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  1. Hey guys, I'm Tom, aka Top I'm looking for a raids partner, I've done about 10 solos so far trying to learn solo olm (it can be incredibly hard with the ping) I'm searching for someone to join me/team to join. I have very limited experience at Olm but know whats going on etc, not a complete noob. I am an ironman searching for a dex for my inferno runs, you are welcome to keep any items you get and if I get a duplicate item from cox I would drop that item to you (if your not also an ironman). Gear wise I am maxed, will be using void I have dwh etc so not too concerned if you don't have a dwh. Feel free to PM me on here or in-game I'll leave my pms open. I am from the UK so prefer if you could stick to that timezone for runs. Thanks,
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