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  1. Lol, half of these I have never seen on, guess that why they got demoted.
  2. Something I notice is that people who play private server, are usually people who try to play osrs but got bored because its requires a lot of work and grinding. This means that they never get to these type of end game content, usually not many people know how to do it. Honestly I feel as raid you can complete as long as you know the mechanics, you can really do it with mystic/d'hide/iban blast/rcbow etc, just takes more knowledge of the mechanics. As for the drop rate, I honestly think unique here are a lot rarer then osrs. Maybe its because not enough people doing it/ maybe its because I have bad R.N.G/ maybe its because I'm just flat out unlucky. Who knows. I can truly sad that the raids eco is asssss, reason I say this is because it may take 1-3 weeks to sell a dex prayer scroll? I'm not sure if its just that not enough people know how to make money or money coming into the game is very slow. I'm not saying everything should sell instant but I mean I go into a raid and we get unique and I got to wait 1-3 week before I can split that loot? Maybe I'm all out of the head but again just my opinion.
  3. nice, you got jewelry done in under 100 kc lol.
  4. Yes, this is awesome, Love this. Hope it gets added.
  5. Not sure if this is hard to do, just thinking out loud, but what if..... your logged into your account on the forums the default mode would be your current mode. and if you not logged in it would default to the most used mode in the game (50x/25x).
  6. 1. How many hours a day do you play? about 4-5hrs weekdays, weekend a bit more. 2. Are you in any other CLANS? No 3. Do you have Discord?(no mic needed) Yes 4. Are you experienced in pvming? Yes, 5. What is you favorite boss? Raids 6. How did you hear about us? yell chat
  7. I have no input since im not $200+ but I agree with farm, everything else yes. Inferno needs to stay as a rewarding factor. Maybe something like if you have 10kc+ with $10,000 donation then I would say yes with inferno skip but without any kc on account I don't think there should be any skipping involve.
  8. Yes lol, well with the drops I gotten from pvming, I managed to just buy my blowpipe instead. I will still continue to grind out zulrah cause you know it still good money.
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