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  1. Those security books though. Lol.
  2. Back in 05 or 06, I was in deep wildy and had just met someone from school that played RS. He told me he mostly PK'd which I thought was cool because I didn't PK. Anyway, while wandering around, two dudes started attacking me and I PM'd my friend to come help me. In the last moment, he managed to find me and 2v1'd them and won. It was an epic rescue. RIP my friend (He died of cancer a few years later).
  3. Refer to my profile picture.
  4. Neat. Didn't know you could do this. I always just eat his hits and melee em.
  5. IMO, I've always liked the rule of thumb that all chatter is okay as long as questions aren't being ignored. If questions are answered, then we're good. If someone asked a question and no one answered or saw it because of a non-help discussion, then that discussion needs to chill. I do like that you can't advertise sells or items in there anymore. That's actually a good rule. But to shut down all non-help chat is a bad idea.
  6. F... I am not happy about it, but if you can think of a better way to handle the issue, feel free.
  7. Interesting Amethyst nerf. Gz on finally releasing this. Now on to clues!
  8. Deaths to DCs are always hard to swallow. RIP.
  9. I'll lend you an item if you needed it for PvM.
  10. I'm down to have it in-game, though perhaps make it x amount of Slayer XP + 10K Slayer points.
  11. You should have the Assembler Max Cape then. I don't see what the issue is?
  12. I'm too nooby to join, but maybe in the future.
  13. Good post. In my opinion, staff should never do the following: Gamble and participate in PKing. Never ends well.
  14. I've made 500k+ selling balls of wool and tiaras in the GE. I think we should leave it the way it is.
  15. Grats to those who got promoted! I'm confident you'll all continue to make this server the best in town.
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