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  1. I mean the odds are lucky but... Where's my whip? XD
  2. How could u x log with no consequences it just means you can log back in when dcing fighting. Surely that's more often that system abuse. There's 10plays in wildy max on average compared to around 200 active hcim. Iv died personally 2x due to not being allowed back onto my char.
  3. This suggestion speaks for itself. There's nothing worse than bring randomly dced in combat and not being able to relog till your either dead or the npc is dead. It can become frustrating for HCIM especially. I myself have died 2x to this on two separate hcs. One with 1654 total. Of course I understand that there might be reasons against this. I'm all ears. What do you guys think?? SVID_20191216_004431_1.mp4
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