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  1. FOR REAL?! Zenyte, I officialy love you, wont bot again. Hhaha ty
  2. Zenyte, You don't need to read this, in fact, you guys can suspend the topic in one click. But I would love to be heard and just read this topic before I leave Zenyte. Zenyte is and it will ever be the best server I've ever seen, that's why it's called "The Better Old School", I underestimated your qualities and learned alot playing here. I joined zenyte after being in "Scape-War" a really crappy rsps. I thought that all the rsps were like that until I joined here, an rsps that looks really good and seems pretty adquirable. I made my main account Armas00 (which is now banned and it's totally true). And I made an alt account at a time that will give me enough gp to go through the game (Banned aswell). You guys were able not to just detect my bot (the alt acc), but actually ban me on Armas00 too, since it was on the same IP. I recieved my punishment and I learnt that I shall not try cheating the system, since the system will always win. You guys have a detection like OSRS, impressive. You may be asking why I made this topic... The topic was made to clarify that I cheated, I lied, I tried to fool Zenyte, but I made it wrong, I regret my decisions and I'm really sad about it. I only wanted to say 2 last things. 1.- I'm really sorry, I did wrong and made a mistake, I don't want Zenyte to look at me as a bad person, I don't want that. 2.- If there's anything I could do (not to cheat again, gift my bank to people that taught me the game or just clean it) in order to get my 19XX total level account back, don't hesitate to reply this topic. This topic isn't made to lie, nor to appeal a ban, it was made to clarify and express myself in the most simple and truly face of mine. Thanks for your attention, your help, your game, all. Goodbye Zenyte, I'll always remember you as the best server. says goodbye cordially: Armas00, Armas01, Armas02, Armas03, MMG (MMG is not banned, but wont log in again.)
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