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  1. 1) Introduction: Welcome to Elite Irons, firstly the name says it all, if your looking to join a veteran family of ironmen to help you with your ironmen needs, pvm needs, or just wanna join and be apart of what we have... as a close knit family of players, our clan chat is chilled and non toxic, we are a member run chat, meaning our give away's and events are all for us, and given by us, come check us out by joining 'elite irons' cc in-game, and come and share a smile and laugh with the rest of us... We're a forever expanding clan chat, we're well known and our presence shows that... come join and be apart of something great!! Clan Rank Requirements: Recruit - Void set (3 Helmets), Torso, dragon defender, dragon boots 3 99's in skill of your choosing (non combat) and 10% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. Corporal - Elite void set, Whip, trident, Fury, 1 full barrows set, fire cape, Mage areana 2 cape, Archer's ring, berserker ring, seers ring, 5 99's in skill of your choosing (non combat) and 15% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. Sergeant - Zamorakian spear, blow pipe, toxic trident, dwh, brimstone ring, Ava's Assembler, Ranger boots, 4 Zenyte jewellery, 8 99's in a skill of your choosing and 25% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. Lieutenant - 5 Unique raid items, all Cerb boots, Dragon hunter lance, Hydra leather, full completion of barrows, Armadyl Chestplate + Chainskirt, Bandos Tassets + Chestplate, 99 in all skills and 40% Total Completion on our spreadsheet. We also have rank requirements for clan members as follows: ( If you'd like to climb the ranks then this is the place for you ) If you'd like to participate in the rank system, please contact one of the owners in-game to claim your rank along with evidence of said rank (send through discord) -> message a silver star or higher in the cc to get invited to our discord server. This is our spreadsheet we use to help you progress your ranks ingame! 2) Clan Rules: 1. To always be in compliance to the 'zenyte' rules! 2. We will not tolerate any aggressive behavior towards any players within our clan chat. 3. Repetitive spam within the clan will not be tolerated and you shall be removed after 2 warnings have been issued and spamming persists. 4. Don't PK any people that are in our clan, the majority of us are iron-men, so respect the grinds. 5. We all love a laugh and a joke, we expect you know the different between banter and toxicity, so respect other clan members as we are a family here, if you are a victim of "bullying" so to speak, please inform a rank and the issue will be resolved accordingly, "we are all as one"! 3) How to join: Join our discord Pm: ADMIN + ingame for an invite we will hold weekly give away's within our discord to our loyal members, also other activity's in-game to earn bonds and have a good time will also happen, so please come in have a good time and settle in. 4) Staff Owners: Hard Mike, Clue, Animation Admins: Empty, Taylor Swift Moderators: Hc Lesson, Not Died Yet, Irritant, Only Fans, Duty As much more than just a clan chat, we have so much to offer, we've run leading clans on many servers, so we know the rules and regulations to each server and personal limits, if anyone on zenyte has a problem with our clan chat, please inform one of the owners and the issue will get resolved, we offer clan activity's , weather this be, group bossing - group skilling - give away's - discord raffles and other activity's, we like to be open and let our members influence highly what activity's will be held, we are one and we are a people clan chat. I hope to see many of you join "Elite Irons" and flourish as a player, get in, get grinding, and get smiling! Feel Free to use our clan based logo's
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