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  1. I'm playing ironman so I just feel like I'm chugging all my prayer potions trying to do it, when the drop chance on items isn't really that much lower than normal osrs.
  2. It seems like the barrows prayer drain proc is extremely frequent, I'm only managing to do 2 brothers whilst dealing decent dps or I end up using all prayer points and then some on Karil because of his high defense stats. Could the prayer drain amount or frequency possibly be reduced?
  3. Thanks guys! That's defo all my luck gone now lol
  4. Mind my language, was a bit stoked
  5. I agree, but I never see 3 staff members arguing with multiple other people in the yell section and just spamming my chat box
  6. Game filter doesn't work for support rank. All I see is them spamming yell having an argument, please add a filter for this.
  7. Could you possibly add a filter for donator icons in the "Chat Icons" RuneLite setting please?
  8. Okay thanks man will do, and I'll let you know the results
  9. I'm staying with family in Texas, US right now but I'm from England, and I'll only be here for another month. I literally was just disconnected so I managed to ping the website, average of 17ms so unless it's a different IP then I'm actually scratching my head with this one. I've even tried switching between 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz and ethernet but nothing at all
  10. Idk possibly, depends where the server is hosted I guess. I get average of 70-80Mb/s so can't be the speeds
  11. No worries lol Nah no other programs seem to be affected at the same time, and I have tried turning off my anti-virus already with no luck. There's no pattern to it that I can tell so far I can try ping the website next time it happens, idk if they're running on the same ip address
  12. No it didn't, that's why I asked about the port
  13. Thanks for the snobby reply, obviously It's common knowledge most servers run on that port
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