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  1. Hey boyos, it's me.. THE cutest boy aka Eza. I've been playing Runescape since I was a wee lad, 12 y/o to be exact (don't tell jagex on me.) My name's Bradley and I'm a bit of a gamer. I love cox and all other types of content (mostly cox though.) I was quite the successful 360 y-y no scoper back in the black ops 2 days.. but alas.. I've gotten old (not really just 25). I live in honky tonk Tennessee and love it. I have 26 pet chickens and they're all in my fantasy football league (I lose every time). OH, I also have a pet cat named Patches, she's puurfect. Uhh, hobbies outside of games. I enjoy watching sports, shooting guns, and four-wheeling (oh no, my TN is showing.) I'm a fairly laid back dude who will probably say some really dumb stuff.. example - most of this, BUT I'm fun to be around usually, and I typically just go with the flow. I truly appreciate the opportunity to help this community and hopefully give everyone a few laughs along the way. I know I haven't been around for too long, but I hope to leave a positive impression on all of you. Writer's note : My favorite color's purple and my birthday it May 13th. also also : Pic for proof. Cutes out *mic drop*
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