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  1. This update is truly amazing thank you. as one request I would make. You should factor out what a vote points goes for currently on ge and add a token thats buyable from vote shop to unlock a slot. I have a lot of alts and swapping around on the forums to vote on different accounts is quite the pain. It would also add another vote incentive for people to sell.
  2. no you get a minimum of 3 on real up to a like 20 if i remember correctly.
  3. I was wondering if for we could possibly have limpwurt and white berry patches changed to match osrs. It would help ironman and anyone farming them I guess. Currently white berries patch clears after you finish harvesting them where as on real the patch will regrow back after a 1 hour 30 minute time frame. Overall this means you get more whiteberries p/h and also only need 4 seeds for all of the patches. Limpwurts on real clear instantly after you harvest initially where as on here you harvest one at a time. This makes it an incredibly tedious process to farm limps. Thanks
  4. @Kristhanks for all of the fixes mad ups
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