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  1. Did you fix the not being able to collect supercompost with the bottemless bucket? Otherwise good update.
  2. Wonder Jim


    This is what i see when i go to that address
  3. Wonder Jim


    Yes my main browser is chrome but i just tried it with IE and Firefox too and it behaves the same.
  4. Wonder Jim


    When I look at the market section of this site, https://zenyte.com/market , it works great till I tab away from the market, then it has to reload the page again, any way to fix that or is it intended?
  5. Wonder Jim


    Hey i may be hard braindead but how do people have 69 votes this month if there is a 12 hour cooldown per site so 6 votes every 24 hours and so max would be like 57 i think even for max time zone diff. Or im fucking stupid?
  6. Just pretend there is no ge, omegalul.
  7. Hi, im wonder jim and i am new here. I occasionally play osrs and am tired of paying for members so now i am here. You can find me xp wasting at Home and afking anything and everything that can be afked. Just wanted to say hi so Hi.
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