarachnis. A mid tier boss with some really good drops from seeds, herd, ores ,gems and alchs .Sarachnis also drops three unique. Gaint egg sac(200 red spider eggs) best method to obtain red spider eggs. Sarachnis cudgel, a one handed cruch weapon used with a dragon defender would be one of the best crush weapon in game, that can be obtained though game play. Finally a new pet for everyone to collect .
  2. That's a shame I'm not very clubbed up when it comes to coding. But thank you for giving it a read and a thought
  3. Hello, I suggest there being a search bar in the bank tabs, so you can search for placeholders and add them to your bank with out needing to own the items its self. Why would you want this. simple, being able to organise your bank and tabs Just the way to like them at any time of account creation. I feel this would be a massive bonus for ironman, as it look take awhile for them to collect each herb and seed etc to make the perfect herblore and farming tabs. To name just one common use for bank tabs.
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