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  1. Thank you for your reply. Although I still feel somewhat empty having lost so much, I understand where you're coming from. I would be frustrated had I acted so poorly with false information. I'm pretty careful myself and make sure to fact check, so I probably never would, but I can understand being frustrated if I did. I just wish there was some way to compensate the players who gained quite a bit yesterday for that false sense of joy and hope. I'm not saying give them whatever it was they picked up, but somehow compensate. I personally picked up most of the stuff from a drop party in the Falador party room. Which is a legitimate way to gain wealth normally in the game, even when people aren't dropping their whole bank. I didn't feel like it was an unfair way to gain 280 mil because it's one of the ways that people gain wealth normally anyway. I don't feel it's much different on chances of getting a rare drop from a monster or clue scroll. This is not a make it or break it thing for me, but it is rather unfortunate and leaves me, and I imagine others as well, feeling somewhat cheated. I just wish there was some way to compensate players like myself who felt they had a huge break yesterday, and now feel like they lost it all.
  2. Yesterday was a pretty crazy and chaotic day for everyone and I'm sure the staff especially. However, I feel that the rollback doesn't necessarily fix everything. I understand that a lot of people dropped their bank and suicided their iron man and it's not fair for them to lose all of that because of some misinformation. However, they should have done their research and been better informed before making such a drastic decision. Those of us who had faith in the server staying on and didn't believe the rumors should somehow be compensated for what we have lost due to the rollback. I personally picked up roughly 280 mil worth of items yesterday including an ancestral robe top which by itself is 228 mil. It is all now gone today. I know it's not possible to return everything to everyone who lost something, but I feel like there should be some sort of a compensation to those of us who stayed loyal and lost quite a bit with the rollback. I also feel for those who may have lost a ton of experience or possibly even maxed their accounts yesterday only to have to do it again and I appreciate the bonus XP that is going on, I'm assuming for those people, on the part of the staff. I am just wondering if there is some way to monetarily compensate people similar to the bonus XP compensation for what we may have lost.
  3. Check out our barrows guide and let us know what else you'd like to see
  4. Glad we can help. My brother and I will keep posting guides and content. Let us know if there's anything in particular you want to see
  5. Thanks for all the support guys. My brother Snake5225 and I recently started a youtube channel making guides so we will try and post them on here as often as we can. I remember no knowing how to do anything when I was brand new and the guides really helped me out. Sir Hassan, I will look into upgrading my mic. I usually just use my computer mic, but I'll try recording with my headphones mic to see if it helps. Thanks for the tips!
  6. I open 25 medium caskets at once to see if it's worth it to do clue scrolls or not. Total value in special items about 500k and total value in other items also about 500k. So around 1 mil total. Can get up to several mil for one casket though
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