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  1. I think a poll is a great idea!
  2. Great idea, This would be very cool to see.
  3. Report post Rules. Reveal hidden contents Application format: Ingame name: Squabos Time Zone: Mountain standard time (USA ARIZONA) Team you apply for: Mainly Skilling/casual/future PVM (I do have all gear requirements) Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: Past experience pvm/skilling: Played osrs for about 6 years when I was a kid haven't played it in probably 8 years, started on zen and enjoy it very much, much into skilling and getting those 200m skills knocked out. love to skill/ learning more pvm as I go. Do you Accept the rules?: yes
  4. Squabos


    Great topic i think the wilderness should be more active as well, also opening wilderness will drive more traffic to zenyte, pvm server or not , both would add more traffic. great topic i hope others see this and agree. +1
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