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  1. Zenyte In-game name: Rank 1 Uim Discord user name: Average Joel#1735 Timezone (UTC): PST Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): https://gyazo.com/9c4c192933efe9ea0dd9f5bc749efb31 The team you would like to join: Casual Reason for applying: Currently have no clan, like to join one while working towards my pvm goals Gear setup if you apply for PVM Team (Provide screenshot): Brief over view of experience: Community can be great, love the content, and still waiting for construction. 8/10 Do you accept the rules: Yes
  2. Been a bit, but I wanted to just officially say it. Goodbye fellas. Thanks to all the staff and player who made me feel welcome and happy. I needed to stop playing, not because the server itself just my current mental state. I'd love to come back and play and hopefully get Rank 1 Uim but until then I just wanted to actually post a goodbye or something instead of disappearing completely. Good luck lads/lasses, hope to see y'all again.
  3. Sorry, but this makes me feel a bit better... Hoping for some double chests for ya soon mate!
  4. As the name states, I am in fact [rank 12 at this current moment in time(The date is currently September 5, 2019)] working towards rank 1. You can call me Joel if you'd like. 3 things about me is I love the sun, water and photosynthesizing. I am a plant. Hope I can make you laugh and cry. In which order, I'm not sure yet but, hope we have a good time. XoXoXo -Rank 1 UIM
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