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  1. Great job man you killed someone that had a client dc. Your mom must be so proud of you well done.
  2. To start this off I believe we have to mention that we have demoralized these noobs on their own server of 7 long months to the point they are in our pms and staff pms begging for us to off. The basic solution is to pay, spy, or just stay in edge like your topic says. YOU CAN SPY BUT YOU WILL NOT GET IN To thoroughly enjoy this kill topic we have placed a song for background of the damage we have stricken "#SB" with over the past 2 weeks, the real reason they are crying about "Raggers" SB PK LEADER LINK DEAD FOR 300M+! shown multi lines in 2020! Kevin Gates for AGS to 1 item d scim (EMBARRASING???) https://imgur.com/a/v2jXQeo almost killing member "lumb ticket" for 500m on mobile with a hasta... he has been AFK since.. proving they don't have brains... "best member famous dex" shown multi lines in 2020!!! ki Killing prick 30x in a night at revs after we broke him mentally... Pk leader and gambler ILY dying for 30m! very disappointing we took 200m off her in duel 30 minutes later! Their bait dying not knowing how to pray! https://streamable.com/sohek Jason Dead on 07 very easy kill proven ur best members worse then our worst! Jason demoralized and shown why he will SPY!!! Kevin Gates thinks he can do wildy slayer on ALT LOL!!! Their 1800 bait shown he cant just pray mage and escape! another one dead in under 1 minute! (KEVIN GATES BEING RACIST?! AGAIN) Kevin gates shown he is the weakest and lowest IQ member of #SB... "shlap" who only bankstands in gear (ANOTHER 1-0 IN SINGLE COMBAT SB) SPY BEFORE ITS TO LATE PM "Tired" in game before it is too late!
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