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  1. Hai evvverrryoneeeee ;3 Raaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwrrr!!! Tha name is Indian Giver lawl ;3 Sai hai to me in game xD <333333333333333
  2. Yo, Looking to hopefully be recruited into a chill PvM clan as a casual member I've done basic bossing in the past. I can pick up whatever pretty easy just looking to link up when i'm online to grind some bossing and chill with the boys. About me; I'm from New Zealand, 25 years old working full time. My country is currently locked down due to COVID-19 so for the next 3 weeks i'll be on a lot I'm maxed in game with the important diaries completed I have around a 350m bank so I can acquire decent gear to actually contribute to the trip Let me know if I fit your build, don't care if your clan is 3 men or 300 just looking to chill PvM with the boys! Cheers, IG
  3. Hello I've been on Zenyte for a few months now, I recently maxed a month ago and haven't really played since. Since my country is on lock down for another few weeks I figured i'd get back into Zenyte Anyway i'm Indian Giver, you may have seen me around I don't actually have any friends in game as I sort of played as a loner just as an escape while grinding lol Looking to link up with high level players who maybe want to boss etc Otherwise just another homie grinding away, say hi
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