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  1. dyll

    OSRS GIF Reel

    Lmao, I enjoyed the pking ones. How do you guys make this stuff? With what programs?
  2. Damn, great job! I just started my first ever hcim (first iron in general)
  3. As a new player, I also will sit this out. Unfortunately.. but this is an awesome event. Great content.
  4. dyll

    Rap ?

    What players listen to rap / hip hop on this forum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeA7sqs0yi0
  5. Good to know! Thanks boss, enjoy your day!
  6. dyll


    Thank you! Yeah, the cases are sky rocketing. We have been self quarantined here in RI for about two weeks. Said to be until the end of April but I feel as if it will be longer. This virus is crazy! There is a man who had tested posted yet NEVER got sick one time, it's on youtube. Yeah, we have our kids here in RI doing classes from home on their Chrome Books and supposedly according to the government it's been pretty successful. I hope you get your math homework done and stay safe!
  7. I'm fine and could really care less. This section is for a players feedback on staff not back seat player moderation. Did you just say the accept staffs mistakes and if I speak about out than that leads to punishment...? whoa and yes, I was a little angry for being kicked for no reason but if you're staff, you're selected to be staff and to investigate 'crimes' and come up with an outcome......not just kick because you can. & ty synyster but i'm not "reporting" staff.. i'm just saying the attitude staff has and the way they go about things are terrible. Maybe they were just having a bad night themselves, idk. All I know is this is my feedback.
  8. Oh, am I not allowed an opinion on the forums either? Interesting. You ever heard of a first impression? and you kicked me for something that literally is not against the rules. Thanks mate P.S the other player in the screen shots said it best...power trips....I'm off to bed, goodnight
  9. Do any of you guys have a friend or relative that has actually gotten the virus? Things are starting to get pretty wild here in the US. I live in Rhode Island. Right near New York and CT. Feds and state police at the boarder, scanning cars and all that. If you come to RI from New York you must be quarantined for 14 days before you are able to go into the public. Things are starting to feel like a horror movie. I hope nobody here in the community has gotten it and your families are okay!! I would like to hear how it's affecting other states.
  10. So, where do I start? negative or positive? hm.. we'll save the best for last.. literally -Negative- - 'Great Chaos' - "helper" This staff member kicked me from CC 'help' for advertising a RSPS that has been non existent for years upon years. I had just joined the server a few hours before this and was loving it, donated and all. EVERYBODY in the clan chat was talking about how this is a great server with a large number of players. I simply said something along the lines of "I haven't played a server that I have liked this much since Frugooscape" and then my next chat directly after was "(Don't ban me I'm not advertising, frugoo hasn't been a RSPS in YEARS)" and then I was instantly kicked my great chaos and then in DMs he was very unpleasant and pretty much said if I have a problem to deal with it myself.. > 1st of all, you can't advertise a server that doesn't exist. 2nd, kicked with no warning, no remorse for me being new, none of that. TERRIBLE staff member and completely rude. (unfortunately, I was not expecting this to happen nor thought about it on the spot.. so I don't have screen shots) but I did instantly message one of the more pleasant helpful moderators in-game "DRAGONIC" - 'Life' - "Admin" My run in with Life was also VERY unpleasant. In CC 'help' a player had said something like "blank was just scammed during fp and staff is turning their head" implicating he had messaged staff and got no response. The player who was "Scammed" eventually came into cc and said something as well, instantly, with no explanation or warning... he was also kicked. Maybe, just maybe... he shouldn't of said the guys name but still... there's no explanation for just brushing off a possible scam and kicking a man with no explanation. After this another player and myself both said that was un-called for and that he should not of been kicked but the topic should of been addressed in a better manner and not through cc "help" Eventually, Life said something like " Case resolved, next." So I said, "Next, investigate the abuse of power by great chaos" and I informed him I had mentioned how I informed Dragonic but instead of getting a response..... guess what? YUP, you guessed it.... I was once again kicked by a different staff member than LIFE (lmfao) birds of the same feather, flock together.... & Then as I'm at home tele, voicing my opinion to other players about the poor staffing, (which they had agree'd with) , guess what? YUP> *boom* Life appears and tells me pretty much to stop voicing my opinion and that I was causing drama... pretty unreal statement as some players were in agreement and I wasn't even talking to Life (which I mentioned) and he had told me that. I eventually gave up as an admin was arguing with me about something I said, that didnt break any rule.... just to say he "cba to argue" with me. Told me the 'help cc' is not for reporting. I went to dm life about the situation with great chaos also because life is an admin but his private was off and I told him I went to dm him but his private was off so I said it to him in cc... which resulted in a you know what... yup, the good old boot out of the cc.... poor excuse of staff. Finally! lets get to the good and positive vibes, ay? -Positive- -'Dragonic' - Moderator From the instant I pm'd this staff member he was very polite, easy to talk to and he knew all the rules. Everything he did was text book. I have yet to run into another staff member who deserves to be staff other than dragonic. In my opinion, he should be an admin and Life should be demoted to moderator. (actually, more like normal player) I really don't have much to say other than that.... keep your eye on this guy, he knows the rules, doesn't abuse his power, very pleasant and just down to earth. He deserves a promotion in the near future. Thank you, Dyll
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