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  1. Big ups to Life. Hope you can do good things in that position, m8.
  2. I'll miss seeing that reference in-game.
  3. Support. Now people can stop posting GE pictures in the Cafe on Discord.
  4. Welcome to the server. You seem like a nice fellow! Server could always use people like you.
  5. Could have been better, but still nice achievement.
  6. I suggest being more careful when PvMing. As Hxardcore suggested, always make sure to have a safety Ecu Key when doing GWD, should you die.
  7. Nice. Where do you get so many P Ess?
  8. Great work. This is what I'm excited for and what I'll log in more often to do.
  9. Sure. Prayer - Pures don't need piety. Use what you have depending on your bracket. Lunars - If you choose to play on a certain account build, there will be ramifications, and this is one of them. It is a small set back, as you can still use the good ol' pipe. Slayer Helm - This is the only one where I think it would be okay. It is not used for PKing, and the helm makes a big difference in the long run for slaying. Because we aren't a garbage server. If there weren't any risks, then it would defeat the purpose and flair of having specialty accounts. And yes... if you're making a special account, you should go through great measures to make sure you don't mess it up, meaning there should be no handicaps.
  10. Those security books though. Lol.
  11. Back in 05 or 06, I was in deep wildy and had just met someone from school that played RS. He told me he mostly PK'd which I thought was cool because I didn't PK. Anyway, while wandering around, two dudes started attacking me and I PM'd my friend to come help me. In the last moment, he managed to find me and 2v1'd them and won. It was an epic rescue. RIP my friend (He died of cancer a few years later).
  12. Refer to my profile picture.
  13. Neat. Didn't know you could do this. I always just eat his hits and melee em.
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