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  1. With the new dictatorship that is the Zenyte clan chat and not being able to have a social experience is ruining my time on this server. I can't talk about anything unless it's in the form of a question regarding the server which is flat out stupid. It ruins the social aspect of being on a private server. The main reason I play RSPS is for a few reasons, one is that that I don't have to pay for a membership, the other is I am able to have conversations and make friends. RSPS's are small communities and you get to know a lot of people, now that the cc is so strictly help enforced I can't meet people and make relationships. It is making me not want to play anymore as I can't even talk to anyone. The mods told me to join a clan chat called convulsion or something like that and there was NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN THERE. The Zenyte CC has the majority of the server in it, and to restrict us to asking questions only is plain stupid. I absolutely fell in love with this server, but the fact that I can't even talk about a television show, or the football game from the night before is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to download a separate application (discord) to chat with people in-game when there is a functioning chat system enabled already.
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